Cool Eyebrow Piercing Ideas That You Surely Need To Check Out

Eyebrow piercings are like those trends that frequently come and go easily. It’s a weirdly evergreen piercing; if it isn’t in fashion these days, simply wait a while, and it’ll be around.

The eyebrow piercing is a completely universal statement piece, appreciated by both males and females. This can be situated somewhere along that eyebrow; however, it is most commonly found slightly near the curve of the brow.

Standard Eyebrow Piercing

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Eyebrow Piercing

It is a type of piercing that runs anywhere along the eyebrow. It’s basically a surface piercing since it rests parallel to the body and has an independent entrance and exit.

This implies it’s also much more susceptible to piercing failure, so choose a professional piercer who can perform the piercing better to reduce this danger.

There are many more options you must think about before having your eyebrows done.

What Does An Eyebrow Piercing Represent?

An eyebrow piercing does not have to be meaningful.

In fact, the objective of this piercing, just like every other piercing or hair coloring option, is to highlight your distinctive style. A piercing could be a marker of your rock’n’roll identity, and it can also just suggest that you’re a lively and intriguing person.

There is no actual symbolism to an eyebrow piercing in Western society, yet some individuals do it for being rebellious.

What Does It Indicate About Your Character?

In the world today, having one’s brows pierced is already a comparatively modern habit that acquired popularity in the 1970s.

If you’ve really gotten your eyebrows pierced to mimic your favorite fashion icon, it also indicates that you have a difficult attitude. On the other hand, being harsh might be seen favorably or badly.

Having a pierced eyebrow may give out “dark feelings,” leading others to assume you’re hostile. However, certain folks will just regard you as trendy and fashionable.

In reality, many stars have had their eyebrows pierced and mastered the style without coming across as “violent.”

Is Eyebrow Piercing Harmful?

In fact, eyebrow piercing hurts less than most other piercings. A piercer will just squeeze your skin and will exert some pressure, and it will not be excruciating.

You may experience heightened stiffness and inflammation soon after having your eyebrow pierced than you’d get from other piercings.

Just don’t get tensed of inflammation as it will disappear itself. Avoid blood thinners, apply an ice pack, and get adequate rest to promote recovery.

If you go through any of these complications, consult a doctor.

How Much Time Does Eyebrow Piercing Take For Healing?

The eyebrow piercing requires two to three months to heal. You must not replace or relocate your jewelry during the healing period, even when you desire to disguise it.

Because the flesh in this region is sensitive and fragile, adjusting the jewelry might result in bruising and jewelry refusal.

What Aftercare Guidelines For Eyebrow Piercing To Follow?

You must follow typical aftercare procedures during your eyebrow piercing heal, such as cleaning with a piercing care saline solution 2 – 3 times per day, as directed by your piercer.

Because the skin surrounding the entire eyebrow is so delicate, you must use extreme caution while it heals.

The jewelry used in eyebrow piercings is prone to displacement and refusal. If you tamper with your jewelry excessively, jewelry refusal is an obvious conclusion.

eyebrow piercing

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Check Out A Few Tips For Repairing A Eyebrow Piercing

Stop wax

Even during the healing eyebrow piercing process, avoid waxing your brows. You must avoid external objects, like wax, far from your piercing during the healing process.

If you want to lessen the mess of your thick eyebrows, carefully pull the hairs surrounding the piercing.

Some may argue that waxing is fine as long as the wax is kept away from the piercing region; however, we believe it is best to be prepared than to apologize for it later, particularly with that kind of a fragile piercing.

Avoid cosmetics

Be cautious when using face cleansers and cosmetics. Besides your aftercare treatments, no strange chemicals, especially cleanser and cosmetics, should come into contact with your new piercing.

Although this may be difficult, it is necessary since the ingredients in these cosmetics can cause discomfort and create scars and other problems.

Keep your bangs tied up

Be aware of your hair fringe. When you have fringes, they may interfere with your piercing.

If you do get them trimmed when your recent eyebrow piercing is curing, be careful, and think about letting them spread out a little so that you can remove those out of the way.

Your hairs can either bring bacteria into the piercings or grab the metal, causing pain to the piercing site.

Go with secure jewelry material

Choose valuable metals as the material for your brow jewelry. Jewelry refusal and displacement are two of the most common problems with eyebrow piercings.

While several factors play a role, inexpensive metals are more likely to be dropped by your body. Set yourself up for success by selecting solid gold or titanium metals.

Don’t try to relocate the jewelry. The movement of the jewelry hurts the skin and poses difficulties.

You could be motivated to cover up your current eyebrow piercing for a job or some other more formal occasion. Sadly, this is nearly hard to do while recovering.

Do not cover it in the healing time

Protecting a recovering piercing with a dressing increases stress, could lead to rejection. Removing out the jewelry might cause harm to the piercings, and the piercing site may shut until you can put it all back in.

Once the piercing has healed, you may purchase piercing retainers for a more modest look; however, if you really want an eyebrow piercing, then you must be willing to have it noticeable.

Eyebrow Jewelry Material

A 16G needle is typically used for eyebrow piercing. You must choose with just a light curved barbell on your first piercing. The curved barbell will not tug on your piercings like a ring would, lowering the possibility of embedded jewelry, relocation, or other problems during recovery.

Following recovery, you can wear the straight barbell again or switch to a hoop shape, such as a seamless ring or a captive bead ring.

Even though you will require a bigger jewelry item to handle any inflammation while healing, you can pick smaller choices for a plunger fit once your piercing has recovered. Just make sure the jewelry doesn’t irritate the piercings.

Since the eyebrow piercing has distinct entry and exit locations, altering the jewelry may be challenging.

Instead of pushing the jewelry into the piercing and causing harm, think about letting a reputable piercer adjust the jewelry for you. They can also teach you what to do to alter your jewelry on your own.

Side Effects Of Eyebrow Piercing

The placement of your eyebrow piercing is determined by the structure of your body as well as your individual preferences.

Some folks may not have the correct face structure to carry off this appearance. Be truthful with yourself, consult with a piercer you know, and ensure that it’s the right piercing for you.

Eyebrow piercings are frequently refused. When you hold your jewelry too much when recovering, rejection can be a result. When you’re the sort to carelessly tamper with your beautiful jewelry, you could get to different piercings.

Another typical negative impact of any piercing is piercing bumps. These are frequently the result of inadequate treatment or damage to the piercing site.

Bumps may emerge as a result of incorrect positioning when you hire an untrustworthy piercer. If the bumps are caused by the previous issue, they will disappear independently. When they occur as a result of the latter problem, you’ll have to consult a professional piercers to see if the piercing can be rescued.

Facial Piercings

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How Much Does An Eyebrow Piercing Cost?

The price of an eyebrow piercing could range from $20 to $70, not counting the jewelry. Just go with the professional piercers with the most knowledge over the one with the lowest price.

Eyebrow piercings have to have a certain amount of skill.

We’ve discussed before that eyebrow piercings have a tendency to relocate; this danger is increased when the brow is not pierced appropriately. Pick a good piercer who specializes in brow piercings in particular.

Variations In Eyebrow Piercing

Considering eyebrow piercing may occur anywhere along the forehead, there are several piercing designs to select from.

Multiple brow piercings are made up of over one piercing. Dual eyebrow piercings are the trendy type of eyebrow piercing. However, some individuals had obtained piercings throughout their whole brow.

If you go this route, it’s preferable to have one piercing at the moment to make the recovery process easier.

Horizontal eyebrow piercings are similar to conventional eyebrow piercings; however, they pass directly rather than vertically. This is often worn up or down eyebrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Remove An Eyebrow Piercing?

After around six weeks, when everything is recovering properly, you can replace the jewelry with a tiny portion or the one that completely complements your aesthetic.

Many stores offer tiny substitute jewelry with the purchase of the original piercing, so you may swap it for free—but don’t seek to modify your jewelry for the very first session on your own.

Basically, go to a competent piercer and have them assist and guide you. It might probably seal up, or it could experience trauma from you attempting to put the jewelry in inappropriately and really create further injury if you fail.

What Are The Most Secure Materials For Brow Piercing Jewelry?

Stainless steel, gold, niobium, implant grade titanium, and metallic alloys are the most frequent materials used in body piercing jewelry.

Obsidian is a naturally occurring glass that has been utilized for centuries. Surgical stainless steel and lighter metals such as niobium and titanium seldom produce allergic responses, although nickel frequently does.

Check to ensure that your piercing jewelry can tolerate cleansing and thermal treatment and that it is class and purity certified.

Can I Continue To Trim Or Wax My Eyebrow?

Although you need to go a little gentle on the region just around the piercing while the piercing heals, you may indeed wax, remove, or trim your brows as long as you’re gentle and operate around the piercing.

When your eyebrow piercings have recovered completely, you can withdraw the jewelry, clean or shave the area, and then replace it. (Only make sure to remove it out for as little time as possible; unless you can, keep it in.)

You must also clean your hands and maintain the jewelry clean during this procedure.

Will You Have To Clean Or Trim My Eyebrow To Pierce It?

You can get every type of eyebrow, including huge, curved eyebrows too bushy eyebrows, with no further trimming or waxing necessary.

Unless you already remove and shape your brows, keep in mind that the piercing would be where the brow typically is, not simply anywhere you draw it.

What Tends To Happen If It “Grows Out”?

Every piercing that passes through smooth skin, such as a brow piercing, will likely move to the surface of the skin over time. In brief, brow piercings are not permanent. Nevertheless, relying on you and your physiology, they can endure somewhere from just a few months to a year.

When a piercing is “refused” or “grown out,” an old layer of skin peel away, and new skin cells from underneath the surface replace those who have flaked away.

Pull out whenever the eyebrow piercing jewelry appears to have little or no skin left in it, or if the skin around it becomes glossy, red, scrapes, or the hair stops growing. (If you keep the jewelry in it until it completely grows out, you could well be left with a far more terrible mark.)

Since you still desire an eyebrow piercing, keep your jewelry and get everything done once the previous piercing has healed and the brow felt and looked normal.

Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing

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Will It Leave A Mark?

Scarring is possible whenever you pierce, scrape, or pierce your skin. When you take care of your piercing, scars should be minor (if any) and will likely be hidden behind your eyebrow hair. Yet, the further you misuse the piercing, the more likely you will develop visible scars.

Once your piercing starts to relocate or expand out, extract it before it reaches the surface since this can result in additional scarring. If you have a mass of harder tissue or other markings, massage the region a few times per day with shea butter or jojoba oil will help to lessen the scar.

Are There Any Ways To Disguise It?

In the healing time, the first piece of eyebrow piercing jewelry must stay in the piercing. (Attempting to disguise a healed piercing with cosmetics, band-aids, or lengthy hair will aggravate your piercing.)

When the piercing has recovered completely, you may disguise it by using a clear glass protector; it will leave your piercing free yet allow the piercing actually hard to notice. (So it helps for operations or doctor’s appointments where metal jewelry is not permitted.)

If you’re thinking about having a brow piercing, be certain you won’t have to hide something for the first two months.

Can Eyebrow Piercing Touch A Nerve Or Vessel And Ruin My Face?

The entire face is packed with veins, arteries, and nerve cells that are also confined in the piercing region. Such locations, nevertheless, can be readily addressed if you are pierced by a competent, knowledgeable piercer.

Pinching your flesh before the process is among the most popular methods piercers verify your security. Purely said, the piercer grabs the region with two fingers and then rolls the flesh across his/her fingers.

The piercer is able to obtain a clearer idea of the depth and quality of your skin and inspect for anything (such as major blood vessels) by doing so.

On Which Side Of The Eyebrow Can A Man Get His Eyebrow Pierced?

Once more, there is no hard and fast rule herein. When you get your eyebrows pierced on the left or right, you are not generally sending a subliminal code to women or men. Once it comes to male eyebrow piercings, both left and right are acceptable possibilities.

Overall, the ideal place to receive an eyebrow piercing varies on what sort of piercing you are having. The majority of people begin on the eye’s outer surface, near the eyebrow. Both vertical and lateral piercings are prone to this.

The optimal place for brow piercing is typically up to you. For example, if you have hair covering part of your right eye, go for the piercing on your left eyebrow.

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