7 Most Popular Tattoo Shops In Houston

A tattoo shop is where you can find wide-ranging tattoo designs to tattoo your body parts. What is the importance of a Tattoo? Nearly all tattoo lovers ask this. Accordingly, as a tattoo fan, you should know much concerning tattoos at the outset. It would also help if you had an idea of Houston’s top tattoo shops. With this piece of writing, you can get sufficient guidance regarding the best tattoo shop. 

Every individual adores attracting other individuals’ attention, so tattooing is one of the most excellent sources of voicing fervor within most individuals.

Close up tattoo artist demonstrates the process of getting black tattoo with paint. Master works in black sterile gloves. Master of tattoo fill circuit tattoo.

The History of Tattoo in Houston

Tattooing is a prehistoric old-style approach. But at the same time, as time exceeds, it turns into the most widespread fashion icon for the world’s individuals. In addition, these days, it is identified as the most commonly delightful style trend. In France, Scandinavia, and Portugal, the tools used for tattoos are about 12,000 years old. Tattoos were known as fashion very fast in human civilization. 

Tattoos got employed by people in India and prehistoric Egypt as a modern method of holy worship and healing. However, a tattoo has also worked to represent communal position and penalty. In the past, tattoos turned out to be cheaper since they got employed for inferior-class individuals and sailors. Today, individuals of all ages, sexes, and categories can tattoo their self-rule.


The tattoos have exclusive designs with unique options. By and large, people may tattoo their different body parts through various tattoo styles. If you adore a tattoo, but you are below 18, in that case, you may not have the right to boast a tattoo for the reason that the tattoo is an under-ban. It would be best if you were 18 years old before getting a tattoo. 

Best Tattoo Shops in Houston

To pick and choose the best professional artists for you, initially, you should study the entire thing from both tattoo artists and clients. Then, you can go into the tattoo shop with a 100% guarantee by doing all this, which will aid you in getting stunning body art. 

As a result, you should decide on the best tattoo shop for yourself before tattooing. Here we have listed the seven most popular Tattoo Shops in Houston for you. You can think about getting your artwork done in any of these shops; because they are very famous in the vicinity.


3rd Generation Ink is one of the oldest tattoos in the USA. Bob Shaw – a family-owned business, owns this studio, established in 1940. These days, Bob is well thought-out as one of the tattoo business’s significant figures. He is very famous for his elaborate tattoo designs. But, above and beyond, the protection of his clients is the primary concern for him. So now, if you would like to go to a trustworthy tattoo shop in Houston, 3rd Generation Ink has made well to the Tattoo Hall of Fame Generation, and it ought to be your primary choice.

Services: Traditional tattoos, Illustrative tattoos, New School Tattoo Designs, Japanese Tattoos 

Contact: 126 Heights Blvd, Houston, Phone: (713) 485-5062




You Pick It We Stick was opened in 2003 and is well-known for Houston’s most stunning tattoo work. The studio stands for creating bespoke, only one of its kind tattoos for its clients. Aside from this, they also focus on special piercing services. Furthermore, the studio tends to be a clean, friendly, comforting, and fantastic ambiance. Besides making available fantastic tattoo designs to their clients, they also offer a lifetime guarantee on ink, on condition that you appropriately care for your skin.

Services: Art Work, Bling, Color, Cover-Ups, Retainers, Horror, Traditional, Girl, Feather, Tiger, Realistic, Script, Half and Full Sleeve, Polynesian, Ledger Joker, Lettering, and Memorial Tattoos.

Contact: 8235 Almeda-Genoa Road, Phone: (713) 987-0006



Scorpion Studios Tattoo is trendy for offering numerous tattoo designs. They include a team of expert tattoo artists who can better accomplish any method or approach a client likes. The greatest thing is all their tattoo artists are certified. Tools and elements utilized at Scorpion Studios Tattoo are given thorough sterilization before usage. An appropriate consultation option is there before any session at Scorpion Studios Tattoo. There are over a thousand choices of designs over and above ties to order desires.

Services: Great & Numerous tattoo designs – such as simple, color artwork, blackwork, and elaborate tattoo designs.

Contact: 1401 Westheimer Rd, Houston, Phone: (713) 306-7376

Website: www.scorpionstudiostattoo.com




Flying Squid Tattoo is a well-known and highly reliable tattoo studio in Houston. Besides serving as a tattoo shop, it also hands round as an art gallery. The studio is situated in the center of the Houston Heights area and embraces expert and capable tattoo artists who are professionals in a wide range of styles. The renowned tattoo artists include Ryan Scroggins, Dustin Whelan, Bill McBee, Perez, Jeremy Pacheco, Billy Ho, etc. Every tattoo artist is made available with a bespoke space in the gallery. In addition, they ensure that all their tools undergo sterilization earlier than they get employed for the job.

Services: Unique Custom Design Tattoo, Art Gallery (Cross Stitch & Jewelry).

Contact: 1507 N Durham Dr, Houston, Phone: (346) 444-6606




Tattoo icon Johnny Jackson owns Texas Body Art. The studio is composed of several professional tattoo artists equipped with the proper knowledge and background. They take good care of their clients and ensure that each piece of equipment undergoes adequate sterilization before use. They also cover the surface with safety films while ink caps and service needles get discarded after use. They are known to render fantastic tattoo designs. Their clientele includes celebrities, NFL football players, musicians, lawyers, doctors, and families.

Specialty: Modified Designs, Wide-ranging Tattoo Services, Bespoke Tattoo Designs, Wedding Ceremony Tattoos, and Spider Web Tattoos. 

Contact: 12537 Jones Rd, Houston, Phone: (281) 894-2282

Website: www.texasbodyart.com




713 Tattoo Parlour is one of the most well-liked places to dig up tattooed and pierced in the Houston vicinity. The tattoo shop received a great variety of awards. The studio is famous for making available the finest in conventional style, black and grey, fine lines, and several other modes of tattoos. In addition, the entire team of proficient tattoo artists aids in making available outstanding artworks to their clients.  

Specialty: Celtic, Custom, Animal, Fine Line, Half Sleeve, Portraits, Large, Traditional, Japanese, Tribal, Watercolor, Script, Lettering, Memorial, Floral, and Skull Tattoos.

Contact: 1533 Westheimer Road, Houston, Phone: (713) 533-1239

Website: www.713tattoo.com




The Redhawk Studio is a world-renowned tattoo shop located in Houston (East Downtown area). The team of skilled professionals focuses on a fine line and blackwork tattoos. For blackwork, black ink is utilized and carefully fits in the creative visions of their clients. Another stunning style that they are well-known for is line tattoo, which includes a sequence of lines to create a fantastic piece. Unfortunately, the tattoo shop does not allow walk-ins; you will have to book an appointment beforehand to benefit from their services.

Specialty: Line Tattoo, Colorwork, and Blackwork.

Contact: 3420 Rusk St #10, Houston, Phone: (832) 314-5555

Website: www.theredhawkstudio.com



To conclude, these seven most famous tattoo shops in Houston are well-thought-out most excellent for getting exclusive artwork. Some of them are to a certain extent affordable, and others can be to some degree costly. However, the work done in these reliable tattoo studios is at all times extraordinary and excellent.


What questions should I ask my tattoo artist?

The best questions to ask your tattoo artist can be: 

about the pricing and payment method, wide-ranging tattoo designs, procedures involved hygiene and aftercare, etc. 

Why do tattoo shops only take cash?

Tattoo artists may have a preference for cash for the reason that credit cards include processing fees that they must reimburse and checks bounce charges! But in no way is this a general situation.

What is tattoo etiquette?

Let the artist focus simultaneously as you dig up tattooed. Let the artist take the front or ask them what they like better. Do bring a manuscript to read or a movie to watch on conditions that you can do it without moving. 

Are tattoo artists self-employed?

Tattoo artists are self-governing service providers who, for all intentions and purposes, run their small businesses underneath the direction of the studio. Self-governing contracting denotes handling taxes as a self-employed person.

Can I shower after a tattoo?

Showering amid a new tattoo isn’t only in good health; it’s essential for the sake of good sanitation. Provided that you pursue the aftercare instructions your tattoo artist furnishes you, and you’re cautious not to stroke or soak your tattoo, showering shouldn’t get in the way of the healing development of your novel ink.

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