10+ Mind-blowing Shark Bite Piercing Ideas That Will Surely Catch Your Attention

Lip piercings appear to be the most popular piercing trend right now. The lips have a lot of options for piercings, so it’s a fantastic spot to go artistic and personalize your piercings.

We appreciate the new alternatives for lip piercing designs that have emerged as a result of the prominence. Shark bite piercing is the one that you should have.

It comprises two identical piercings below the lower lip along either side of your mouth (in the side labret area). This piercing is meant to resemble the overlapping appearance of shark teeth.

This piercing is beautiful itself or in combination with additional lip piercings, although it can be difficult to maintain. Or you’ll get four piercings in one go, then you’ll have a few options for location. You’ll like to team up with your piercer to ensure that you achieve the aesthetic you desire. Snake bites are one same such type of piercing that is done on the upper lip portion.

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Shark Bites Piercing Procedure

Before having a piercing, make sure you pick a reliable piercer. Once you arrive at the store, your piercer will walk you through the process and also have you sign certain papers while they get everything ready.

They’ll ring you up once they’re done, so make sure you wipe your lips first. Four markings will be created to demonstrate exactly where your piercings will be placed with something like a surgical pen. Before continuing on, ensure you are okay with the location of the markings.

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Your piercer will now use a hollow needle to penetrate your lip while clamping it in place. The needle will be substituted with jewelry when the piercing is completed. They’ll have to perform the process four times for whole shark bites. Before departing, your piercer would go over the maintenance guidelines with you. Make sure you realize what’s required and, if needed, resolve your queries.

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Shark Bite Piercing Hurt

Shark bites are scored a 7 out of 10 on the pain scale based on the several piercing that is needed. During the initial few days, it’s typical for your new piercings to feel puffy and sore. Anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and cold compress can contribute to making this feeling more bearable.

By spacing your piercings by several days, you could be able to lessen inflammation and pain. This aids in the healing of the first punctures in couples. Consult your piercer to determine what is best for you.

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Shark Bites Piercings Aftercare instructions

Because this piercing is closer to your mouth, which contains a lot of germs, you need to take additional precautions to maintain its cleanliness.

Furthermore, new jewelry in the mouth region has a propensity to be chewed on, and the shark bite piercing includes four new pieces of jewelry along either corner of the mouth, making eating a hazard.

2 – 3 times a day, do a sea salt soak

Infections are never a positive idea. However, it’s especially important to prevent facial piercings when it comes to facial piercings.

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Your body will be working overtime to repair four piercings, so assist it by soaking in sea salt to completely drain out the piercing. You’ll have to do one for each side, but if you have a big cup, you can bathe two piercings at the same time.

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Stick to soft foods.

Any piercing around the lips necessitates acclimating to your new jewelry. You now have to bother about one piercing almost all of the time. After the shark bite piercing, you’ll need four bigger jewelry items to allow inflammation.

It’s possible that you’ll bite on your jewelry a few times before becoming accustomed to the new components. To prevent damaged teeth, limit yourself to soft meals during the first few days while you try to handle your new jewelry while chewing.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

To repair four piercings, your body will have to work pretty hard. Stay away from alcohol and smoking throughout the healing time, get enough sleep, maintain good oral hygiene and eat healthily. Your health will appreciate you if you behave as though you’re recovering from a cold.

Keep foreign substances out of the house (including your partner)

It’s crucial to keep your piercing clear of anything that might cause infection while it heals. Makeup products and any other substance that might obstruct your piercing or contain dangerous chemicals fall into this category.

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How to Cleanse Your Piercings From Shark Bites

Create a saltwater solution at home and wash the exterior of your piercings. To begin, combine 1/4 teaspoon sea salt with 8 ounces of warm water. Immerse a clean pad or cloth in the saltwater wash and place it on your piercing for several minutes. This will aid in the loosening of any crusty material. Wipe them away, and be sure to wash your jewelry carefully and without disturbing it.

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Slick non-alcoholic mouthwash after ingesting to clean the interior. When washing the outside of your piercings, rinse your mouth with mouthwash.

To keep your piercing fresh on a constant basis, implement this strategy once in the day and once in the evening.

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Avoid these things during the recovery process

Bacteria may emerge from everywhere, which is particularly essential to remember when healing many piercings. Infection would be much less probable if you prevent the following information:

  1. Using tobacco or consuming alcoholic beverages.
  2. Foods that are spicy and acidic.
  3. Interaction with other things or persons through the mouth.
  4. Bathing in open water or in a public pool.
  5. Applying lipstick or cosmetics to the healing region.
  6. Taking off your jewelry too soon will cause piercings to get closed.

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Anybody alteration carries the risk of infection and piercing bumps. The above-mentioned extensive aftercare methods, on the other hand, greatly lower the risk of infection.

Lip piercings expose you to the danger of enamel erosion. Lip movement that is frequent might irritate your teeth and produce difficulties. Make sure your jewelry suits you properly to prevent this. Longer jewelry is frequently used as an initial piece to accommodate swelling, but it may be changed after the wound has healed.

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Rejection of jewelry. Jewelry of poor quality or that has been polished can occasionally create a piercing response. Choose high-quality titanium or surgical steel jewelry to mitigate that risk.

Styles of shark bite jewelry

In this form of piercing, labret studs with a flat back and simple bead are very prevalent. They make it possible for the piercing style to shine out without being overpowered by heavy jewelry. If you want to add a little flair, go for labret studs with beads or jewels.

A circular barbell is also an option. You may go with hoops if you want it somewhere in the middle. The most common hoop designs for shark bite piercing are captive bead rings and seamless hoops.

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How much will it cost?

Because it comprises 4 piercings, the shark bite piercing is somewhat more costly than other piercing styles. However, you won’t be paying for each one separately. It will set you back anything from $80 to $150. This pricing frequently excludes jewelry.

Because you’ll be getting a lot of piercings in one go, be sure your piercer has a lot of expertise. You could be able to rack up the agony of inadequate piercing techniques for one piercing. However, you wouldn’t want to be forced to endure four painful piercings at the hands of an unskilled piercer. Spend more on expertise if you want to do yourself a favor.

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Is a Shark Bites Piercing Right for You?

Since there are four piercings in all, shark bites piercings might be daunting. Consider the following advantages and drawbacks to discover if this piercing is correct for you:

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Shark bite piercings are fantastic for both men and women since they draw attention to the lip area.

Shark bites are a relatively new type of lip piercing that will put you on the cutting edge of fashion. Pair these piercings with septum or medusa piercings for a more dramatic effect.

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This piercing is made more uncomfortable by four different punctures. Swelling might be a problem as well.

Like any other type of piercing, Shark bite piercings possess the jeopardy of infection. Following good treatment and cleaning your piercings on a regular basis will guarantee that these issues do not arise.

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