8+ Nipple Piercing Jewelry Ideas That Are Enough to Leave You Spellbound

So, you’re thinking of getting a nipple piercing. Here’s everything you need to know about your nipple piercing so you’ll be well-informed and comfortable when the time comes.

A 14-gauge (14G) barbell is the most typical nipple piercing jewelry, although based on your nipple size, you may be punctured with 16G (slimmer than 14G) or even 12G (denser than 14G). A straight barbell is the most frequent type of piercing. Only high-quality metals, such as titanium, 14k gold, or 18k gold, will be used by a professional piercer.

CBRs (captive bead rings) used to be a popular option as the new jewelry for nipple piercings, but they’ve fallen out of favor due to the huge diameter as well as their proclivity for becoming grabbed and banged with clothing (However, once your piercing has healed, you can convert to a CBR if you like that style.)

The size of the barbell used will be determined by the size of your nipples as well as the preferences of your piercer. It can range in length from 3/8-inch to 1/2-inch. The first piece of jewelry should be long enough to allow swelling. If your nipples enlarge to the point where they press against the jewelry’s ends, you’ll need a bigger piece; otherwise, you face jewelry refusal or embedding.

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Is Your Nipple Piercing Healed? So, What’s Next?

You took every piece of advice and are now entirely cured. The fun part comes: looking for new gold nipple rings to embellish your hottest piercing site.

Knowing your size is crucial. If you’re unsure, look at our body jewelry measurements. Typically, you’ll want to seek 14G or 16G nipple jewelry with at least an adjustable wearing length.

If you cherish your piercing, you’ll like to acquire a new nipple ring made up of high metals like nickel-free pure gold. This is because the gold and silver are purer and contain fewer alloys that might cause your nipple to react.

Nipple Jewelry Materials

If you do have any metallic allergies or general skin sensitivity, the material your fresh nipple jewelry is composed of is critical. Nickel is the metal that most people are allergic to, but it’s thankfully not included in any of our jewelry metal alternatives. Surgical steel, titanium, niobium, and gold are the basic material alternatives for nipple rings, whether you’re concerned about the material hurting your skin or causing an infection.

PTFE, also known as BioPlast or BioFlex, is a flexible, somewhat soft, and entirely hypoallergenic polymer. However, if you pick this material, your options for nipple rings are fairly restricted. The only PTFE nipple ring choice is plain barbells. However, they come in a variety of attractive colors and styles, such as the stylish and sparkly PTFE upright barbell that can be seen in shops.

Since titanium is the most harmless metal, it will be your next best alternative. Surgical steel is a close contender, and plenty of beautiful nipple rings in both metals are available. If you choose titanium, clinical stainless steel, zircon, and gold jewelry, there are numerous styles available in the collection. Check them now, below:

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Straight Barbells

Despite the fact that straight barbells are by far the most common style of nipple jewelry, they may range from simple to intricate, enabling you to personalize this timeless item. Either threaded internally or externally threaded barbells are available. Internally threaded jewelry is typically a sign of superior quality Hence, everyone goes with internal threading jewelry, testifying to the excellent quality of items.

Internally threaded barbells with gemstones, jewels, diamonds, and other beautiful crystals may be found in a large selection.

Circular / Horseshoe Barbell

These are a popular choice for nipple piercings since they have a more manly aspect, but they may also be customized with gemstones or diamonds for a more feminine and sparkling appeal. Many individuals choose circular barbells since they are comfy and simple.

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 Captive Bead Rings

Captives, like circular barbells, are a must-have in the jewelry inventory of anybody with a nipple piercing. CBRs comprise a hoop with a sphere that you can pop in and out, making them ideal for when you’re searching for easy comfort.

Segment & Seamless Rings

Seamless Rings: As the name implies, these are uniform hoop earrings. Seamless rings, unlike CBRs, are a complete circle. Take two different ends (up and down, never apart because it will irreversibly bend out of form) and slide it into your nipple, piercing to enter.

Segment Rings: These appear to be seamless hoops. However, the segment is a component that you pop in and out of the hoop, comparable to the sphere on a captive bead ring.

 Nipple Clickers

Nipple jewelry with hinged clickers is increasingly becoming a popular choice. The hinged design makes it simple to enter and exit for quick insertion, and attachments will never be lost. Curved Barbells are a type of barbell that has a curved

Curved barbells are preferred over straight barbells. This barbell looks exactly like a straight barbell, except it has a small curve to it.

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Twister Spiral Barbell

 As the title suggests, a twister barbell is a twisted spiral that you insert through your piercing and attach with a screw-on ball. They are available in a range of sizes and grades, but the shorter parts are best for nipple piercings. It’s just as comfy as it is attractive.

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Dangle nipple rings have such a dangle aspect, just like you’d anticipate. You might choose a more basic appearance or a more detailed one. When wearing dangling nipple rings, be careful not to catch them on your garments. To keep their brilliance and to protect your piercing, preserve them for special events.


Non-dangle nipple rings come in a variety of forms, including CBRs, circular barbells, and straight barbells with simple ornamentation. These are all the finest for everyday use, but keep in mind that the more intricate the item, the more care it will take to avoid damage.

Nipple Shields

 An unusual nipple shield should be worn by anyone having nipple piercings. Again, reserve them for rare events because they are fairly huge and complicated and may cause pain if worn for an extended period of time.

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After having my nipple pierced, shall I wear a bra?

It’s common to experience some blood and discharge during the recovery process. To avoid bras or clothes from adhering to your piercing, apply a breathable Band-Aid to the region immediately thereafter.

Do nipple piercings shut after a while?

Nipple piercings are amongst the most quickly healing piercings. They could close in minutes once they’re totally fresh. Nipple piercings can shut in as little as a week without the use of jewelry, even after a few years.

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