8+ Daith Piercing Ideas That Will Give you an Exotic Look

Getting pierced is an important decision for anyone because it’s for a lifetime. So one should make his decision wisely by choosing this elegant-looking daith piercing.

Piercing has the power to enhance the attractiveness of your personality and help to modify your body by adding some decorative ornament to it.  

Daith piercing is performed in the innermost part of the ear. It offers you an aesthetic and stunning look. It’s a unique form of piercings with a very interesting name, ‘daith,’ which has the same pronunciation as ‘faith’ . This piercing adds coolness to your personality and gives you a sensational look with its simplicity.

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Daith piercing

Daith piercing is an excellent choice of piercing for those who are looking for something different, unique, and elegant. Moreover, Daith piercings first came into existence in 1990, but this piercing was co-created in 1992 by a Jewish person named Erik Dakota who came up with the idea of piercings the anatomical area of the ear.

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The technique of this piercing is a little bit complicated. It’s an ear piercing that passes from the deepest tissue fold of the ear. This ear piercing will add attractiveness to your personality.

If you wish to have an ear piercings that will make you look more attractive, you should try a daith piercings. It provides you with a distinctive style and gorgeous look, which will make you look different from others. 

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Daith piercing procedure

If you want a daith piercings, then you should first find a professional piercer who has a perfect knowledge of piercing and has done this kind of sensitive piercing several times.

After finding a professional piercer, you can start your process of getting a beautiful piercing. Since piercings cartilage is a tougher process that’s why a 16 gauge needle is used to pierce the daith. An expert piercer will use a sterilized needle for piercing.

Because of its sensitive position in the ear, this piercing is a little tough and requires special needles which are curved in shape so that they can easily get through this part.

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Also, try to keep yourself away from caffeine because caffeine boosts your metabolism, which will ultimately increase the speed of bleeding.

 And don’t forget to be a professional piercer because it’s a complicated process, and a little mistake can cost a huge amount to you.

Daith piercing healing process

Healing is the most important process after getting your favorite piercing and the period of piercing really depends from person to person and their level of pain tolerance.

Moreover, daith piercing healing process ranges from 4 to 9 months.

You may notice little-bit redness or soreness during your healing process. With time, your pain will get reduced, and once your piercing is properly healed, you will not feel any pain.

But remember that you have to wear piercing jewelry during the whole healing process. So choose your piercing jewelry wisely.

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Daith piercing aftercare guidelines

To save your piercing from infection, it is important to use some precautions and follow a strict routine. Unlike other piercings, daith piercing requires a little more care and attention during the healing process, and if you unfollow any instruction given by your piercer, then it can cause major harm to your ear or piercing. So you should follow a daily routine until your piercing gets healed.

Soak your piercing with the saltwater solution: since saltwater is the best product for cleaning, you should daily soak your piercing for  5-10 minutes for good results. Bleeding and swelling are common problems during the healing process. So try to avoid the use of cotton wool to clean your ear.

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Changing your pillowcase or trying to sleep on the other side without piercing to avoid pain or infection is essential. And don’t use any chemical product or any hair accessories because they can touch your piercing.

Don’t touch your piercing jewelry: Avoid touching your piercing jewelry, especially with dirty hands, and don’t try to remove your jewelry. It may cause a serious infection. Don’t wear heavy earrings or accessories in your ear for at least 6 to 7 months.

 If you find any sort of infection, then you should immediately go to the doctor without wasting time to prevent your daith piercing from further infection.

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Daith piercing Pain

As discussed above, daith piercing is finished in the deepest tissue fold of our ear. It causes extra pain as related to other piercings. The quantity of pain differs from person to person and their discomfort tolerance level. It is considered the most time-consuming piercing, and it takes about 6-9 seconds to get a daith piercing.

Once it’s done properly and correctly, it’s important to have proper maintenance of your piercing to avoid unnecessary pain and discomfort. It takes a long time to heal from the pain of daith piercing. Many people face a lot of pain in the starting days of piercing, but after a few months of piercing, the pain will heal.

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Jewelry styles for daith piercing

It is important to choose your jewelry very wisely while piercing. Especially when it comes to daith piercing, the option for jewelry is endless. You can select your favorite jewelry to beautify your ear. One can choose ring-style jewelry like a hoop, captive bead, clicker earring, barbell, or heart-shaped rings.

Most daith piercers like Hoop jewelry because of its unique appearance or versatility. Captive beads are also popular among daith piercers because they give piercing a simple yet tense look. You can use jewelry made up of surgical stainless steel or titanium because jewelry made from these materials is highly recommended by experts as it reduces the chances of getting an infection.

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Daith Piercing Cost

Moreover, Daith piercing is a little bit costlier than regular piercing. It is roughly between $30-$80. Because of its advanced procedure and requirement of high-level skills, a piercer will charge a bit more as compared to others. Also, its price totally depends upon its demand or the store location expertise of the artist.

The jewelry which is used while daith piercing is also slightly costlier, and it is important to use better quality jewelry to avoid unnecessary pain and infection to your piercing area.

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Daith Piercing Risks

Like all other piercing, daith piercing also includes many types of risks

The risk of infection in ear cartilage is more, and you can feel more redness, pain, irritation, pus, or fever because of daith piercing. To avoid infection, use proper guidelines as discussed above.

With piercing, there is an involvement of a large amount of risk of having blood infection like hepatitis c. So to avoid this, you should tell your piercer to use a fresh needle at the time of piercing.

There are chances of getting the problem of some scars and keloids, which can spread beyond the area of the piercing. If you have any sort of family history related to keloids, then you should reconsider your idea of getting a daith piercing.

Make sure the jewelry you are using while the piercing is made up of surgical steel or titanium to prevent it from infection.

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Because daith piercing is a very complicated piercing so you should go to a professional piercer artist who has appropriate skills.

Even if you get your piercing properly, you will still have to face some minor infection or some redness, soreness, or bleeding in starting days.

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Is it true that daith piercing helps to reduce migraine pain?

Many studies show that our ear has some acupuncture pressure points and these points help to give us some relief from pain, So wearing an earring in daith continuously compresses the pressure points, which will reduce the pain of migraine. Even some people reported that there is an improvement in their anxiety issues.

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Why is it compulsory to have a familiar piercer for daith piercing?

Daith piercing is quite difficult as compared to other piercing as it involves a large amount of risk while having this piercing. So it is very important to find a professional piercing artist who has done daith piercing many times before for your piercing. He must have proper knowledge of his work and know-how to do an excellent daith piercing to make you look more stunning and attractive.

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How can I avoid hurting my healing daith piercings?

Getting a piercing is an important decision in one life as it involves a large amount of pain. Healing piercings are more delicate and susceptible. You can avoid hurting your piercing in many ways, like choosing a piece of fine material jewelry which is made up of surgical steel or titanium. Avoid touching your piercing area until it does not get properly healed.

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