39 Mind-Blowing Ambigram Tattoo Designs

Ambigram Tattoos. Create an air of intrigue and mystery with a symmetrical tattoo! In the world of typography, an ambigram is a word that may be interpreted in two ways. For instance, it may be read backward or independently to create a new word. Common ambigram pairs include “family” and “forever”, “love” and “hate,” “hope” and “faith,” “sinner” and “saint,” and so on.

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Angels and Demons, Dan Brown’s best-selling book, gave ambigram tattoos a significant boost in popularity. The ambigram’s tattoo artist uses some very deft design approaches to create a pattern that can be seen differently depending on the viewer’s point of view. Words, original illustrations, and elaborate tattoo styles are all fair game regarding ambigram tattoos.

An Ambigram tattoo may be exciting if you like solving visual puzzles and finding humorous meanings in words. Many ink devotees find getting an Ambigram tattoo intriguing and desirable. Access to a quality work of art like this allows it to express even the most fundamental human feelings gracefully. For a tattoo artist, being able to use ambigrams opens up a whole world of ways to be creative.

The Meaning of an Ambigram

In an ambigram, a word or phrase may be read right-side up or upside-down without altering its meaning. Words may be read either right-side up or upside-down, or they might be the same word both ways.

The letters in an ambigram tattoo may be flipped, mirrored, or inverted. In certain situations, new components can be added. For example, some of the text in these examples is formatted so that it reads the same no matter how it’s viewed. One other kind of ambigram is a tattoo that mirrors one phrase at one angle and another at another.

In this post, we’ll look at 39 ambigram tattoos to help you develop your unique design. So, remain tuned, not just for the aesthetics but also for the significance.

1. Sharp Looks Meow Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @breakkytime

This font looks quite frightening! What do you think of this deceptive appearance? But in effect, this is a fun ambigram tattoo, and maybe the wearer has a particular affinity for cats. 

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2. Faded Black Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @zo.elizabeth_tattoo

We tend to lose touch with the values and beliefs that have helped shape us in our fast-paced, always-on-the-go modern society. When it seems like everyone else has turned against you, remember that your family is the constant. This ambigram tattoo would be perfect for someone with extreme affection for their family since it reads “Family.”

3. 94’s Year Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @tomjames_tat2

This black and gray tattoo is inked in a medieval script just above the navel in a semi-rotational design that encompasses a shading effect that gives it a different aura of mystique.

4. Dots Of Saint Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @junkie.tattoos

This tattoo consists of two opposing words. On one side, it says “saint,” and on the other, “sinner.” It is intended to remind individuals of their accomplishments and failures as individuals. Essentially, it implies that we have all accomplished deeds that we are proud of, making us similar to saints. However, we have had a few instances of misconduct, which is equivalent to sin. Therefore, each individual has two facets.

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5. Lovely One Love Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @mahar_billy

This one love ambigram tattoo means the unconditional affection and esteem shared by all individuals for one another, regardless of external factors such as skin color, religion, or ethnicity. Equivalent to “peace” as a farewell interjection. This tattoo in bold black lines undoubtedly looks lovely and worthy of attention. 

6. Tail Styled Death Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @ink_by_cops

Intelligently attuned guys use life & death ambigram tattoos to accept the underlying base of existence and experience the whole of being. Tattoos depicting life and death reveal an innate ability to take the cyclical destiny that awaits all animals.

7. Mirror Types Demons Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @tattoodiego

This Angels and Demons ambigram tattoo inked on the lower leg in a combination of bold and fine black lines looks eye-catching. It shows that the wearer is a big fan of the Angels and Demons novel by Dan Brown and takes inspiration from there. Angels and Demons have sparked unprecedented interest in ambigrams among moviegoers, leading to a surge in visits to websites devoted to the phenomenon.

8. Full Of Faith Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @kocha_saraswati_

Both faith and hope manifest themselves at certain times and in certain situations. For example, we exercise patience and restraint when faced with challenging and terrible circumstances and believe in faith and hope. In that case, we can counter adversity and emerge victorious. This tattoo will provide the ray of hope you need to get through life’s darkest hours. The thighs, chest, and back are excellent locations for this tattoo.

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9. Thread Line Weird Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @thesigner.ink

This fine thread line “weird” ambigram tattoo is inked on the side of the neck. The outline of this pattern lends itself well to the creation of a stunningly beautiful fine-line tattoo. It is delicate and has a straightforward construction. 

10. Lavish GD Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @inksoultattoos_chennai

This beautiful font design ambigram tattoo looks very captivating. The two letters G & D logo in an intersecting design in bold black lines on the forearm is a testimony that these two letters are essential to the wearer. 

11. Rounds Emiliano Leonardo Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @reatatype

This bold black ambigram tattoo inked on the forearm is sure to draw attention due to its large size. The font shape is incredibly admirable and boasts a brilliant calligraphy design. 

12. Half Red And Half Black Five Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @madmikeink

This red and black “ Life” ambigram tattoo on the calf has a striking design. You can make an ambigram out of any word, and this one will stand out well due to the excellent color combination. 

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13. Butterfly Kovu Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @skin_canvas_tattoos

This ambigram tattoo inked on the side of the forearm looks especially interesting owing to the butterfly inked alongside. 

14. Golden Black Always In My Heart Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @99dynastyy_tattoo

This Always in my heart ambigram tattoo is inked on the forearm in red, golden, and black ink. The font used for the tattoo is fascinating. You can get this tattoo if you have a special someone with whom you are in a relationship.

15. Large Lee Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @dalphabet.tattoos

The gift of life is the greatest blessing from God. So get an Ambigram tattoo if you’re serious about enjoying life to the fullest. You may praise God for the gift of life every time you look at the tattoo and be reminded of how precious life is.

16. King Crown Auanna Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @thetattoocastle

What could be more thrilling than getting a tattoo that expresses who you are? Yes, you may get your name tattooed to celebrate your unique identity. It is well known that this is the most preferred Ambigram tattoo design. In addition, the name of the person you love the most in the world may be permanently inked on your body with Ambigram. They might even be given brilliant colors to double the excitement.

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17. Drowny Sinner Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @karasu_crawl

This sinner ambigram tattoo inked in a combination of bold and fine lines on the forearm is stunning. Getting sinner inked in an anagram is quite common, and you can relate to this word. 

18. Stylish N Of Crown Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @thetattoocastle

Inking a complete name in Ambigram might be boring for some people. They love to add a layer of mystery by ignoring every letter in the word but the first. To further reduce unnecessary wordiness, consider having just the initial letter of your name tattooed on your body using the Ambigram font. To heighten the impact, try adding some color or a fancy pattern.

19. Multiple Means Of Love Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @leo_of_tattoos

This little tattoo has various connotations. It seems to say “love you” and “ **ck You” quite intriguingly. You can get it inked if you want to convey different meanings to different people. 

20. Love With Pain Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @mallorystattoos

This pattern is seen in several billboards, commercials, and artistic visual representations. Tattoo artists often use a method wherein a word might seem to be another word with a different meaning when reflected in a mirror. For example, looking at the tattoo above from two distinct views and angles reveals both “love” and “pain.”

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21. I’m Fine Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @markmunozta2

Every single Save Me tattoo is made such that the wearer reads “Save Me” while everyone else sees “I’m Fine.” Doing things this way is symbolic of how most individuals with depression cope with their condition. They often want assistance yet do not indicate that they need it.

22. Manly McKenna Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @unsinger.tattoo

This tattoo is an Ambigram named Madison and McKenna to show appreciation. The wearer wants to applaud their father by inking his father’s name on his body.

23. Wood Hockey Stick Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @soulfulinkstudios

This wood hockey stick ambigram tattoo in black and gray with two hockey sticks enclosing the ambigram word shows that the wearer is paying tribute to some hockey team of whom he is a big fan or can be a hockey player too. 

24. Grey Shades Of Loyalty Behind Respect Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @michaelabarber66

With only one phrase, this tattoo says it all. However, the tattoo reads differently from the other side. Both cases use the words “respect” and “loyalty,” with each meaning something somewhat different.

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25. Pine Blue River Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @oneringcalligraphy

This blue “river” anagram tattoo on the forearm shows that the name river is of an important person in the wearer’s life. They want to show their love for the person by tattooing it on his body. 

26. Twinkling Stars Witch Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @habitaelvacio

The witch ambigram tattoo is quite common but the inclusion of twinkling stars and two shards of wheat enclosing the tattoo give this black and gray tattoo a different aura. 

27. Medium Black Venom And Woman Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @psychedeliscope_

Inked in medium black below the knee, this tattoo reads venom as such, but women, if you read it upside down. 

28. Glorious Glen With Arnold Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @policarpiorob

The combination of names is quite common in ambigram tattoos. For example, this black and blue tattoo has Glenn and Arnold inked on the calf, showing that the wearer either has his name inked along with the other or others who are important. 

29. Floral Patricia Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @aura.tat

Another example of a name tattoo; getting your identity inked on your body is quite common. The name Patricia, inked in blue along with two colorful flowers, gives this tattoo the extra flair. 

30. Darks Burgueno And Montano Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @sanchezboy_45

This tattoo in bold black lines inked on the side of the leg is again a name tattoo, and it reads Burgueno from one side and Montano from the other. 

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31. Spade Card Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @michaelabarber66

This Loyalty/Respect tattoo is quite a common ambigram tattoo. Still, the spade card inks along to give it a unique personality.

32. Marvellous Monday Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @tanjitattoos

This is an awesome large-size shaded ambigram tattoo inked on the forearm, and it reads Marley if you read it from left to right or right to left. 

33. Pritha and Nithya Ambigram tattoo 

Image: @soulartink

Again an excellent name tattoo inked in blue on the wrist that reads Pritha on one side and Nithya on the other. The unique font and the blue ink give a nice touch. 

34. Extreme Black Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @badya_tattoo_arts

This ambigram tattoo is composes of the name “ Pooja” inked on the forearm in black ink. 

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35. Orange Shades Of Forever Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @inkbyshane

This Forever ambigram tattoo in orange shades inked on the back side of the forearm speaks that the wearer feels nostalgic and wants to preserve the memories he holds dear.  

36. Pinks Style Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @ink.kyle

This ambigram tattoo in pink ink has some words inked in Korean, and the placement on the upper arm ensures that it grabs an eyeful. 

37. Red And Black Princess Crown Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @morenolocsin

Usage of red and black ink in the creation of this Princess ambigram tattoo, along with a crown, makes it alluring. In addition, it has some letters inked, which probably is the wearer’s name. 

38. Catchy Quotes Of Family For Everything Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @justink713

This catchy quote, in solid black on the chest, says, “Family over everything,” and the font makes it unique. It also says that the wearer holds his family in high esteem. 

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39. Lust And Love Looks Ambigram Tattoo

Image: @inkedby_marleyy

This Lust/Love ambigram tattoo inked on the wrist is widespread and conveys that the wearer is cynical and equates both equally. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to get an ambigram tattoo?

It would help if you had an ambigram tattoo done at a well-known tattoo studio by someone experienced with these tattoos. You may have one or more done in whatever size and style you like.

Why Are Ambigram Tattoos Popular?

You may have seen a lot of individuals with ambigram tattoos and wondered what the term meant in particular. People get these tattoos because they look lovely. Sometimes people merely get an ambigram tattoo to demonstrate how important something is to them, such as the word family.

People who love and are attached to their family are more likely to have an ambigram tattoo. Ambigrams not only look fantastic, but they also make excellent tattoo designs. A fantastic method to show your values!!

What should be the placement of an ambigram tattoo?

Tattoos may be rather appealing if done correctly. People often have large tattoos on their backs and trunks, for instance. However, forearms look particularly well with medium-sized ambigram tattoo designs. The forearm is a popular spot for ambigram tattoos because it allows the wearer to flip the design and read it either way.

Some individuals, however, persist in getting ambigram tattoos engraved elsewhere on their bodies, such as the back, ribs, legs, breasts, etc., in the faith that they would still look fine there. Tattoos may be permanent and beautiful additions to your body. Still, the style and placement of the tattoo should be carefully consider before the ink hits the skin.

What distinguishes an ambigram from a palindrome?

A series of characters or numbers that appear the same whether you flip it over horizontally or vertically is called an ambigram. A sequence that reads the same across the vertical axis is a palindrome.