Jacob’s Ladder Piercings Ideas For Those Who Want To Go Extreme

If you’ve been wondering which piercing to get below there, and you’ve been pondering Jacob’s ladder piercing, your wait is ended.

There are some aspects to think about, the first of which is whether or not you prefer having genuine metal/jewelry below there.

It’s because there is a distinction to be made between thinking about getting the piercing and really getting one that will remain stable.

Jacob’s ladder, also called as Frenum ladder piercing, is a male genital piercing that passes through the thicker penis in most instances at the bottom; you simply drag it out, and slides sideways in the ladder piercing.

That seems simple, and it is most of the time, but having everything lined up may be difficult.

If you’re not sure if you can have this type of this piercing or not, this blog will explain why you can as well as what consequences it may have on one’s health and sexual life.

Jacob’s ladder piercing was usually reserved for those who had not been circumcised. In certain circumstances, the piercing was done but behind the muscle and beneath the foreskin. The original location was the rim of delicate tissue; however, these piercings could then be completed in a variety of locations below the penis, according to the individual’s preferences and physiology.

It used to be done with brass rings, but it has become more typical to use a barbell.

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Jacob’s Ladder Procedure

Jacob’s ladder piercings are all immediately beneath the head and go sideways into the skin.

It’s usually pierced with a barbell; rings are seldom used for Jacob’s ladder piercing, that puts it on the edge of epidermis piercing.

You may use as many barbells as you like, but the more you use them, the more they resemble a ladder, which is why it’s called ladder piercing.

If two or more barbells are penetrated, your piercing is referred to as Jacobs’ ladder.

Most individuals get anything from one to six barbells, but if it’s fewer than three, it’s a Frenum piercing, and that’s the only distinction between Jacob’s Ladder and Frenum piercings.

Jacob’s Ladder Piercing Jewelry

A barbell, generally 10 or 12 G, will be inserted by your piercer. Just behind one’s head, the barbell will swing from sideways.

We suggest that you pierce your first Jacob’s ladder just around the circumcised line.

We don’t advocate getting so near to a head since the piercing will mix in with the rest of the body.

So, if this piercing is too near to head, your lover probably wouldn’t be capable to get the most out of their intercourse. Ensure the piercing is done from a sufficient distance from either the head or just at an advised place to make your companion enjoy and profit from the piercing appropriately.

Jacob’s Ladder Piercing Recovery Process

Penis is a portion of someone’s body that receives a lot of blood. The rate at which the body heals differs from person to person.

Nevertheless, you didn’t have to think about the healing procedure with this piercing. This piercing has a track record of mending quite fast in almost every situation.

The healing has also been documented with minimal or no difficulties in the majority of cases.

This piercing is extremely susceptible to infection, as well as there are very few cases in which something bad happens.

So, in general, the mending process will end quite well and will probably range from 8 to 12 weeks.

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Jacob’s Ladder Piercing Aftercare

Cleansing your piercing properly is critical to its success.

Do the following during the recovery process:

  • Apply a bandage to the affected region and replace it at most once a day.
  • Before contacting the region, clean your hands with mild soap and warm water.
  • Clean the piercing with purified water and a saline solution at least 2 times a day.
  • Any crust that develops should be gently washed and rinsed away.
  • When you cleanse your penis, pat it dry with just a clean paper towel.
  • While showering, prevent the penis from becoming moist.
  • After getting your penis Pierced, remove your clothing and gently put them back on.
  • Use condoms or other forms of protection until the region is completely healed (after the initial pain and discomfort have subsided).

Jacob’s Ladder Piercing Pain

If you’ve never had a genital piercing before, this is your point.

All genital piercings, such as Jacob’s ladder piercing, are less painful than nostril, ear, lip, or brow piercings and have various types of discomfort.

As once the piercing is completed, the ear and nose piercings begin to bleed and ache.

When you receive Jacob’s ladder piercing, you’ll feel a lot of agony while the genital is being pierced, but after it’s done, it goes away immediately.

So it’s like the discomfort you get after injecting a needle: it aches for a second, then it’s lost for good. Certainly, the level of pain associated with piercing is far higher, but instead, an injection properly illustrates how it happens.

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Things to know before having Jacob’s ladder piercing:

While you make your choice to have this piercing, check out the below things firstly:

There can be no sexual intercourse without a latex barrier:

Within at least 6 months after the procedure, you are not permitted to exchange body fluids. Tissues are nevertheless prone to ripping which can be removed, even if the repair takes 3-4 months.

You shouldn’t exchange such germs and other comparable pathogens with your spouse in that scenario to guarantee that neither of you becomes affected.

If you intend to have a kid, be sure that your piercings are scheduled in line with the specification.

Bare in the mind that you’re more prone to get sexual diseases (STDs) after this piercing, so ensure you have a contraceptive on you for at least 6 months.

Getting rid of the barbells:

Both rings and barbells have the possibility of falling out. These can fall out if they’re not sitting in an appropriate place or have become a little loose with time progression.

You’ll often discover that dropped-out barbell when sitting on the toilet, as it drops at the bottom because there is nothing one can do about it.

In other cases, you may be seeking that dropped barbell in a supermarket or at work.

To prevent misunderstandings, merely ensure that the jewelry down there is securely fastened.


During the piercing, there may be a large quantity of bleeding.

Because such locations have a larger percentage of blood circulation, genital piercing tends to bleed more than ordinary piercing.

As a result, expect intermittent bleeding following the piercing and take the necessary measures. To avoid unpleasant stains, you may need to use sanitary products or pads for a few days.

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Why You Should Have Jacob’s ladder Piercings?

The following are the benefits that you can drive by having Jacob’s ladder piercing.

Sexual stimulation should be increased:

Like most other genital piercings, Jacob’s ladder piercing is performed to provide a unique and delightful experience for you and your lover.

Nevertheless, if you don’t yet have sexual arousal, don’t anticipate the piercing to improve it; your mind is your major sexual muscle, and all the pleasure comes from that.

So, while it may enhance sexual pleasure but if you need to have sexual arousal, there are many other factors involved, try addressing those first.

The piercing that is the easiest to conceal is:

It’s terrible that your workplace forbids or discourages body alterations, but with these piercings, nobody can ever tell if you have them or not.

It’s the simplest to conceal beneath your clothes because no one will notice unless you inform someone or flaunt it.

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Why don’t genital piercings hurt as much as other types of piercings?

Piercings in the genital area are less painful than other body piercings of the nostrils, lips, breasts, brow, and other body parts.

This is due to the fact that the pain receptors in your genitals differ greatly. Your sexual organs are meant to be exposed to great discomfort.

They are built to take a huge amount of abuse since they play such an important function in your life.

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