8+ Spectacular Body Piercing Ideas That Everyone Should Try

Body piercing has become a famous form of expressing your confidence and courage nowadays. Body piercing helps you to look more elegant and stylish. Body piercing is the most popular form of modification that gives your personality a more stunning look.

Some important body piercing that one should try to look attractive includes navel piercing, ear piercing, nose, lips, and belly button piercing. 

This body art is very trendy among all the youth and teenagers who want to grab all the crowd’s attention by giving themselves a unique look. Trends related to body piercing are changing day by day. All the fashion lovers are trying to get different varieties of piercing to enhance the beauty and appearance of their personality.

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Different body piercing comes with different prices as some piercing like cheek piercing, dahlia piercing, daith piercing, and many more are very complicated piercing and involve different types of risk. 

Hence, to avoid these complications and risks, one should go to an expert piercer, and these skillful piercers charge high prices. Also, the cost of piercing depends upon the other factors, including the jewelry, location of the studio, and aftercare products.

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Different Body Piercing Pricing

The cost of body piercing varies for different body parts and their locations. We are listing the different body piercing with their general prices.

Nose piercing

With the help of nose piercing, you can adorn your face. Nose piercing helps to upgrade your look by adding some creative ideas, and it causes minimal pain and takes less time to heal. The different forms of nose piercings include:

Nostril piercing:- This piercing position lies on the fold line on the side of the nose. You can choose multiple or high nostril piercing.

Rhino piercing:-  It goes through the center end of your septum over and done on the above tip of the nose. This piercing is a little bit complicated.

Septum piercing:- Septum piercing is done through the tissue wall present in the nostrils and it splits both sides of the nostrils.

Septril piercing:- This piercing is the combination of rhino and septum piercing.

Pricing of nose piercing:-The prices of nose piercing depends upon the different piercing artists and their art studio’s location. Nose piercing is not much complicated compared to other piercing, so it costs around $35-$50. And the cost of jewelry depends upon the different materials of the jewelry. Most nose piercing jewelry starts from $30.

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Lip piercings

By having a piercing on your lip, you can make your look more adorable and attractive. Lip piercing is famous among the youngsters because of its different styles:

Dalhia bites:- Dalhia piercing is often known as joker piercing which is done on both sides of your lips. Because of its rare style, sometimes it becomes difficult to find a professional piercer.

Maddona Piercing:- This style looks fantastic on those who want to give their lips a more sensational look. This piercing is done on the side of the upper lip.

Medusa Piercing:- Medusa piercing is the most exclusive body piercing. The position of this piercing lies under the nose and center part of the upper lip.

Canine Bites Piercing:- This piercing works by placing 4 piercing studs on the upper and lower position of the lips. This piercing is a fusion of spider bites and angel bites.

Ashley piercing:- It is the only piercing that goes directly through the center of the lower lip and exits from the back of the lower lip.

Prices of lip piercing:- As most lip piercing involves an expert piercer, sometimes it costs more than other piercings. The price of lip piercing ranges from $35-$70, depending upon the lip piercing style.

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Ear Piercing

Ear piercing is the most famous form of piercing that increases the attractiveness of your personality and offers you a distinctive style. There are different forms of ear piercing:

Daith piercing:- Daith piercing requires a skillful piercer who has done this type of piercing many times. Daith piercing is done on the innermost fold of our ear, which makes this piercing more sensible. This piercing helps to reduce the problem of migraine.

The Helix Ear Piercing:- This is a trending flat piercing that is done anywhere on the upper external cartilage. This ear piercing doesn’t cause much pain.

Conch piercing:-This piercing is quite versatile, and it’s situated in the middle part of the ear. Healing from this piercing takes a long time which can extend to 5-9 months.

Rook Piercing:- It is one of the most complicated ear piercings, which is done above the daith piercing. It’s an inner ear piercing that offers you a more fresh and different look.

Cost of ear piercing:– After many types of research, piercers found that prices of ear piercing are different for different styles. Its prices can start from $25 and can go up to $70. Also, this price doesn’t include the prices of jewelry. The jewelry prices of ear-piercing depend upon their style, which fluctuates from $30-$80.

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Belly Button Piercing

Piercing is the most popular form of body modification, and belly button piercing is a very trendy and stylish form of piercing that is becoming very popular nowadays. The healing process of this piercing took a long time.

Belly piercing is often known as naval piercing because this piercing is just done right above the naval. It doesn’t cause much pain but has a risk of infection, and to avoid infection, one should try good quality material jewelry.

Cost of Belly Button Piercing:- The cost of this piercing depends upon the location of the studio and the experience of the piercing artist. On a rough estimate, this piercing costs between $30 to $70, and this price doesn’t include jewelry price.

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Tongue Piercing

The tongue is the most delicate part of our body. Thus it requires a more skillful and trained piercer. This piercing helps to add a beautiful jewelry piece to your tongue. There are different types of tongue piercing that one can add to make himself different from others.

These piercings are smiley piercing, middle tongue piercing, snake eyes piercing, frowny piercing, etc. Even tongue piercing is the most artistic idea that gives an aesthetic and gorgeous look. Apart from this, tongue piercing takes a lot of time to heal and has a great risk of infection.

Cost of Tongue piercing:- Like another piercing price of tongue piercing depends upon the factors like skills and experience of the artist and the studio location of the artist. Roughly it will cost you around $35-$100, which is a little bit expensive as compared to other piercings.

Eyebrow piercing:- Eyebrow piercing is a simple and coolest piercing that shows your stylish and fashionable side. This piercing is around your eyebrow in a vertical or horizontal position. This piercing is one of the easiest body piercings. This piercing takes 2-3 months to heal.

Cost of Eyebrow piercing:- Eyebrow piercing is neither expensive nor cheap as compared to other piercings. The expense of this piercing varies from $30-$40.

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Surface Piercing

The surface piercing is done on the smooth areas of our body, including the chest or cheek. This piercing is not like other typical piercings. This piercing gives you a double piercing look because it has an exit side next to the opening side of the piercing on the top of the skin. This is a new type of piercing that adds some uniqueness to your personality.

Pricing of Surface Piercing:- As you can have a surface piercing anyplace on your body. Thus its cost depends upon the position of the piercing and the piercer’s experience. It costs you around $50 to $100.

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Surface dermal piercing

Piercing is famous in the modern period, and techniques of piercing are changing with time. Surface dermal piercing is a new form of piercing that is very versatile and can be performed anywhere on the body. This piercing involves a lot of aftercare because his piercing is different from the normal piercing. You can add this piercing anywhere on your body with your choice.

Pricing of Surface dermal piercing:- Since this piercing is a new form of piercing, it requires a trained and expert piercing artist who must have done this type of piercing many times, and an experienced piercer will charge you about $50-$85.

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What are the various risks involved in body piercing?

Many risks are associated with body piercing. The most important risk is an infection which can lead to major skin problems. You can also get some allergic issues because of nickel present in the jewelry. So it is important to use jewelry made up of surgical steel or titanium.

These risks also involve the risk of infection in the blood, including hepatitis B&C. These types of infections are caused by the piercing needle; that’s why it’s important to use a sterilized needle at the time of piercing.

How much does body piercing jewelry cost?

The price of body piercing jewelry depends upon the material and its shape. The prices are different for all the body parts jewelry. This jewelry includes studs, barbells, curved barbells, nose rings, captive bead rings, straight barbells, hoops, and many more. A good quality material costs around $40 to $70.

Why is it compulsory to have a trained piercer at the time of body piercing?

Some Body piercings are quite complicated. So, it is important to choose an expert piercing artist to avoid these complications. One should take the proper time to choose the right person who has the proper knowledge of his work. This artist will charge a little bit high, but he can save you from many other problems.

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