Sensational 10+ Spider Bite Piercing Styles For A Trendy Makeover

A spider bite piercing is a trendy body modification that typically involves the placement of two small, symmetrical piercings on the lower lip. This piercing is perfect for individuals who want a personal and unique look, as it mimics the appearance of spider fangs, lending a subtle yet edgy aesthetic.

Choosing a professional piercer is essential, as proper technique is mandatory to avoid complications. While healing times can vary, it should usually take a few weeks to months with excellent aftercare.

Spider bite piercings offer a great option for those seeking to express their individuality through body art.

Spider Bite Piercing Ideas

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Looking for a piercing that would draw attention to your lovely lips? Are you ready to upgrade from your standard lip piercing to something slightly more innovative? There are a variety of exciting lip piercings available, and we’re here to tell you about one of everyone’s favorites: the spider bite piercing!

Key Takeaways

  • Spider bite piercings involve two lower lip piercings, mimicking the appearance of spider fangs..
  • Spider bite piercings offer a unique and trendy look, allowing individuals to express their personal style.
  • Healing time varies but typically takes a few weeks to months, with proper aftercare.
  • Ensure you choose a professional piercer and maintain good hygiene to prevent complications..

The Procedure Of Spider Bite Piercing

Spider bite lip piercings are made up of two punctures on the left or right side of the lip that resemble a real spider bite. The majority of spider bite piercings occur on the lower lip. For spider bite piercing, you should go to an expert piercer.

Spider Bite Piercing

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Spider Bite Piercing Look

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Spider piercing is done with a solid 14 or 16-gauge piercing needle. The piercer will use a sterilized needle for this process. The piercer will mark a point on your lip, and then he will push the needle to create a spider piercing and insert the jewelry into your piercing.

Remember that Spider bite piercings are inexpensive, require little effort, and heal quickly but make sure you choose a piercer who is qualified and professional.

Spider Piercing Look

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Difference Between Spider Bite Piercing And Snake bite Piercing

Although snake and spider bites are not piercing scars caused by snakes or spiders, they are two of the most popular bite-type lip piercings. They’re called that because, after the piercing, they look precisely like animal bites. These two piercing types have grown fashionable in recent years, and many people are sporting them.

Snakebite piercing gets its name from the bite pattern of a snake. On the opposing sides of the lower lip, there are two piercings. This is identical to the distance between the teeth of a snake. Many people believe that a snake bite gives a person a rebellious appearance.

Spider Bite Piercing

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Snake bite Piercing

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Because the pattern is still paired with piercings, some people mistakenly believe that spider bites are the same as snake bites. The main distinction is the placement of the piercings. In comparison to snake bites, spider bites have only one side with piercings that are significantly closer together.

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Spider Bite Piercing Healing

Everyone has a different healing time from this piercing, but you can speed up your recovery by following aftercare guidelines throughout the process. Spider bite piercing takes less time to heal. Generally, it takes 4 to 12 weeks to heal. But keep in mind that your piercing will appear to recover before it is, so get it checked by your piercer before discontinuing aftercare.

Spider Bite Piercing Healing

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Pain Scale Of Spider Bite Piercing

Different people have different pain experiences with this piercing. And some people reported spider piercing hurts more than an ear piercing and causes more minor discomfort than a nose piercing.

Two piercings will be placed close together, and the double piercings may result in increased pain and nerve damage. If you have a poor pain tolerance level, take a few days off between piercings.

Pain Scale Spider Bite Piercing

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Pain Scale Piercing

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Why Shouldn’t I Get A Piercing With A Spider Bite?

There are different types of risks involved with a spider bite piercing. Your oral health will be the primary opponent of your new lip piercing.

You should consider a piercing away from the mouth if you can’t keep up with aftercare, don’t clean your teeth at least twice a day, or if you’ve lost the genetic lottery when it comes to dental health.

Long-term use of lip jewelry causes issues such as receding gum lines and enamel erosion. Lip piercings aren’t for you if you’re already dealing with these concerns. There is also a risk of nerve injury, which can be caused if a piercing is done incorrectly or too close to sensitive nerve endings.

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Aftercare Process Of A Spider Bite Piercing

Aftercare routine is crucial after having any piercing. The healing process for a spider bite piercing is similar to that of other types of lip piercings.

Oral difficulties, such as poor oral cleanliness,  chewing on the jewelry and fracturing tooth, and forgetting to clean the healing piercing of food particles, cause the majority of complications.

Spider Bite Piercing

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Here are some simple aftercare dos and don’ts that ensure your piercing heals appropriately and maintains its aesthetic appeal over time.

Do this as your piercing heals.

  • Keep a bandage on the piercing and change it no less than once every day.
  • Before touching your piercing, remember to wash your hands with warm water and soap.
  • Rinse your piercing twice a day with purified water and saline solution to avoid infection.
  • After each rinsing, use a fresh towel to pat the piercing dry.
  • Sure that the piercing is kept dry when you take a shower or a bath.
  • Put on and remove clothing, caps, and helmets that go near your piercing with caution.

While your piercing is healing, Do not… 

  • Touch your piercing with unclean hands or after eating
  • Use your mouth for oral sex until the piercing is completely healed, particularly if your partner has any STIs
  • To clean the piercing, use antiseptic or alcohol rinsing solutions.
  • After about a month to two months, you should take off or shift your jewelry until the piercing is entirely healed.
  • Get your jewelry entangled in your facial hair.

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Spider Bite Piercing Look

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Cost Of Spider Bite Piercing

The cost of spider bite piercing lies between $40 and $80. You must choose a piercer who can assist you in placing your piercing in the least risky area for your teeth and gums.

A qualified piercer is always essential for this piercing as he knows what type of jewelry to use on you, how to properly care for your piercing, and how to make your piercing a success; if you choose the wrong piercer, your piercing could fail.

Spider Bite piercing  Design

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Jewelry For Spider Bite Piercing

You can add a variety of jewelry pieces to your lips piercing, and the spider bite piercing is an excellent method to express yourself with facial jewelry in an attractive way.

Hoops are the most commonly used jewelry material for this piercing. One can also use circular barbells, captive bead rings, or curved barbells as jewelry for spider bite piercing. Circular barbells are a terrific alternative for combining the two styles.

Jewelry Spider Bite Piercing

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Jewelry Material For Spider Bite Piercing

Since spider bite piercing is done on the lower lips, it is essential to choose jewelry material very wisely. You can choose jewelry that is composed of surgical stainless steel or titanium.

Stainless steel is the ideal material for lip piercings since your skin adjusts to it quickly and rarely gets sick. 14 karat platinum and gold are also safe possibilities for the region. Some people are delicate to some types of metal. It may appear obvious, but keep it in mind.

Jewelry Material For Spider Bite Piercing

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In what circumstances should you seek medical attention after a spider bite piercing?

No matter how well you maintain your piercing during the healing process, it can catch some infection, and to cure this infection properly; you should immediately go to a doctor. These symptoms include:

  • Strange or unpleasant odor coming from the piercing.
  • A rash or red pimples surrounding the piercing
  • Jewelry falling out soon after piercing or rejection of jewelry.
  • Plaque buildup or tooth injury from jewelry
  • Allergic reactions like rashes or bumps because of your jewelry material
Spider bite piercing Look

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What Happens When A Spider Bite Piercing Is Removed?

If you ever get tired of your spider bite piercing and wish to get rid of it. It will possibly leave a minor scar. But by getting the piercings appropriately done, following proper aftercare, and scheduling inspections for needed jewelry maintenance, the risk can be reduced.

Some people remove lip piercing for dental issues. But one should not withdraw jewelry from an unhealthy piercing, and to avoid this, you should first consult a piercer or a doctor to ensure that the suitable precautions are followed to prevent future infection or complications.

The time it takes for the pierced holes to heal or close varies from person to person, and sometimes, it could take years for the hole to close completely. It all depends on your body’s natural healing abilities, how well the piercing was cared for, and how long it was in.

Why Is Spider Bite Piercing So Popular?

Spider bite piercing is extremely trendy among men and women. The spider bite is a stylish sort of lip piercing that goes on the bottom of your lower lip.

It’s a pair of piercings that resemble a spider’s bite and are placed close together on the lower lip. You can even try a spider bite piercing near your upper lip. It’s a famous piercing style to express your unique personality and offers you a more stunning appearance.

Is Dental Damage Caused By Spider Bite Piercing?

The jewelry will rub on the surface of your gums and teeth as you talk or chew, which can cause difficulties in the near future. It can irritate your gums, tissues, and teeth and create damage such as cracks, chips, scratches, and dental sensitivity. 

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