4+ Impressive Fake Septum Piercing Ideas That Give You An Authentic Look

Piercing is the ideal method for adorning your body with various forms of jewelry. If you’re looking for something new in a piercing, consider this dermal piercing, which gives you a more attractive appearance.

Nose piercing is an excellent approach to enhancing your appearance. This piercing has become quite popular over the last few years. Getting your nose pierced is a fantastic idea since it offers you a fashionable but elegant or highly charming look. There are various sorts of nose piercings that might help you improve your appearance. Nose piercing is a really pleasant and straightforward procedure.

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Jewelry catches the eye, especially if it’s enormous. However, jewelry in your septum does not have to be a specific size to be noticeable. Even if you’re only wearing a tiny diamond ring to complement your style, its location draws attention. Jewelry that is the center of attention might be tempting.

If you want to get a septum piercing like the various celebrities who have done so but aren’t sure about your pain tolerance, a fake one could be the way to go.

What Exactly Do You Mean By “Fake Septum Piercing?”

Fake piercings are precisely what they’re supposed to be: jewelry that may be attached to your nose, lip, ears, or even eyebrow, but unlike real piercings, they do not puncture your flesh and are thus not permanent. This implies you may put them in and out several times according to your need.

Fake septum piercing is an alternative if your pain threshold doesn’t match the dark lord attitude of rebellious jewelry. The word “piercing” is confusing because imitation nose rings do not need piercing. As a consequence, a needle will not cause you any discomfort.

Like a septum ring, a false nose ring does not open or close. It looks like an actual septum piercing, but it causes zero-level pain. So you just need to stick the fake septum piercing ring in your nose, the two ends clinging to the narrow wall between your nostrils. You don’t have to pierce your septum with a needle to keep it there. This septum ring set’s tribal style offers you an elegant appearance without the sacrifice of the real stuff.

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Is It Perfectly Acceptable To Wear Fake Septum Rings?

Septum piercing divides both sides of the nostrils by piercing the tissue wall present in the nostrils. This piercing is one of the most trendy piercings because of its position. Because of its complication method and the pain involved, many people avoid getting this piercing.

But fake septum piercing gives you the same aesthetic look as real septum piercing, but it does not cause any pain. And this piercing doesn’t require any aftercare or treatment like an actual septum piercing.

When compared to actual septum rings, false septum rings are comfier – as long as you select the proper one. You purchase them in the same manner that you would like any other piece of jewelry.

While purchasing the fake septum piercing ring, you can consider many things that help it look original. You should buy a false septum ring made of good material like gold or titanium to save yourself from allergy issues. The dimension or the size of the ring should not be more than 26 gauge.

You should note the following characteristics while buying a false or fake septum piercing ring

  • It should be allergic free or hypoallergenic
  • It should be fit to your nose or customized according to the size of your nose.
  • It should be easy to take off.

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Choose the proper material, one that won’t irritate your skin; the correct nose ring size, so the stud or circular hoop doesn’t overwhelm your face; and the right essential qualities. Your fake septum ring will be so comfy on your face that you won’t even notice it’s there.

The charm of artificial nose rings is that distinguishing them from genuine things is difficult. A fake septum ring hoop appears and hangs just like a real septum ring hoop. Other false piercings are apparent; for example, a faulty plug does not strain your lobe as a real plug does. A sharp observer would’ve been able to detect right away if you were wearing a fake.

A fake nose stud can also seem genuine or authentic because no one can tell if your septum ring is pierced or just put on. Unlike other artificial nose rings, the stud may be more challenging to place. Your skin patch may not function as effectively for you; you may develop allergies as a result of it. Sweat on your skin is also likely to shift the stud out of place, causing it to slip off your nose.

Septum piercing divides both sides of the nostrils by piercing the tissue wall present in the nostrils. Because of its position, this piercing is one of the most fashionable.

How To Create A Fake Septum Piercing

If you like the look of a septum piercing but aren’t sure if you want to have one, you may cheaply make a fake septum piercing. You can create a fun false septum to wear with wire, paper clips, or ring studs with clamps and scissors. Please make sure to bring some safeguards. Keep an eye out for sharp edges, use clean materials, and be prepared to cope with an allergic response.

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First, gather all the materials that are required to make a fake septum piercing, including the pearls, wires, and beads. Pick a good wire that has the desired color and is also easy to bend.

Then with a cutter or scissor, cut a piece of wire. Fold the wire to make a curve for your septum piercing and make the edge of both sides equal to each other in length. The septum must be cut cleanly before it may be used.

Now add the small beads to this wire very gently to give your piercing jewelry a real look. You can add beads according to your preference and try to add tiny beautiful beads to your fake piercing jewelry.

Bend the wire ends backward using the cutters or scissors. The sharp edges of the wire should fold away from the curve. Make two small rings on either side of your fake piercing. This ensures that when you insert your piercing, it will not poke or hurt your inner nose. The final part of the technique takes a long time since you have to use your fingers to twist and bend the wire until it forms a smooth semi-circle that will fit in your nostril.

Different Pros And Cons Of Fake Septum Piercing?

Like any other piercing,  fake septum piercing has its own pros and cons.

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One of the significant advantages of having a fake septum piercing is that it is not permanent, which means that if you decide you don’t like it after a few weeks or years, you can remove it, and there will be no hole in the skin when you remove the piercing like original or real piercing.

If you don’t like the jewelry on your fake piercing, you can simply change it out; however, in an actual piercing, the piercing must heal before you can change the stud or jewelry.

The fake septum piercing doesn’t involve the risks of real piercing, and one doesn’t need to follow any problematic aftercare routine. There is no risk of infection, redness, and swelling with a fake septum piercing.

You can try the different piercing jewelry on your fake septum piercing without any fear, like in real piercing, to show the edgy side of your personality.


One of the most important drawbacks of a false piercing is that it is neither genuine nor permanent. False piercings can be unpleasant and frequently fall out. If you like the appearance so much, you’ll want to acquire it permanently anyhow.

They lack the aesthetic of actual piercings and can often appear artificial and gaudy — false piercings just do not look as great as true ones. Even if you choose the wrong quality material for your fake piercing, it can cause an allergy to your skin.

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Why Fake Septum Piercing Is Gaining Popularity?

Piercings in any place of the body have a number of complications. Septum piercings are no different. Septum piercing is considered to be a more complicated piercing, and it requires a trained professional piercer.

If your septum piercing isn’t done correctly, the cut of discomfort from the needle going through can lead to costly and time-consuming issues. On the other hand, fake septum piercing doesn’t include any difficult complications like real septum piercing, yet it offers the same look to one’s personality.

The second important reason is that actual septum piercing causes a lot of pain to pierce, but in septum piercing, you just need to wear jewelry that doesn’t cause any pain. That’s why septum piercing is gaining popularity nowadays among all generations.

How Long Does Fake Septum Piercing Last?

Fake piercings are essentially the same thing as jewelry that can be attached to your nose, lip, ears, or even your forehead, but unlike real piercings, they do not pierce your flesh and thus are not permanent. This means you can remove and replace them as often as you want.

This is the same with a fake septum piercing, they are not permanent, and you can remove the fake septum piercing jewelry whenever you want. But make sure the jewelry you are using for piercing should be of high-quality material because low-quality material doesn’t appear the same as the real one, and it will start to fade away quickly.

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