12+ Appealing Anti Eyebrow Piercing Design Ideas That Would Set You Apart

Anti eyebrow piercing- Beauty marks are a thing that is admired, but not all are blessed with them. In the Film industry, superstars have cherished the beautiful marks on their bodies, inspiring everyone to do so. Many individuals are so fascinated with celebrities’ beauty marks that they go on to draw their own on their faces.

However, a common technique to leave a mark on your appearance is to have a piercing. It is currently among the hottest styles. If you picture a beauty mark beneath your eye, that’s often at which piercing will be done.

Anti eyebrow piercing

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What Is Anti Eyebrow Piercing?

Everyone has an opposing force, similar to yin-yang. Body piercings are all the same like the tragus and anti tragus, helix and anti-helix.

The term is a little perplexing. What does anti eyebrow piercing indeed mean? The anti-eyebrow piercing is named for the way it is presented immediately opposing the eyebrow anywhere along cheeks underneath the eye, comparable to the anti-tragus and anti-helix piercings.

A kind of surface piercing, the anti-eyebrow piercing is also referred to as the butterfly piercing. This implies the piercer will grab the flesh where you desire to be pierced and then drive the needle directly through it with pliers. The curved barbell will be inserted into the hole. The curved barbell’s bead ends would therefore protrude from the piercing, giving it a double pierced appearance.

Although all surface piercings cure similarly to other piercings, there are a few things to note during the recovery period. All that you should understand about anti-eyebrow piercing is right here.

Butterfly Kiss Piercings

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Anti Eyebrow Piercing Procedure

  • Choose a licensed establishment for anti-eyebrow piercing. It must be approved by the authorities.
  • Cleanse the region where the hole is needed.
  • To sanitize the area, use medicinal iodine.
  • Make a precise piercing point.
  • Squeeze the area of the skin that is to be pierced. And puncture it with a hollow piercing needle.
  • Today, a novel dermal punch and taper approach is also common.
  • In the piercing, place the jewelry.
  • If blood oozes out, clean it up.

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Anti-Eyebrow Piercings Hurt

Since your own pain threshold will determine how much pain you experience, many individuals report experiencing minimal discomfort. The technique might be far more unpleasant if you select a less expensive or less competent piercer.

Anti eyebrow piercing

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Anti-Eyebrow Piercing Healing Process

This piercing will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks to recover. According to how carefully you care for the piercing while it cures, recovery times may take longer. It’s possible that you’ll take longer to recuperate if you have an infection or have other issues.

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Anti- Eyebrow Piercing Aftercare Rules

Despite the fact that this kind piercing appears to be a bit more advanced, it cures in the same way as any other piercing. Nevertheless, because it has a larger aperture (piercing hole) than other piercing kinds, one must ensure that it is wholly washed periodically to prevent infection or an abscess. Furthermore, surface piercings are more prone to be affected, so keep a lookout for warning indications while your anti-eyebrow piercing recovers.

Here Are A Few Anti-Eyebrow Piercing Maintenance Suggestions


2 – 3 times a day, use sea salt or saline wash. When cleaning your piercing, you should clean the fistula completely, and sea salt or saline bath is usually the best method to accomplish so. Unfortunately, the anti-eyebrow piercing’s position makes bathing problematic. Alternatively, dampen a clean paper towel in sea salt solution and apply it to your piercing for some time. A dry paper towel is preferable to a cloth towel since it harbors lesser bacteria and has fewer fibers that snag.

Anti eyebrow piercing

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Keep away makeup products

Carry no makeup till the piercing recovers completely. Makeup contains toxic substances that can aggravate the piercing and become caught in the holes, promoting infection. Avoid using skin care products, sunblock, lotion, or any other item that isn’t mainly designed for piercings. Ensure you eliminate any soap that comes near the piercing while you bathe. Aside from creating discomfort, the chemicals may increase the chance of piercing failure, which itself is severe. Maintain your new piercing healthy by avoiding strong chemicals while it heals.

Avoid sleeping on your side

Pressing down on the jewelry might result in embedding or tangling. Strive not to lay on the side of jewelry, and when getting a piercing, have the side which you lie on the least pierced. One must also replace the pillowcase every evening to avoid coming into touch with microorganisms that might cause illness.

Anti eyebrow piercing

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Styles Of Anti-Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry

A curved barbell seems to be the only piece of jewelry that may be used in an anti-eyebrow piercing. This one is due to the fact that it mimics the original architecture of your cheekbone, lowering the chances of rejection. The brilliant thing is that you have the option to select between a number of curved barbell patterns.

One can pick curved barbells with jewels, pearls, stones, or even diamonds when your piercing has completely recovered and your piercer has granted you the green signal to modify your jewelry. Don’t be scared to experiment; nothing beats enticing jewelry in an extremely enticing piercing.

Anti eyebrow piercing

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Jewelry Type For An Anti Eyebrow Piercing


Curving barbells should be between 14 and 20 gauges based on the piercing.


Wear jewelry made of non-corrosive, non-reactive, and skin-friendly materials to prevent infection. Gold, titanium, or acrylic jewelry are all excellent choices.

Reason To Not Get An Anti-Eyebrow Piercing

All surface piercings are deemed semi-permanent and will almost surely be denied. The anti-eyebrow piercing is not really the piercing for you if you’re searching for a long-lasting piercing.

On the cheek, the anti-eyebrow piercing is evident. If you work anywhere that doesn’t permit piercings, there are options or ways to heal this piercing.

If you can’t adhere to aftercare, you must not have piercings overall, and especially not a piercing on your face. Nothing is more annoying than a lump of stinky green pus pouring from behind your eye.

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Anti Eyebrow Piercing Cost

The cost of the anti-eyebrow piercing may vary depending on the piercing studio but anticipate spending around $40 to $60, not including the jewelry. Because the anti-eyebrow piercing seems to be on the cheek, you’ll want to pick high-quality metals that don’t include any alloys that could hurt your skin. Titanium and gold are among the popular choices.

Since they’re more costly, you should find a piercer with a bit of expertise. It’s a significant reason for piercing rejection whenever a surface piercing is really not pierced quite deeply. It’s an excellent place to check for a piercer that specializes in surface piercings. Their workspace should be spotless, and their equipment should be thoroughly sterilized.

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Anti-Eyebrow Piercing Variations

Anti-eyebrow piercings are often inserted horizontally anywhere along the cheekbone. Although, you can put it vertically or diagonally too.

You may also have a dermal piercing in this spot if you don’t want to go for the double piercing appearance. An anchor is inserted under the skin, after which the dermal top is fastened on, revealing only one jewel protruding from your cheek.

Image: @tigerlotustattoo

Anti Eyebrow Piercing Risks

A potential concern with these types of piercings is that the body will refuse them altogether. The human system repels any unwanted particle that penetrates or persists within the body. It may result in jewelry dislocation or relocation. Scarring is another possible concern.

Symptoms And Treatment For Infection

  • In the piercing region, there is a lot of inflammation, itching, and discomfort.
  •  Pain may be accompanied along with a burning sensation.
  • As the contagion is so near to the eye, this can produce redness.
  • Infection is indicated by the production of pus.


  • It might take 2 to 3 weeks to recover from an infection.
  • Wash the surface with saline water on a regular basis.
  • Adhere to all the doctor’s instructions for taking your medications.
  • Wipe the affected area with clean towels.

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Q: When to replace the anti eyebrow jewelry?

A: While replacing your anti-eyebrow piercing jewelry, make sure your body piercing is totally healed. Because the healing process might take up to 8 weeks or longer, it’s critical to wear the same jewelry and follow the piercing aftercare instructions throughout that period.

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Q: Can I get an anti eyebrow piercing on my own?

A: No way! To avoid infections or other difficulties during the recovery process, a professional should perform facial piercings, like every other type of piercing.

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