8+ Tongue Frenulum Piercing Ideas That Will Surely Win Your Heart

Tongue web piercing (also known as oral frenulum piercing) has hit the mainstream as it is super convenient to hide in workplaces, schools, and homes. For grandeur, many people feel compelled to have frenulum piercing.

It would be far more distinctive than ordinary oral piercings, with a wide range of jewelry options. Because of its position, it can recover rapidly and effectively if you follow our correct care instructions. Many piercing fanatics are drawn to it because of its unusual setting and exquisite jewelry alternatives.

What To Expect From A Tongue Web Piercing?

The small tissue connecting the tongue and mouth is called frenulum piercing. Since the membrane contains relatively little tissue, it is among the least painful piercings. The majority of individuals believe that the clamping is more uncomfortable than the needle penetrating through.

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The frenulum piercing carries certain dangers since it might hurt your tongue and irritate the floor of your mouth. It’s vital to withdraw the piercing if you see bruising on your tongue or mouth and if it’s pressing on your tongue too much.

Excessive jewelry play might lead to the same problems. The same is true if you notice the jewelry moving since it may be yanked out by accident and torn. Due to the obvious hazards, it is not a piercing normally retained for many years, and it is particularly not recommended to be done by anybody other than a professional piercer.

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Lingual Frenulum Piercing Cost

A web piercing can cost somewhere between $50 and $60, based on the price of the jewelry used for the piercing and the store you visit. Web piercings are immensely popular as the jewelry used for the piercing. They may be simple to flaunt or hide.

Oral Frenulum Piercing Healing Process

These piercings take around 1-2 months to recover, and you may generally replace your jewelry with a shorter barbell or a new piece after healing. It’s usually a good idea to be careful and expect to wait two months before changing your jewelry when it doesn’t seem healed.

You must rinse your mouth with seawater during the recovery process. You don’t have to rinse the piercing, and you can use mouthwash, which really doesn’t contain alcohol (ouch!) but still removes bacteria and food debris that may have been caught, which is preferable.

It’s vital not using too much mouthwash, and if you notice a little darkening around the piercing, you must either stop or reduce your usage. Because alcohol might aggravate your piercing and impair the recovery process, using an alcohol-free mouthwash is critical.

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Tongue Frenulum Piercing Aftercare

As your oral web piercing cures, there are some tasks you definitely must do and several things you certainly should not do. If you obey your piercer’s mouth web piercing after treatment guidelines or the frenulum pierced care advice below, generally, your piercing is considerably more likely to recover quickly and without difficulties.

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Do This While Your Frenulum Piercing Revives:

Wash your mouth on a regular basis

As your frenulum piercing cures, swab your mouth with a seawater oral piercing maintenance rinse 3-6 times each day. After cleaning your teeth in the mornings and evening, or after eating, you should rinse.

If you’ve recently eaten and don’t have any oral rinse on hand, swirl any material out of your mouth with tap water to ensure it doesn’t become stuck in your healing hole. But if you have a piercing issue, you should never ever need to use an antibacterial mouthwash.

Brush and floss your teeth thoroughly

While your frenulum piercing heals, you’ll be more cautious when brushing and flossing your teeth. Resist catching your jewelry with a toothbrush and smashing your toothbrush into your piercing. Immediately after brushing your teeth is the optimum time to complete your morning and nightly oral piercing aftercare wash twirls.

As a result, the therapeutic saline solution will be the last item in your mouth, and it will not be washed away by twirling with water after washing your teeth.

For the first week or so, stick to soft foods

If you receive a tongue web piercing, your mouth will be particularly sensitive for the first week or two, so be cautious about what you consume. Jell-O, dairy, ripe bananas, rice, pudding, popsicles, apple sauce, and other soft foods are good.

Avoid hard meals like crusty sandwiches and other hard foods that might scratch and aggravate your new fistula.

Take good care of yourself in general

The frenulum piercing might recover faster and more effectively if your immune system is in good shape. You should attempt to obtain a healthy 7 to 8 hours per sleep each night, eat nutritiously, remain hydrated by drinking enough water, wash your hands properly and consistently, and avoid other people’s germs as much as possible. These precautions will strengthen your immune system, allowing it to concentrate entirely on mending your new oral web piercing.

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Change your jewelry too soon

It may be enticing to trade in your extra-large initial barbell for a best-fit, nicer oral web piercing ring, however, but if you have a piercing issue, you should not replace your jewelry before your frenulum piercing is completely recovered. Get your piercer to adjust your jewelry for you if you have a problem like considerable inflammation during the first few weeks of the recovery process.

Mouthwash with alcohol

Listerine and other alcohol-based mouthwashes might dry up your mouth, slowing down the healing of your tongue web piercing. For the first three months after having pierced, it’s advisable to use just a soothing sea salt mouthwash and/or an oral antimicrobial rinse as needed, rather than mouthwash containing alcohol.

Bacteria invading Your Mouth

That means no French kissing, oral sex, biting on pens/pencil erasers that have been handled by others or which may have transferred germs from your fingers to the mouth, or no drinking or eating after anybody else till your frenulum pirce has healed completely.

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Tongue web Piercing Risks

During the healing phase, and sometimes even afterward, an oral web piercing can cause a number of issues. It’s critical to become aware of all of the potential difficulties that may arise so that you can promptly identify and solve them if they arise. Understand each possible issue and how to cope with it by reading the parts below.

Lymph Discharge

Lymph is a clear or white liquid excreted by the body when it heals wounds. It’s completely safe, but we’ve mentioned it since some people find lymph discharged from a healed oral web piercing alarming. Don’t be alarmed if you detect clear or white discharge pouring from your oral web piercing. Simply swirl your mouth and wipe out the undesirable lymph with an oral piercing aftercare rinse.

Swelling In Excess

Swelling is much less likely to cause problems with healing tongue web piercings than it does with other piercings, and it’s always a possibility. Try medications if your new piercing expands to the point that your jewelry is cutting into your frenulum. But it might induce bruising, so if you can handle an anti-inflammatory at all, acetaminophen should be your first choice for swelling.

You also might want to eat some ice chips to assist decrease swelling in addition to getting an anti-inflammatory. If the two items don’t do the trick, make an appointment with your piercer as quickly as possible. He’ll be able to replace your jewelry with a larger barbell or a ring with a larger circumference. Long-term stress on a healing fistula can lead to necrosis. That’s why it’s crucial to replace your jewelry as soon as the swelling becomes too much.

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As previously stated, fresh oral web piercings may ooze on blood infrequently. While your oral frenulum piercing cures, eliminate hard, crusty meals like French bread to reduce bleeding. Stop smoking, drink lots of water, and use lozenges for bad breath as needed to maintain proper water content in your mouth.

Your jewelry is less prone to be stuck to your skin and break away later, profuse bleeding if you maintain your lips moist. If you have any bleeding in your mouth, simply rinse it with a sea salt solution to disinfect it, prevent the bleeding, and calm your sore mouth.


Hypergranulation might show as a red, liquid hump along your fistula or as a ring of red, swollen tissue surrounding an oral web piercing. Moisture content and pressure are the most common causes of this problem.

Since both have had the same angry-red hue and tight look, some individuals confuse hyper granulations with keloid scars. Nevertheless, only a small percentage of people are susceptible to keloid scars, so if you acquire a bulge or lumpy red tissue around your oral web piercing fistula, it’s far more probable that you’re coping with a hypergranulation problem.

This problem is usually solved by switching out your jewelry with a looser-fitting ring or barbell. If you maintain up with your oral web piercing aftercare regimen, the hypergranulation issue will resolve within a week or two at most after the tension is relieved.

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Frenulum Piercing Jewelry

A curved barbell or a captive bead ring is the finest jewelry for a web piercing. If you want a piercing that is less apparent or completely hidden, the curved barbell is preferable. The captive bead ring will display up or down your lip whenever you smile or chat, according to which side is pierced.

Web piercings for the lips are small piercings that are normally pierced using a 16 gauge needle. The tongue web piercing may be done with either a 16 gauge or a 14 gauge needle, based on which length you and your piercer believe ideal for your oral anatomy.

While both curved barbells and captive bead rings may be used for tongue web piercings, the curved barbell assists the healing process go faster since tongue web piercings have considerably more edema than smiling or frowny piercings.

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To allow the inflammation in a new piercing, your piercer will usually use a lengthier piece of jewelry or one with a larger diameter. This jewelry is for temporary use and should be reduced after the swelling has subsided and the piercing has healed slightly (about a month). This is vital to know in order to avoid hurting your gums or teeth.

But there’s very little probability of an allergic response to titanium or surgical stainless steel (316L or 316LVM). These metals are the finest jewelry materials for both lip and tongue web piercings. Because they are implant-grade metals, they do not harbor bacteria or other pathogens, reducing the risk of irritation and infection. Both metals can be sanitized in an autoclave; however, acrylic and plastic jewelry cannot.

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Is Piercing The Frenulum Safe?

You can receive a frenulum piercing as long as you have adequate tissue. This piercing, however, unlike labial (lip) frenula piercings, poses no risk to your teeth or gums, but it can still irritate the tongue and mouth.

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When It Comes To Tongue Web Piercings, How Long Do They Take To Heal?

The tongue web piercing has a very quick healing time of around 4 to 6 weeks and is believed to be a relatively painless procedure. Use a non-alcohol-based mouthwash to disinfect this piercing for quick healing of the piercing.

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Is It Possible To Smoke While Having Your Tongue Web Pierced?

You must be able to smoke once the piercing site has healed. While the piercing is healing, smoking increases your chances of getting an infection. An infected tongue piercing may be quite painful and bothersome. Therefore, if it hasn’t healed yet, then you must wait.

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