30 Excellent Power Tattoo Designs That Represent Strength

Tattoos are not only about self-expression. Sometimes we want to put a tattoo on our body for encouragement. A motivational tattoo can help the wearer to face difficulties in life. And these tattoos also remind us of our inner strength.

And that’s what these motivational tattoos do. These strength symbols, which range from big to small, inspire both the wearer and the people around them.

Are you looking for inspiring tattoo ideas or want to show your determination to the world? Then these strength tattoos are an excellent option. Scroll down to view the strength tattoo designs that depict your strength.

1. Cross Power Tattoo

This stunning lion tattoo depicts the crucifixion beneath the lion. The crucifix is decorated with lovely green grain. Underneath the lion’s jaw, there is a cross illustration. The tattoo artist may have designed the lion tattoo to represent the strength and ferocity of Christ. The majesty and power of the king of the jungle are depicted in this tattoo design.

Image: @hugaotattoo_

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2. Mustache Power Tattoo

People adore cats, so, understandably, many would leap at the chance to have a cat tattoo. All other creatures on earth cannot compare to cats in terms of appearance or personality. Some people adore getting tattoos of their cats, while others have a favorite cat species that best describes their nature.

However, the grace-inspired cat with the mustache power tattoo. A cat tattoo can be the ideal animal tattoo for you if you’ve been told you’re graceful or if that’s something you aspire to be.

Image: @jcabrera_tattoo

3. Eye Power Tattoo

If you want a spiritual tattoo on your skin, the eye power tattoo is the perfect design choice for you. This spiritual tattoo with open eyes represents the symbol of strength, inspiration, surveillance, and control.

Image: @aloaelae_tattooist

4. Triangle Power Tattoo

A triangle power tattoo is a very popular tattoo for the forearm. It symbolizes kind-hearted guidance from a heavenly source. According to various religious beliefs, the triangle power tattoo is supposed to signify the awakening of the soul or the opening of the third spiritual eye.

Image: @perrytatoo

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5. Pochita Power Tattoo

Pochita is a cute dog-like creature, and a Pochita power tattoo is an excellent option for leg tattoos. He is the chainsaw devil who is empowered by the fear of chainsaws. And he possesses the special ability to consume names, which makes him capable of consuming a devil and completely deleting their existence. This represents the idea that they are lost to the world and forgotten.

Image: @nelandroide

6. Art Power Tattoo

Most people look for tattoo designs that symbolize strength, power, dominance, and leadership. If you are one of them, an art power tattoo is perfect. You can put this tattoo on your forearm. The tattoo will inspire your as well as the people around you.

Image: @belasdi.tt

7. Gohan Power Tattoo

Arms are almost everyone’s favorite position for a tattoo. The Gohan tattoo is a brilliant upper arm tattoo. With a full sleeve shirt, you can simply cover it completely, whereas short sleeves or sleeveless clothes are great for showcasing it. In Gohan Power Tattoo, Gohan can turn into the most powerful being on earth. It teaches us that we must believe in ourselves and release that power.

Image: @perrytatoo

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8. Dragon Power Tattoo

This stunning tattoo design serves as an excellent option for a leg tattoo. The dragon in this dragon power tattoo design represents the symbols of power and strength. The red shade in the tattoo doubles its significance. However, red-colored dragon tattoos are also signs of good luck, thanks to the optimistic nature of the color shade in Chinese culture.

Image: @perrytatoo

9. Eagle Power Tattoo

Looking for an upper arm tattoo design for encouragement? Go for the eagle power tattoo! This striking eagle power tattoo can make a powerful statement about strength, power, and freedom. Eagles are elegant birds that represent strength through their spirit. Thus the eagle power tattoo symbolizes freedom and courage to look ahead.

Image: @anothertattoo.hn

10. Horns Power Tattoo

A horn power tattoo is a symbol of any significant change. It does not directly represent death or fear. However, it may showcase that representation of death due life cycle, and it is a major change. In actuality, it is the most significant transformation a person can go through.

Image: @tattoo.24_7

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11. Tongue Power Tattoo

You can put this meaning tattoo on your forearm. The tongue power tattoo symbolizes the power of life and death. The tongue can either speak the word life or death. The tough has the ability to build others either up or down.

Image: @mxm_ttt

12. Cat Power Tattoo

Do you want a power tattoo on your leg perfectly designed to suit your personality and encourage you? You must go for a cat power tattoo representing style, curiosity, independence, protection, and magic. The tattoo designed pochita with the powerful cat who makes an angry face with an opening mouth. 

Image: @air_mr.half_sunday

13. Orchid Power Tattoo

Orchid power tattoos are very famous with women and the occasional man. The orchid is very important and highly symbolic for those who put it on their body. Because orchids come in various shapes, shades, and sizes, tattoo designs are very handy and can be worn almost anywhere on the body. But it looks great in the upper arms.

Image: @yazzink

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14. Tiger Power Tattoo

Tigers are symbols of strength. Thus tiger power tattoos bring you strength, power, and cruelty, give you stamina and demonstrate to the public you want to fight. Whether you want your tiger art to be fierce or gentle, the strength of the tiger eyes is the same. This tattoo design is perfect for your forearm.

Image: @perrytatoo

15. Lion Power Tattoo

If you are looking for a leg tattoo design representing power and claw, here’s a good idea. The lion power tattoo is a superior design for both men and women. One of the most common tattoo pairings is a lion with a crown on top. The crown represents authority, power, and dominance, while a lion represents bravery and courage.

Image: @marcosink_powertattoo

16. Snake Power Tattoo

Snake power tattoos symbolize strength and wisdom. These tattoos are perfect for men as well as for women. If you’re searching for stunning snake power tattoos for the chest, look no further; pull ideas from our social tattoo designs.

Image: @ole_kroeger_tattoo

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17. Blue Eyes Tattoo

The blue eyes power tattoo gives the sense of the actual king of the forest as the lion known as the real king of the forest. Thus it symbolizes power, pride, and wisdom. Look at the tattoo design; you can differentiate it from others. This tattoo has a blue-eyed lion picture on the head of the girl. The blue eyes of the lion catch all the attention of people around you.

Image: @thelionsdentattoocompany

18. Ink Power Tattoo

Are you looking for an attractive tattoo design for your belly? Adorn your stomach with this unique and beautiful ink power tattoo. This ink power tattoo is a timeless sign of rebirth, attraction, fertility, strength, and more.

Image: @larebellesuisse

19. Wolf Power Tattoo

This wolf power tattoo is characterized by a thick, ambiguous, and contradictory meaning. The Wolf is intelligent and impulsive and always treated with the utmost respect. To grow spiritually, you must resonate with the Wolf somewhere in your path.

The Wolf assists you in looking within and finding the necessary solution if you believe others are misleading you. A wolf tattoo represents integrity, ferocity, loyalty, power, love, and strong determination. It is believed that tattoo radiates each person’s individual energy into the universe.

Image: @jcabrera_tattoo

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20. Owl Power Tattoo

The owl is a mythical animal with an innocent face and big eyes that can see in the dark or at night. Both males and females love Owl power tattoos for their attractive appearance and strong symbolic and rich meanings. The owl is a lucky bird symbolizing wealth, wisdom, prosperity, good luck, and Fortune.

Image: @izabelaoldak_art

21. Skull Power Tattoo

Skull tattoos are an excellent option for Halloween lovers who want to celebrate year-round. These oldest and most common tattoo designs represent the wearer’s ability to create and power life. Skull represents that the person who wears this tattoo lives by their own rules and goes down their path.

Image: @icoloridellanimatattoomagenta

22. Heart Power Tattoo

If you’re looking for a tattoo representing emotional or physical strength, you must put this heart power tattoo on your body. You can put this tattoo anywhere on your body, but it looks fantastic on your forearms as it’s visible clearly from here. These tattoos often showcase one’s personal experience and the emotional strength it took or still takes to get over the struggle and win the battle of life.

Image: @perrytatoo

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23. Shutdown Symbol Tattoo

The shutdown symbol power tattoo is considered extensively as a geeky tattoo and is preferred mostly by computer engineers. The shutdown symbol indicates the wearer’s power to control himself. Also, the design indicates the deactivation and activation of emotional and physical triggers at the right time and moment.

The tattoo indicates that the power of self-control inside a man is brilliant. The power is on, and this man is prepared to take on the world. However, he detoxes from the day’s drama when the power is turned off. This tattoo signifies a high power level many may not seem to discern.

Image: @houseofcree

24. Fire Power Tattoo

The firepower tattoos are designed to express strength and power. They are strong and vibrant and may give your tattoo a lot of personalities. You can put this firepower tattoo anywhere on your body, but it appears incredible in a visible area on that forearm.

Image: @link_n_ink

25. Lighting Power Tattoo

When it appears in tattoo designs, lightning may signify much more than just indicating the arrival of a storm. Lightning strikes are frequently utilized as a representation of strength and the Gods. Therefore, the majority of lighting tattoo designs represent power and strength. You can have the charming little power tattoo if you want the minimalist style.

Image: @skinmachinetattoo

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26. Spider Man Tattoo

Since making his debut in the 1960s, Spiderman, a famous and iconic Marvel character, has grown in popularity. The long-legged spider symbol and the vivid red and blue of his suit, which covers in a spider web pattern, give the hero’s identity away right away.

Because of his bravery, love of justice, extraordinary brilliance, and aptitude for science, Spiderman has become a beloved classic figure who both kids and adults adore. Go for this tattoo design if you are a true fan of spider man. 

Image: @perrytatoo

27. Crab Power Tattoo

Invertebrate animals, like crabs, typically live in the sea. Crabs, like other creatures, hold a special place in many cultures, including those of the Egyptians and the Greeks, where they are adored for their abilities in communication, navigation, defending sailors and ocean gods, masculine power, and water elements.

Crabs are considered powerful creatures since their thick shell enables them to endure any hardship. So this tattoo is also one of the most powerful tattoos. 

Image: @lillemads_inklink

28. Monkey Power Tattoo

The most creative and clever animals on earth are monkeys. Relative to other animals, they are nearest to humans. Similarities between humans and monkeys can be seen in how they eat and behave.

A monkey tattoo represents power, balance, sociability, fertility, harmony, charm, grace, spirituality, and protection. It also represents fun, curiosity, playfulness, greed, and compassion. These are the main reasons people enjoy getting monkey tattoos on their bodies.

Image: @rose.of.the.west.tattoo

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29. Mountain Power Tattoo

Since almost everyone agrees that mountains are stunning, it is not surprising that many individuals opt to have tattoos of them. Mountain tattoos, though, can mean many different things. As you can see, the wolf and mountain in the tattoo above symbolize strength and power. Wolves stand for spiritual protection, power, devotion, and the wolf’s real personality. 

Image: @tea_luna

30. Witch Sisters Tattoo

Witch utilized to be a term used to denote evil and black magic. It is currently recognized as a powerful identity. Witches are mystical and skilled at using the power of the elements. However, that does not imply that they are all bad. They have unique abilities and are in charge of deciding how to use them because they are human. You can have the tattoo of this beautiful, savage witch sister.

Image: @bortn_tattoo

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Power Tattoo Mean? 

Many people who want a power tattoo that represents strength don’t necessarily seek a design that would highlight their bodily strength. These tattoos frequently reflect the emotional power it took—or still takes—for a person to overcome suffering and success in life. Some power tattoo designs, however, do reflect both physical and emotional durability and may be relevant to some people’s situations.

What Does Dragon Power Tattoo Represent? 

Wisdom, strength, and luck are represented by dragon tattoos, particularly those done in red ink. Dragons have been associated with luck, particularly in Chinese culture. Almost every style or pattern of the dragon represents luck for those who have it tattooed on their body.

While dragon tattoos are technically not real, dragons are believed to possess superhuman strength and abilities. You are a powerful person or desire a little more power in your life if you have a dragon tattoo.

What Does Spider-Man Power Tattoo Symbolize? 

Since making his debut in the 1960s, Spiderman, a famous and iconic Marvel character, has grown in popularity. The long-legged spider symbol and the vivid red and blue of his suit, which is covered in a spider web pattern, give the hero’s identity away right away. Spiderman, who has been completely immortal from head to toe, is a beloved classic figure who both kids and adults appreciate due to his bravery and sense of justice.

The extraordinary qualities of the hero, Peter Parker, a radioactive spider, once bitten, are highlighted in this tattoo design. With great power comes great responsibility, a quote from the first Spiderman comic that may be used in any design because it captures the author’s guiding principle throughout the entire series.

What Do Tattoos With Eagle Power Mean?

In the mythologies, Eagles represent strength, courage, and the “higher self” in every culture. They claim to be the only animal capable of looking directly at the sun. They are frequently seen as a symbol of wisdom due to their excellent eyesight because they can “see all.” The dominance, freedom, loyalty, and power of the eagle are all represented by this tattoo.

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