8+ Superb Vertical Piercing Ideas That Are Out Of This World

A superb vertical labret piercing is a great option if you would like a distinctive aesthetic that isn’t as prevalent as other lips piercings. Even though the title may make it appear that the piercing is merely a modification of labret, it is actually a separate piercing.

A vertical labret piercings consists of two perforations that go into the lip and escape from exit underneath the lip in which labret piercings would’ve been put, whereas the labret piercing is generally consisting of a sole penetration through the skin right underneath the lip.

This vertical piercing is distinguished by the fact that this never reaches the interior of the lips and mouth. This implies that, unlike other lip piercings, your jewelry won’t rub on your gum line or teeth, and it will heal faster because you don’t have to be concerned about viruses in their saliva.

This is lip piercing for oneself, if you have dental concerns, including retreating gums or tooth wear. The vertical piercing is indeed ideal for people who wish to make a statement with their appearance.

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Vertical Labret Piercing Hurt

This type of  piercing is significantly more difficult as compared to other lip piercing kinds because it includes two stab sites that pierce right through the delicate lip skin.

The vertical labret is done in a single action, with the piercing needles entering vertically through your bottom lip and exiting through the skin underneath your lip. Due to the sheer placement, there will be more flesh to pierce than with other lip piercing alternatives. You may experience more discomfort if your lips are fuller.

Inflammation, minor bleeding, and aching are all frequent side effects of piercings. Nevertheless, if you have a lot of these problems, it might be an indication that anything is incorrect, and you need to seek medical help.

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Vertical Labret Piercing Healing Process

The vertical labret heals in 6 to 8 weeks, which is a rather rapid recovery time. The healing procedure differs from person to person, so consult the piercer before discontinuing aftercare.

Since no component of the jewelry or piercing enters within the mouth, vertical labret aftercare is simpler than other forms of lip piercing. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about the germs in your mouth interfering with your healing process.

Since the vertical labret is positioned right on your lip, there are certain special considerations to make while your piercing recovers.

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Vertical Labret Piercing Precautions And Side Effects

Select a specialist who will use sterilized, fresh, disposable instruments and gloves. Consider your state’s license and regulatory standards.

The following are some of the possible adverse effects or consequences of a vertical lip piercing:


When your body recognizes the piercing as an external item, it attempts to force it all out of the skin.

The body will naturally burst apart the skin to remove the piercing, which may cause scars. This increases the area’s susceptibility to infection.

Damage to the teeth or gums

When jewelry brushes on the shell of your teeth or the top of your gums, this can happen.

This is a typical detrimental impact that, if not addressed, can result in tooth loss and decay, as well as gum damage and illness such as gingivitis. If you begin to recognize this, see your piercer straight away.

Infections are more common with lip and mouth piercings than with other piercings since oral germs can readily enter the pierced region when you eat, breathe, or contact your mouth.


A piercing that has been refused or that isn’t set with jewelry on a regular basis might develop dense scar tissue.


Swelling and soreness are common during the first few days following the piercing. If they last for weeks or you discover additional symptoms like leaking, acute pain, or unusual discharge, see a doctor immediately.

Nerve disruption

The disturbance of nerves in your face has been connected to facial piercings. This might result in back discomfort and misalignment of your eyes.

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Vertical Labret Piercing Aftercare Practices

If you have a habit of biting or playing with the lips, then this piercing may seem intrusive in the first several weeks. It’s crucial to avoid handling or twisting as when the piercing heals, so you’ll have to be especially careful to avoid chewing your lips or unintentionally messing with your jewels.

Here are a few suggestions to help you heal faster:

Make prudent eating choices. Although the piercing does not go into your mouth, you should still be cautious while eating specific foods. Spicy and acidic food can cause irritation to your piercing. After you’ve eaten, check to see whether any food particles have been trapped in or outside the fresh piercing.

During the healing process, no licking or oral action is permitted

Even though this is the general recommendation for all mouth and oral piercings, this vertical labret is extremely crucial because it is immediately on your lip. Kissing not only introduces hazardous microorganisms to piercing but also agitates the skin surrounding it, resulting in damage and ugly scars.

During the recovery process, avoid using lipstick

With the exception of salt solution or other aftercare treatments, you should avoid any foreign object near the piercing. Makeup and lip gloss might become trapped in piercing and contaminate it.

Ensure the jewelry you’re wearing is big enough for healing

Swelling can happen at any time during the recovery process, but it’s most prevalent in the very first few days. If your jewelry does not fit the inflammation, it may become trapped in your skin.

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Styles Of Vertical Labret Jewelry

Because of the design of the vertical labret piercing, curved barbells are usually often utilized in this piercing. The dual beads of the curved barbell can acquire a double-pierced beauty, with one ball visible on the lip and the other right below, according to the barbell width of your jewelry.

A curved 14G or 16G barbell is used in most vertical labret piercings. Centrally threaded jewelry is preferable, particularly during recovery, since it allows for easier jewelry placement and less stress on the skin around the piercing.

You can indeed be inventive with your curved barbell type, considering the limited jewelry varieties employed in a vertical labret. Many people prefer a smaller ball since it is comfier, although a larger ball may add to a more dramatic aesthetic.

Curved barbells with gems on both ends, a gem on one side, and a spherical shape on either, or spheres made of diamonds, Nord amber, or opal are additional options. Choosing a piercing with a sphere that rests on your lip and a gem beneath it provides beautiful irregularity to the somewhat symmetrical piercing and enhances the double-pierced appearance.

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What’s The Harm of Getting a Vertical Labret Piercing?

The vertical labret catches the eye of the region since it lies on your lower lip. Since you might not want to draw attention to this part of your face, you should definitely get a different piercing.

Prevent foreign things away from your piercing as much as feasible while it heals. Healing may be harder for you if you have a habit of unintentionally playing with your lip. You’ll also have to avoid things like lip balm, so if you’re prone to crack or dry lips, take that into consideration before going through with the vertical labret piercing procedure.

Lips with a smaller surface area will not be able to support this piercing. A good piercer will be able to determine whether or not they can effectively pierce the vertical labret, but you need to understand your body shape and whether or not your lip is wide enough for this piercing.

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Vertical Labret Piercing Cost

Vertical labret piercing costs somewhere between $30 and $100, depending on the piercer.

Your lips are densely packed with nerve endings. A poor piercing might result in irreversible nerve injury and other complications. Furthermore, the vertical labret piercing necessitates a firm hand in order to line the two puncture points appropriately.

Because so many things may go wrong with such a piercing, pick your piercer carefully. Quality should always take precedence above money, but this is particularly true in the case of these kinds of piercings.

Ensure your piercer uses a piercing needle instead of a piercing gun at the very least. A needle is often a more hygienic method of piercing than a piercing gun.

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Different Types of Vertical Labret Piercing

You can have a horizontal labret piercing rather than a vertical one. Both perforations are on the lips in this piercing, with the curved barbell’s balls positioned side by side.

The horizontal labret has two piercing holes that do not penetrate the mouth; although these go through horizontally. With only one piercing, you may get a double-pierced appearance.

A curved barbell is the most suitable jewelry for such a type of piercing.

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Is It Possible to Kiss with A Vertical Labret?

During the healing process, no kissing or oral play is permitted.

Kissing not only introduces hazardous germs to the piercing but also agitates the skin surrounding it, resulting in damage and ugly scars.

When It Comes to Vertical Labret Piercings, How Long Do They Last?

Vertical lip piercings take 6 to 8 weeks to cure. Based on how you take better care of the region, the healing time may be short or long.

What’s The Best Way to Conceal My Vertical Labret?

Put your jewelry backward so that the flattened back is outside if you just need to cover your labret piercing for a short period. Wrap the flat end with a silicone foundation or special features of makeup that matches your skin tone. This approach also aids in the prevention of the piercing closure.

Do Labret Piercings Cause Tooth Decay?

Once you get your lips pierced, the jewelry you wear might scrape your gums and harm your teeth’s surface. As a result, if you want to safeguard your gums and teeth, you should avoid wearing this form of jewelry.

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