99 Splendid Skull Tattoos To Try On Thighs That You Will Love To Have

Skull tattoos for thighs gradually gain popularity among the generation who want to have some artistic and unique designs. Skull tattoos show the positive and negative sides of a person.

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Professional skull tattoos are very popular and versatile. You can have customized skull tattoos to exhibit your creativity to the world.

99 Splendid Skull Tattoos To Try On Thighs That You Will Love To Have

A Skull tattoo covers a large part of your body, and you can have a small skull tattoo on your stomach, arm, and back.

Skull tattoos are fantastic as it gives you the choice of combining them with other designs like rose, animal, snake, flowers, etc., which gives you an elegant look.

The Meaning Of Skull Tattoos

Skull tattoo designs have distinct meanings in diverse cultures and societies. These tattoos symbolize death, mortality, and strength and show the idea of proudly coming out from the fear of death.

In Mexican culture, people get this tattoo to honor their ancestors. The human skull design represents immortality and a dramatic aspect. With time, skull tattoos give distinctive meaning by mixing with different tattoo designs.

1. Awful Skull Tattoo

If you really love creative work with bold usage of different colors, then you should try this amazing tattoo. Its beautiful shading gives an elegant look to this tattoo.

Awful Skull Tattoo

Credit: farbenrausch.studio

2. Beautiful Flowers And Skull Tattoo

The creative tattoo design with beautiful flowers represents danger and death. The duality of the opposite visualization shows different meanings that represent personality and preferences.

The colorful tattoo design enhances the look with distinguished appeal. 

Beautiful Flowers And Skull Tattoo

Credit: inkbycristina

3. Best Skull Tattoo

If you cherish unique and bold, beautiful tattoos, then you should try this amazing tattoo. The artist has used a bold black color which perfectly compliments the skin tone of the wearer.

Best Skull Tattoo

Credit: goldenheart_tattoo

4. Black And Grey Skull Tattoo

A Skull tattoo usually represents the idea of not getting scared of death. And if you are strong and brave, then you should get inked with this masterpiece.

Also, the defectless shading and its outlining represent a beautiful artwork of the artist.

Credit: reinkarnateddublin

5. Black Skull And Red Rose Tattoo

A Skull tattoo with a rose symbolizes the duality of life. It represents the idea of death and beauty.

With bold lines and fully soaking colors, this tattoo has its uniqueness, and you can grab all the attention from your surroundings by getting inked with this tattoo.

 Black Skull And Red Rose Tattoo

Credit: nikoseverin

6. Sugar Skull Tattoo On Girl Thigh

Sugar-skull tattoos represent the beauty of death and to remember their loved ones. These kinds of tattoos are becoming extremely popular and give an attractive look with their deep meaning.

The artist put different inks together to describe the beauty of the tattoo.

 Sugar Skull Tattoo On Girl Thigh

Credit: laserducktattoo

7. Colored Skull Tattoo

Get this fantastic colorful skull tattoo. This tattoo is unique and rare and covers the thigh areas. A Skull tattoo is a cue that symbolizes each day as your last day. The use of different colors is enough to attract all tattoo lovers.

Colored Skull Tattoo

Credit: 71ink_wst

8. Cool Grey Ink Owl And Skull Tattoo

Owl and skull tattoos have a strong and deeper meaning. Usually, the owl represents the wisdom and light that flow through the darkness. And skull tattoos represent overcoming difficult challenges.

Also, this design is beautiful and can be an excellent choice for someone.

Cool Grey Ink Owl And Skull Tattoo

Credit: hieronymusslaves

9. Cracked Skull And Rose Tattoo

Grab the attention of the crowd with this amazing cracked skull rose tattoo. The texture of the tattoo is so fine that it adds charm to the thigh of the wearer.

Also, this type of tattoo is a great way to represent the bid of beauty with something wild.

Cracked Skull And Rose Tattoo

Credit: 9thgategallery

10. Elegant Line Flower And Skull Tattoo

Wanna get inked with something exclusive and creative? Then why not try this amazing extraordinary artwork on your thigh. It’s a beautiful, stylish linework tattoo representing the remarkable creation of the artist.

Credit: bttattoos

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11. Fantastic Skull And Black Crow Tattoo

One of the most iconic artworks that you should try. Skull and crow tattoos have a deep meaning.

It symbolizes death and freedom of the soul. It’s a must-try tattoo that you should have on your body if you love tattoos.

Credit: kirstenortman

12. Geometric Skull Tattoo

This is the most popular artwork. Classically made up of black linework, a geometric skull tattoo includes the different geometric shapes for the one who loves simple and expressive tattoos.

Credit: john_boy_tattoo

13. Grey Ink Mexican Skull Tattoo

Different skull tattoos have different meanings, and if you want to get inked with a dissimilar style, then you should try this tattoo.

It’s a three-dimensional, very realistic tattoo with black ink and with appropriate shading.

Grey Ink Mexican Skull Tattoo

Credit: roycetattoo

14. Grey Goat Skull And Flowers Thigh Tattoo

Since tattoos have become more popular and a matter of fashion, everyone is getting tattoos according to their choice and their taste to look more beautiful.

With a decent set of horns and an assured look, goat skull tattoos are definite to catch the eye.

 Grey Goat Skull And Flowers Thigh Tattoo

Credit: mint.brain.tattoo

15. Cat Skull With Snake Tattoo

This tattoo is perfect for the one who wants things a bit mysterious. A unique-looking tattoo that surely makes you look antithetic with its awesome black ink and outlining.

Cat Skull With Snake Tattoo

Credit: kddiamond

16. Scary Spider Skull Tattoo

Show your brave and bold side to the world with this scary spider skull tattoo. The dark bold ink and its attractive shading give the wearer an aesthetic plea. Try this tattoo to look rarer in the crowd. 

Scary Spider Skull Tattoo

Credit: ad_174

17. Indian Headdress Skull Tattoo

Indian headdress skull tattoos are the symbols of strength, power, and dignity. The tattoo shows a skull wearing a feather war bonnet. This tattoo represents the legendary power that wishes to honor their tribe’s tradition or specific ancestor.

Indian Headdress Skull Tattoo

Credit: meganrtattooartist

18. Japanese Skull Tattoo

Japanese skull tattoos represent the change and acceptance of death and the consideration that life goes on.

It’s a great tattoo choice for the one who wants to get inked with the flawless and best work of the artist to look bold and different.

Japanese Skull Tattoo

Credit: lou_reaper_tattoo

19. Mandala Skull Tattoo

Try this mandala skull tattoo if you want something stylish and elegant. The perfect use of black color and its impeccable shading perfectly describe the skin tone of the wearer very well.

 Mandala Skull Tattoo

Credit: pekarei_fischamend

20. Mexican Flower Skull Tattoo

It’s an interesting artwork with the usage of multiple colors. The Mexican skull tattoo represents the interaction between life and death. This tattoo is another case of a combination of curiosity that results in a stunning piece of body art.

Mexican Flower Skull Tattoo

Credit: homie_chavira

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 21. 3D Mexican Skull Tattoo

This is an iconic 3D Mexican skull tattoo. These types of tattoos are a popular choice for men and women. 3D tattoos are more realistic and are more innovative.

3D Mexican Skull Tattoo

Credit: bartosz.suszko

22. Unique Animal Skull Tattoo On Thigh

Want to get inked with some realistic masterpiece on your body? Get this unique animal skull tattoo which represents bravery and courage, and the shading is done so sharply that it represents the best illumination of the artist.

Unique Animal Skull Tattoo On Thigh

Credit: griffinfreehling

23. Native American Skull Tattoo

This kind of tattoo represents intelligence, leadership, and respect for your ancestors. And feathers present in the tattoo act as a mark of the essence. The tattoo reflects the viciousness of native American warriors.

 Native American Skull Tattoo

Credit: skunkrok

24. Skull King And Queen Tattoo

Check out this skull king and queen tattoo and go limitless with the creativeness of your mind and infuse some stunning details as done in this tattoo. Try this amazing masterpiece to shine out in the crowd.

Skull King And Queen Tattoo

Credit: bendunningtattoo

25. Skull And Rose Tattoo On Thigh

What about this elegant artwork, which increases the beauty of the wearer? Also, skulls look amazing with the different flowers, especially with rose, as it increases its appearance and makes the design more alluring.

Credit: clayton_mccann

26. Gentleman Skull Tattoo On Thigh

Explore 29the level of your creativeness with this superb tattoo. This tattoo is a classical observation of a gentleman, which is regarded as a symbol of morals, impressive mindset, and masculinity.

Credit: tattoochops

27. Samurai Skull Tattoo

Samurai tattoos usually show the nobility of warriors who trained from birth to get masters in the field of battle. The sketching of this tattoo is wonderful, and it’s one of the best tattoos for guys who want some incredible work.

Credit: matttelfordart

28. Flaming Skull Tattoo

If you want to look stylish and badass, then try this flaming skull tattoo. This kind of tattoo represents the destruction, rebirth, and sometimes the strength of nature. Its beautiful shading represents the flawless work of the artist.

Credit: themothtattooshop

29. Broken Skull With Dahlia Tattoo

Flowers are the most beautiful part of nature, and when it comes to tattoos, flowers add extra beauty to tattoos. This tattoo signifies creativity and strength and depicts the nature of the wearer, who is strong, artistic, and brave.

Credit: benmatthewstattooing

30. Medusa Skull Tattoo On Thigh

Medusa can be designed in various ways. It is a sign of the authority of freedom and change. It’s a piece of the best artwork of the artist. And the accurate detailing of the tattoo really shines through and gives it a perfect artistic feel.

 Medusa Skull Tattoo On Thigh

Credit: england508

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31. Rose And Skull Tattoo

This tattoo symbolizes the everlasting struggle between good and darkness. A skull tattoo looks stunning when contrasted with a rose. This is a beautiful tattoo design with bold usage of ink, which gives this tattoo a more artistic look.

Credit: jmurphytattoos

32. Red Cloud With Black Moon Skull Tattoo

This is the coolest tattoo which one should try to show the coolest and most stylish side. The use of dark red ink with the contrast of bold black ink gives this tattoo a stunning look.

The texture of the tattoo is so fine that it gives an extra charm to the wearer.

Credit: stabbed.ink

33. Skull Cherry Tattoo

Most of the skull tattoos are black ink, and you can get this type of cherry skull tattoo on your thigh, hip, and on your stomach.

The artist put his creativity into this simple yet elegant-looking tattoo by adding some twists with a cherry tattoo .

Credit: theartofcherish

34. Simple Matching Sugar Skull Tattoo

The Mexican sugar skull tattoo represents the celebration of light. You can make this kind of tattoo more beautiful by adding more colors to it.

The pattern and shapes give both tattoos a different look. This kind of traditional tattoo never goes out of trend.

Credit: zaraskahs

35. Skull And Butterfly Tattoo

The butterfly symbolizes conversion and life after death. If you want something unique, different, stylish, and trendy, then you should try this tattoo.

Its strong outlining and its perfect shading shows the detail of the tattoo very well.

 Skull And Butterfly Tattoo

Credit: jeng1327

36. Crowned Skull Tattoo Design

Get inked with a royal symbol with a bold tattoo to look brave and fearless. These kinds of bold tattoos are popular among both men and women.

The crown in this tattoo expresses the power of royalty and authority.

Credit: tatuajeslaclinica

37. Skull With Snake Crown Tattoo

The way this huge tattoo covers the upper thigh area is impeccable. It is the greatest haunted tattoo. The snake present on the head of the skull with roses perfectly enhances this tattoo’s aesthetic beauty.

The appearance of these snakes shows the spiritual destruction of the person.

Credit: sky_yeadxnxo

38. Skull And Sunflower Tattoo

The black ink design makes the style elegant and impressive. This kind of traditional tattoo is unique and represents the artist’s creativity and represents a symbol of protection.

If you want a small, simple-looking tattoo, then you should try this skull plant thigh tattoo which doesn’t cause much pain as compared to other skull tattoos.

Credit: tom_tattoos

39. Skull Plant Thigh Tattoo

It’s an incredible dark nature tattoo that will be equally good on your thighs, shoulder, stomach, and waist.

Skull Plant Thigh Tattoo

Credit: southburton

40. Skull With Melting Candle Tattoo

Want to add some creative skills to your body? Why not try this most creative skull tattoo with a melting candle. This design is a token of our mortality. Curved edges and flawless shading give a perfect artistic feel.

Credit: n1ck.tattoo

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41. Bad Day Skull Tattoo

A skull tattoo can be a great choice for those who don’t get scared of the thought of death or accept that death is an unavoidable part of nature.

The use of dark black ink with additional colors gives this tattoo a fresh and different look.

Credit: strangertattooink

42. Snake And Thorn Tattoo

This kind of masterpiece gives a more beautiful and graceful look to the wearer. The snake is a symbol of transformation, rebirth, and thorn connected in this tattoo representing the sacrifice and safety.

This amazing tattoo shows the extreme creativity level of the artist.

 Snake And Thorn Tattoo

Credit: untoldbywhom

43. Shaded Skull Tattoo For Girl

Skull tattoos are not only famous among men but are equally famous for women. The skull tattoo design is flexible and looks very effective. The tattoo artist personifies the shading to boost the design look.

Shaded Skull Tattoo For Girl

Credit: just.ink.about.it.trikala

44. Skull Mushroom Tattoo

Skull tattoos are dependent upon the idea of how we want to ink that tattoo by adding some twists and a new level of creativity.

This tattoo is gorgeous, scary, and mysterious. This art piece illustrates the perfect contrast of green with other colors.

Skull Mushroom Tattoo

Credit: fairies_wear_boots.tattoo

45. Huge Skull With Eye Tattoo

Skull tattoos are usually famous for their bold, badass, and haunted look. Skull tattoos are mostly illustrated with dark black ink. The artist uses dark ink to show the depth and dimensions of the tattoo very clearly.

 Huge Skull With Eye Tattoo

Credit: billsellastattoo

46. Pierced Skull Tattoo

Get yourself inked with this spotless shading tattoo which represents the vital level of creativity of the artist. This tattoo is a bit simpler yet very stylish and unique.

If you are looking for something rare, you should get this impressive tattoo.

Credit: tattoosbycharlotte__

47. Customized Skull Tattoo

For a truly lovely unique tattoo, why not choose this kind of customized skull tattoo. This kind of tattoo shows the fashionable side of your personality. The artist uses blue ink with other colors to present his coolest masterpiece.

Credit: 86tatt00

48. Pruner And Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoos have different meanings when mixed with different designs. The dark black ink design makes the tattoo look more impressive and graceful. Moreover, its shading and outlining give the wearer an eternal impression.

Pruner And Skull Tattoo

Credit: jeskol.tattoo

49. Triangle Skull Tattoo On Thigh

Want to increase the level of your creativity? Try this amazing triangle skull tattoo to add rareness and confidence to your personality. Every element added so beautifully to this artwork indicates the artistic mind of the artist.

Triangle Skull Tattoo On Thigh

Credit: labellota.tattoo

50 .Watercolor Skull Tattoo

What a gorgeous masterpiece for females! This stunning watercolor tattoo is for one who gets bored with the old style of tattoos. Colorful flowers present around the skull show the creative side of the artist. 

Credit: didisink_tattoostudio

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51. Skull With Cross Hockey Tattoo

A perfect tattoo for hockey lovers to show their dedication to the game. This tattoo usually shows your hard work and determination, and winning power after facing obstacles.

Moreover, it’s pretty much a cool tattoo with its seamless shading.

Skull With Cross Hockey Tattoo

Credit: markadamusik

52. Illustrative Skull Tattoo On Thigh

If you are looking for an exclusive skull tattoo with some visual effects, then try this stunning tattoo. This kind of illustrative skull tattoo has the ability to appreciate the artistic work of the artist.

Black color ink describes the details of the tattoo very plainly.

Illustrative Skull Tattoo On Thigh

Credit: defeee

53. Dotwork Skull With Spider Web Tattoo

Get all the attention with this smart piece of artwork. You would stand apart by having this dot work skull spider web tattoo. The web in this tattoo symbolizes the struggle, and the way this tattoo covers the whole thigh area is attractive.

Dotwork Skull With Spider Web Tattoo

Credit: nest.ink

54. Skull Tattoo With Butterfly

If you want something distinct from others that expresses your bravery and courage, then you should try this tattoo. Skull with a butterfly tattoo symbolizes the vicious circle between life and death.

Moreover, multiple colors present in this tattoo increase the charm of the tattoo.

Skull Tattoo With Butterfly

Credit: guglietattoo

55. Skull Dragonfly Tattoo

This tattoo denotes overpowering from the difficulties in life and growth. The use of multiple colors contrasts the skin tone of the wearer, and the perfect bold black outlining represents the best artwork of the artist.

Credit: labouilletattoo

56. Funny Skull Girl Tattoo

Give your tattoo a more realistic touch with this funny skull tattoo. This kind of thigh tattoo comes in distinctive dimensions and forms with different colors.

This tattoo design is rare but can give you a unique look.

 Funny Skull Girl Tattoo

Credit: j_defelice_

57. Creepy Skull Tattoo

From ancient times skull tattoos have been popular among tattoo lovers because of their different and deeper meanings.

It is a bold, scary and artistic design that describes a powerful statement that the wearer has accepted the reality of life. 

Creepy Skull Tattoo

Credit: zakaitenebras_

58. Skull Knife Tattoo

To show your bravery and your power, you can try this amazing tattoo. These kinds of tattoos are purely modern artistic type choices. The colors used in this tattoo describe the details of the tattoos and the creativeness of the artist very well.

Skull Knife Tattoo

Credit: premiertattoocompany

59. Skull Honeybee Tattoo

You can find the gracefulness and depth of this tattoo with its beautiful shading and see the artist’s creative mind with this masterpiece. Tattoos normally represent your colorful and artistic side to the world.

Credit: wildchildash

60. Skull’s In Waves Tattoo

Lose yourself in the mystery of the world with this skull in a wave tattoo. Made with fine black ink, this tattoo helps you to represent your wild, bold side of nature.

Moreover, this masterpiece defines the continuous motion of life.

Skull’s In Waves Tattoo

Credit: relentlessbetrayal

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61. Horrific Skull Tattoo

Do you love horror or scary tattoos? Then why not try this haunted horrific skull tattoo. This is a Halloween-style tattoo, and the amazing texture of this tattoo gives an expressive design work.

These kinds of 3D tattoos are bold, unique,, and realistic,, which puts stress on the artist’s creative imagination.

 Horrific Skull Tattoo

Credit: swampfairie.tattoos

62. Tiny Skull Tattoo

If you want a skull tattoo that looks simpler and good-looking, then you should try this tiny skull tattoo. Skull tattoos are one of the few tattoos that have never gone out of style.

And one could have this tattoo in his style and choice.

Credit: skylarminiminx

63. Skull And Books Tattoo

This is an iconic skull and book tattoo with the usage of multiple colors that makes the tattoo look more elegant and beautiful. Those who love creating art pieces would love to ink this superb tattoo on their body. 

Skull And Books Tattoo

Credit: ronbianco_lwt

64. Pastel Skull Tattoo

Duality is the most common feature of a skull tattoo. You can combine your skull tattoo with a rose, bee, snake, or anything else.

The skull tattoo gives a deeper meaning to life when put together with the other things because somewhere, these all are interlinked with each other.

Pastel Skull Tattoo

Credit: mementopublishing

65. Neotraditional Skull Tattoo

Neo-traditional skull tattoos are a great choice when you want to show your art-lover side with a soft yet brave look.

These kinds of tattoos are finest when getting plenty of space to expand. The use of beautiful colors shows the beauty of the tattoo. 

 Neotraditional Skull Tattoo

Credit: amandajeantattoos

66. amazing Skull Tattoo

Get this unique, detailed, and realistic amazing skull tattoo. The clearly defined edges of this tattoo portray the deadly side of this tattoo.

This bold tattoo is worthy of getting inked, and also its flawless shading adds a real charm to this tattoo.

 amazing Skull Tattoo

Credit: damn.acosta

67. Half Skull And Half Flower Tattoo

Everyone wants to get some exclusive designs. Try this half skull tattoo customized with a half flower which gives this tattoo a rare look and shows your creative side to the world.

This artwork can be considered the best illumination of the artist.

Half Skull And Half Flower Tattoo

Credit: dotsandshadestattoo

68. Matching Skull And Girl Face Tattoo

This tattoo helps you to show the strength, power, and courageous side of the wearer. This tattoo gives a balance between the feminine and masculine powers with the darker side of the world.

The versatile tattoo design makes the art look different and classy.

Matching Skull And Girl Face Tattoo

Credit: kevingasner_restlessart

69. Devil Skullman Tattoo

Another creative look of a skull tattoo. It is a most interesting tattoo which shows the bold and badass side of the wearer. The excellent tattoo design with vivid shades gives a realistic look to this tattoo.

Devil Skullman Tattoo

Credit: reyk.curse

70. Fineline Smoking Skull Tattoo

A perfect combination of a simple and clean skull tattoo. The shading in this tattoo is stupendous as it gives a real touch to the tattoo.

This Fineline tattoo represents the inimitable work of an artist which somewhere acts as an accessory to the wearer’s skin.

Fineline Smoking Skull Tattoo

Credit: aster.inks

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71. MonoSabios Skull Tattoo

This masterpiece is a sign of hearing no evil, not seeing evil, and not speaking evil. This 3monosabios skull tattoo looks elegant and unique in its own way.

This tattoo is for the one who wants to show a different and positive perspective on their life.

MonoSabios Skull Tattoo

Credit: davo.lopez

72. Praying Skull Tattoo

A praying skull tattoo signifies features like loyalty and blessings, and it shows the power of prayer. The bold black design with its tricky detailing makes the style look more elegant and rare.

Its spotless shading gives a distinctive charm to this tattoo.

Praying Skull Tattoo

Credit: andreasicktattoo

73. Tied Hands With Skull Tattoo

This kind of tattoo seems like a shady and miserable thing to get inked, but these make a commanding representative statement.

These tattoos have become enormously popular nowadays because of their rough and tough appearance.

Tied Hands With Skull Tattoo

Credit: filo_casablanca_tattoo

74. Black And White Woman Skull Tattoo

Want to show the exciting side to the world? Why not try this awesome black and white woman skull tattoo. This amazing design looks great on the thigh.

The black and white image with deeper thoughts presents the imaginative work of the artist and gives a different look to the wearer.

Black And White Woman Skull Tattoo

Credit: tattoostudio.stixi

75. Outline Skull Tattoo

The tattoo design shows the complicated detailing and fine lines of the artist, which gives a long- term impression to the wearer. Such tattoos are hard to find but make a stunning masterpiece when inked on the wearer’s body.

 Outline Skull Tattoo

Credit: stefan_tastic_tattoo

76. Human And Pitbull Skull Tattoo

A human pitbull skull tattoo is the perfect choice for men as it shows a masculine presence. Bulls are also the symbol of power, stubbornness, and roughness.

The bold design gives an extra masculine look because of its haunted appearance.

 Human And Pitbull Skull Tattoo

Credit: jvoltztattoos

77. Spider In Skull Eye Tattoo

 Skull tattoos are for those who are looking for a brave and creative style that makes a different statement.

These kinds of fascinating tattoos are powerful symbols as it represents that we should not fear death and that our death means a new creation to fresh life.

Spider In Skull Eye Tattoo

Credit: k0smiczna_kreska

78. Skull, Rose And Cat Dice Tattoo

This royal look tattoo is the symbol of risk-taking and being a daredevil. This skull tattoo is very popular among men and women.

This thigh tattoo in colorful ink helps the artist combine all the symbols to make one large erratic tattoo.

Skull, Rose And Cat Dice Tattoo

Credit: blackmoontattoowi

79. Half Skull Tattoo

A skull tattoo represents the positive aspect as it symbolizes strength and is very versatile, and can be drawn anywhere on the body. With an ideal look, this half-skull tattoo completely compliments the skin tone of the wearer.

Half Skull Tattoo

Credit: jonlucas94

80. Half Skull And Half Hourglass Tattoo

This tattoo design is pretty much unique as well as haunted.

It is a combination of two popular themes from our ancient times, which represent the idea of the passing of time leading up to death and always providing you the cue to cherish each day of life.

 Half Skull And Half Hourglass Tattoo

Credit: crybaby.tattoo.oviedo

81. Skull Modernart Tattoo

Most tattoos in dark black ink give an aggressive look to the tattoo. Here the fine lines give a different plea to this tattoo. Its blackwork and smooth outlining represent the artistic mind of the artist.

Skull Modernart Tattoo

Credit: tattoosareni_hercegnovi

82. Snake Holding Skull Tattoo

An interesting badass skull design with a snake is the perfect choice for the one who wants to show destruction, healing, and the endless cycle of life.

This type of tattoo also represents the wisdom level of the wearer. With its bold shading, this tattoo gives an elegant look.

Snake Holding Skull Tattoo

Credit: vlad_ov_thelema

83. Oldschool Skull Tattoo

Excellent choice of tattoo for guys who want to get inked with something bold, different, and unique. The artist uses different colors to give this design a more realistic look.

The contrast between the shape of the thigh and the tattoo makes the appearance of the tattoo very attractive.

Oldschool Skull Tattoo

Credit: blacklist_tattoo

84. Mandala Floral Skull Tattoo

Awesome black ink design, which is presented as a symbol of death and gives a scary image to your personality.

Mandala floral skull tattoo is the right design for the one who wants to give a decorative and stylish look to their thigh.

Credit: cleotattratattoos

85. Demon Skull With Horn Tattoo

Perfect choice of tattoo for evil outlook. A skull with a horn tattoo has its historical meaning and often represents the demonic nature of the wearer.

The unmistakably defined ends of this tattoo reveal the deadly side of this tattoo.

Credit: epileptikfernandotattoo

86. Creepy Cat Skull Tattoo

The cat skull tattoo represents death and destruction. This tattoo can be a perfect choice for the one who wants something to show his destructive look with a unique idea.

The addition of the half-moon on the head of the cat shows the creativeness of the artist.

Creepy Cat Skull Tattoo

Credit: shirarte.tattoo

87. Hammer Skull Tattoo

Another masterpiece to show your tough masculine side with a powerful appearance.

This tattoo occupies the upper part of the thigh and gives remarkable visuals to the wearer, and represents the thrilling skills of the artist.

 Hammer Skull Tattoo

Credit: kambocube

88. Till Death Do Us Apart Couple Skull Tattoo

If you want to show your love or affection to your loved one, then you should try this amazing customized tattoo that shows your never-ending love for your partner.

This sophisticated and stunning look tattoo can help you to memorize your loved one till the end of your life. 

Till Death Do Us Apart Couple Skull Tattoo

Credit: tattooedhooliganofficialpage

89. Skulls In Bottle Tattoo

Fall in love with the uniqueness of this amazing artwork by the artist. This tattoo gives an enriched look on the thigh and gives a realistic look to this style.

So if you want something rare and different from others to show your coolest side, then you should try this tattoo.

Skulls In Bottle Tattoo

Credit: isasantanatattoo

90. Gambler Skull Tattoo

One of the most masculine tattoos that shows your risk-taking gambling side.

This kind of masterpiece helps to appreciate the skills of the artist, and its light shading gives a distinctive, stylish look to the wearer.

Gambler Skull Tattoo

Credit: tradtattooreidy

91. The Chariot Skull Tattoo

Conquer all your hardships with this chariot skull tattoo. With such a kind of tattoo, you’ll never stop chasing your dreams.

It will keep you inspired and give you the power that you need to overcome all hurdles. The anger, rage, and fighting spirit can be seen in this tattoo.

Credit: the_chaotic_ginger

92. Red And Orange Skull Tattoo

Varied, vibrant colors, when used in the tattoo, enhance your overall beauty. The triangle made on the forehead in which a small eye structure is added makes this piece a masterpiece.

Additionally, the colorful enhances its beauty and aesthetics

Red And Orange Skull Tattoo

Credit: tzeniodildostudio

93. Skull With Teeth Crown Tattoo

Crown tattoos are famous all around the world because they symbolize power, control, and good fortune – a guy who rules his life.

However, a tooth crown is quite an unusual concept that can be inked on the body and gives you extremely horrible looks.

Skull With Teeth Crown Tattoo

Credit: hashbrown_tattoos

94. Cactus Skull Tattoo

Cactus defines the change and determination that one should include in their life. However, here the cactus emerging from the head of the skull shows the level of creativity that tattoo artists hold.

This innovative idea complements every other tattoo made on the wearer’s body.

Credit: dolly_maetattoos

95. Heads-up Skull Tattoo

This skull with cracks around the eyes and cheeks gives the wearer more dreadful looks. The outlined structure done here is also very impressive. The words “HEAD UP” infused at the bottom add to the appeal of this tattoo.

 Heads-up Skull Tattoo

Credit: modern.manifest

96. Skull With Morning Scene Tattoo

Here is yet another beautiful artwork depicting the wonderful scene of the morning. The bright sky with clouds and mountains added gives refreshing vibes to the onlookers.

Those who love nature and are more intrigued with its beauty can have such a tattoo.

Skull With Morning Scene Tattoo

Credit: jason.stovall

97. Viking Skull Tattoo

One of the fascinating characteristics of Viking culture would be that they, too, wore tattoos as a powerful figure, bravery, and loyalty to family, combat, and the Viking way of life.

Huge spiked helmets are frequently seen on Viking soldiers. The same is depicted in this tattoo, showing the Viking spirit of the wearer.

Viking Skull Tattoo

Credit: zdallas7

98. Skull Gun Thigh Tattoo

An extremely detailed tattoo with a gun emerging from the eye socket is quite fascinating. Such tattoos are often associated with the violent side of the wearer.

The intriguing hues of yellow and orange give a perfect visually aesthetic effect.

Skull Gun Thigh Tattoo

Credit: k_nipirc

99. Dino Skull Tattoo

Dinosaurs, extinct creatures found in ancient times, symbolize power and strength. These were probably the largest carnivores present on earth.

Inking this tattoo will keep you remembering how these creatures used to dominate the earth back in time.

Dino Skull Tattoo

Credit: dbishoptattoo

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Have A Skull Tattoo?

If you are strong and brave and want to show your powerful, confident, and cool side to the world, then you should try skull tattoos.

Some special masculine skull tattoos are specially designed to show your badass side to the world. 

What Suited The Most With Skull Tattoos?

You can customize your skull tattoo by combining it with other designs. Skull tattoos look splendid when combined with roses to show the good or evil side, and it gives a terrific look with snakes.

If you are looking to have a Halloween-type scary tattoo, then skull tattoos with a devil look are the best choice.

Why Are Skull Tattoos Gaining Popularity Nowadays?

Skull tattoos are becoming popular among men and women because of their elegant, bold and unique look. Skull tattoos symbolize mortality and show your aggressive side to others.

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