10+ Captivating Medusa Piercing Variations To Complement Your Beauty

If you’re after notable trends, you’ve undoubtedly seen the Medusa piercing’s rising popularity (often called the philtrum piercing).

Would you like to upgrade from your normal lip labret? Would you like one-of-a-kind piercings that would make your gorgeous lips the center of attention? We know a great deal about body piercings, and we have just one for you! We’ll tell you all you need to understand regarding medusa lip piercing.

Medusa Lip Piercing

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Medusa Lip Piercing

The Medusa piercing, which has a piercing site underneath the septum and directly above the lip, may be elegant and delicate with a simple lip ring, or it could be more lavish with bold and gorgeous jewelry. Furthermore, many people who have medusa piercing combine it with other designs, such as a vertical labret piercing, to form enticing clusters of lip piercings jewelry.

Upper Lip Piercing

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Medusa Lip Piercings Variations

We embrace body jewelry because it allows us to express our individual characteristics. Therefore, we prefer it to stay ahead of innovative spins on basic piercings!

Two perpendicular holes beneath the septum constitute a vertical Medusa piercing. Having two small lip studs placed on top of one another looks charming. Because double medusa design necessitates two piercings, piercers frequently advise receiving them one by one moment for less discomfort and faster recovery.

Because of its closeness, the double Medusa piercing works very well in septum piercing and vertical labret piercings.

Single Piercing

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The Piercing Process In Medusa

It is critical to identify an expert who has executed many of these piercings. This is due to the importance of accurate determination. It must be punctured straight and in the middle. If it is pierced on a curve or relocated to the right or left, it will seem odd and harder to cure. Keep in mind that poorly positioned piercings might enhance the jeopardy of oral piercings.

Medusa Piercing Cost

Since rates vary, expect to pay around $40 and $80 for medusa piercing. Because the piercing is close to numerous nerve endings, must be centrally positioned, and is more likely to be infected due to its placement in the mouth, you would never choose to compromise on the expertise of your tattoo artist. So do not be worried about paying some more to ensure that you’re satisfied with your piercing.

Nose Piercing

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Medusa Piercing Jewelry Styles

Lip Piercing Studs

It seems to be the most common piece of medusa piercing jewelry style. Lip studs are made of a solid back, circular rings at the end, and captive bead rings or charms soldered on jewelry. Centrally sewn jewelry can help you prevent catches or breaks, and better-quality jewelry made of 14k gold or platinum will help you avoid skin discomfort, notably during recovery.

Jewelry Material for Medusa Piercing

Most Philtrum piercings require a 14G or 16G lips stud. After determining the height of the lip stud’s barbell, keep in mind the stud somehow doesn’t reach much further or exerts a force on your skin.  Delicate jewelry might become embedded in the skin, while bigger jewelry can rub across your teeth and lead to a declining gum line.

Medusa Piercing Jewelry Styles

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What To Anticipate From Philtrum Piercing

The piercer will start the medusa piercing procedure by placing on a fresh set of sanitized gloves. Afterward, they would wash the outermost layer of your skin; most piercers will use an antibiotic material, such as alcohol, to clean the region, and then they will offer you an antiseptic liquid to cleanse anything inside your mouth before commencing the real piercing procedure.

The piercer will next use a sort of pen to indicate the piercing location of the medusa piercing; however, once you accept the positioning, the piercing will commence. The piercing professional will be using clamps to restrain the top lip and a thin needle from puncturing the lips tissue out from the inside. The jewelry will be slipped through that and fixed into a fit after the thin needle has been placed.

Jewelry Piercing

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Does Medusa Piercing Hurt? What Is The Amount Of Discomfort?

You may feel some discomfort, as with any piercing. Since the upper lip piercing is located in a location with more nerve endings, it may hurt more often than others. However, it’s crucial to realize that it’s only a brief, acute ache that will pass.

The amount of swelling that can occur following a piercing is generally more unpleasant than the hole itself. As our lips are arterial, swelling is normal—so prevalent, in fact, that you could have a “swollen lip.” This is why you’re punctured with a bigger bar at first; you want to ensure that the jewelry will handle any enlargement that may develop.

Medusa Piercing

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Medusa Piercing Healing Process

Recovery Time

The recovery duration for a medusa piercing can range from 2 to 3 months; however, this affects people differently. It is crucial to establish your piercer’s aftercare guidelines and leave the original jewelry around for the first two months or longer for this facial piercing to heal. Keep in mind you don’t twist, move, or rotate the jewelry. It is critical that the jewelry be as secure as possible.

Because this piercing is positioned in the mouth, it will move naturally while you speak, chew, and sip. Understand the difficulty of this activity and avoid rotating the labret stud. The originally lengthy bar may get stuck on your teeth, so avoid biting or pulling on it as this can aggravate your piercing.

Medusa style piercing

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Tips To Remember

Consider the recovery process as if you were removing a sore. The further these facial piercings are twisted and banged, the further the piercing will take to heal. It will re-open and aggravate the repairing flesh on the interior of the wound, just like a sore. This could also cause scar tissue to form, and because this piercing is on the mouth, you wouldn’t need too much-damaged tissue visible all around piercings.

Always use caution while entering unfamiliar bodies of water, such as pools, seas, lakes, Hot tubs, and swimming pools.

It can bring harmful bacteria into piercings, causing infections and slow recovery. Baths and saunas, on the other hand, are fine. If you’re in the bathtub, you can apply a little amount of antiseptic or antibacterial soap to the area around the piercing.

This will aid with the removal of any dirt, bacteria, and filth off your body and the region around your piercing. Nonetheless, you must be careful that the rich lather doesn’t enter the piercing.

Gold Piercing

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Aftercare Instruction

You should resist using bottle cleaners like hydrogen peroxide, Bactine, and Triple antibiotic ointment whilst your piercings are recovering. Cleaning is required at least two times a day, in the mornings and evenings, using a sea salt soak.

A litre of filtered water may be found at practically any grocery shop or drugstore. It is critical to confirm that you are purchasing distilled water and that it has not been swapped with any other sort of water.

It’s also critical to choose non-iodized sea salt because it’s genuine sea salt. When you have pure water, add 4 tablespoons of non-iodized sea salt and thoroughly mix it.

Transfer the liquid into a glass jar or cup of coffee once you’re prepared to wipe the piercing. Assure you’re aren’t using disposable plastic cups since these will pollute the mixture. keep the cup in the oven to make it normal to use. The solution should be room temp as anything warmer beyond this will damage you and the piercing hole.

Whenever the degree is correct, bring the glass to your top lip even if you’re looking to take a sip. Keep warm water over your piercings for 7 to 15 minutes, which is the suggested cleaning duration; anything less will not disinfect the piercing well.

After you’ve done washing the piercing, sip some water or raise off the front of the piercing to remove any extra salt.

If you bother about correctly mixing the saline solution, you may use pre-made follow-up solutions present in the market.

Lips Piercing

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Important Aftercare Recommendations:

Before washing your piercing, carefully wash your hands.

Maintain proper oral hygiene by continuing to clean your teeth. However, it is advised that you purchase a fresh toothbrush to avoid introducing old bacteria into your piercing.

Always remember to use an alcohol-free mouthwash.

What To Consider After Getting Your Medusa Piercing

Your piercing is at its greatest susceptible within the first 2 weeks once you have it.

Consequently, the below-given things should be avoided:


Swimming in a pool exposes your new piercing to a variety of toxic substances and microorganisms. This may aggravate your piercing and lead to infection.

Beautiful Upper Lip Jewelry

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Tobacco Use

The toxins in tobacco can badly harm the skin beneath your piercing. This can impede the recovery process by causing severe irritation to the skin, or it can even cause an infection.


Alcoholic consumption can cause redness, inflammation, and tissue destruction. You don’t have to stop drinking permanently for only the first two weeks to give yourself time to recover.

French Kissing

We realize it’s difficult, though it’s for the sake of your piercing. When you kiss or have oral sex, drool is transferred. Since you have a wound, it’s preferable to prevent exchanging saliva—regardless of how hygienic the other person is.

Gum Chewing Or Nail-Biting

Bacteria can be found in your nails, and chewing on them could transfer bacteria into the exposed incision of the piercing. Furthermore, chewing gum might lead you to chomp down on the jewelry, causing discomfort.

It’s also worth noting that even when you withdraw or remove your piercing permanently, there will be a noticeable scar in the location of the piercing.

Please consult a professional piercer or a qualified medical practitioner  if you still have any doubts or queries regarding your piercings.

Piercing on nose

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can guys have medusa piercings as well?

Medusa piercings are suitable for both men and women!

What kinds of jewelry styles are available?

The utmost common sort of jewelry used in medusa piercing is a labret stud. Most labret piercings begin with a lip stud, and once the piercing has healed fully, you can change the jewelry.

When should you change your jewelry?

You must wait till the body piercing has healed fully prior to replacing jewelry. The recovery process for a medusa piercing can last up to 12 months or more, so it’s critical that you wear the very same piece of jewelry and follow the piercing aftercare instructions throughout that period.

Can you get a medusa piercing on your own?

No, you can’t! Medusa piercings, like every type of lip piercing, should be done by a specialist to avoid diseases or other issues during the recovery process.

What’s the harm in getting a medusa piercing?

Since you’re debating having or not having a medusa piercing, we advise consulting with a specialist and examining all options prior to making a decision. Not all body piercing is appropriate for all, and that would be fine! Give it your best shot considering whether or not you need a medusa piercing considering medusa piercing risks, and consult with a specialist to ensure you’re making the right option for your body.

Healing Piercing

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