9+ Excellent Nose Piercing Ideas To Look More Stylish

Nose jewelry is a great way to add a little something more to your outfit; it’s fashionable yet subtle, making it the perfect piercing for a professional setting. Nose piercing has been widespread across all age groups.

When it comes to nose piercing, some piercings are simple and graceful, while others are trendy and cool. Nose piercing goes with any profession, and it looks fantastic on any occasion. This piercing is the best and most versatile piercing, which makes your appearance attractive and graceful. 

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Types Of Nose Piercing

Nose piercing has been gaining popularity in recent years, and if you decide to get a nose piercing, then you can choose your favorite type of nose piercing.

Nostril Piercing

It’s the most traditional type of nose piercing which is done on the fold line on the side of the nose. This piercing includes the high nostril piercing and multiple nostril piercing. You can get this piercing either on your nose’s left or right side.

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Rhino Piercing

This piercing goes through the center of your septum and then over the tip of your nose. This piercing is a little more complicated. This piercing is unisex and causes more pain as compared to other nose piercings.

Septum Piercing

This piercing divides both sides of the nostrils by piercing the tissue wall present in the nostrils. This piercing is one of the most trendy piercings because of its position.

Septril Piercing 

This piercing is a beautiful combination of two different piercings i.e. rhino and septum. Because of its complex technique, the healing period of this piercing is a little longer.

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Austin Bar Piercing

It’s the most unusual type of nose piercing; this position lies on the tip of your nose, which is parallel to nasallang piercing.

Nasallang Piercing

The nasallang piercing is famous among both men and women. This type of nose piercing goes from one nostril to the septum and then exits out from the other nostril. This piercing is done in a dense position, so one should go to a professional piercer for this piercing.

Bridge Nose Piercing

Bridge piercing is done around your eyebrows. This piercing punctures the tissues in the place of bone or cartilage. There is a significant risk of infection, irritation, and rejection of jewelry with this piercing.

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The Procedure For Nose Piercing

A nose piercing enables a person to add a piece of jewelry like a stud or ring, which is inserted into the cartilage of a person’s nose. The process of getting a nose piercing involves our sensitive nose skin, so it can be painful, and to avoid the discomfort, you should find a piercer who has good qualities and is highly experienced.

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Make sure that you choose a piercer who has a clean and proper studio for the piercing process. The piercing artist will use a needle of 16 gauge to 18 gauge for the whole piercing process. He will mark a spot for the piercing, and with the needle, he will make a hole and will push the piercing jewelry into that hole.

Remember, don’t let your piercer use a piercing gun as it can be dangerous and can cause damage to your tissues.

Does Nose Piercing Hurt?

When it comes to body modification, everyone’s tolerance level is different; although nose piercings are connected with just mild discomfort, some nose piercings are a little sensitive and cause a significant amount of pain to a person. Some people reported that they feel more pain or redness in the piercing areas during starting days of nose piercing.

The Healing Process Of Nose Piercing

The healing process is generally different for every nose piercing, depending upon the location of the nose piercing. For example, nostril piercing takes 3 to 4 months to heal, whereas rhino or nasallang piercing takes a little longer time (9 to 12 months) to heal. Also, the healing time is always different for many many persons as it depends upon the aftercare routine during the healing process.

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Aftercare Process Of Nose Piercing

As our nose is such a beautiful facial feature, we have to make sure that our nose piercing heals properly. The piercer will give you accurate details that you should follow during your healing process for the care of your piercing. You should follow the instructions stated by the piercing artist.

Wash your nose twice a day with sea saltwater solution. Don’t use additives products to clean your piercing; it can cause irritation or allergy to your piercing.

Don’t spin or twist the nose piercing as it can injure the surrounding skin and cause scars, piercing bumps, and other unpleasant problems. Also, try to avoid touching your nose piercing with unwashed dirty hands.

Instead of using makeup products, use some gentle products near your piercing area and make sure to rinse everything carefully. You can use fragrance-free unscented products.

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Cost Of Nose Piercing

The cost of the nose piercing also depends on the location of the nose piercing. Some nose piercing often costs you around $30-$60, but some nose piercings are a little expensive. Its cost also depends on the piercing artist’s experience and studio location. 

Jewelry Styles For Nose Piercing

Nose piercing helps you to look more attractive with its beautiful jewelry options. This jewelry helps to decorate your nose in a beautiful way. You can use different types of studs, rings, or hoops as your nose piercing jewelry.

Nose studs are the most well-known and versatile jewelry. You can choose from tiny diamond nose studs to amusing jewels to really personalize your nose piercing. The L-shape, twist and bone are the three primary prong styles of nose studs.

Seamless rings are the most beautiful and famous style for nose piercing. The slim hoop lies flush on the nose, giving it a more visible look than a stud but still being elegant enough to be appreciated in a formal environment.

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You can even choose captive bead rings, pins, and nostril screws as your nose piercing jewelry. This type of jewelry is also comfortable, safe, and secure for your nose piercing.

What Are The Outcomes Of Piercing Your Nose? 

There are some risks or side effects involved with a nose piercing. People who have allergic or sensitive skin should discuss their worries or issues with their body modification piercer during their appointment.

Infection, scarring, and jewelry rejection are all possible outcomes. So if you choose low-quality material jewelry containing nickel in high quantities, you can increase these risks as these metals can rub off your skin and deposit the tiny microbes in your skin.

Its side effects also involve the unusual color of skin, extra pain, green or yellow pus, and some excess redness near your piercing area. There is a risk of nerve damage and also causes necrosis to the nasal wall.

Things To Be Considered Before Having A Nose Piercing

If you are considering having a nose piercing, then you should keep some things clear in your mind. You have to choose your piercing artist very carefully who has proper experience and license for the piercing and get piercing with a sterilized needle.

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Before getting a nose piercing, you should drink a quantity of water to feel hydrated, and if your pain tolerance level is low, then you should take a painkiller to reduce the pain of the piercing. Don’t consume caffeine products before your piercing, as it can increase your blood flow.

And if you have sensitive and gentle skin, then you should choose your jewelry material very carefully as low quality can cause allergy and infection to your skin.

When Can You Change Your Nose Piercing Ring?

If you follow all the guidelines and instructions of your piercer, then your piercing will be healed on time. And after that, you are able to replace or change your nose piercing jewelry. You can use different and trendy jewelry as your new nose piercing jewelry.

But you can not change your piercing jewelry in between the healing process and if you remove the piercing jewelry at the time of healing then it can cause a lot of infection, and it can even close your piercing hole. So wait for the accurate time to change your nose piercing stud.

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Do Nose Piercings Easily Infect?

If you don’t use proper procedures or maintain an appropriate routine of aftercare, then your piercing can get infected easily. And redness, swelling, soreness, drainage from the piercing site, and lumps are all indicators of infection.

If you have any of these signs, soak your piercing in a saltwater solution twice a day and see your doctor if they don’t recover or worsen. Also, avoid putting makeup on your nose to avoid irritation to the piercing.

Which Jewelry Material Should I Use As Nose Piercing Jewelry If I Have An Allergy?

If you have allergic issues, you should use jewelry material with less nickel quantity. You can use surgical stainless steel material or titanium as your jewelry material. The jewelry made with these materials is strong and durable, and there are fewer chances of catching the reactions or infections with these materials.

You can even use 14k gold as your initial piercing jewelry as it is also nickel-free and suitable for sensitive skin. Don’t use gold-plated jewelry as your initial jewelry material.

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