20 Tattoo Shops In Rhode Island To Ink The Best Tattoo Style

Tattoo Shops In Rhode Island. Inking a tattoo can be a crucial decision for many people. However, excitement should not influence one’s thinking when selecting a tattoo artist. It is essential to conduct some fundamental research before fully committing to your tattoo experience.

You could wonder, “What is the big deal?” and choose to go to a nearby tattoo shop in Rhode Island and get the work done. But this choice cannot be expected to provide decent outcomes. Additionally, since tattoos are permanent, repairing mistakes in them is time-consuming and challenging for you.

Therefore, instead of hurrying, it is preferable to sit down and research the top tattoo artists that can execute your tattoo design ideas. Finding the right tattoo parlor and artist for your needs is vital since tattooing is ultimately a kind of body art.

Here are some of the top best tattoo shops in Rhode Island that help you make your vision a reality.

1. Providence Tattoo

Providence, Rhode Island, has a personalized and professional tattoo parlor called Providence Tattoo. A unique tattoo experience is offered by the studio’s skilled tattoo artists. To satisfy the requirements and expectations of their clients, their professional tattoo artists provide distinctive and various kinds of custom tattoos.

Providence Studio provides a friendly, laid-back atmosphere to make you feel at home.

Image: @providencetattoo

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2. East Coast Tattooing & Body Piercing

One of the top tattoo shops in Providence, Rhode Island, is East Coast Tattooing & Body Piercing. The shop is a full-body alteration studio that offers top-notch custom tattoos. Each customer receives amazing tattoos and piercings thanks to the studio’s talented and experienced tattoo artists.

They have worked in the tattoo industry for over 50 decades of combined experience. They can create unique tattoos that complement your individual style. The styles offered by East Coast Studio include conventional, solid, vivid colors, meticulous realism, and portraiture.

Image: @eastcoasttattooing

3. Inflicting Ink, LLC

Jeff Goyette, a well-known tattoo artist, opened the inflicting Ink tattoo shop in 1995. This shop educates its clients in addition to providing the most fantastic tattoo or piercing at a reasonable cost. Their tattoo artists advise consumers on what to look for in a tattoo shop and artist, on tattoo placement, skin aftercare, and how a tattoo ages.

Image: @inflictinginktattoo

4. Unicorn Ink

Unicorn Ink specializes in a broad range of tattoo and piercing designs. They go above and above when it comes to your piercings and tattoos, and they can achieve this with their top-notch artists and attentive customer service. They provide their customers the guidance they need for their ideas while ensuring they obtain what they want.

Image: @unicornink

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5. Body Canvas PVD Custom Tattoo Shop

Body Canvas PVD Custom Tattoo shop provides an artist expert in every famous tattoo style, including Black & Grey Realism, Color Realism, Portraits, Neo-Traditional, Script/West Coast Lettering, and types special to each individual artist. Additionally, this shop now provides body piercing services from one of the most skilled and qualified body piercing specialists in Rhode Island.

Image: @bodycanvaspvd

6. F.I.N.A.O. Ink Tattoo Company

It should be simple to have a tattoo of your choice, which is why F.I.N.A.O. Ink Tattoo’s talented artists are skilled in offering you the most artistic tattoo designs. Their staff is always willing to assist you, whether you’re getting a tattoo for the first time or adding to what you currently have.

They give each unique work careful attention to every detail because they value the art they create. Although they accept walk-ins, they advise scheduling an appointment.

Image: @finaoink

7. Phoenix Tattoo

The Phoenix tattoo and Wellness Center specializes in custom tattooing work. They offer full-time tattoo artists with years of combined professional experience in tattooing. Visit this shop to have a wonderful tattoo experience.

Image: @thelifeofchrystal

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8. The Torchbearer Tattoo

Torchbearer Tattoo Shop is one of the most well-known tattoo parlors in Providence, Rhode Island. They provide skilled tattoo artists and a rotating roster of foreign guest artists. They give all tattoo designs, including Japanese, Realism, Illustrative, Portrait, Color, and Black and Gray. Moreover, they also offer conventional American tattoo designs.

Also, they provide available designs in their shop and can design your custom tattoo just for you. It’s okay to bring your own design or concept to this shop. Walk-ins and appointments are both accepted for custom tattoos.

Image: @the_torchbearer

9. Casey Tattoo

Seeking the tattoo shop and artists that can do any tattoo style incredibly? Then look no further and come to the Casey tattoo shop that offers the finest tattoo services that satisfy customers’ requirements.  

 Image: @casey_tattoo

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10. Level 7 Tattoo

This is one of the beautiful tattoo and piercing shops in Rhode Island that is a tiny, individualized tattoo workshop. They opened their shop in 2009. They provide more than you would find in a conventional street shop without costing you much. Each client has a satisfying tattooing experience from them.

Visit their store to get the best tattoo work done on your body if you believe they are a perfect choice.

Image: @level7tattoo

11. Kabloom Tattoo Studio

The Kabloom tattoo studio comes in one of the excellent tattoo studios that offer both tattoo and body piercing services. Their tattoo artist is very friendly and provides impressive tattoo styles. This shop offers a clean and safe atmosphere to its clients.

  • Address: 343 Dyer Ave, Cranston, RI 02920, United States
  • Phone: +1 401-954-1197
  • Timings: Mon-Sat: 9 AM – 5 PM, Sun: Closed

Image: @tcolan1

12. Sin Alley Tattoo

Sin Alley Tattoo studio provides you with great tattoo and piercing services around Rhode Island. They offer the friendliest and most competent staff, clinic sterilization, the greatest art, and the most satisfactory outcomes, all with affordable pricing. They will work with your to ensure you receive precisely what you want, whether it’s a custom sketch or something you provide.

Image: @sinalley_tattoo

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13. Rhodeside Tattoo

Looking for a Reliable, Quality Artist? Come to the Rhodeside Tattoo studio, where they will ensure that your tattoo is your favorite, whether it is your first or one of many. If you already have an idea for a tattoo or if you need assistance having your idea made, they may help you transform your idea into a body design as it is.

Image: @rhodeside_tattoopvd

14. Black Lotus Tattoo Studios

The Black Lotus Tattoo Studios have been in business for over 20 years, tattooing and piercing that have skilled, experienced, and certified artists. Walk-in customers are welcome here; however, they recommend calling first or messaging them as the easiest way to reach them.

Image: @blacklotustattoostudio


This tattoo shop specializes in Portraits, realism, old school, new school, colorful, black and grey, traditional, Japanese, and oriental tattoo styles. Their tattoo artists have years of experience in tattooing. Meet the perfectionist tattoo artists who care about their craft and clients and make sure their clients love their tattoos, step into the Empire Studio in Rhode Island.

Image: @empirestudiori

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16. Sacred Traditions Tattoo

If you are searching for high-quality tattoo designs and artists, then the Sacred Traditions Tattoo studio is the place to stop for dazzling work. Their skilled artists can design and ink anything you can dream of. They can make your thoughts to life through the direct transmission of pictures from your mind to their needle.

They have a welcoming staff that will make you feel at ease. Their talented tattoo artists provide a wide range of tattoo designs. They employ only the best equipment and inks for the most remarkable results and use the safest tattoo sterilizing techniques for your safety.


The Iron Hand tattoo has a skilled and experienced team of artists who are experts in different tattoo styles. All tattoo artists provide excellent and solid clean tattoo work to the clients. This shop comes in one of the walk-ins tattoo shops in Rhode Island, where walk-ins and scheduling appointments both customers are accepted here.

Image: @ironhandtattoo

18. Marco’s Tattoo

Macro’s tattoo shop is a Custom tattoo shop that also offers piercing services for those 18 and older. They strictly provide services to 18+ and do not deliver any kind of services to minors. Walk-ins and booking an appointment are both accepted by this shop!

Image: @marcostattoori

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19. Powerline Tattoo

The Powerline Tattoo studio delivers each client the greatest tattoo and the most significant possible experience. As a private studio, they can provide their clients with a degree of individualized attention, comfort, and exclusivity that cannot be attained in a typical walk-in store.

This shop has a small group of professionals handpicked based on their excellence in their fields. Several honors have been given to PowerLine Tattoo artists, and they have also been featured in numerous worldwide magazines.

You may submit a tattoo request, and they will match you with the finest artist for your needs. You must make an appointment for tattoo services because this store does not accept walk-in customers.

Image: @powerlinetattoo

20. Artfreek Tattoo

In Providence, Rhode Island, Art Freek is a well-known tattoo parlor offering top-notch ink since 1994. To go above and beyond the demands and expectations of their clients, their skilled tattoo artists produce tattoos of the highest quality. The latest cutting-edge tools are usually used at Artfreek Tattoo to deliver precise and incredible results.

  • Address: 458 Wickenden St, Providence, RI 02903, United States
  • Phone: (401) 454-5640
  • Timings: Mon-Thu: 12 PM – 8 PM, Fri & Sat: 12 PM – 9 PM, Sun: 1 PM – 6 PM
  • Mail ID: artfreek@ymail.com
  • Web address: https://artfreektattoori.com/home.html

Image: @shawn_diprete

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Working Hours At Empire Studio RI? 

Empire Studio RI is open Sunday to Friday, 9 AM – 9 PM, and Saturdays for only private appointments.

How Does Pricing Work At Powerline Tattoo Shop?

The tattoo artist will discuss their hourly pricing with you during the consultation if the tattoo takes an hour or more. A piece is charged by the work if it is completed in less than an hour. Their minimum purchase is $175.

What Are The Payment Methods At Macro’s Tattooing Shop? 

Their acceptable forms of payment are cash, all major debit and credit cards, gift certificates, GooglePay, ApplePay, and Samsung Pay.

Checks, CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, and other money transfers are not accepted.

Does The Tattoo Artist At Unicorn Ink Do White Tattoos? 

They advise going the conventional route with black. White ink should only be thought of as transient because it fades over time. If this is something you’re interested in, get in touch with them to arrange a consultation because it mostly resembles a scar.

* White Ink tattoos cannot be guaranteed. Thus they will not qualify for the free touch-up offered by the business.

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