8+ Terrific Double Nose Piercing Ideas To Fall In Love With

Nowadays, nose piercings are pretty popular. Countless stars, influencers, and many others wear them on a daily basis. There are several varieties of nose piercings available, such as the septal, left, right nose piercing, as well as a double nose piercing.

Nose piercings may work wonderfully for all face shapes and give uniqueness to any face. Septum piercings look fantastic on those with oval features, and multiple nose piercings look wonderful on those characterized by a long face, among other things. A facial shape on the longer side, obtaining a double nose piercing seems nothing short of spectacular.

Now, we’ll describe everything about double nose piercing, how everything looks, what it really needs, and often more.

Nose Piercing

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What Is A Double Nose Piercing?

Piercing is one of the most fashionable trends among teenagers and adults. Piercings come in various styles, including ear, nose, lip piercings, and other surface piercings. Septum piercings were formerly the most preferred fashion item among piercings. Double nose piercing is the present vogue of several varieties of nose piercings.

The significance of this sort of piercing is all tied to Asian heritage. Indian women pierce their left nostrils because it is said to help with the discomfort of periods and delivery. While no study has been undertaken on this occurrence, it is a commonly performed custom throughout the country.

1. Double Nose Piercing? (Nostril)

Do you want to have your nose pierced? Are you feeling daring? Consider getting a double or triple nose piercing.

These are not commonly seen and have the extra benefit of being quite fashionable. You can have two or three piercings along the same side of your nose, or you can really go a bit beyond with a double piercing on either side.

But if you’re worried that this is too much, don’t be: as far as you use tiny, teeny studs, the total impact will be incredible!

Double Nose Piercing

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2. Nostril Piercing – Nose Stud

Okay, this is currently the most common sort of nose piercing, and it’s simple to understand why: nostril piercings are incredibly adaptable and can accept a wide range of stud patterns. The opportunities are limitless, from tiny, gleaming studs to bigger metallic studs or innovative designs like hearts or infinity signs.

Furthermore, based on the scale of the piercing, they might be somewhat noticeable. Numerous young celebs have this sort of beautiful nose piercings. Demi Lovato is just an example that seems even sweeter with their attractive nostril piercings.

Nose Piercings

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3. Nostril Piercing – Rings/Hoops

Ring or hoop is another form of nose jewelry for nostril piercings. The size of such components can vary greatly: from big, enormous hoops to delicate ringlets next to the tip of the nose, anything is conceivable!

It has a renegade aspect to them, but this sort of piercing may also seem lovely, mainly when such hoops are pretty thin and fragile.

Septum Ring

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4. Septum Piercing

Septum piercings, often referred to as bullnose piercings, may be incredibly attractive. These do not penetrate through all the bones or skeletal, but rather through the septum’s skin, which lies directly beneath the cartilage.

When it comes to ring types for such a sort of piercing, there are only two choices: horseshoe or captive rings. But don’t worry: with so many adorable patterns available, septum piercings can be extremely stunning.

Double Septum

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5. Bridge Piercing

As the name implies, the bridge piercing is conducted through all the flesh on the tip of the nose and therefore terminates squarely in between the eyes. The styles for bridge piercings aren’t as varied as they are for the more common types, but they may still be attractive!

The barbell used for bridge piercing might have smaller or bigger ends and different colors. The effectiveness of this sort of piercing is dependent on aligning it to your facial features. In addition, a smaller gauge barbell will indeed appear more appealing!

Bridge Piercing

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Health Concerns For Double Nose Piercings

There are hazards associated with a nose piercing. Your nose is located upon what physicians refer to as your face’s hazard triangle. This is the space among your eyebrows and your top lip. This region’s veins are linked to your frontal sinus. Any operation on this area of your face can lead to a contagion.


Infections can be caused by bacteria that coat the inside of your nose. In addition, diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B or C, or tetanus might enter your body through contaminated equipment.


Any piercing may cause bleeding. A septum piercing could cause more bleeding than other nose piercing. A hematoma, a huge bruise that might get infectious or distort your face, could also emerge.

Loose jewelry

In your opening, nose rings or screw backs might become loose or move. If this occurs, you may inhale or ingest the small metal fragments. Loose studs or backs might potentially become lodged in the lining of your nose.

If you are sensitive to the metal used, an allergic retort may occur.

Double Nose Piercings

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Nerve damage

It can induce nerve damage, resulting in stiffness or distress.


Keloids, which are clumps of connective scar tissue, can occur.

Double nose piercing aftercare

  • A licensed piercer should pierce your nose. Don’t do it on your own or delegate it to a buddy.
  • Make sure that the individual performing the piercing takes the following safety precautions:
  • Inquires whether you have any health issues or if you’re pregnant.
  • A sterilized needle is used. Piercing guns cannot be fixed correctly.
  • The nose jewelry is sterilized on-site using an autoclave.
  • The needle box next to your eyes is opened.
  • They use sterile equipment during and after the piercing and cleanses their hands.
  • Before getting your nose pierced, wash and sterilize it with alcohol or antiseptic solutions.

Pain And Healing Time For Double Nose Piercings

When you get your nose pierced, you will experience some discomfort. Initially, you may experience some bleeding, inflammation, discomfort, or soreness. It may be painful, sensitive, and red for up to three weeks.

Nostril piercings heal entirely in around 2 to 4 months. A septum piercing recovers in 3 to 4 months.

How To Maintain Your Double Nose Piercings

To take care of your nose while it heals, follow these steps:

Whenever you touch the pierced site or your nasal jewelry, clean your hands.

Gently brush your nose with a saline-soaked gauze pad. Using a new paper towel, wipe the area dry.

Do not enter any potentially contaminated water until your nose has healed. Sprinklers, ponds, streams, and steam rooms should all be avoided.

Do not apply antimicrobial lotions to the wound.

You should not relocate your nose jewelry until it has healed.

Sleep on fresh linens.

Rather than bathing, take a cold shower.

Double Nose Piercing Ideas

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Symptoms of a problem


Skin that is red, puffy, unpleasant, or sensitive around the piercing

leaking yellow or green sludge from the location

Is It Going To Close?

Nose piercings might fade over time. Wear jewelry in your nose at all times to keep the hole open.

Cost and safest jewelry type

There are two charges associated with nose piercing: one for piercing surgery and another one for jewelry. Piercing your nose is frequently less expensive than piercing other body areas such as your breasts or genital area. Nose rings made of precious metals will be more costly.

Secure material for nose rings includes:

  • Surgical stainless steel
  • Solid gold
  • Titanium
  • Niobium

Nickel jewelry has a higher risk of causing an allergic response. If nose jewelry is overly big or heavy, it might cause inflammation.

Having a double nose piercing is okay?

Double nose piercings look great on any facial structure, and if you’ve already had your first one completed and recovered, you’re interested in a second-round (it’s been claimed that having them handled differently can assist with aftercare).

What time does it take to heal?

Initially, you may experience some bleeding, inflammation, discomfort, or soreness. It may be painful, sensitive, and red for up to three weeks. Nostril piercings heal entirely in around 2 to 4 months.

Double Sided Nose Piercing

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What would it cost to get a double nose piercing?

A nose piercing typically costs between $30 and $80. Many piercers would include the cost of the jewelry in the entire fee, while others charge an extra $10-$50 for a nose piercing or ring.

What is the discomfort level of a twin nose piercing?

The pain is described as anywhere in the 8 out of 10 areas, so that is not the most excruciating piercing nowadays, but it will surely hurt.

Is it possible to have double nose piercings along the same side at a time?

A double nose piercing would be any blend of 2 nose piercings. If you are enthusiastic with harmony, it may be two nose piercings, whether on the same or opposing side.

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