67 Stunning And Mesmerizing Tribal Tattoos Ideas And Designs For Chest

The tribal tattoos are an inspiration from the signs and symbols that the people in ancient times used to communicate and denote significant things about themselves. For example, the warriors used to wear these tattoos to tell about their ranks. 

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67 Stunning And Mesmerizing Tribal Tattoos Ideas And Designs For Chest

So, modern-day tribal tattoos are an imprint of the old ones used back in the day and had great importance.  

Now, if you see a person with a tribal tattoo, it may root back to his native culture or simply use the tattoo because he liked the design.

Tribal Tattoo Designs

1. Stunning Best Tribal Tattoo

Here is one tribal sleeve tattoo that is done with an intricate design and done in an arm sleeve manner.

This is also a shoulder tattoo, so when you are wearing a T-shirt, it will be an arm sleeve tattoo, and when you are at that beach to flaunt that body of yours, it will work as your shoulder tattoo.

Stunning Best Tribal Tattoo

Image: @ bonfis_ink

2. Impressive Tribal Tattoo Idea

You can even have a small tattoo which can create a significant impact. For instance, look at this tattoo done on one part of the chest but look like an engaging design.

Impressive Tribal Tattoo Idea

 Image: @  atouchofinktattooz

3. Lion And Tribal Tattoo Idea For Chest

The lion is the king of the jungle, and many people get a lion tattoo because of the things it stands for. The lion stands for courage and bravery. A lion tattoo using the tribal style of tattooing looks fabulous on men. 

Lion And Tribal Tattoo Idea For Chest

  Image: @ inked_tattooz

4. Lion Tribal Tattoo For Chest

The above lion tattoo was a small one, but here is an extensive tattoo that you can use to cover a large or significant part of your body. This is done in an abstract form so that you can go for such a tattoo as well. A Tribal Lion tattoo is a great option for men; you can even try lion tribal neck tattoos.


Lion Tribal Tattoo For Chest

      Image: @ tattoo_leon_japan

5. Wolf Tribal Tattoo

The wolf tribal tattoo can be done in many ways, but this specific spiral pattern is an attractive tattoo for the wolf. If you are looking for a unique tattoo, you can go for a similar one. The tribal design for any kind of animal looks fabulous.

Wolf Tribal Tattoo

 Image: @ bilabonez

6. Maori Tribal Chest Tattoo

The Maori represents “Whakapapa,” and its meaning is ancestry. Maori is the expression of cultural heritage and identity. It was also used to symbolize knowledge, skill, and eligibility to marry in ancient times.

Maori Tribal Chest Tattoo

  Image: @ mr.d.tattooworks_paris

7. Octopus Tribal Tattoo Design

The Octopus is the symbol of thinking on the go and a multitasking brain. The Octopus tentacles have many intricate designs involved, and then you can take the creative liberty for the colors. 

Octopus Tribal Tattoo Design

Image: @ josephgutshall

8. Mens Tribal Chest Tattoo Idea

Tribal tattoos are a great way to stay connected to your roots and culture. If you want to honor your ancestors, you can search for the design from your culture and then have it on your body with a blend of modern touch.

Mens Tribal Chest Tattoo Idea

    Image: @ blue_train69

9. Mind Blowing Tribal Tattoo Idea

This half shoulder and arm tattoo are pretty famous when we look into the tribal tattoos category. Even renowned film stars and wrestlers have these kinds of tribal tattoos on them.

Mind Blowing Tribal Tattoo Idea

 Image: @ akb_future

10. Stylish Tribal Tattoo Idea

Here is a tribal tattoo that looks somewhat like a portal that will take you to the world beyond where different creatres exist. But, of course, you can also go for such an outer space fantasy tattoo.

Stylish Tribal Tattoo Idea

Image: @ jmadson1

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11. Nice Looking Tribal Chest Tattoo

Look at this bold black lines tattoo; this looks fabulous in people with a lighter skin tone because of the contrast it creates.

However, if you look at the tattoo with a peculiar eye, you will notice that some part of it seems like an animal’s paw. So that means that you can even get a pet tattoo in this style.

Nice Looking Tribal Chest Tattoo

 Image: @ lucyloref_tattooartist

12. Beautiful Tribal Tattoo

The Sun sign tattoo is also a superb choice in this form of a tattoo. For example, the Sun sign done here is that of Sagittarius, and you can also get a similar kind of tattoo.

There are a couple of ways of representing the Sun sign, and one such route is using the bows and arrows of the Sagittarians.

Beautiful Tribal Tattoo

     Image: @ zerbi_tattoo

13. Nice Looking Tribal Tattoo Design

Here is another tattoo idea containing the bold black line; your tattoo artist can show his creativity to create something unique for you using a tattooing style.

Nice Looking Tribal Tattoo Design

Image: @ binhaotattoo

14. Nice Tribal Tattoo Idea

If you are looking for something simple, then here is a tyle that you can go for. The tattoos that go best with the simple texture are the simple shapes or vectors you use. So you can use this kind of design to make something meaningful. 

Nice Tribal Tattoo Idea

Image: @ tattooandstreetart

15. Outline Maori Tribal Chest Tattoo

There are a couple of things that the Maori tribal sign stands for health, fertility, and longevity.

Outline Maori Tribal Chest Tattoo

 Image: @ mathiastatoo

16. Polynesian Tribal Chest Tattoo Idea

The Polynesian people practiced using communication as a part of communication back in the day. The different imageries they used included shark teeth, turtles, spearheads, and Enata.

Polynesian Tribal Chest Tattoo Idea

    Image: @ best_polynesian

17. Polynesian Tribal Tattoo Chest Design

Here is another style of doing the Polynesian tattoos but with a touch of modern blend because of its color. The symbols that the ancient people used were seashells and waves and things related to the sea.

Polynesian Tribal Tattoo Chest Design

 Image: @ stefano_miani_tattoo

18. Polynesian Tribal Tattoo Idea

Here is a blend of different kinds of designs that you can try for your tattoo. First, look at the range of techniques that are used in this tattoo, from simple to intricate and light to dark.

Then, look at all the different tribal designs that you can use to blend in for your one-of-kind tattoo.

Polynesian Tribal Tattoo Idea

 Image: @ pichichi_tattoos

19. Realistic Tribal Tiger Chest Tattoo

Earlier in this post, we saw a style to make the lion tattoo in this style, but here we have a tiger tattoo in a similar. The Tiger can be created using simple black lines or negative space like it is done here.

Realistic Tribal Tiger Chest Tattoo

 Image: @ mana_tattoo_ibiza

20. Colored Tiger Tribal Tattoo Design

Now you can have the Tiger done in a rare way by using the tribal design as the background of your prominent tattoo, and then you can use colors to create the Tiger’s stripes.

Colored Tiger Tribal Tattoo Design

  Image: @ danielledilley93

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21.  Red And Black Ink Tribal Tattoo Idea

The combination of black and red looks impressive in all kinds of tattoos, not only these tribal tattoos. You can either have a precise balance of both colors or have one of them as a dominant color

Red And Black Ink Tribal Tattoo Idea

Image: @ celebrityinksa

22. Royal Tribal Tattoo Design

The tribal tattoos were majorly used by a lot of tribes as a sign of rank in warships and were considered royal signs. So if you are looking for something royal in this kind of design, you can go with something like the one below.

Royal Tribal Tattoo Design

Image: @ tagaloa_tattoo_makalio

23. Samoan Tribal Chest Tattoo Design

Samoan tribal tattoo comes from the Polynesian tribe, and Samoans were the first to create this piece of art; the first tattoo belongs to them. 

Samoan Tribal Chest Tattoo Design

     Image: @ arnaz_disaster

24. Whale Tribal Tattoo On chest

The tribal design can also be used to make a whale-like above; it was used to make other animals.

Other tribes like the Samoans or the Polynesians use the sea animals in their symbols, so you can even go for something like this. Look at this beautifully made whale on a man’s chest.

Whale Tribal Tattoo On chest

    Image: @ heimatattoo

25. Simple Tribal Tattoo On chest Design

The simple black lines can even be used to create a random design, like the one done here, or you can even use them to establish something meaningful for you.  

Simple Tribal Tattoo On chest Design

 Image: @ witchhammertattoo574

26. Tortoise Tribal Tattoo Design

Here is another common sea animal in some tribes that was used as a symbol to communicate different things. These are among some of the paintings that were carved in caves.

Tortoise Tribal Tattoo Design

Image: @ manhattantattoos

27. Stylish Maori Tribal Tattoo Idea

Here is a Maori-style tattoo that is done in a manner that somewhat looks like a leaf with great intricate design and texture.

Ample negative spacing used inside a tattoo gives it a very antique look. You can also try your favorite tattoo design in this fashion.

Stylish Maori Tribal Tattoo Idea

Image: @ rick_ink.135

28. Small Tribal Tattoo Idea

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind tattoo, here is an idea for you; you can have something like this made. This is a combination of different kinds of creatures.

The people who existed ages ago used these kinds of stamps for their work and design purposes.

Small Tribal Tattoo Idea

        Image: @ dusseldorftattoo_zero2

29. Stylish Eagle Polynesia Tribal Tattoo

The Eagle is a mighty and dominant creature of the bird family and stands for many things like dominance, power, freedom, focus, spirituality, luck, etc. So if you like tattoos with significant meaning, you can go for an Eagle tattoo.

Stylish Eagle Polynesia Tribal Tattoo

 Image: @ polynesian_tribal_tattoo_dubai

30. Stylish Tribal Tattoo Idea

Here we have a cool-looking texture for you; you can use it to cover a good part of your shoulder.

Stylish Tribal Tattoo Idea

  Image: @ tattoos_symbols_meanings

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31. Stylish Tribal Tattoo Design

This one right here is one of the most famous tribal tattoos that you will see on anybody, and for a good reason. If you are looking for something stylish and classic, this is the tattoo style you should go for.

Stylish Tribal Tattoo Design

Image: @ apocalypse_tattoo

32. Tribal Tattoo Design Idea

The chest tattoo in the circular motion is a popular choice among men and one that you will see on mostly gym-goers. However, one more hidden meaning behind it is that warriors used signs like these for honor in the past.

Tribal Tattoo Design Idea

    Image: @ uinktattoo_surat

33. Tribal Dragon Tattoo Design

Dragon is one of the most powerful creatures that has been mentioned in many folklore, and chance is that they may have existed. These mighty beasts have great significance in Japanese culture and stand for a couple of things.

First, the Dragon stands for intelligence, strength, and grace. The Dragon is compiled beautifully here and holds one to its dear eggs.

Tribal Dragon Tattoo Design

   Image: @ alienvi_

34. Tribal Lion Head Tattoo Design

Instead of getting the whole body of an animal, a simple head just does the job. For example, look at the rare tattoo done below in red, where the intricate design is just used to make the face of the Lion.

Tribal Lion Head Tattoo Design

 Image: @ testerwilliam

35. Tribal Polynesia Maori Tattoo For Chest

If you have an inclination toward the minimalistic tattooing style, then here may be the tattoo you are looking for. Here is a tattoo made in the form of an outline sketch with minimal use of color.

Tribal Polynesia Maori Tattoo For Chest

 Image: @ chatavachechachatacha

36. Tribal Scorpion Chest Tattoo

The Scorpion is the symbol of intimidation and fear; it implies that you may step up to protect yourself and are capable of instilling fear in someone. They even stand for loyalty and protection.

Tribal Scorpion Chest Tattoo

Image: @ leviticustattooemporium

37. Tribal Shark Tattoo Design

You can see a cluster of sharks made in a beautiful pattern, and if you relate to qualities like protection, courage, and guidance, you may get one such tattoo on you because the shark stands for all these things.

Tribal Shark Tattoo Design

  Image: @ jawjawinks

38. Tribal Skull Tattoo Design

The skull signifies death, and the bearer may imply that they are a fearless person and so much so that they are not even afraid of death. You can get a skull in many ways with different blends.

This is the reason that you may have seen a lot of motorcyclists with these kinds of tattoos because they ride fast and denote that they are not even afraid of death.

Tribal Skull Tattoo Design

Image: @ juules_woods

39. Tribal Tattoo Design For Chest

If you want a big or extensive tattoo, you can go for both your arms covered in a sleeve. For instance, look at the tattoo done below with a combination of different kinds of tribal designs tattoos.

Tribal Tattoo Design For Chest

Image: @ gustavo_stattoos

40. Tribal Tattoo Design Idea

Have a favorite creature made in a unique way for an antique tattoo style? Here is combined with the Yin and Yang, which stand for philosophy and cosmology. Another thing that the Yin and Yang imply is the unity in opposites.

Tribal Tattoo Design Idea

  Image: @ top_tattoo2015

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41. Tribal Tattoo Idea For Boys

Are you a fan of the dot artwork of tattoos? If you are, then have a glance at this artistic impression formulated with a beautiful design. Only small dots are used to make shape and size; you can get anything made in it, even in 3D style.

Tribal Tattoo Idea For Boys

Image: @ amoremtattoo

42. Tribal Tattoo For Men’s Chest

Here is another idea for you of the negative spacing tattooing style that you can go for. These tattoos are an intelligent way to get what you want, and you can minimize the use of ink by increasing the space between the two.

Tribal Tattoo For Men’s Chest

Image: @ giuseppe_critattoo

43. Tribal Tattoo For Men’s Chest

The black shade is more dominant in this tattoo, but the kind of aura it spreads is just unique. You can have a mesmerizing tattoo like this one if you want a black background in your tattoo.

A lot of intricate design and texture is combined with a Knight, which stands for honor, respect, loyalty, and bravery.

Tribal Tattoo For Men’s Chest

Image: @ joon.k_157

44. Tribal Tattoo

You can even use a tattoo to cover an area of the single chest, not just for the style, but you can even use such a tattoo as a cover tattoo. For example, you can wrap scar tissue with it or a surgical scar.

Tribal Tattoo

Image: @ w_i_s_e_m_o_n_k_e_y

45. Amazing Tribal Tattoos For Men

The tattoo covering the shoulder and the arm together is quite common in the tribal tattoo, and there are a lot of options in which you can get those. 

Amazing Tribal Tattoos For Men

Image: @ axellestattoo

46. Ultimate Tribal Tattoo For Chest For Men 

The entire chest and both arms can even be covered with tattoos like the people of tribes used to wear them.

Ultimate Tribal Tattoo For Chest For Men 

Image: @ jeanmichelmanutea 

47. Ultimate Tribal Tattoo For Men

If you keep little space between the designs in terms of negative spacing, it is a tattoo that requires skill to be made.

Ultimate Tribal Tattoo For Men

 Image: @ primitivetattoo

48. Unique Tribal Heart Tattoo

The heart with the tribal design stands for love. A couple can also go for a tattoo of such kind as a pair.

Unique Tribal Heart Tattoo

  Image: @ arttattoo_cherbourg

49. Very Nice Maori Tribal Chest Tattoo

Mesmerizing Maori tattoo done here is with an incredible combination of red and black and makes the tattoo impactful. If you want something to give the look of the magical world, then get something matching this theme.

Very Nice Maori Tribal Chest Tattoo

  Image: @ 34.lnk

50. Wonderful Tribal Tattoo Idea

Here is another way to get a bird made in the tribal design style. Have a look at this beautifully made bird, combining various other elements and making for an eye-catching tattoo.

Wonderful Tribal Tattoo Idea

Image: @ convictionsmrtattoo

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51. Wolf And Tribal Tattoo Idea

The wolf is quite a popular choice when you will look at the ratio in which people get animal tattoos. And there is a reason behind it, the wolf is considered the apex predator and is known for protecting its family. However, what makes the tattoo alluring is the tribal design chosen for it. A wolf tattoo with gives is the ultimate tattoo you can get for your family as a father or protector of it.

Wolf And Tribal Tattoo Idea

Image: @ tommytattoostudiojkt

52. Wonderful Tribal Tattoo Chest Design

Here is an antique tattoo for those who are looking for something entirely different.

Wonderful Tribal Tattoo Chest Design

Image: @ flexnoname

53. Wonderful Tribal Tattoo Idea

The more black you have in your tattoo, the more time and money it will take. Moreover, the amount of pain involved will be more, so if you want something like it done below, then make up your mind to consider all these points.

Wonderful Tribal Tattoo Idea

 Image: @ eres_tattooer

54. Wonderful Tribal Chest Tattoo

It is one of the most common tribal tattoos you will see on people as it is one of the most popular.

Wonderful Tribal Chest Tattoo

     Image: @ kancha_tattoo_zone

55. Bull Tribal Tattoo Design

The bull symbolizes many things: power, leadership, masculinity, anger, etc. If you relate to these traits, you can opt for a bull tattoo.

Bull Tribal Tattoo Design

  Image: @ diomka_tattoo_pl

56. Wing Tribal Tattoo

You may see the wings tattoo being used as memorial tattoos a lot, but one may just get it to symbolize freedom and protection. This tattoo choice is popular among gym-goers also.

Wing Tribal Tattoo

Image: @ inktribaltattoo

57. Attractive Tribal Tattoo Design

You will need a skillful person who can create this kind of artistry.

Attractive Tribal Tattoo Design

Image: @ best_polynesian

58. Beautiful Polynesian Tribal Tattoo

This tattoo contains some symbols that the tribal people used to denote some essential things; they had these inside and outside their houses.

Beautiful Polynesian Tribal Tattoo

Image: @ butchworks

59. Beautiful Tribal Tattoo

The pattern in which the tattoo goes also gives a tremendous effect; moreover, the lizard-looking like creature adds to the tattoo’s outlook.

Beautiful Tribal Tattoo

Image: @ enniocaio

60. Elegant Tribal Tattoo

Covering the half side of the body is an exciting choice, and it may imply the two personalities within you. For instance, one can be the fun side, the other being the serious side.

Elegant Tribal Tattoo

Image: @ ranieropatutiki

61. Elegant Tribal Tattoo on Chest

The necklace kind of look is quite famous for the pattern used in making the mandala tattoo. However, the Mandala also dates back centuries ago used tradition. So you can even use other designs to be made in this kind of pattern.

Elegant Tribal Tattoo on Chest

Image: @ francesco.capro

62. Blue And Black Tribal Tattoo

The tribal tattoos did not have any color used in them, but you can give your favorite design a modern look by adding color to your tattoo.

For reference, look at the sexy tattoo done below and show it to your tattoo artist so he can create something authentic for you.

Blue And Black Tribal Tattoo

Image: @ embassyinkandgallery

63. Attractive Whale Tribal Tattoo

The whale is among one of the most humongous and deadliest creatures that have existed on the face of the earth. But the irony is that the things it stands for are all opposite to its looks; psychic abilities, kindness, faithfulness, devotion, harmony, good luck, etc.

Attractive Whale Tribal Tattoo

   Image: @ lombok_tattoo_studio

64. Black Ink Tribal Tattoo

This looks like a pattern with many roots or branches from s tree combined together to form this epic design, but in turn, it is a creature made using a rare procedure.

Black Ink Tribal Tattoo

    Image: @ taller.aquelarre333

65. Brilliant Tribal Tattoo Design

Another style of doing the most popular kind in this category of tattoos. 

Brilliant Tribal Tattoo Design

Image: @ luciano_trust_tattoo

66. Brilliant Tribal Tattoo Design For Chest

If you combine the intricate design with simple black bands, then it may be the most incredible tattoo that you can get for your family. Because simple black bands represent a family member or some loved one that has passed away.

Brilliant Tribal Tattoo Design For Chest

       Image: @ akb_future

67. Marquesian Style Tribal Tattoo Design

The Marquesan men used to get tattoos to represent essential things about themselves. For example, they used to get a symbol on their body at the age of 14 to represent that they have reached a certain maturity level. 

Marquesian style Tribal Tattoo Design

 Image: @ d_world_of_ink

Other tribal tattoos that you can go for are Indian tribal tattoos, African tribal tattoos, Samoan tribal tattoos, Celtic tribal tattoos, Aztec tribal tattoo, Polynesian tribal tattoos, Mexican tribal tattoos, tribal cross tattoo, Filipino tribal tattoos, Irish Tribal Tattoos etc.


Can I Get A Tribal Tattoo?

Yes, anyone can get a tribal tattoo; if you are related to a culture or not associated with culture, you can get a tattoo as a mark of respect in either situation.

But you must have a proper understanding of the tattoo and understand what it signifies. For example, if you want a tattoo design only if you like a pattern, it can be touchy to someone.

Are Tribal Tattoos Cultural?

Yes, because all the tattoos come from the ancient history of humankind and the existence of all previous folk. The tattoo shows the timeline of the beginning of the fact scattered in groups across the globe.

All the texture in black dots and lines was used for ceremonial and sacred practices and formed as the main component of the foundation of tribal tattooing.

What Does A Tribal Tattoo Mean?

A tribal tattoo belongs to some culture or heritage and dates back to it. The tribal tattoos are different depending upon the culture you are looking at, and the design also changes similarly.

All designs and tattoos often are related to some back story like social standing or achievement and many more things. Like some of them are a symbol of protection and power.

Before getting one consult your tattoo artist to know the significance behind one.

Can Anyone Get A Ta Moko?

Yes, you can undoubtedly get a Ta Moko; anyone who wants to immerse himself in the Maori culture can wear the Moko. If you are passionate about Maori culture, you can look at your different tattoo design options.

A body art person who makes Ta Moko can guide you best with the significance of wearing traditional patterns like the Maori one.

It is the same for any cultural tattoo; if you want to wear it with respect and your intention is pure, you can wear a tattoo of all cultures like Polynesian, Hawaiian, Filipino, Indian, etc

Is it Disrespectful To Get A Tribal Tattoo?

No, it is not disrespectful in general, but if you are wearing one without adequately comprehending the meaning, it can harm someone’s sentiments and be rude.

For instance, there may be a tattoo done in a particular culture for their Gods, and your tattoo placement may be disrespectful to some.

If tattooing someone’s exact design is considered rude, it also shows that you do not have your own identity, as tattoos show your personality. Tribal tattoos are a great way to establish connection and respect to heritage and ancestors.

Bottom Line

The name tribal tattoos simply signify that they have to do something relating to the past, and that is why they are the most extraordinary and unique way to stay in ties with your culture.

So if you want to honor your ancestors and are proud of your culture, you can use these tattoos. You can look for the design used in your culture in ancient times, or you can even get something from someone else’s culture; there are no such boundaries.

Kai Falmer