Which Piercing Should You Get? Single, Double, Triple Helix Piercing- Ultimate Guide

Ear piercing is a fantastic option to add a little extra to your look. This piercing has become very trendy among all the youth. Getting an ear piercing is really a wonderful idea because it gives you a stylish yet elegant or extremely adorable appearance. Check out this ultimate guide of helix piercing.

helix piercing

Several forms of ear piercing are there which help you to upgrade yourself. Ear piercing is a safe and straightforward form of piercing.

Helix piercing is one of the essential forms of ear piercing. This piercing is completed on the upper portion of our ear.

helix piercing

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There are many different forms of this piercing that help you boost your personality’s attractiveness. You can have double or triple(multiple) or forward helix piercing. 

One should get it without any hesitation in order to decorate your ear with a beautiful piece of jewelry. This piercing is becoming a trendy choice among teenagers because of its aesthetic look. Let’s study the procedure and its different types.

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Helix Piercing Procedure

This piercing is the same as cartilage piercing. It is done on the external end of your ear, and it’s often known as cartilage piercing. It’s the most popular form of ear piercing.

For this piercing, one should go for a professional piercing artist who doesn’t use a piercing gun for the piercing process because it’s not safe for your cartilage or ear, and it can cause damage to your ear. So you should go to an expert piercer who uses a sterilized needle for the piercing process.

After choosing the piercer, the procedure will start, and the process will begin. The piercer will mark a spot on the upper part of your ear for piercing, and after that, the piercer will punch or double helix with the help of a 14 to 16-gauge needle.

Types Of Helix Piercing

Helix piercing offers a fun way to decorate your ears with different jewelry styles. There are 3 forms of this piercing that one should try according to their requirements.

Single Helix Piercing

This piercing is located on the ear’s upper cartilage or outer end. This piercing causes less pain as compared to other types of its piercings. It’s the simplest form which makes you look beautiful.

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Double Helix Piercing

The greatest benefit of this piercing is that it offers you a wide area for piercing as compared to other piercings. It is becoming very prevalent among all generations. It gives you a gorgeous, fashionable and fabulous look. In double piercing, you get 2 piercings in almost the same place or next to each other. 

Triple Helix Piercing

If you are really a lover of this kind of piercing, you should try triple or multiple helix piercing, which shows your personality’s most extraordinary and bold side. This is the best way to adorn your ear with distinct styles of earrings or studs. This piercing causes more pain as compared to other piercings.

Forward Helix Piercing

This is also called anti-helix piercing. It’s different from standard. It is possible to have multiple or triple forward helix piercing. Observe the curve of your ear to find the place where it connects with your face, that’s a location where the forward helix piercing is done.

Which Type Helix Piercing One Should Go For?

Since our ear provides us a big part for experiments with piercings, we can choose different types of piercing to decorate our ears, and getting this piercing is really an amazing idea. You should make an appointment with a skilled piercer who has the proper knowledge and equipment for the piercing process.

Piercing Should You Get


You can try different types of piercing according to your requirement. But it is better to get a double or triple helix piercing as compared to a single because it is more trendy among all people. This piercing gives you a little coolest and bold look by decorating your ear with multiple jewelry pieces. Double or triple piercing helps you to show the heroic and beautiful side of your personality. Hence, one should go for this kind of piercing.

Helix Piercing Pain

Like other piercings, this also causes pain, but the pain level depends upon the person’s tolerance level. For some persons, it can be less painful because of their thicker skin on other cartilage, but some persons can experience a lot of pain while having it. It is essential to have proper maintenance of this piercing to avoid unnecessary pain and discomfort.

Helix Piercing Aftercare

Once you get your piercing, it is important to have a proper aftercare regime to save yourself from infection. The healing process for helix piercing is simple and easy; you can clean it with sea salt and water solution twice a day.

Try to sleep on the other side or side without piercing. It will save you from unnecessary pain.

It’s important to avoid touching or twisting your piercing jewelry, especially with unwashed hands, as it can increase sensitivity, automatically increasing the chances of getting the infection on your piercing.

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To avoid excessive pain, don’t place any type of heavy jewelry or accessories in your ear during the time of the healing process.

 Don’t withdraw your piercing jewelry during the healing process; it can cause you extra infection and allergy. Somehow, if you find excess bleeding or swelling in your piercing area, you should immediately go to your piercer or doctor.

Helix Piercing Healing Time

It takes less time to heal, but it all depends upon how you maintain your piercing during the healing time. It generally takes 3-4 months to get adequately healed from this piercing. And once your piercing is properly healed, you remove or replace your piercing jewelry.

Helix Piercing Risks

There are many kinds of risks involved during the piercing process. The most considerable risk after getting a piercing is infection. Infection results from not having proper aftercare and proper treatment of your piercing. It includes burning, redness, swelling, discomfort, and yellow pus.

Scars are the other major risk. It occurs when the piercing gets extra inflamed. It can leave unnecessary marks near the piercing area.

The chances of getting keloids are more during piercing, and these keloids can spread around the area of the piercing. They are normal damaged scar tissues that don’t cause pain and come in different sizes.

Helix Piercing Cost

The price of helix piercing depends upon many factors like the piercer’s experience, skills, studio location, or jewelry. The normal price ranges between $35 to $75, which is a little expensive, but it is important to go to a piercer based on his skills and ability rather than its price. Don’t go for a cheaper one because it can cause you more discomfort and pain.

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Helix Piercing Jewelry Options

There are various options available to decorate your ear with this kind of piercing. You can choose good quality material for your ear piercing that has less quantity of nickel.

Stud: Studs are small pieces of jewelry with long thin support inserted in your piercing place. These studs can act as a most classic addition to your piercing jewelry.

Hoop/Rings:- Hoops or rings are the most trendy and famous piercing jewelry. Rings or Hopps are flexible enough to bend. There are various designs available for rings that make you more attractive and cool.

Which Type Of Jewelry Material One Should Use During The Healing Time Of Helix Piercing?

Choosing the best quality material for your piercing jewelry is important to save yourself from infection or allergy. You can use a material like surgical stainless steel or titanium as they are harmless and contain less amount of nickel. You can also use 14 karats gold to use your piercing jewelry, as it is not a bad option.

Titanium is one of the best choices for your helix or ear piercing jewelry as it contains a minimum amount of nickel, so it’s safe.

How Can You Save Your Helix Piercing From Infection?

An infected ear piercing can cause you redness, swelling, white or yellow pus, itching, or soreness. And it is important to cure that infection in a short period because infected piercing can cause many harmful infections to your body.

You should follow a proper hygiene routine to save your piercing from infection, like washing your hands before touching your piercing jewelry and cleaning your piercing at least twice a day. And if you still find any type of major infection in your piercing, you should immediately go to your piercer or doctor, who will help you deal with this infection.

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What Are The Gains Of Having A Double Or Triple Helix Piercing?

There are multiple benefits of getting a double, triple or forward helix piercing. They make your appearance more attractive and sharp. This piercing helps you add beautiful and unique studs or rings type jewelry to your ears. Some researchers also concluded that forward helix piercing also helps to increase blood flow. It makes you more stylish and gorgeous.

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