12+ Coolest Industrial Bar Piercing Ideas That You Must Try

If you are someone who wants to showcase your cool side to others, pierce your ears with the most amusing piercing, the industrial piercing.

This fashionable piercing, also known as a scaffold piercing, industrial piercing consists of two openings in the top cartilage of the ear joined by one piece of jewelry.

Nevertheless, you can have as many separate piercings as your body allows with the industrial piercing. Large barbells are commonly utilized in industrial piercings, although there are a variety of different forms of jewelry available.

Though the word industrial may suggest a nasty tone, this piercing may be rather elegant or even gentle according to the jewelry used. This still isn’t a piercing for the faint-hearted, though. Industrial ear piercing is frequently rated as one of the most severe piercings.

This is most probably attributable to the reality that an industrial piercing generally entails at least two piercings in one session and is frequently performed on the thick cartilage part of the ear, which is renowned for taking longer to heal.

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If the pain is a barrier for you, there are techniques to reduce the agony of receiving this piercing. Selecting a trustworthy and competent piercer and adhering to a strict aftercare routine are the two most important factors you can do to ensure that your piercing goes smoothly and pleasantly. Both of these variables will aid in the appropriate healing of your piercing.

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It’s a smart option to conduct some study on how to care for your new piercing once you’ve opted to decorate your ears with this elegant and distinctive piercing. This helpful information will teach you the rundown on the best aftercare recommendations and jewelry alternatives for the industrial piercing so you can have the most from it.

How Painful Is The Industrial Piercing?

The industrial piercing should not pain as much as any other type of cartilage puncture because it’s merely a mix of double cartilage piercing kinds. Nevertheless, because you’ll be getting two piercings in one go, there’ll be a little more soreness only if you only had one. You shouldn’t expect much discomfort during piercing procedure, although it will be somewhat more painful during the first few weeks of recovery.

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Industrial Piercing Healing Process

Healing normally takes 8 to 12 weeks, although it might take more time. When you quit aftercare, discuss with the piercing artist to ensure you’re completely healed.

In the addition to usual maintenance, you’ll also have to be extremely careful with this piercing to avoid trapping your jewelry. Hair can easily become entangled in an industrial barbell, leading the jewelry to be tugged. Problems like hypertrophic scarring might occur while receiving such a type of piercings. However, selecting a good piercer can only help you to minimize such damages. As a consequence, some people utilize cartilage studs to conceal the industrial piercing while it heals.

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Industrial Piercing Aftercare Rules

Here are a few ideas for aftercare while the industrial piercing recovers, in addition to typical aftercare treatments.

Tie up your hair properly

As said before, the industrial barbell is readily caught in hair, which can cause skin harm by tugging at piercing. As this piercing cures, strive to maintain the hair up or tied. Even during the healing period, cartilage screws are an option as well.

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Don’t strain the industrial piercing jewelry

Over-the-ear earphones and resting on your side are examples of this. Putting too much stress on the jewelry might harm healing piercing and lead to the piercing refusal and jewelry migration. You really must lie on your side; getting a single industrial piercing at the moment is a smart option so that you may sleep comfortably.

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Select appropriate beginning jewelry

One should make certain that his industry is sufficient to support swelling, particularly since the two piercings may cause more inflammation than normal. Keep in mind that the longer the barbell, the more likely it is to snag. To avoid jewelry refusal or skin reactions, use a good-quality metal.

Regular straight barbells are really an excellent option. Any jewelry or other flair might add weight to the piercing, perhaps causing injury. Furthermore, piercers often used a 14-size gauge for this type of piercing, however, you can also use the 16-sized one.

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Industrial Jewelry Styles

The industrial piercing’s finest feature is that it’s actually three piercings in one. To get the perfect aesthetic, use a straight barbell to connect the two holes of the industrial piercing, or you can use two different studs if you want to go with a traditional industrial aesthetic.

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The most frequent type of jewelry for industrial piercing is industrial barbells. They’re similar to straight barbells, except some industrial barbells include a charm in the middle because industrial piercing permits this. Experiment with different industrial barbell designs.

When you’re weary of the industrial style, you might opt for cartilage studs. You may pick between studs with a flat disc back and studs with a ball back.

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Why To Not Get An Industrial Piercing?

The style of an industrial piercing is mostly determined by your bodily structure. It all depends on the ear structure; you can’t get an industrial piercing if you have a small ear.

Because you’ll have to cure two piercings in one go, you might need to go with something else that heals faster if you’re not sure you’ll be good at aftercare. Furthermore, it might not be the best choice for a first piercing.

These types of piercings can lead to hypertrophic scarring and other scars. If you’ve ever had trouble healing cartilage, it’s good to speak with your piercer before going forward with the industrial piercing.

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Industrial Piercing Cost

Despite the industrial piercing having two piercings, you’ll normally only be priced for one. Usually, it costs between $30 to $70. Always choose a high-quality piercer over a cheap one. Never visit a piercer who employs the use of a piercing gun. The piercer should use sterile needles and gloves, and its piercing studio must appear clean and sophisticated.

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Industrial Piercing Variations

Try out the most prevalent industrial piercing types. You can combine this piercing with a helix or anti-helix piercing that might give you a perfect aesthetic. On the other side, the industrial is defined as well as two cartilage piercings joined by a straight or the industrial barbell. While the potential styles for this piercing are infinite, you can try these few common options.

The vertical industrial piercing will penetrate a lot of hard tissue regions. You combine this piercing with helix or conch piercing for better aesthetics.

Multiple industrial piercings make up a double and the triple industrial piercing. They’re most commonly seen as part of the conventional industrial piercing, however you can be creative with this look.

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What Is The Best Way To Clean Industrial piercing?

In a nutshell, consistently. You should wash the industrial piercing throughout the day, just like any other puncture of the cartilage. Apply a light wound wash saline, such as H2Ocean, for at least 3 to 6 months. Following six months, the region only has to be washed once a week.

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