65 Butterfly And Flower Shoulder Tattoos- Nature’s Beauty on Your Skin

Key Takeaways: 

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  • Placement on the shoulder provides versatility and allows for both discrete and more visible tattoo options.
  • The key to a stunning butterfly and flower shoulder tattoo lies in selecting a design that resonates personally and consulting with a skilled tattoo artist for a customized piece.
  • Proper aftercare is essential to ensure the longevity and vibrancy of these tattoos. Regular moisturizing and sun protection are crucial actions for maintaining their beauty.
  • Understanding the cultural and symbolic significance of butterfly and flower motifs can enhance the depth and meaning of the tattoo, making it a unique and cherished piece of body art.

Regarding body art, butterfly and flower shoulder tattoos are undeniably among the top picks for tattoo enthusiasts. However, finding the perfect design that seamlessly blends these natural elements while ensuring the tattoo artist captures the intricate details can be daunting. This is where understanding the significance of such tattoos becomes crucial.

The problem lies in the harmonious fusion of these delicate motifs, but the solution lies in meticulous planning and collaboration with a skilled tattoo artist. By considering the benefits of this particular tattoo and exploring various design great options, one can achieve a stunning piece of body art that showcases nature’s beauty and reflects personal style and preferences.

What are some unique butterfly and flower tattoo designs? Exploring unique butterfly and flower tattoo designs can give an individual great options for a distinct and personalized body art experience. While considering the benefits of these designs, focusing on the most great way to achieve a one-of-a-kind tattoo is essential.

The universal rule is to consult with a skilled tattoo artist who specializes in this style, ensuring you will have a design that is not only typically beautiful but also tailored to your preferences and tastes, making it is best choice for a meaningful and visually stunning tattoo.

The Beauty’s Symbolic Meaning

In addition to their beauty and grace, butterfly and flower tattoos also have meaning deeply ingrained in spirituality, society, and human values. They stand for facets of life that speak to our feelings and desires. Let’s explore the significance of these alluring tattoos.

Break Free: The Butterfly as a Transformational Symbol

A butterfly tattoo can illustrate how you can overcome obstacles in life by evolving and becoming even more beautiful. It stands for the triumph of inner fortitude and personal development.

The Meaning of Flowers: Love, Hope, and Resilience

The particular sort of flower you select will significantly impact the overall meaning of your butterfly and flower tattoo.

Why Should You Get Flower and Butterfly Tattoos on Shoulder?

A woman’s shoulder is among the most beautiful and delicate features of a girl’s body. It allows girls to reveal some little skin without showing too much, and it’s a perfect spot for tattoos. The appeal of this region is its versatility; you may flaunt your personality with a butterfly and flowers tattoo, create a dramatic statement, or hide it if needed.

It also adapts itself to various styles, both large and small. A beautiful butterfly and flowers tattoo that runs over girls shoulders down to the arm is lovely, and a little imitation on your shoulder blade is equally beautiful. Because the shoulder is connected with strength, girls have a tattoo engraved on it to show their feminine ability.

Such realistic butterfly and flower tattoo ideas can be styled in various ways depending on the colors, inking methods, and patterns used. So get the best ink that perfectly reflects your style and steals your heart!

Placement of Butterfly And Flower Shoulder Tattoos:

When considering the placement of butterfly and flower shoulder tattoos, it’s essential to remember that this is one of the best ways to showcase the delicate beauty of these designs. The shoulder area lets you get the most out of these tattoos, providing a generous canvas for intricate details and vibrant colors.

It’s essential to consider the benefits of this placement, as it allows you to display your love for nature-inspired ink while enabling you to quickly show or conceal your tattoo, depending on your preferences. Remember that this is an excellent option for those who want a stunning yet versatile tattoo.

Finding the right tattoo artist:

Finding one of the best tattoo artists is mandatory for a beautiful result when considering butterfly and flower shoulder tattoos. It might be helpful to start by researching local tattoo studios and artists known for their skill in floral and butterfly designs. Checking online portfolios can be beneficial to gauging their expertise. When in doubt, scheduling consultations with potential artists allows you to discuss your ideas and assess their ability to bring your vision to life.

How to take care after getting a butterfly and flower tattoo?

Caring for your butterfly and flower tattoo is crucial for vibrant and long-lasting ink. The number one rule is to use a fragrance-free, gentle cleanser to wash the tattoo gently, patting it dry with a clean cloth. Apply a thin layer of tattoo-specific ointment to keep it moisturized and vibrant.

If you follow these steps diligently, you won’t have to worry about color fading or scarring. Remember that excessive sun exposure or soaking in water, for example, swimming, should be avoided during the healing process.

Different Type of Butterfly And Flower Tattoos

Would you like your design to include a butterfly with flowers? These are among the most fantastic butterfly and flower tattoo designs you’ll ever see.

1. 3d Butterfly And Flowers Tattoo 

This realistic butterfly tattoo design appears to have just flown on the blossom to drink its juice. The natural coloring adds to the elegance of the tattoo design. The lifelike butterfly wings are nicely painted in vibrant colors with dark designs at the base. White lines are used to emphasize the beautiful bloom. The black shading behind the butterfly tattoo pattern creates a stunning 3d appearance. 

Image: @mollsfreeman

Image: @americananchortattooco

Before You Get Started:

  • Design Concept: Take time to thoroughly research and choose a design concept that resonates with you.
  • Symbolic Meaning: Butterflies often represent transformation and beauty, while flowers can symbolize growth, life, and renewal.
  • Color Palette: Vibrant colors can bring the design to life, while a more subdued palette may offer a timeless and elegant look.
  • Size and Scale: Consider how the size of the tattoo complements your body shape and personal preferences.

2. Contrasting Half Butterfly And Flower Tattoo

A lovely bouquet is blooming from the wings of a butterfly. To thrive inside this universe, butterflies and flowers rely on one another. This brilliant artwork wonderfully depicts mutual dependency. Furthermore, the wings’ contrasted color gives a beautiful sight. The flowers tattoo has a lot of detail drawn on them, and the left wing of the butterfly is underlined in black.

Image: @naturesart_tattoo

Image: @trueink_tattoos

3. Half-Sleeve Butterfly And Flower Tattoo

It is an excellent option if you want beautiful design ideas that run to your arm. The tattoo artist has skillfully mixed the color, giving it the appearance of a painting. It may conjure up images of a lovely paradise teeming with small butterflies. The golden wings of the butterfly are accentuated with white closer to the border. 

Image: @guerreirotattoo14

Image: @wastedyouthtattoo

4. Pink Flowers And Blue Butterfly Tattoos

The beautiful flower tattoo lends a dash of color to the butterfly wings. Using little coloring, this butterfly tattoo is just defined in the dark. The pink blossoms, which are engraved with rich details, help to emphasize the design. In addition, pink flower tattoos are symbols of integrity and dedication and offer a feminine look. 

Image: @madart.tattoo

Image: @eddielollis

5. Enchanting Flowers And Butterfly Tattoos

The wing of this lovely realistic butterfly tattoo seems to have a stunning flowers tattoo design on it. The left wing is covered in monochrome details. Black ink is used to fill in the gaps between the blossoms. The petals are highlighted in a brighter pink shade and give a pinkish tinge.

Image: @danncoly

6. Half-Sunflower And Half-Monarch Butterfly Tattoos

Sunflowers and butterflies as a single creature appear to become a unique tattoo concept. The sunflowers go well with the orange wing of the butterfly. The harmonized color scheme seems to be heavenly. Sunflowers symbolize passion and eternal love, and the monarch butterfly tattoo, generally associated with royalty, comes together to make a strong statement. 

Image: @pisces.moonchild.tattoos

7. Blue Butterfly Tattoo On Monochromic Colored Flowers

The blue butterfly tattoo on the monochrome flowers tattoo scene looks stunning on the shoulder artwork. The butterfly and flowers tattoo has a black border featuring light coloring on their petals. The brilliant coloration of the butterfly wings makes it appealing. Tiny white dots emphasize the wing design. A blue butterfly tattoo is commonly associated with better prosperity in numerous cultures. 

Image: @tattoo.ririka.ft

8. Circular Butterfly Tattoo With Flowers

This delicate butterfly and flowers tattoo design offer a one-of-a-kind appeal because of the circular frame. These body art intricacies have been painted to precision by the designer. Delicate balance brushes are used to ink the tiny white flowers tattoo. The little flying butterfly tattoo adds to the concept’s aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, the blue background gives the impression of a clean sky. 

Image: @jaywestsideinktattoos

Quick Guide to Different Designs of the Butterfly and Flower Shoulder Tattoos

  • Realistic Butterfly and Blooms: This style captures the beauty of nature with intricate details.
  • Watercolor Fusion: This artistic approach creates a dreamy and ethereal effect on the shoulder.
  • Geometric Harmony: Geometric lines can add a modern and dynamic touch to the overall design.
  • Vivid Tropical Vibes: Incorporate exotic flowers and butterflies for a lively and energetic shoulder tattoo.
  • Cherry Blossom Bliss: Focus on cherry blossoms as the primary flowers, symbolizing beauty and the transient nature of life.

9. Flowers And Two Butterflies Tattoo Design

The beautiful butterflies are happily flying around a bouquet of lovely flowers in this image. Butterflies and flowers both have beautiful designs that will appeal to your senses. The blossoms and the bluish small butterflies can be drawn in the same color theme by the artist. Black ink is used to ink the little butterfly, which is darkened around the edges. 

Image: @area55tattoo

10. Butterfly Tattoo Design WIth Red Roses

The small butterflies appear to have discovered their ideal location. The darkening on the prominent red rose gives it a fresh start. The flower petals in the tattoo can be white, and the leaves can be decorated with stripe work. The classic red rose is honored as a sign of beauty, affection, and emotion, and the butterfly tattoo design, which conveys the concept of freedom, symbolizes how love transcends birth and death. 

Image: @fuchsiabutterfly18

Image: @vicky_____ragul_____

11. Lovely Butterfly Tattoo With Purple  Flowers

Purple flower is one of the popular designs, and by adding a lovely butterfly tattoo to its design, you can create a unique piece of art. Ask your designer to add as many colors as he can add to provide a realistic butterfly appearance. 

Image: @patriciabejatattoo

12. A butterfly Tattoo with Orchid

 Orchid is a flower that has shapes like a butterfly. Having a butterfly orchid tattoo with a butterfly tattoo adds to its beauty and creates a fantastic shoulder tattoo.

Image: @ditatattoos

13. Simple Butterfly Tattoo With Wildflowers

Your tattoo will be more impressive if it has more simplicity. For example, select a butterfly tattoo with wildflowers. You can choose simple linework or can add colors to enhance its look.

Image: @tattedbynemo

Image: @alcampo.tattoo

14. Butterfly Tattoo With Plum Blossoms

Another tattoo you can use to display your love for butterflies and flowers is a plum blossom with a realistic butterfly on it. The colors of the beautiful butterfly and flowers tattoo make it look amazing on your shoulder.

Image: @hassenofear

15. Butterfly Tattoo With A Daisy Flower

Daisies are all-time favorites, so maximum women love to carry them as a tattoo on their shoulders. This flower tattoo looks amazing with a butterfly tattoo to enhance the design.

Image: @madart.tattoo

Image: @heatherhunttattoo

16. Butterfly With Black Rose Flower Tattoo On Shoulder

Black Rose shows happiness and cheerfulness. So Lilly tattoos are the best to showcase that you are thankful for your life. Having a rose tattoo with a butterfly tattoo looks fantastic on any body part.

Image: @inkpanthers

Image: @ghosttownstudio909

17. Roses With Two Butterflies Tattoo

If you have a great life with your loved one, get this flower and butterfly tattoo inked on your body. Then, dedicate this tattoo to your loved one by drawing roses with two butterflies.

Image: @kims.inkaholics

18. Tribal Style Flower And Butterfly Tattoo Design

Tribal style tattoos are trending nowadays, and people are adding a tribal hint to their tattoo design. So get this amazing tribal-style butterfly and flower tattoo on your shoulder and make an impressive statement.

 Image: @watchungcustomtattoo

Image: @blackbatattoo

19. Big Butterfly And Flowers Tattoo On Shoulder

Shoulder tattoos look amazing when it has a big butterfly and include some of the best designs. A giant tiger butterfly tattoo with flowers tattoo is one of those popular designs.

Image: @chrisjtattoos

20. Attractive Half Flower And Half Butterfly Tattoo On Shoulder

Shoulder tattoos look sexier and more impressive. Choose the most fantastic butterfly tattoo from the available design ideas to create beautiful designs with a butterfly and flowers tattoo.

Image: @iquidemerald555

Keep in Mind:

  • Symbolic Meaning: Understand the symbolic meanings behind butterflies and flowers.
  • Customization: Collaborate with your tattoo artist to customize the design that holds personal significance.
  • Trial Placement: If you need more clarification about the size or placement, consider using temporary tattoos or henna to simulate the design.

21. Cute Butterfly With Flower On Shoulder Tattoo

Butterflies and flowers are both the cutest creations in the universe. So get these both tattooed on your shoulder to make a cute impression.

Image: @tillinger_lilla_tattoo

Image: @mushkatattoos

22. Pink Flowers And Butterfly Shoulder Tattoo

Women always love the color pink, so getting a tattoo of pink flowers is also one of their favorite ones. Add a butterfly to the designs to create a unique tattoo.

Image: @ravens_point_tattoo

23. Red Butterfly With Flower Tattoo On Shoulder

Red butterfly is considered a symbol of good luck. Girls prefer getting a red butterfly tattoo inked on their shoulders with a flower design to make an impressive look.

Image: @david_skinart

Image: @itattyou

24. Sweet Flower With Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Butterflies and flowers being the most beautiful creatures globally, make your tattoo look wonderful. So get this sweet butterfly and flower tattoo on your shoulder for a lasting impression.

Image: @c.brush.tat

Image: @su_meet_ckar

25. Blue Butterfly And Flower Tattoo

Blue butterfly tattoos also symbolize a good luck charm. Combine a blue butterfly and flower tattoo to form a unique design. Then, choose any of your favorite flower tattoo to customize your butterfly tattoo design.

Image: @donoriontattoo

Image: @anngie_tattoo

26. 3D Blue Rose With Butterfly Tattoo 

3D tattoos are one of the most popular and expensive tattoo designs today. Young people love to get a colorful blue rose and Tiger butterfly tattoo in 3D tattoos on their bodies.

Image: @tattoozby_jayb

27. Amazing 3D Flower And Butterfly Tattoo

As a part of the trend, not only blue or any single color is preferred by women. Choose a colorful flower and some realistic butterfly tattoo designs for your shoulder to make it look sexier.

Image: @k8tatz

28. Awesome Flowers With Butterfly Tattoo 

If you get your favorite flower tattoo, why not add a butterfly to create a good luck charm. Then, ask your tattoo artist to create an awesome design for you.

Image: @heathersinktherapy

Image: @johnnybee_art


Consider incorporating a sense of movement into the design. Butterfly and flower tattoos can come to life with the illusion of motion, creating a dynamic and visually captivating composition.

29. Realistic Butterfly On Flower Tattoo

Tattoos look more creative when they give a realistic butterfly look. So choose this amazing realistic butterfly and flower tattoo design to tattoo your shoulder. 

Image: @ilkergoktaslartattoo

30. Butterfly And Flower Memorial Tattoo Design

You can simply choose any favorite flower and butterfly design by adding your loved one’s name or any custom date to make it memorable. Then, check out this memorial tattoo that gives a beautiful look. 

Image: @tattoos_by_lokey

31. Monarch Butterfly With Flowers Tattoo Design

The monarch butterfly is the most gorgeous type of butterfly. They are always associated with sunflowers, but you can choose any flower design to combine with a monarch tattoo

Monarch Butterfly and Flower Tattoo

Image: @jrutskiart

Image: @skyler_redlighttattoo

32. Black And Gray Butterfly And Flowers Tattoo

Not only colorful tattoos, but black and gray tattoos also look great. So choose any of your admired designs in black and gray to create a simple and sober look.

Image: @hong_joo_linework

Image: @strangeandderangedbodymods

33. Incredible 3D Butterfly And Flowers Tattoo

This one is one of the most incredible 3D designs with a butterfly and flower. If you are looking for a great design to enhance the beauty of your shoulder, this one’s for you.

Image: @siempretattoo

34. Butterfly And Lotus Flowers Tattoo

Lotus tattoos look great on the shoulder, and a butterfly with lotus is also a unique concept. Choose this beautiful tattoo design for your shoulder. 

Image: @aspedon

35. Butterfly In a Flower Field Tattoo

Everyone loves butterflies in a flower field. Not only with a single flower, but you can also get this flower field tattoo with a butterfly on your shoulder.

Image: @cupcake_the_immortal

36. Mandala Tattoo With Butterfly and Flower

Mandala tattoos are one of the most creative tattoo works. Combine this tattoo with your butterfly and flower design to create a unique design.

Image: @heart.song.art

Image: @djzinktattoo

37. Watercolor Butterfly and Flower Tattoo

These types of tattoos look incredibly beautiful on your shoulder. Try your favorite colors or create a mix of watercolors for an amazing look.

Image: @twoheartstattoo

Image: @themarinaburrito

38. Simple Butterfly and Flower Tattoo

If you are after a simple and sober tattoo, this wonderful butterfly and flower design are best for you. Try this simple design on your shoulder.

Image: @justingriffen777

Image: @legend_of_mariahwhynter

39. Monochrome Butterfly and Flower Tattoo

Take a leap from multi-colored tattoos and try monochronic color themes for a unique concept. Check out this amazing design by a creative artist.

Image: @inkedlifemiami

Fun Fact:

One amusing aspect of floral tattoos on the hand is the unintentional “petal dilemma.” Given the intricacies of hand anatomy and the movement of fingers, the placement of petals can sometimes lead to comical visual effects.

40. Multiple Butterflies And Flowers Tattoo

Want a big shoulder tattoo? First, try having a number of butterflies and flowers tattoos that cover your shoulder blade. Then, ask your tattoo designer to create a unique concept.

Here are several more incredible flowers and butterfly tattoo designs to help girls raise their fashion game!

Image: @hearthcreativestudios

Image: @evopositebo

41. Butterfly and sword

Image: @coldchillchild

The butterfly symbolized samurai clans in Japan, such as the Taira clan during the Heian period. It is often paired with swords in tattoos, representing bravery and a warrior’s spirit. Although this butterfly tattoo may appear simple, its historical significance gives it depth and importance.

42. Butterfly and chrysanthemum neck tattoo

Image: @yokaisocietytattoo

You might know that the chrysanthemum is the month’s birth flower if you were born in November. However, this flower is visually appealing and represents life and renewal, much like a butterfly. Additionally, the color of the chrysanthemum can convey different meanings. For instance, the red chrysanthemum featured in a butterfly neck tattoo represents love and passion.

43.Colorful butterfly tattoo on  Shoulder

Image: @luckyfishtattoo

A Colorful Butterfly Outline Tattoo on the Shoulder is a vibrant and captivating work of body art. This design features the elegant outline of a butterfly, rendered with bold, enchanting colors that seamlessly blend to create a stunning gradient effect. The shoulder placement provides the perfect canvas for this artistic expression, allowing the butterfly to gracefully adorn the body while symbolizing transformation, beauty, and freedom. With its vivid hues and intricate detailing, this tattoo is a striking celebration of nature’s grace and the wearer’s journey.

44. Simple butterfly outline tattoo

Image: @jennyli_tattoo

A Simple Butterfly Outline one of the best Tattoo on the Shoulder is a minimalist and graceful piece of body art. This design showcases the delicate silhouette of a butterfly elegantly perched on the shoulder. Its simplicity is its charm, as it captures the essence of transformation and beauty with clean lines and understated elegance. This tattoo serves as a subtle yet meaningful reminder of personal growth and the fleeting beauty of life, gracing the shoulder with timeless allure.

45.Butterfly tattoo cover-up

Image: @duchess.tattoo

It’s common to see women’s tattoos featuring butterflies and flowers. However, this shoulder tattoo is unique. Initially, it was just a butterfly tattoo, but as the design faded, it was transformed into a combination of a flower and a butterfly. The bright colors now cover  the most of the previous tattoo, but if you examine it closely, you can still see the old butterfly in the center of the new one. This symbolizes rebirth, making the cover-up tattoo significant and unique.

Personal Opinion:

Butterfly and flower shoulder tattoos are a delightful choice. Consider this as my best advice. They symbolize the beauty of change and growth in life. The graceful butterflies and vibrant flowers create a visually stunning and meaningful piece of art. These tattoos evoke positivity, transformation, and appreciation of nature’s wonders, making them a lovely and uplifting choice.


From my experience as a tattoo enthusiast, a butterfly design is a versatile and personal choice representing your unique journey and individuality. The shoulder is a popular placement for this design due to its visibility and ease of concealment if needed, providing an excellent canvas for your winged artwork.

The cost of a butterfly tattoo can vary depending on the complexity of the design, color usage, and the skill level of your tattoo artist. It’s crucial to select a reputable artist and studio to avoid the risk of infection if proper aftercare is not followed. 

While skin sensitivity or allergic reactions to the ink can occur, they are relatively rare. A butterfly tattoo is a timeless choice that blends art, symbolism, and personal significance into a beautiful display, making it a worthwhile investment that can bring joy and inspiration for a lifetime.