32 Great Cloud Tattoos & Ideas With Rainbows + Raindrops

History, Symbolism and Meaning

If you look up above in the sky, you will notice the most striking shades and shapes of clouds. It is more or less similar to a painting. In Roman Mythology, the clouds stand for gods and goddesses’ houses. For the Chinese, the cloud stands for variation and development. According to Hindu and Tibetan viewpoints, clouds are a form of changeover.

32 Great Cloud Tattoos & Ideas With Rainbows + Raindrops

On the other hand, cloud tattoos represent an envoy of hope with the worries associated with the transitory nature of the cloud. Rain is one more color that can add tint and life to your new ink. Try employing black outline colors to generate rain drops image designs. A black outline furthermore makes a gallant statement. Make sure that your tattoo artist utilizes the correct type of ink to create a prominent rain cloud tattoo.

Tips to Remember

What is a Cloud Tattoo?

Because of their symbolic meanings, in addition to immeasurable design possibilities, the tattoos of clouds are turning out to be progressively more popular in the world. Whether employed on their own or as components of some more significant designs or scenes, clouds have the aptitude to signify a diversity of meanings.

Many designs illustrate a cloud that moderately obscures the sun, denoting something concealed from perceptive or masked by anonymity.

What is a Rainbow Tattoo?

Rainbow tattoos are a fantastic choice due to the intact number of colors. You can boast the rainbow tattooed on the top of your body and draw on the spectrum of colors on top of them to frame other designs. The possibilities are never-ending. In the figurative sense, a rainbow is a bit delightful and represents the precise mix of things insightful of life itself. Each shade in the colorful rainbow is a bit that holds a lot of significance.

Risks Involved

At the same time, as tattoos become more widespread, so have the interrelated health risks—skin allergies, sensitivity reactions, and blood-related diseases.

Types/Styles/Design Ideas

1. Cute Cloud Outline Tattoo

Image: @simplyjulieee

Cute Cloud Outline Tattoo is an incredible, artistic, and stunning tattoo drawing that is sure to make any women go knockout at what time they observe it on top of her body! However, the most pleasing aspect of this tattoo is the unique imagery that makes it one of the most awesome tattoo drawing modes for women.

2. Lighting and Thunder Cloud Tattoo

Image: @sierra_granger

Amid a picture design like this one, you get to convey your freedom of movement and your sacred beliefs. It is also very stimulating to draw on these images as a depiction of deity because you represent the Creator’s presence over the clouds.

3. Rain or Shine Cloud Tattoo

Image: @rachelannatattoo

Rain cloud tattoo is one of the most exclusive image designs. If you make an effort to look at it narrowly, it does not look like clouds at all; in its place, it seems a lot like rainclouds. It is not a widespread choice, but this picture design can make you more noticeable from the rest.  

4. Cute Cloudy Rain Tattoo

Image: @siennastabs

Regardless of why you choose this kind of tattoo, you will immensely love how it looks on top of your body. Notwithstanding where you settle to place it on top of your body, you will be happy with this beautiful representation of the cloud rain, life, and deity.

5. Cluster of Clouds on Thigh Tattoo

Image: @particule.ttt

Cloud tattoos- what do you feel concerning getting them? At the outset, the design choices are enormous – you could pick and choose from so many beautiful designs, and next to that, the cluster of cloud tattoos has a lot of significance.

6. Clouds with Sun and Moon Tattoo

Image: @ddingdong_tat2

These tattoos can symbolize many things like autonomy, change, and even hard luck. A cloud tattoo with sun and moon could also combine with many other designs to bestow a whole meaning and a great outline.

7. Cloud Tattoo on Wrist

Image: @enavalentine.tattoo

We are accustomed to looking at the Cloud tattoo, and by adding a fairy or a pixie, you are adding a picturesque but delightful touch to the tattoo drawing. Amid softer shades, it adds to the magic of the tattoo.

8. Cloud Tattoo with Angel sitting on it

Image: @_fabtattoo

This tattoo is a pretty dynamic picture. You can either show the angel trying to escape the rain by holding on to the clouds so that he can utterly soak in the shower. In addition, this tattoo will help create a great tattoo design with raindrops exposed in detail.

9. Clouds Tattoo on Ribs

Image: @quilis_tattoo

You can either pick and choose a cloud design for its awe-inspiring look or give it your spin to make a profound statement. The vital thing is that it holds a lot of connotation for you on the whole and that it’s of no concern if others don’t find it.

10. Colored Clouds Tattoo with Rain

Image: @goodgear.tattoo

Perhaps the trendiest of rainbow tattoos is the combination of colored clouds with rain. There are several disparities in the design, but this is its heart. You have to make sure that it works in good health collectively and the hues are lively.

11. Cloud with Thunder Tattoo

Image: @patitassuaves.ttt

Once again, an exciting tattoo design utilizes the cloud with thunder to make an attention-grabbing and appealing tattoo design. However, the view of the tattoo will stand out owing to the effectual blending of the particular elements.

12. Cloud with Sun on Hand Tattoo

Image: @cyd_ink

With the combination of clouds and sun, this short but detailed tattoo is just suitable for those who would like to shine out. Prepared in black ink, it is a full-length wrist tattoo, perfect for those who wish to capitalize on their ink.

13. Cartoon Clouds Tattoo with Rainbow

Image: @cute_n_cool_tattoo

You’ve almost certainly seen a rainbow before. When sunlight navigates raindrops in the sky, the light gets torn into the rainbow colors. This tattoo pattern is for somebody who has departed for paradise.

14. Cloud with Colored Rainbow Tattoo

Image: @soulfromheart

This cloud tattoo design looks attractive and fits in good health on top of the upper where it is worn. Additionally, the different colors utilized and the elements blend to a certain extent well into a pleasant-sounding design.

15. Clouds with Slanting Raindrops Tattoo

Image: @zuza_galu

Cloud Tattoos with Slanting Raindrops. Human beings have been mesmerized by the clouds and the rain; thus, cloud shadows portray as the home of the deities and a place called paradise where all good souls go off.

16. Eye in Cloud with Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Image: @richardlnagy

Clouds are elements of the sky, making elements of the divine or holy realm. They can be amazing to watch, and it makes sense to view them as an eye with the lightning bolt. On the whole, it is something that represents holiness.

17. Single Black Cloud Tattoo in Abstract Style

Image: @sinanozalp

When we think of a bit above us, we feel that it can make out all. That is what this cloud tattoo is all concerning. This tattoo must bump up against you, provided this sort of feeling does not alarm you or lay you off.

18. Rainbow  Cloud Tattoos

Image: @jewel_flash_tattoos

This one looks as if you boast your heart in the clouds. It goes devoid of saying that the significance of such a tattoo will be different for different individuals. You can make it look as if you are delighted by adding happy rainbow colors. 

19. Japanese Clouds Arm Tattoo

Image: @mokoo_tt

This one can be extraordinary, and the mode it will look; will depend on top of how you get it done. You have to talk about it with the tattoo artist to ensure that the ending result looks rightfully ethereal.

20. Black Cloud with Orange Lightning Tattoo

Image: @pablofinotattoo

This one straightforwardly represents your belief in the divine father with the cross facet. An individual who wants to show his holiness and thoughts will stumble on a lot of comfort from this tattoo.

21. Raining Cloud Tattoo

Image: @siennastabs

A Raining Cloud tattoo appears weak layers of haze inked on top of the skin and can be premeditated in different styles or sizes. This cloud tattoo looks more similar to an appearance of a face, and the entire outline makes the design look attractive.

22. Cloud Tattoo with Bold Outline

Image: @dri_xe

Cloud tattoos have a profound meaning, given the clouds symbolizes the holy realm, which consists of the sky and the divine bodies. Therefore, having a cloud tattoo may indicate a divine connection with hidden forces.

23. Umbrella with Clouds, Rain Tattoo

Image: @lucyborton

This cloud & umbrella tattoo design with rain is such an incredible piece of work, with the use of one color significantly enhancing the by and large outlook of the design. Additionally, the tattoo fits in good health on top of the arms worn.

24. Cloud & Rain Drops Tattoo

Image: @pintadon_tattoo

This unique cloud tattoo design looks stylish and ethereal, considering the size to a certain extent. Although both men and ladies wear cloud tattoos, some sizes and designs look prettier when women wear this design.

25. Sun with Clouds Outline Tattoo

Image: @gatamagattattoo

This cloud tattoo design is, to a certain extent, simple yet very stylish with the superbly intertwined features of the clouds resulting in such elaborate imagery that is stunning and cool to look at.

26. Raining Cloud Tattoo with Bold Outline

Image: @ash.fantastic

Raining cloud tattoo designs stand for diverse meanings like keenness to change and makeover, seeing that the clouds are competent of shifting from one way to another. Therefore, wearing cloud tattoos may make available the motivation necessary for you.

27. Traditional thunder cloud Tattoo

Image: @pulsetattooandpiercing

Cloud tattoos are by and large simple, but the use of traditional designs like this one has a way making the tattoo pop up in a pretty magnificent way. The color utilized in the design blends in good health with the wearer’s skin texture.


At the same time, there are quite a lot of variations (design-wise), over and above styles that you and your preferred tattoo artist can work in the company of to generate the just right cloud tattoo for you. Several designs can be adopted when inking cloud tattoos, but you should pick and choose a plan that best fits the place you aim to wear it.


How do I choose a tattoo design?

Ans: Picking a tattoo design is not at all easy, in particular earlier than you get your first tattoo. Despite everything, a tattoo is a bit that will be in your company for the remaining of life, so finding the right design and artist is of most tremendous significance.

How do I decide what tattoo to get?

Ans: If you’re inclining towards getting your first tattoo on top of your chest, then the upper collar bone is a superb choice. It’s rated one of the least excruciating places to dig up a tattoo, and the skin in this area doesn’t draw out as much as the remaining of the chest with time.

How do you design a tattoo?

Ans: Get out a portion of the paper and sketch the tattoo to scale. Don’t be scared to go through various drafts – you are drawing a bit that will go on top of your body enduringly, so take your time and work on top of the sketch until it’s just precise.

What is an excellent first tattoo?

Ans: For an excellent first tattoo, locate an inspiring artist, and think about getting a unique tattoo in some mode. For some individuals, it could have over-romanticizing; for others, it could simply be a representation they find striking.

How do I come up with my next tattoo?

Ans: The aim is to encompass your tattoo for the long haul, nevertheless, so choosing one that feels right to you is the single most significant factor to think about at what time to make your decision.

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