Pros And Cons Of Belly Button Piercing

The belly button piercing (also known as the navel piercing) is among the most prevalent and attractive body piercings nowadays. Belly button piercings are attractive since they tend to draw attention to the abdomen and give you a sensual appearance. Consider reading the pros and cons of belly button piercing.

Consider getting a belly button piercing if you want to show off your stylish and unique side. Belly button piercing is a wonderful choice that has been around for a long time since it is relatively painless owing to a fleshy placement and easy to care for because you don’t have to look in a mirror to see it.

The number of people seeking belly button piercings increases significantly every summer at the piercing studio. Women want to flaunt their summer bodies after working out and eating healthy most of the time for months.

Navel or belly button piercings are a fantastic technique to do this. There are pros and cons to every action in life. Before you make a decision to get a belly button piercing, there are a few things you should think about, which we’ll discuss in this article.

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Pros Of Belly Button Piercing

Excellent Piercing That Can Be Easily Covered If Necessary

Although belly button rings are lovely, not everyone likes them. Thankfully, you can simply cover up the piercing if you feel it’s essential. To keep your piercing a secret, for the time being, wear a long blouse or dress. There aren’t many piercings that are as “inconspicuous” as this one.

It Is Not As Painful As Other Types Of Piercings

You might be worried about how uncomfortable getting the belly button punctured is. It can be uncomfortable for a short while, but overall, it’s one of the less painful piercings you can receive. The majority of folks said it feels similar to getting a fast injection at the doctor’s office.

The thick tissue from the umbilical cord that was left behind makes it less painful than many other piercings. In this fleshy region of the body, there are fewer nerves. Fewer nerves imply less pain!


Enhance The Look And Feel Of Your Summer Clothing

Like other types of body art, a belly button piercing enables you to show off your personal style. Belly button piercings can spice up your adorable summer clothes. When going to the beach, you’ll add additional attractiveness to your bikini.

Furthermore, the majority of guys consider belly button piercings charming. A sparkly belly ring will offer you an extra boost in self-confidence that you’ll love!

There Are So Many Fantastic Jewelry Options Available

Due to the wide variety of rings available, you can show your individuality and originality via piercing. The decision of which trendy item is best for you will be so much pleasure.

One of the most common options is a curved barbell, from which you can choose from. You can also select a captive bead ring, which is a ring that is round and tightens with a bead. The top-down belly button ring is a bit more ornamental, and the gems frequently hang over the belly.

You can discover a wide variety of other stylish alternatives at your local piercing shop, online, or in stores. Additionally, you are not constrained to a certain kind of ring. If you wish to switch out your ring to match each outfit once your piercing has fully healed up, go ahead!

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A Touch Of Glamour

Belly button piercing is a method to express yourself and uniquely decorate your belly. A traditional ring or barbell in gold or sterling silver is necessary for an edgy appearance. A belly ring with a pendant and jewels will highlight your stomach and provide a dash of glitter.

The Procedure Is Often Quick, Simple, And Affordable

Typically, the piercing procedure takes approximately 10 to 20 minutes. You’ll probably spend longer completing the consent documents and paying for your piercing than actually having it done. You ought to be in and out in no time because most body piercing artists are quite comfortable with the process.

Additionally, getting your belly button pierced costs not too much money. Depending on your location and the business you go to, you can expect to pay anywhere from $25 and $75. It’s quite fantastic that you can completely change how you appear in a crop top or swimsuit for less than $100.

Cons Of Belly Button Piercing

Although belly button jewelry may be attractive, they require a lot of maintenance. If you get your belly punctured, you’ll have to cope with possible persistent infection, extended healing times, allergies, and other health issues, in addition to clothing limitations and other irritations that arise on a daily basis. Prior to getting a needle in the body, it’s essential to weigh both the pros and disadvantages. Some of the drawbacks of belly button piercing are

Infection Is Possible.

A punctured belly button is an open wound. Additionally, whenever you have an open wound, there is a chance that bacteria or viruses might invade it and cause an infection. You should see a doctor if you experience any infection-related symptoms. Swelling, discomfort, inflammation, and discharge are warning signs to keep an eye out for.

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You’ll be more vulnerable to infection if you suffer from an immune system problem or unmanaged diabetes. It would be best if you took extra care of your piercing while it heals.

Additionally, if you decide to proceed with the piercing, take extra care to work with a professional body piercer who follows hygienic procedures. There is a chance of contracting Hepatitis C and other bloodborne infections if the tools used are dirty. As a result, conduct your research, pick a body piercer carefully, and use your money wisely while getting your belly button piercing.

Belly Button Piercing Generally Takes A Long Time To Heal

A belly button piercing requires some long-term dedication. The piercing will need between 9 and 12 months to recover completely.

Your piercer will provide instructions on the aftercare regimen you should stick to. It is crucial that you adhere to their recommendations. To ensure that the wound heals correctly, you must clean it thoroughly and on a frequent basis.

There Is The Risk Of Rejection Of The Ring

Your body is evolved to protect you against alien items, and occasionally it mistakenly thinks that a belly button ring is one of those objects. Sometimes, your body will attempt to force the jewelry out of your body because it might see the piercing as a danger or an invasion.

Your body can reject the belly button ring if the jewelry has moved from its initial position, the ring begins to droop, or the space between the entry and exit holes of the piercing gets smaller. You should also keep a look out for swelling and other changes in your piercing holes.

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There is no set schedule for when a rejection occurs. It might be weeks, months, or even years after the original piercing. Rejection can be brought on by a number of factors, including weight increase, compromised tissue, improper implantation, metal sensitivities, and the size and form of your jewelry.

If you suspect that your body is rejecting your piercing, the best course of action is to speak with your piercer about it.

Pregnancy And Weight Gain

During pregnancy or after a considerable weight increase, your piercing may get stretched out, move, inflamed, or feel stiff. If you acquire weight above and below your waistline, your piercing may become trapped in stomach holes whenever you sit. These places are quickly colonized by sweat and germs, which can result in chronic illness or, at the absolute least, pain.

A tight, pregnant abdomen might well push against the piercing, and childbirth can result in the piercing breakdown. You might not be able to wear your belly button ring after giving birth until your stomach returns to a standard size, at which point the penetrating hole might seal.

Snags Are Common, Which Can Be Uncomfortable

A belly button ring is simple to catch on the clothing due to the position of the piercing. As you turn over in bed at night, it can also get tugged and torn, which is unpleasant.

In addition, you most likely won’t be able to cover the piercing with tight clothing for some time after completing it. Irritation and piercing migration can occur when there is a lot of contact from pants or a belt. Therefore, once you receive your piercing, you’ll need to select your clothing carefully.

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Certain Activities Like Swimming Should Be Avoided For A Few Weeks

After getting your belly button pierced, you should wait around three weeks before going for a swim because your body needs time to begin producing scar tissue around the piercing. The location may become irritated or infected due to exposure to contaminated or dirty river water, which can delay recovery. Hot tubs are also not an option.

Using lotions and other things around your piercing will probably need to be avoided as well. As some lotions include chemicals, you risk irritation, allergies, and occasionally even infections.

Finally, be careful not to spend too much time in the sun. Your piercing doesn’t require its skin to peel or to get burned.

The Judgment Made By Others

No matter how adorable the belly button ring is, some individuals could still make disparaging remarks or give you unpleasant gestures.

Most people are kind enough to avoid making fun of your body jewelry, but if you acquire a belly button ring, be aware of its potential.


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How Long Does It Take to Heal a Belly Button Piercing?

The healing procedure can differ depending on the individual as well as the precise position and gauge size of the hole. It typically takes six to twelve months to heal fully. In fact, it might heal quickly, like those in the ear, or it could take much longer. It will recover well if it is cleansed and cared for appropriately.


Can I Exercise With My New Belly Button Piercing, Such As Sit-Ups?

You should avoid strenuous exercises during the initial healing period. But after a few weeks, exercises like sit-ups are normally not an issue for you or your piercing, but you need to modify your activity to prevent placing too much pressure on the jewelry or penetrating, especially at first.

If something hurts, listen to your body and don’t do it. Moreover, sweat shouldn’t harm your piercing; just remember to take a shower immediately after your exercise.

Which Jewelry Should Be Considered As The Initial Jewelry For Belly Button Piercing?

A bent barbell is the best type of belly button ring to wear as a beginner. You can accessorize your navel piercing with a range of jewelry types, such as the classic bent barbell, captive bead rings, segmented rings, seamless rings, circular barbells, clickers, and twisters. The majority of those choices are better used in a recovered belly button piercing.

While selecting the jewelry, you should remember that jewelry should be made of high-quality material that doesn’t contain nickel or any other allergic material. You can use jewelry made of materials like titanium, stainless steel, or gold as they are the safest starter jewelry option. 

With a belly button piercing, is it possible to take a bath?

You should avoid immersing the piercing in any standing water, including baths, for a few months. Immersion in water increases the risk of infection and other problems because microorganisms are introduced to the piercing location.

It would be best if you also stayed away from lakes, seas, hot tubs, and swimming pools, as many microorganisms are present in these water sources. 

If you need to immerse the piercing in water during the early healing stages, carefully wrap the piercing area with a water-proof bandage to prevent the entry of bacteria.

Be careful to scrub it with the salt solution as soon as you get out of the water to eliminate any bacteria.

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