15 Top Tattoo Shops In Houston

A tattoo shop is where you can find wide-ranging tattoo portraits for your body parts. However, what is the precise meaning of a specific tattoo? This is a general question for nearly all tattoo lovers. Accordingly, as a tattoo fan, at the outset, you should make out as much concerning tattoos as you can. Besides, it would be best if you also had an idea of the top tattoo shops in Houston, TX. 

Every human being loves to attract other human beings’ attention; as a result, tattooing is one of the most excellent sources of voicing obsession within human beings. Tattoos are noticeable in different places in more or less all parts of the world. Tattoos are furthermore used to denote the expression of love for a partner, relations, associates, and over and above strength, power, achievement, dignitary, and more. 

The tattoos have exclusive designs with unique options. Generally, individuals may tattoo their different body parts with various tattoo styles. If you adore a tattoo, but you are below 18, in that case, you may not get a tattoo for the reason that the Tattoo is disallowed. It would help if you were 18 years old before getting a tattoo. 

History of Tattoos in Houston

Tattooing is a prehistoric old-fashion style. Nevertheless, as time goes over, it has turned into the most widespread fashion representation for individuals worldwide. Furthermore, it is identified as the most commonly delightful style trend these days. The essential kit for tattoos was formerly revealed in Portugal and France, and this mechanism is ancient. 

A tattoo has also acted as a representation of social position and punishment. Individuals in the Philippines were marking their schedules and working through tattoos. And they also thought that they had mysterious assets. In the past, tattoos turned out to be cheaper than it was employed only for lower-class individuals. Still, they become more professional like tattoo artists, and tattoos have become a line of work of the influential. Today, individuals of all ages and sexes can wear tattoos. 

Tattoo Removal Procedure

There are many well-known places for tattoo removal in Houston. Most individuals nowadays come to Houston to have their redundant Tattoos get removed. Most individuals who come here are individuals with tattoos involving their girlfriend or boyfriend. Some just wanted to do away with their Tattoo because it is already washed out or out of fashion.

Tattoo removals shops are researching why most individuals want their Tattoo get removed. They have asked a few questions about why they want to chuck out their tattoos. They also feel like learning about a few details to find out how fast or how long they can do away with the Tattoo.

One crucial question they ask over is how long has the Tattoo been lying to the customer. This is because old tattoos are generally washed out due to sun exposure. In addition, our body has its method of getting rid of the tattoo ink, given that it is a foreign matter.

Another crucial question to ask over is the color of the Tattoo, seeing as there are colors that are, to some extent, difficult to remove. For example, it is easier to chuck out black ink tattoos than blue ones. Likewise, red inks are more accessible to chuck out than orange ones. 

The third question that they ask over is about the ink’s compactness. There are well-off ink tattoos, making the Tattoo challenging to eliminate. However, washed-out and thin tattoos can be removed faster than thick ones.

The answers to these questions are the reasons that need to be well-thought-out to settle on removing the Tattoo. The process is not done only on one occasion. It would take more than one sitting to eliminate the Tattoo finally. 

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Here are the 15 top tattoo shops in Houston, TX.

1. 3rd Generation Ink

3rd Generation Ink is a leading tattoo studio that offers tattoo art and body piercing services to residents and visitors in Houston. The tattoo shop was launched in 2014 by the renowned tattoo artist Larry Shaw II. He is his family’s most skilled tattoo artist (3rd generation) who aims to carry on the family inheritance. Over the years, he has mastered the art of creating and producing tattoos in conventional, new school styles, and Japanese designs.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/3rdgenerationink/

Website: www.3rdgenerationink.com

Contact: 126 Heights Blvd, Houston. 

                                           Image: @3rdgenerationink

                                             Image: @3rdgenerationink

2. Flying Squid Tattoo

Flying Squid Tattoo is a matchless tattoo parlor and art gallery situated in Houston. Their skilled tattoo artists have their tattooing portals. Their art gallery attributes artwork from local Houston tattoo artists. They also sell custom jewelry, music, and memorabilia from local bands and artists. Houston Ghost Bikes, a volunteer group, installs white bikes in the shape of memorials on locations where fatal motor accidents have taken place. Their site is also available for several different events.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/flyingsquidtattoo

Website: www.flyingsquidtattoo.com

Contact: 1507 N Durham Dr, Houston. 

                                         Image: @flyingsquidtattoo

                                         Image: @flyingsquidtattoo

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3. Scorpion Studios Tattoo

Scorpion Studios Tattoo caters to the Houston vicinity and accommodates locals and visitors regarding their needs for drawn-to-order traditional tattoo designs. Founded in 1991, the tattoo parlor aims to follow the highest standards and only employs disinfected and single-use tools.

Scorpion Studios believes in equal participation and ensures that customers participate in artistic procedures. The studio’s excellent team of tattoo artists has decades of collective experience. It caters to a broad range of styles: black-and-gray, color, illuminating, Japanese, and Americana art.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/scorpionstudiostattoo

Website: www.scorpionstudiostattoo.com

Contact: 1401 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006. 

                                    Image: @scorpionstudiostattoo

                              Image: @scorpionstudiostattoo

4. Texas Body Art 

Texas Body Art is a reputable custom tattoo parlor located in Northwest Houston. The tattoo shop’s professional team of skilled tattoo artists can produce custom body art. Besides, they have created all-embracing designs for musicians, doctors, lawyers, and NFL football players. Texas Body Art follows the stipulated safety standards for tattooing by using sterilized needles and following hygienic measures. In addition, it can also make available body piercing services for walk-in customers.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/texasbodyart

Website: www.texasbodyart.com

Contact: 12537 Jones Rd, Houston. 

                                               Image: @texasbodyart

                                              Image: @texasbodyart

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5. The Redhawk Studio

The Redhawk Studio is a leading and most popular tattoo parlor located in Houston (East Downtown area). The tattoo shop specializes in blackwork tattoos. The entire team of skilled tattoo artists cautiously fit in the artistic visions of its customers by simply making use of the black ink. This kind of needlework entails wide-ranging proficiency and talent. The line tattoo is another fantastic art. A sequence of lines makes up bespoke and practical images with this distinction. To avail of their services, one needs to book an appointment beforehand.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/theredhawkstudio

Website: www.theredhawkstudio.com

Contact: 3420 Rusk St #10, Houston. 

                                Image: @theredhawkstudio

                                  Image: @theredhawkstudio

6. Imperial Tattoo Company

Imperial Tattoo Company is a reputable tattoo and body piercing studio serving customers from Houston and closes at hand areas. The family-owned tattoo parlor comprises professional and experienced tattoo artists with a collective of 50 years of experience in the trade. All the tattoo artists work with each customer to create bespoke designs and convey their ideas to sketches. The business holds strict policies standing by to keep away from any distractions and make sure that customers are at ease all through their tattooing sessions. 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/imperialtattoocompany

Website: www.imperialtattoocompany.com

Contact: Sugar Land, TX 77478

                         Image: @imperialtattoocompany

                              Image: @imperialtattoocompany

7. Noble Street Tattoo Parlour

Noble Street Tattoo Parlour is a regular tattoo parlor and art gallery situated in Old Town Spring serving customers coming from Houston and close at hand areas. Its local artists specialize in a broad range of tattoo styles, from black and gray blackwork to customary American. In addition, they work directly with customers to produce body art pieces based on their individual preferences. Interested persons may book the tattooing services of the tattoo parlor through the official website.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/noblestreettattoo

Website: www.noblestreettattoo.com

Contact: Old Town Spring, TX 77373 

                                  Image: @noblestreettattoo

                                    Image: @noblestreettattoo

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8. Prison Break Tattoos

Prison Break Tattoos is themed as a ‘prison break’ tattoo studio situated in Houston. The tattoo shop makes bespoke custom tattoos, body piercings, and cover-ups available. It is decked out in prison decoration with electric chairs, bars, and prisoners. Over and above working in the tattoo industry, the proprietor BK has worked in law agency enforcement for more than 20 years. The tattoo parlor takes pride in supporting all the customers and emphasizes a family ambiance.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/prisonbreaktattoos

Website: www.facebook.com/PrisonBreakTattoos

Contact: 5306 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007

                                           Image: @prisonbreaktattoos

                               Image: @prisonbreaktattoos

9. Rampage Tattoo

Rampage Tattoo includes a professional team of tattoo artists that produce exceptional designs for customers and visitors in Houston. The tattoo parlor is safe and sound and always maintained sterile. In 2011, Ram Perez launched it in the company of Bear, his co-artist. Together, Ram and Bear work closely with their customers and recognize them as their most important critic. The team aims to break the traditional mold by providing tattoos explicitly designed for every customer. 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/rampagetattoo

Website: www.rampagetattoo.com

Contact: 12637 Westheimer Rd suite 200, Houston, TX 77077

10. Virtue Tattoo

Virtue Tattoo welcomes local customers and visitors in Houston by walk-in appointment. The tattoo parlor follows the established standard of delivering the best possible services to all of its customers. Its great and skilled team of professional tattoo artists is outfitted with proficiency in the trade, facilitating every artist to execute special tattoo design requests from customers. For tattooing and body piercing services, Virtue Tattoo utilizes sterilized equipment to ensure safety and hygiene.  

Instagram: www.instagram.com/virtuetattoo

Website: www.virtuetattoo.com

Contact: 11611 W Airport Blvd, Meadows Place, TX 77477

                                     Photo Image: @rampagetattoo

                                   Image: @rampagetattoo

                               Image Image: @virtuetattoo

                                              Image: @virtuetattoo

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11. 713 Tattoo Parlour

713 Tattoo Parlour is a prominent member of the Professional Piercers Association. The tattoo shop creates bespoke tattoos and body piercings for its local customers and visitors in the Houston vicinity. Its talented and experienced tattoo artists specialize in an array of modern and elegant tattoo styles, for instance, customary, fine line, and black and grey tattoos. Besides, they also offer body piercings by using premium quality jewelry sourced from leading brand names in the industry. 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/713tattoo

Website: www.713tattoo.com

Contact: 1533 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

                                           Image: @713tattoo

                                          Image: @713tattoo

12. Artistic Impressions Tattoo Studio

Artistic Impressions Tattoo Studio offers all-embracing body art services to the individuals of Houston and the neighboring areas. Founded in 2010, the tattoo shop is home to many expert tattoo artists who have decades of collective trade experience. Spiro Kambitsis  specializes in the illuminating cartoon, and Neo-traditional tattoos. Artistic Impressions Tattoo Studio strictly employs sterilized hollow point needles to ensure the safety and wellbeing of customers.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/aitattoo

Website: www.artisticimpressionstattoo.com

Contact: 20633 Katy Fwy Ste b, Katy, TX 77450

                                   Image: @artisticimpressionstattoo

                                 Image: @artisticimpressionstattoo

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13. Bayou City Body Shop

Bayou City Body Shop has been a reputable tattoo studio serving the Houston vicinity since 2006. The tattoo parlor specializes in customary, realism, sketches, neo-traditional, cover-ups, custom, lettering, and full-color tattoos. The studio strives to maintain a gracious and clean ambiance. Customers speak significantly of the talent of tattoo artists. Over and above tattooing, they also carry out body piercings.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/bayoucitytattoos

Website: www.bayoucitybodyshop.com

Contact: 4025 Hwy 6 N #105b, Houston, TX 77084

                                    Image: @buddhaboxstudios 

                                     Image: @buddhaboxstudios

14. Figurehead Tattoos

Figurehead Tattoos is a reliable tattoo parlor situated in Houston. Nate Beavers leads the tattoo studio, a skilled tattoo artist who has a long waiting list time and again. He works by appointment beforehand only. He specializes in color, realism, black and gray, and sketches. His long list of customers includes a Houston attorney and Charles Johnson (football player). Experienced tattoo collectors and anxious first-timers will find the team hospitable and well-informed.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/natebeavers

Website: www.natebeavers.com

Contact: 1045 Studewood St, Houston, TX 77008

                              Image: @natebeavers

                                           Image: @natebeavers

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15. Sintown Tattoo Studio

Texas is home to many reputable tattoo studios and professional tattoo artists. Sintown Tattoo Studio is dedicated to originality and creativity. The great team of an experienced team of tattoo artists includes Diamond Hawkins, Gabriel Flores, Jimmy Trevino, and Mike Bernade. Sintown Tattoo was founded in 2005 and attributed to a few of the favorite tattoo artists in the business. The tattoo parlor has continued to grow with world appreciation amid locations in Houston.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/sin_town

Website: www.sintowntattoostudio.com

Contact: 648 S Texas 6, Houston, TX 77079

                                    Image: @sin_town

                                          Image: @sin_town


To choose the most outstanding professional artists for you, you need to learn the entire thing from both tattoo artists and consumers. You can go into the tattoo shop with a full guarantee by doing all this, which will help you dig up utterly striking body art. Thus, you should choose a unique tattoo shop before tattooing.


How much are tattoos safe?

Of course, tattoos are safe, provided that you go to a reputable tattoo artist that is precisely following all preventative safety measures. Ensure you’re entirely truthful with your tattoo artist concerning any health condition you may have. 

How to choose your first Tattoo?

You must have a good idea of what you wish for and where you feel like it. Carry out a little research. Above all, make sure what you yearn for earlier than you approach your tattoo artist to draw your best tattoo piece.

Should I pick something small or big?

A good number of tattoo parlors have a minimum charge. So if you walk off for a smaller design, you may have been able to find a similar design that is more oversized for the equivalent price. On the other hand, if you are making an allowance for a large design, it is recommended to get it in parts as most individuals have 2-3 hours of patience. 

Is getting a tattoo painful?

The reality is getting a tattoo, to some extent, hurts. Some parts hurt more than others, and it’s different for each customer depending on where they are more responsive. If you consider using a cream, always talk to your tattoo artist ahead of time.

How will I know if the tattoo parlor is safe and hygienic?

All tattoo shops have a license and must follow the rules and regulations, including aseptic techniques. Aseptic technique denotes employing practices and procedures to prevent infectivity from microorganisms. Your tattoo artist should follow hygienic guidelines right through the Tattoo.

Can I bring in a custom design for me?

We persuade individuals to carry out their research. Have as much stuff as you can find to let your particular tattoo artist make out what you are yearning for. 

How to get prepared for tattoo aftercare?

Taking care of a tattoo is as essential as making sure your artist works hygienically. Appropriate aftercare is vital to reducing your probability of an off-putting reaction such as infectivity and making your Tattoo seem as good as achievable.  

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