14+ Mesmerizing Orbital Piercing Design Ideas That You Would Certainly Try

If you’re a piercing fanatic, this mind-blowing concept of orbital piercing will astound you. However, irrespective of how ecstatic you are, you will have some uneasiness. Unlike lobe piercing, this one is more difficult to recover and care for. We will help you realize the hazards and avoid them while getting an orbital piercing.

A thorough investigation of the price of orbital piercing as well as advice for appropriate healing will ensure that you are not making a mistake. It’s a delicate and refined sort of piercing that gives your persona a quirky edge.

Orbital piercing design

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If you’re tired of the same old ear jewelry placement, this adaptable alternative will provide you with a creative twist. The human ear’s anatomy is quite complex, and orbital piercing styles add an incredible amount of flair to it. You must be tense at this point, eager to learn more about these flawless piercing methods. Let’s get into the specifics.

orbital piercing

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Orbital Piercing

Orbital piercings are when two holes are pierced in your ear and interconnected with a hoop. It’s usually seen on the earlobe, although it can also be found in the center of your outer ear. This piercing resembles an industrial piercing in that it links two openings in your top cartilage with a crossbar.

Since the tissue is gentler and cures quicker on the lower lobe, some individuals prefer to undergo an orbital piercing there.

Cartilage piercing

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Orbital Piercing Cost

The cost of an orbital piercing differs based on the location. The majority of places start at roughly $30. You’ll also have to purchase the jewelry, which comes in a variety of prices. Choosing 14k gold will be far more expensive, but surgical steel would save you money. It’s like a strange game of uncertainty where your budget is the bar, and you can’t pay rent instead of being removed.

Instead of seeking the best deal, search for a clean, competent, and renowned piercer and salon.

Orbital Piercings

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Orbital Piercing Procedure

Having an orbital ear piercing is a reasonably simple procedure. Following sterilizing the piercing area, the piercer will use a sterilized needle to make the holes and to place the jewelry item.

You may easily create a second hole in your ear when you have one that is suited for an orbital ear piercing.

If you’re concerned about discomfort, splitting the piercing into two sessions is a fine option; simply mind that the first hole must be entirely healed until you go in for the next hole and jewelry installation.

Ear Piercing

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How Much Time Will Helix Orbital Piercing Take To Recover?

The healing time for an orbital piercing on your lobe must be between eight and ten weeks. If there’s a pattern here, you may reasonably infer that getting this piercing done somewhere else – like your cartilage – could take up to four months.

Keep an eye out for something that might become trapped in the piercing throughout the healing process. Because the jewelry doesn’t protrude much with this design, it’s less likely to catch on clothing or hair.

Also, instead of the large, over-the-ear headsets, use AirPods or Apple buds to eliminate any unnecessary rubbing.

Helix Orbital Piercing

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Orbital Piercing Aftercare Tips

The healing process will be accelerated, and problems will be avoided if the piercing is properly cared for. Your piercer will provide you with precise aftercare tips. In general, it is critical to: –

Ensure that the jewelry is stable until heals completely

Altering or changing it as the piercing still heals can cause contamination and/or marking. During the piercing process, the jewelry you put in must stay intact until the skin is totally healed.

Ear Piercings

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Wash the cartilage piercings region on a regular basis

Three to four times per day until the piercing has healed completely. Warm saline solution or a similar substance suggested by a skilled piercer should be used. Don’t ever use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to cleanse the piercing.

Keep your hands away from the pierced area

Preferably, you should only hold the piercing while cleansing it. Shifting the jewelry item around might put a lot of stress on the wound and cause it to take longer to heal.

cartilage piercing

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Avoid Touching

By transferring bacteria from your fingers to the wound, contacting the region needlessly raises the chance of infection. If at all feasible, sleep in a posture that prevents the punctured area from being disturbed.

When To Change The Orbital Piercing Jewelry?

Replace your jewelry when your wound has recovered fully. Even when you’ve chosen gold, you’ll need to leave the original jewelry in for 8 to 10 weeks.

When you’re ready to switch out the jewelry, seek surgical steel or 14k gold earrings, as they’re the most biocompatible and can help avoid infection. Nickel jewelry should be avoided since it might irritate many people.

Orbital Piercing Jewelry

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Orbital piercings will always be a fashion statement. And besides, it’s in the title! It does not, however, have to be simple. It can have a square, sphere, or chain in the center as long as the edges penetrating your ear are polished.

Orbital Piercing Jewelry

The most frequent style of jewelry used for such types of piercings is ball closure rings, which are hoop-shaped pieces that are closed with a captive bead ring.

Fragment rings, round barbells, and horseshoe rings are some more alternatives for orbital piercing jewelry.

Helix Orbital Piercing

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The rings are made of a number of materials, including titanium and white or yellow gold, but for the first insertion, stainless steel is probably the best option. You may replace it with any ring after your piercing has recovered.

There is an overabundance of styles to choose from, especially if your piercing permits another jewelry type.

There is more to picking jewelry than looks; it’s critical to have a suitable fit, particularly for the first piercing.

If the new ring you put in the piercing is too big, it may take longer to heal and cause difficulties like migration.

Relocation is an unwelcome process in which jewelry moves away from its original place, often completely outside of the skin.

Piercing on ear

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Orbital Piercing Pain Factor

This sort of piercing may be done on any region of the ear, and the location you choose will have a big influence on the amount of discomfort you’ll feel.

Orbital piercings in the lobe of the ear are less traumatic than puncturing cartilage overall.

Like with any piercing, your individual pain tolerance will become one of the most important deciding factors in how much it hurts.

Another reason to pick your piercer is that the piercer’s expertise will impact how quick – and hence less painful – the process will be.

Lobe Piercings

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Is It Difficult To Cure Orbital Piercings?

Because it is frequently on the earlobe, the orbital piercing has one of the quickest healing periods of any piercing. Because the jewelry isn’t dangling or sticking out, it’s less likely to get hooked on hair clothing.

Ear piercing

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Is It Possible To Bath With A Fresh Orbital Piercing?

You don’t need to remove your new earrings before showering. This is advantageous to good healing. Any dirt or scab that builds naturally will be splashed away with water. Ensure it doesn’t come into contact with shampoo.

Orbital Piercing

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