3+ Cool Bridge Piercing Ideas That You Can’t Stop Looking

Nose piercings seem to be usually rebellious; however, the basic ring or stud is more trendy. Although septum piercing can also be seen adorned by many influencers. One type of the nose piercing is still challenging to find, and that is bridge piercing. The title indicates, bridge piercings across the bridge of the nose, generally at the closest point in between eyes.

Considering their odd location, this piercing can be pretty unobtrusive, yet they are always attractive. If you’re thinking if you’d be a suitable person for this piercing, or if you’re contemplating about having one but are intimidated by the possibility of maintaining it, you’ve reached the perfect spot.

Bridge Piercing

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Continue reading to learn all you want to learn about bridge piercings.

What Exactly Is A Bridge Piercing?

A bridge piercing is also known as an Erl, vertical bar extending over the head’s crown. It’s classified as an epidermis piercing though most people didn’t have much flesh for the different  jewelry to cling onto in this location, increasing the chance of movement and rejections.

Pain And Recovery Time

People’s pain threshold is distinctive, so it’s hard to limit the pain level. Of course, bridge piercing hurt, but not as much as the cartilage piercings. Because the bridge piercing is punctured through the skin, rather than cartilage or a region with a bunch of nerve endings. You will just experience uneasiness because bridge piercings hurt less.

Bridge piercing holds a higher position on the pain scale, but when you have undergone a more dreadful piercing like the cartilage piercing, you will be capable of handling this piercing with ease.

Most bridge piercing takes around 8-10 weeks and even 12 weeks in exceptional cases with long healing periods. It is a mere estimate. Thus, the healing piercing time depends on the aftercare routines and precautions taken.

However, you should ensure that the inner soft tissues have recovered fully. Just wait a little more time than estimated to not attract any of the unlikely consequences. If you switch the jewelry after it’s fully healed, you will not experience much pain.

Bridge Piercings Cost

Almost all piercings have varied prices, and mainly bridge piercings cost $40-$60 at New York Adorned, Be aware of establishments that price a lot less since they could not be reliable.

A piercer from New York says she costs $50 for the this piercing and titanium jewelry, which she says is sanitized in a clinical-grade autoclave covered in the fee.

Each shop will have different pricing for piercings, although if you make a payment between $30 to $50, you must be fine if you’ve made your choice wisely.

Bridge Piercing

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Bridge Piercing Aftercare

This piercing must be cleaned on a daily basis with a light cleaner and rinsed twice daily with hot salt water to eradicate germs. Renounced piercers recommend a piercing wash that should be used in your aftercare regimen. “It’s a light spray that piercers urge clients to use at least twice a day.

Contrary to common opinion, you should avoid poking and prodding your brand new piercing, wildly twisting it.

Spinning and rotating was once used to be routine aftercare, but modern piercer recommends leaving the jewelry item in position for the length of your recovery process and minimizing tinkering with it—the main objects that should come into contact with that region are hot water and saltwater spray.

Basically, you have to avoid any damage to the piercing holes whilst your body heals.


Inflammation and soreness: Just after the first piercing, you’re prone to suffer some irritation, which might “continue for a few weeks.” If you know how to take care of your piercing and yourself, the inflammation and soreness must go away independently.

Allergic Reactions: It is a repercussion of utilizing the wrong type of metal. Because silver, gold, and nickel intolerance are widespread, it’s advisable to choose jewelry made of a biocompatible material, for example titanium or stainless steel.

Bridge Piercing

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How To Replace The Bridge Piercing

“If you wish to swap out your jewelry, we suggest going in to see a competent piercing artist in your region for assistance since body jewelry may be tough to traverse when you’re not acquainted with it. You must spend sufficient time following the new piercing before changing the jewelry. You must not take out or change jewelry till the region has healed fully.

Jewelry Styles For The Bridge Piercing

Your piercer will decide the initial size of the piercing depending on the amount of tissue accessible in this location. The bigger the size of your jewelry, the better it is to prevent any chances of injuries.

A little curved barbell is a perfect piece of jewelry for bridge piercing. A straight barbell will put too much strain on the margins of the hole, thus increasing the risk of displacement.

What Kind Of Metal Should Be Used?

Titanium: The most preferred material for any type of piercing is titanium. It does not contain nickel making it a good choice for many people, albeit it is more expensive. We usually advise that your piercer utilize implant quality solid gold or titanium jewelry, particularly for a first piercing. It is worth noting because titanium jewelry is hypoallergenic and can be used for all types of piercings. Titanium is one of a higher-quality metal than stainless steel, which includes nickel, where most individuals respond to.”

Gold: If you don’t have any recognized allergies, exceptionally high gold (usually 14k and more) is another good alternative. Such metals are ideal for piercings since they’re less prone to rust, and plated jewelry can be harmful to the healing procedure and long-term effects.

How To Wear A Bridge Piercing In A Variety Of Ways?

You can embellish your bridge piercing in various varied ways. Here are the top five:

1. Horizontally

This is the typical method to carry a bridge piercing since the barbell stones are in parallel with your vision, providing it a fantastic, mirrored effect.

2. Vertically

A barbell will be placed in between your eyes in which one bead will be placed lower and at the upper side.

3. Beside Eyebrow Piercings

A horizontal bridge piercing might be exactly aligned with them when you have your brows pierced.

4. Ball Closure Ring

When recovered, a Ball Closure Ring piercing will be a fantastic addition to this type of piercing. Take proper care that the piercing doesn’t snag on something.

5. Forehead Piercing

Instead of just a vertical piercing, you might have the bottom ball across your eyes and the top bead on your head.

Bridge Piercing

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What additional body piercings complement a bridge piercing?

Body piercings are a matter of self-identity, and you are the only one who can choose what makes it feel good! Conventional nose rings and septal rings, on the other hand, look great with bridge piercings since they keep the focus to the center (the most likable part!) of your face. Eyebrow piercing, lip ring, and navel piercing are also good bridge piercing partners because they add a feeling of unanticipated variation.

Why should I avoid having a bridge piercing?

A bridge piercing, as anybody piercing or body modification, requires a significant time investment. Are you ready for the pain that may result from the bridge piercing process? Have you planned for piercing aftercare supplies such as H2Ocean aftercare sprays, cotton balls, and hand towels? There’s no disgrace in delaying unless you’re not sure whether you’re able to manage the bridge piercing.

Do you want the sensation of transformation that only a new piercing can provide? Consider getting a new ear cartilage piercing or maybe even a new nose piercing! Once you’re ready to embark on a bridge-piercing adventure, you’ll do it with complete confidence. Meanwhile, browse social sites for bridge piercing designs to get all the inspirations you want before piercing the bridge of your nose.

Do bridge piercings induce cross-eyed?

Despite the myth that a bridge piercing causes cross-eyedness, no Erl piercees have experienced any abnormal eye-crossing. Most people don’t even realize it’s there. The bar is probably too long if you notice the jewelry out of the lower eyelid. This shouldn’t be more noticeable than your own nose.

It also does not obstruct the use of eyeglasses or shades. Simply make sure it’s punctured far enough up, and you’ll be good.

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