20+ Gorgeous Jestrum Piercing Ideas For You To Look More Sensuous

The vertical Medusa piercing, sometimes called the jestrum piercing, is made up of only one piercing within the philtrum and an extraction path is located in the top lip. The piercing is completed with a curved barbell, with the ball ends peeking out of the pierced points, giving the appearance of two piercings.

This piercing is ideal for individuals looking for something a bit different yet still subtle. The two dots on your top lip will entice you without taking away from your inherent beauty.

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With this piercing, visuals are quite essential. To create the desired effect, it should be focused on the lip. In order to fit the material, your lips must also be broad adequately. Thus, it’s important to do your study before scheduling a meeting with your piercer.

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Jestrum Piercing

A jestrum piercing is located on the top lip in the center. Since this top philtrum hole resembles that of a regular medusa piercing, this piercing is commonly referred to as a vertical medusa piercing. This piercing is located toward the front of the top lip, toward the bottom.

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Jestrum Piercing Procedure

Finding a professional piercer is really the first stage in any intricate piercing treatment. Once you come to the store, the piercer will narrate the whole process and have you sign out documentation. Before the piercing, your lip will be cleansed, and the piercer will draw the area on your top lip. Before moving on, be sure you enjoy this place!

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Your piercer will be using clamps to keep your upper lip in place while pushing the hollow needle into the skin once you’re absolutely prepared. To finish the treatment, your jewelry will be put through the needle. Your piercer will go through care recommendations with you when you leave. Before you go, be sure to ask any remaining questions.

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Jestrum Piercing Hurt

Despite the fact that the real lip will be pierced, most people believe the jestrum piercing is just around halfway painful. It will hurt more than a standard lobe piercing but lesser than a cartilage piercing.

Hiring an expert piercer will help to reduce the amount of discomfort you endure. Professional piercers will understand how to do the process as smoothly as possible. If you’re apprehensive or have a poor pain threshold, look for a piercer who can help the process go more smoothly.

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Jestrum piercing healing process

Your jestrum piercing will recover on the exterior before the inside. (This is true of all piercings, but because this one goes through deeper flesh, the interior will heal considerably more slowly than the outside.)

The outer region of your jestrum piercing should cure in 6 to 12 weeks. However, the interior may take up to 6 months to recover fully. All through the recovery process, you should be cautious with your jewelry and speak with your piercer before discontinuing aftercare procedures.

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Jestrum Piercing Aftercare rules

Jestrum piercings are prone to the same problems as any other lip piercing. Watch out for your dental health and snug your jewelry in case of new piercings.

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2 – 3 times a day, bath in saline solution

You can accomplish this by immersing the new piercing in a cup of sea salt solution (or your own DIY salt bath)or with a piercing aftercare spray. This aids in the removal of microorganisms from your new piercing and is crucial in preventing infection.

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Maintain a healthy oral Hygiene

Despite the fact that the jestrum piercing does not penetrate the mouth, its closeness puts this at risk of disease from mouth-borne pathogens. Keep your mouth clean by brushing your teeth after each meal and gargling with salt water to remove any remaining bacteria. (Do not use mouthwash because the alcohol may harm your piercing.)

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Take care of your new jewelry

The jestrum piercing’s location is attractive, but it is also inconvenient. It will become part of the routine after a while, although the first few weeks may be difficult. Your first piece of jewelry will have to be big enough to permit swelling, which implies it may protrude somewhat.

You can chat with an experienced piercer about obtaining a smaller portion once the inflammation has dropped significantly. Until then, eat soft meals, use cutlery with caution near the jewelry, and avoid moving your lips, though. If the jewelry is grabbed or dragged, the piercing may migrate, which is bad for a piercing that relies on it.

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Styles of Jestrum piercing jewelry

The jewelry of option for the Jestrum piercing is curved barbells. This form is vital to consider since it will seem more appropriate to your body, reducing the likelihood of rejection.

While the jewelry options are restricted, the curved barbell variations are plenty. Curved barbells with a typical spherical bead on one point and a gem or jewel on the other are suitable for the jestrum piercing. The jewelry will rest in your philtrum, with the ball end peeking out from your lips, highlighting the double pierced appearance.

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Should you try out a jestrum piercing?

In order to penetrate deeply enough, the jestrum piercing needs bigger lips. If you’re not sure, get a piercer and check it out. Medusa lip piercings are a good alternative, or see if your upper lip is wide enough to have this sort of piercing.

If you have trouble keeping your teeth clean, you should avoid lip and mouth piercings in particular.

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Jestrum piercings, like any other piercing, come with dangers and benefits. Check out the benefits and drawbacks below to discover if this piercing is correct for you:

  • Considering Jestrum piercings are not as prevalent as other lip piercings, they will get you spotted.
  • This piercing has a feminine aesthetic that emphasizes the lip area while also balancing the face.

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  • Take into account your lip architecture. These piercings are more secure on a bigger upper lip. Therefore, if you don’t have one, you might not be able to have one.
  • It’s critical that this piercing is carried out appropriately. To prevent misaligned or asymmetrical piercings, choose a piercer who has done jestrum piercings before.

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Jestrum Piercing Risks

Oral piercings, like any other piercing, come with their own set of hazards, which are listed below:

Infection or piercing bumps are the most common causes of piercing bumps.

Maintaining good maintenance and eliminating the aforementioned behaviors can meaningly reduce the danger of infection. Even during the healing process, though, contamination is always a danger. Call your piercer or doctor right once if you develop persistent swelling, oozing, discomfort, or bleeding.

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Tooth Erosion

Because of the location of this piercing, your jewelry may cause harm to your upper jaw. After your recovery is complete, choose fitting jewelry to avoid the chance of tooth or gum problems

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When you fiddle with your jewelry, you run the danger of piercing scars. Only clean your piercing and would always ensure your jewelry is properly-suited to your lip.

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How much will it cost?

The jestrum piercing will cost you between $30 and $60. Although location is so crucial, you should seek a piercer with competence in this sort of piercing.

It’s a smart option to do some research about your piercer before scheduling a meeting. Their workspace should be spotless, and their instruments should be packed and opened next to you, but they should also be able to demonstrate to you samples of previous work. You should look for yet another piercer if they didn’t tick all of these criteria.

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After receiving a Jestrum piercing, what can I eat?

During the healing period after your Jestrum piercing, you must be thoughtful about what to eat. You should not eat spicy meals as they can trigger the piercing hole to recur. Since it does not penetrate into your mouth, the Jestrum piercing is quicker to cure but does not limit what you may eat as much as the other forms of lip piercing.

The bent barbell rests behind the skin of your upper lip. However, keep in mind that food will come into contact with your lips as you eat. One point of the barbell will be pressed against your upper lip.

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After obtaining a Jestrum lip piercing, what may I drink?

It’s advisable not to consume alcohol during the first several weeks after obtaining a lip piercing, especially a Jestrum piercing. Alcohol might cause the piercing wound to reopen, slowing the healing process.

Since this piercing does not penetrate into the mouth, you can consume a greater variety of beverages after receiving a Jestrum piercing. Keep in mind that because the piercing is on the lip, you should not drink alcohol while it heals.

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Is this the only piercing on the upper lip?

The Jestrum seems to be the only piercing on the upper lip that rests on the real lip. The Medusa sits in the middle of the philtrum, with Monroe and Madonna on either side of the upper lip. The philtrum piercing is another name for the medusa piercing.

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Is it true that a Jestrum piercing leaves a scar?

If you remove your Jestrum piercing once it has healed, it will generally seal over without leaving a scar, but if you’ve had an infection that has harmed your skin. Once a repaired Jestrum piercing has been repaired, you may be left with a scar or tiny patch of discolored skin, especially on the philtrum, if you choose to withdraw it. The scar from the Jestrum piercing should be minimal.

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