55 Glorious And Colorful Rose Tattoo Designs On Wrist

When you choose a rose tattoo design, do not get filled with regret. Colorful wrist tattoos have a vast rise in design ideas as they come in a wide range from deep red to peach and beyond. However, the most popular design ideas of roses do have intricate detailing giving a realistic look and a feeling of depth.

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55 Glorious And Colorful Rose Tattoo Designs On Wrist

What does a rose represent?

Rose tattoos are perfect tattoo ideas for women to show femininity and sensuality with a beautiful design and as approachable in many designs and styles, it is easy to find one that might precisely represent what you want. As a range of meanings, it symbolizes love and devotion, representing trust, beauty and appreciation. The elegant design for women shows their feelings in an understated way.

1. Cool Wrist Rose Tattoo

The excellent rose tattoo design looks elegant and classy but typically inked wrist. You can have it done in black ink or any other color of your choice, as a rose tattoo design can also pair well for those with other accessories. It gives a superb design idea.

Image: @_jeff_wolf_street_tattoo_

2. Tiny Rose Tattoo

Many girls love to get a cute tiny rose tattoos for the first tattoo. The tattoo design is typically placed on the wrist. It makes an exciting tattoo design with no shading or intricate detailing. The small design often stands out more with black ink.

Image: @awtkast_tattoo

3. Delightful Rose And Cross Tattoo

It is a beautiful example of how roses can create a solid tattoo design on the forearm or sleeve. The entire flower heads can overlap and crowd together with no gaps in the tattoo design. Adding a prominent cross in the specific tattoo gives an intricate detailing look.

Image: @rivera_jacobs_tattoos

4. Shaded Grey Rose Tattoo

The fantastic and cool rose tattoo designs can add some shading and still look simple. Rose flowers are considered as versatile, and the petal shape changes drastically from bud to complete form that gives a lot of freedom in style and placement.

Image: @kittierine

5. Vibrant Rose Tattoo

A cute small rose tattoo designed on the wrist can mean various things to different people. The rose tattoo is often associated with love, passion and intense desire for love representing strength and beauty. The cute design on the wrist looks elegant and stunning in its way.

Image: @valentina_alaia

6. Beautiful Black And Blue Wrist Tattoo

As an expression of personality, rather than just decoration, body art is becoming more common, and many people love the idea of wearing a bit of art on their skin every day. The black and blue rose tattoo design works best to inspire you with also an addition of intricate detailing for small wrist tattoos.

Image: @tatsbyty

7. Dark Red Rose Tattoo

The most common meaning for a dark red tattoo represents love and passion. In addition, it means grace, attitude and affection. The dark red color with a bit of shading in the design makes it look appealing and differentiate the tattoo design.

Image: @jackassica

8. Pop-up Red Tattoo

The pop-up color effect on the skin makes the raised pattern of the petals painted in deep reds, pinks or maroon against a black background. In addition, the aspect of the tattoo makes it stand out from regular tattoos with raised shapes creating an extra ink of depth for the tattoo itself.

Image: @48roses_tattooer

9. Illustrative Rose Tattoo

A designer rose tattoo on the wrist can be a simple reminder of a loved one or an ex-lover. It is sometimes meant to convey pain and suffering since roses have thorns that prick and draw blood. One can get this tattoo.

Image: @tattoopoint19

10. Elegant Wrist Rose Tattoo

The elegant and eye-catching large rose tattoo on the wrist with colored ink for blossoming petals gives a different look. A rose symbolizes love and beauty. The colors represent diversity with the meaning of innocence, gratitude and everlasting love.

Image: @meganleahtattoo

11. Green Rose And Clock Tattoo

Green rose tattoos are meant to renew fertility and rejuvenate spirit and energy. The green rose tattoo designs are also associated with plentiful and richness as a feeling of balance, stability, and peace. The green design looks distinctive and represents new life.

Image: @skrzypinski.lukasz

12. Incredible Grey Rose Tattoo

Flaunt your grey-inked intricate tattoo design on your wrist by displaying your imaginary streak and fighting spirit. The grey rose tattoo with bold and intricate detailing looks incredible as a symbol of love, beauty, and passion. It can also be a symbol of a new start or good luck.

Image: @jordanchin99

13. Pitch Black Rose Tattoo Design

A black tattoo is not a flashy design but looks elegant and stylish. Although women often choose the tattoo, a black ink bold tattoo design has always been engaging. In addition, the dark and bold-colored tattoo design works well with contoured lines for wrist design.

Image: @jodiej.tattoos

14. Black Innovative Rose Tattoo Design On Wrist

As an excellent example of simplicity, the black tattoo looks excellent in detail extending from the black rose. Adding different elements with everything for darkening colors towards the bottom made the tattoo look great with the friendly approach.

Image: @kraska_39

15. Watercolor Rose Tattoo On Wrist

The colored rose tattoo design might include thorns and other realistic details to make the tattoo as lifelike as possible. These rose tattoos with a splash of colors are trendy among women as it also gives excellent and creative symbolic meaning to the art design.

Image: @tattoos_by_mya

16. Cover-up Rose Tattoo

Show you are different to get this grey inked rose tattoo design on your wrist. Representing your achievements on your wrist with an inscription of encouraging words to keep you on a path, the grey detailed rose ink tattoo with shading effect looks adorable.

Image: @robynlynboschart

17. Impressive Blue Roses Tattoo Design

The impressive blue tattoo design signifies unattainable or the impossible. Given its non-existence, the longing for its presence symbolizes unattainableness. On the other hand, some people regard the blue rose as an exhibition of an inner feeling of love. You can choose from a range of blue rose tattoos for yourself.

Image: @miss_d_tattoo 

18. Designer Rose Design On Wrist

There is an option for getting a sweet minimalist rose tattoo design. You can add additional elements full of meaning with a gorgeous placement. It is an excellent idea with a very feminine touch. You can choose any color to get your tattoo inked uniquely and elegantly.

Image: @kameenstudio

19. Stunning Purple And Green Rose Tattoo

The purple rose symbolizes love, mystery and magic, and the tattoo represents all aspects of mystery, including knowledge, feminine power. The deep color of flowers also symbolizes both nobility and tradition that has often been linked to royalty throughout history.

Image: @mcfit1069

20. Huge Rose Tattoo Design On Wrist

The large tattoo design on the wrist also symbolizes happiness and everlasting love to represent the new beginning of life. Although a wrist is the most prominent place to get a tattoo inked, it can signify various things by elaborating the rose design of the famous tattoo.

Image: @blackjadetattoo

21. Lovely Red RoseTattoo

The wrist is a popular placement for a rose tattoo design. For example, you can get a circular tattoo with a full blooming rose. Additionally, you can get a red tattoo design idea as it is artfully worked with the existing tattoo design without making it a complete arm tattoo design.

Image: @jonarton

22. Butterfly And Rose Tattoo On Wrist

A classic rose tattoo on the wrist with little more detailing than usual by adding bright and red color used for petals with the addition of muted black-green color of the stem adds a slightly Gothic rose appeal. The tattoo design looks elegant without making it too dark or overly focused on death.

Image: @jemzvaughan

23. Bright Pink Rose Tattoo On Wrist

The evocating pink rose tattoo design on the wrist is beautifully placed. The pink rose symbolizes sweet femininity, innocence, and new love. The pink rose tattoo looks great in color and is the highest level of passion. The tattoo comes as a personal choice, and the style makes the wrist great!

Image: @artist.haneul

24. Fine Line Pink Rose Tattoo

The fashionable and minimalist pink-colored tattoo design concept gets impressed with the pink color addition. Representing new love or innocence as the tattoo design varies in the intensity of colors. The flowers stand for grace and elegance while it tends with the best selection.

Image: @eparks_

25. Two Colored Rose Tattoo On Wrist

An addition to blue and rose tattoo design on wrist for the incredible tattoo design, the addition of different and unique detailing gives best results. The personalized tattoo form gives additional personalized meaning to the tattoo design.

Image: @justink713

26. Realistic Rose Tattoo On Wrist

Tattoos of a wrist from a delicate floral design with the tattoo can be preferred with a pink or red rose. The colored rose tattoo design with delicate and big or small tattoo design gives many colors, creating a gradient effect desired on the wrist.

Image: @xo_nam1

27. Purple And Green Rose Tattoo

A purple tattoo design could mean any combinational tattoo with a symbolic representation. With a section for the best piece in tattoo design, the distinct or custom tattoo design indicates enchantment of true love and magnetism.

Image: @metamorphosistattoos

28. Traditional Red Rose Tattoo

The Red rose tattoo originated from Persia and was traditionally a masculine symbol. More often, the roses are symbolized for a feminine touch. Representing true love, combining rose with another design adds a different meaning to the tattoo design.

Image: @volkovysktattoo

29. Versatile Rose Wrist Tattoo

The rose tattoo design comes with a rose placed as a robust solution. Rose tattoos are versatile and can be set wherever you want them to be. The personalized rose wrist tattoo on the body gives a detailed and distinctive look with an excellent place design.

Image: @madridinklm

30. Red And Green Rose Tattoo

Getting a simple red rose tattoo comes with a simple design. The addition of green leaves is a nice touch that gives a natural touch to the tattoo design. The lovely rose tattoo design on the wrist is the best placement. It brings innovation to life, and you can also get it wrapped around.

Image: @inkddreamsart

31. Roman Number With Memorial Rose Tattoo

Roses are one of the most popular designs for memorial tattoos. They are very versatile. They symbolize life, love and beauty, but their basic meaning can be modified with other elements. The tattoo is drawn in remembrance of someone.

Image: @idzinkflow

32. Rose Tattoo With Name On Wrist

An elegant rose flower with a name carved on it makes the design look great. The delicate design looks beautiful on the wrist. You can get a chance to select many different colors and styles of roses. These tattoos are feminine and symbolize love, beauty and elegance in one’s life.

Image: @jmstattoos

33. Blue Rose Tattoo With Feather

Even those blurry watercolor tattoo designs can immediately tell that it is a rose design blue rose often symbolizes unrequited and unattainable love as a rose. Combined with that thorny stem and the moon symbol idea, it is clear that this rose tattoo is full of stunning artwork.

Image: @tattooburlesk

34. Bunch Of Red Roses Tattoo

The accurate tattoo artwork on the wrist creates a design of a rose. It is an easy placement to show off when desired. The experienced tattoo artist also manages to get an impressive amount of detailed design. We love to see the tattoo design in a colored look.

Image: @red_lights_granza_tattoo

35. Purple Realism Rose Tattoo

Purple tattoo design is a symbol that symbolizes eternal love for the person in the long run. The wrist’s outstanding tattoo design also fits a fairy queen with glorious body artwork. You can also get a rose shoulder tattoo or ankle or arms tattoo to make the design elegant.

Image: @empireinks

36. Detailed Red Rose Tattoo Design

The gorgeous tattoo design will look great in any placement as long as the tattoo is quite long enough. The fine lines and addition of wide design are easy to scale up. You can have the complete choice of placement, and the detailed, sprawling designs make it look adorable.

Image: @otzibros

37. Sparrow With Red Rose Tattoo

A colorful bird accompanied by a red rose tattoo rendered on the wearer’s forearm makes the design look great. Symbolizing triumph, love and devotion for the tattoo is a pretty unisex design that offers the way to feel cherished and complimented when seen.

Image: @elvisshirley_tattoos

38. RoseTattoo For Parents Love

Tattoo in remembrance of Dad rose tattoo is a symbolic design. As a representation of affection towards the father, additional elements such as heart shape or attractive fonts give the tattoo a unique and elegant look. It is worth exploring the symbolism of roses and reflecting the design.

Image: @linda_jones_c

39. Impressive Rose Tattoo Design

A simple rose tattoo design is gorgeous and creates a shape that perfectly fits your wrist. The continuous line unravels to complete a beautiful form neatly done and the long or oblong shape. A single and straightforward rose design can be an example of a romantic tattoo design.

Image: @nikkixart

40. Rose Tattoo With Half Clock Tattoo

With an intricate and symbolic tattoo design idea, the tattoo is inked in white shade mixed with black or other dark shades. The tattoo design is around for many different people. However, the most common reason behind the rose tattoo relates to love, passion and life.

Image: @tannersaurusrex

41. Line Work Rose Tattoo

A simple tattoo design with bold black ink is less intimidating as of delicate and more feminine appeal. Simple rose tattoo design looks excellent everywhere and comes as a low commitment option for those who do not want to get an elaborated ink style.

Image: @markovisnictattoo

42. Stylish Rose Tattoo Idea

Another standard yet subtle tattoo design is the wrist design. The tattoo design looks classy and sexy when inked on the wrist and is a way of expressing your love for someone. A well-placed tattoo design can also give a stylish look for the tattoo to work on.

Image: @busti_ink

43. Dove With Black And White Rose Tattoo

It is the most popular tattoo design idea. Doves and roses are a romantic version of a usual tattoo design. Both the elements stand for love, beauty, and affection and together in a single design. The tattoo design gives a unique and subtle look when inked in dotwork.

Image: @sauliusmok

44. Rose Tattoo With Black Artwork

The new idea of rosebud is a type of rose that has not opened into full bloom. It represents beauty and purity. A rose tattoo can incorporate part of the rosebud, such as petals with stems and leaves or even without leaves and stems.

Image: @brankovart

45. Multiple Rose Tattoo

There are so many meanings for the rose tattoo design. The gorgeous roses create plenty of depth and dimensions for the tattoo artist to play with. The simplified style with intricate detailing or dotwork ideas looks great scaled up.

Image: @edwinhtattoo

46. Star And Rose Tattoo Design On Wrist

As stars symbolize achievement, and the rose represents promise and fruitfulness. When inked together, it is a flawless tattoo design, making the design versatile and rich in symbolism. Ranging from simple to complex tattoo designs, the tattoo design on the wrist gives an appealing look.

Image: @lil_lchiara

47. Rose Tattoo With Wheels

The decorative and symbolic tattoo design has a lot of personal meaning for who wears the tattoo. For example, the tattoo with the wheel symbolizes the constant change in life and hope for stability, and the rose shows love. The addition of elements with the tattoo design makes it a personalized design.

Image: @creative_tat2

48. Alphabetical Yellow Rose Tattoo

The yellow rose tattoo style is not Japanese, and we genuinely love the floral design. Also, sharp edges and linework are beautifully placed on top of the slightly blurred colors. The yellow rose tattoo idea on the wrist represents friendship and makes the design look elegant and distinctive.

Image: @artscab

49. Tribal Rose Tattoo

Showing the sharp contrast between colorful tattoo designs for the tribal tattoo or traditional rose tattoo is filled with thick and dark red blossoms inside. The American traditional tattoo style is a popular design and symbolizes brotherhood and solidarity.

Image: @ynkedsoulz

50. Snake And Blue Rose Tattoo

Blue rose is the flower of the Genus Rosa to represent blue to violet pigmentation instead of the standard red, white, and yellow color design. Symbolizing mystery or attaining the impossible, the blue-colored tattoo ink with additional elements gives an adorable look.

Image: @xiso_ink

51. Appealing Rose Tattoo On Wrist

The attractive rose tattoo is typically on the wrist with a standard-sized tattoo and a detailed or quite stunning look. The rose tattoo can also symbolize a love that only grows stronger.

Image: @tattoosbyjoshy

52. Dazzling Black And White Rose Tattoo

Use a black rose tattoo design to symbolize death or mourning. People often get this tattoo in the memory of someone, and it can also indicate rebellion and strength. In addition, it usually shows respect for someone who has passed away and is a lovely artwork.

Image: @trismaori

53. Infinity Rose Tattoo

An excellent small rose tattoos when designed on the wrist can be a simple reminder of a loved one. However, it is sometimes meant to convey pain and suffering since roses in the simplest black ink version look amazing.

Image: @slim.fs.tattoos

54. Geometrical Rose Tattoo On Wrist

It can be a bunch of shapes, and the tattoo keeps it from guessing. It is a mysterious tattoo design for a person who has got the tattoo inked. There are many different ways that a tattoo artist can create a rose without even drawing the shape.

Image: @marius.grig.54

55. Half Butterfly Half Rose Tattoo

Ink the rose and butterfly tattoo design, particularly anywhere on the body. However, it looks way better in design and creates an illusion that it has spread its wings. The tattoo represents a strong woman who is confident of her sexuality and femininity and loves to stand out in the crowd.

Image: @lima_lemonart


What is the meaning behind a black rose tattoo?

The most common meaning for a black rose tattoo design is grief or death. Since black is a color associated with death, people often get this rose tattoo in memory of someone who has passed away.

What is the meaning behind a rose?

Roses are most commonly associated with love and romance and relate to secrecy or confidentiality.

What does a three rose tattoo Mean?

The number of petals or blooms also carries its symbolic meaning with the three guiding principles of love, life, and light.

What color of rose means hope?

White roses are often used in weddings and baptisms because they represent new beginnings, hope, and remembrance and love.

What does a dead rose tattoo mean?

The dead red rose tattoo symbolizes dying love or love that is no longer strong.

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