25+ Awe-Inspiring Tragus Piercing Ideas That You’ll Fall In Love With

If you’re searching for a fresh adornment, you should consider getting your ears pierced (or two). For a good cause, body piercing and curated ears have become popular among fashionable females and public figures. There are lots of alternatives to select from, either you want something delicate or bold.

Though in terms of its history, the tragus piercing is very young, it was first seen in the 1980s. Even yet, the tragus remains an excellent choice for ear piercings. Celebrities like Zoe Kravitz, Rihanna, and Scarlett Johansson have all been spotted wearing embellished tragus.

Tragus piercing

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What Exactly Is A Tragus Piercing?

A tragus piercing is a tiny little flap of tissue that slightly supports the canal of the ear. The articular cartilage partially covers the external ear and skin in terms of biology. Whereas the mushy lobe stays the popular choice amongst social conservatives wishing to be pierced, sections of cartilage, such as the tragus, may intrigue individuals seeking into something completely distinct from, or in contrast to, their recently pierced lobe. Most often getting a tragus piercing looks good on every ear.

You might also have thought of an epidermal tragus piercing that is inserted in the same spot as a tragus piercing, but only the epidermis is pierced instead of the tissue. Unfortunately, because jewelry is deep within the skin, there is a greater chance that the body would reject it, thinking it is a foreign thing that must be forced out.

Tragus ear piercing

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Health Benefits Of Tragus Piercings

It has long been found to reduce stress and relieve stress headaches and even migraine. Even though there is no solid evidence to back this claim, most individuals believe that tragus piercing lowers anxiety. Many studies are being conducted to prove how a tragus assists with stress and its methods to provide comfort. Read below to know do they really help with:


There are several myths about curing migraine headaches and pains, although there is no definitive proof that these piercings work. The notion for utilizing tragus piercings to cure migraines and headaches is based on the science underlying acupuncture.

To cure pain, acupuncturists think that electrical nerve cells and pressure points in your body could be triggered, rectified, and changed. Acupuncturists commonly implant a lot of little pins into the ear cartilage for individuals suffering from migraines or headaches in order to encourage the nerves and trigger channels in your brain that are supposed to relieve pain. Women who receive piercings to alleviate headaches think that by puncturing the daith or tragus, they stimulate the vagus nerve.

Tragus ear piercing

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Although all these beliefs have yet to be verified, many individuals feel that tragus piercings can lower the intensity of severe migraines. Do you, too, experience severe migraine or headaches? Why don’t you give tragus or daith piercing a chance?

This style of piercing is becoming increasingly popular as a result of numerous fashions and health advantages. People also connect tragus piercing with stress reduction owing to the piercing’s site, which corresponds with acupuncture points that help reduce tension and reduce blood pressure.


Acupuncture spots can aid in reducing anxiety. However, one location that aids in anxiety alleviation is the golden gate point near the ear canal. This spot, located near the conch of your ear, and the regions around it, aid in anxiety reduction, like several pressure spots around the ear work well for headaches, migraines, and so on. A tragus piercing also behaves similarly and stimulates relaxation points in many people.

Tragus piercings stimulate the vagus nerve, aiming to minimize anxiety by relaxing the body even during the fight or flight “. The vagus nerve is pretty lengthy, with multiple branches surrounding the eardrum and unit out around the tragus and daith regions.

There is just no good data to establish that a tragus or daith piercing reduces stress; however, the polyvagal concept and acupuncturist techniques help to explain why the piercings work.

Tragus piercing

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How Should A Tragus Be Pierced?

The procedure varies somewhat amongst piercers. Many pierce outwards, while others puncture it from the inside. Apart from that, tragus piercings are performed with a sterilized needle.

  • Before piercing, your piercer will:
  • Wash the region with a disinfectant.
  • Using a nontoxic pen, indicate the same region to be punctured.
  • To shield your ear canal from the needle, some piercers block your ear barrier in it.
  • Carefully insert a needle through the tragus to the other side.
  • Place the jewelry in the piercing.
  • To prevent any bleeding, exert mild pressure.
  • Wash the area once again.

Are Piercing Guns Good For Tragus?

Call it a significant warning sign if a piercer intends to choose a piercing gun on a tragus piercing.

Piercing guns have significant limitations in cleanliness, tissue injury, discomfort, and accuracy, mainly when used for piercings.

Does Tragus Piercing Hurt?

To a degree, suffering is individual. Overall, does tragus piercing hurt? Almost all piercings seem like tension instead of discomfort. Some people who had done tragus and helix just experienced mild discomfort. No piercing will hurt you more compared to the other. People are very sensitive, but in different ways; thus, the amount of discomfort one suffers depends.

While each ear piercing is challenging to cure, the tragus, in especially, interferes with phone calls, hearing to headphones/buds, or using a wireless earpiece. Bacteria are typically present on such ear gadgets, which might slow the healing process of your piercings. It’s wise to stop anything that might come into close contact with your tragus for a minimum of a few weeks like avoid wearing headphones, etc. Many factors will contribute to the pain level of a piercing, but usually, it would estimate anything between six and twelve months.

Tragus ear piercing

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Cost Of A Tragus Piercing

The cost of a piercing will vary depending on where you get it completed, lower for factors related to the process of piercing and more for the accessory. Getting a tragus piercing typically costs between $30 and $40. Usually, daith piercing is approximately the same cost. The only constraint in jewelry selection is the number of carats.”


And anyway, you wouldn’t want the thrill of your beautiful earring to be drowned by the infections of that said earring. To avoid this, proper aftercare is important. Wash your piercing multiple times with a sea saltwater solution during the whole process of healing period.

Avoid adjusting the piercing, as stress or tension may increase the healing process. Generally speaking, leave the piercing alone unless you are washing it.

Never use soap, shampoos, or any antiseptics the first day. It is advisable to apply polysporin to the affected region. Don’t even think about using headphones during the initial piercing days.

Possible Side Effects Of Cartilage Piercings

Implementing any force to the piercings while it’s being repaired may postpone the healing process. Quit sleeping on the side of tragus piercing to avoid discomfort. Travel pillows can be helpful in relieving pressure.

The tragus piercings hurt more as they could inflate more than other ear piercings, a ring would’ve been considerably more challenging to cure, as it will not allow for swelling. Choose a bar as your initial ear ornament instead.

Inflammation and bruising

Keep in mind that such a part of the ears has a poor blood flow, which puts a piercing at a greater risk of complications or bruising. Having the piercings done by an experienced piercer and following correct aftercare procedures will reduce the likelihood of these negative effects. If you have any discomfort or inflammation, talk to a skin doctor to get proper instructions.

Tragus piercing

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Allergic reactions

Allergic responses to the type of material utilized for the earring are likely. Nickel, copper, and lesser grade gold are all common concerns. 2 If you’re allergic to certain metals, talk to your piercer before deciding on a piece of jewelry.

Scarring caused by hypertrophy

Hypertrophic scarring, while not precisely a keloid, is produced by an abundance of tissue developing over the punctured region. This form of damage is “typical across cartilage piercing.”

Burns Or Sores

If you experience any sensitivity or observe a bruise, it might indicate excessive scarring or a contamination fluid stuck beneath or behind the piercings. Although not every problem are dangerous, it is critical to visit a specialist if you see any.

Tragus ear piercing

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Ways To Put A New Tragus Jewelry On-Ear Canal

Avoid touching the piercing once fully healed. Before altering your tragus piercing (or any piercing of this kind), be sure to properly clean your thoroughly with soap and water and cleanse the region regularly to sterilize and prevent obtaining any bacteria in the area. Washing the piercing with saline or a solution is beneficial to keep germs away.

The specific stages will vary depending on whether your earrings would be a stud, hoops, barbell, and so on. If you are uncertain, many piercing clinics will replace earrings for free.

What Kinds Of Jewelry Options Available for Tragus Piercing?


Tiny studs are an excellent choice for  piercings since they are often very small. A spherical stud is good for a fresh piercing because it has a smooth texture that is less prone to catch against hair and dress. You can be more daring with your earrings only after it recovers.

Circular barbell

A barbell is a type of earring that has beads on both ends as well as a bar in the center. Tragus barbells will be tinier than the majority of barbells. This is an outstanding option for a new piercing because it is simple to insert and maintain.


Small hoops are a popular option for the tragus. However, we suggest waiting till your piercings get cured before trying hoops with unique textures.

Tragus piercing

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Common Jewelry Choices For Tragus Piercing

Stainless steel

This is really a slightly high-quality metal that is frequently used for piercings, but it includes nickel, which is described as a very likely cause of discomfort and piercing inflammation, as so many individuals are hypersensitive. To nickel even in the tiniest doses.”


Although it may be enticing to choose a lower-priced metal, higher-quality metals will affect healing time and are suitable for sensitive skin. Nickel is commonly found in low-cost jewelry. Therefore, you should opt for at least 14 karat gold.

A gold substitute, platinum doesn’t really contain nickel but has a comparable appearance to stainless steel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any benefit for tragus piercings?

Some people think that ear cartilage piercings, such as tragus or daith piercings, can help reduce the risk of developing migraine headaches in the same way as acupressure can. The studies that are presented are unclear and focused on daith piercings rather than tragus piercings.

More investigation into the usefulness of cartilage piercings in the treatment of migraine headaches is needed. Despite the possibility of a placebo, most specialists advise against ear cartilage piercings as a migraine therapy.

With a tragus piercing, should you use earplugs?

Yes, maybe not at first. You will not be able to wear headphones for more than three months, which may aggravate your tragus piercing, impede healing, and even cause infection. 5

Consider that it will need six to twelve months to recover entirely. When wearing earphones, try and ensure they are hygienic and, particularly upon the first time, gently insert them into your ear. If it burns, you should remove it and wait for your piercing to cure for a considerable duration. Larger tragus jewelry may make wearing earphones challenging, and you’ll likely need to alter the jewelry, so the earplugs fit. Once it has healed, using earphones may be problematic, so take that into consideration before having a tragus piercing. You should also use over-the-ear earbuds to avoid putting strain on the piercing.

How to sleep with a tragus piercing?

You should avoid sleeping on your side for at least 3 months while your tragus piercing heals. To prevent hurting your tragus piercing, lay on your unpierced side. Side sleepers might also consider purchasing a cushion with an ear scoop. The Pillow with a scoop is a perfect alternative.

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