8 Unusual Third Eye Piercing Ideas That You’ll Surely Love

Since it closely resembles the bindi (a face adornment) worn by several women in various Asian countries, the third eye piercing is also known as a ‘bindi’ piercing. It’s a trendy celestial piercing that’s all the rage these days since it gives the wearer a radiant glow and makes them appear really stunning.

While some may believe that this piercing is reserved for ladies, you’ll be relieved to learn that it is appropriate for everyone, irrespective of gender.

We’ve got you covered if you’re considering getting this forehead piercing and want to learn more.

We’ve even included information on the piercing method, the best kind of jewelry, a pain level, and aftercare instructions to understand what to anticipate and how to care for your piercing.

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Third Eye Piercing

Based on the nation and religious culture, the third eye piercing can be viewed in many different ways. Bindis, situated between the brows of Hindus, Buddhists, and Jain, is said to be the epicenter of the cosmos.

The third eye symbolizes enlightenment, divination, and profound spiritual understanding, which is why it is so famous among yogis. The third eye is associated with psychic skills and mental serenity in mainstream Western society. Because the piercing is also in that spot, it conjures up images of intuition and intelligence.

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Some individuals argue that obtaining a third eye piercing is cultural imperialism, although, unlike the bindi, the piercing is not culturally specific.

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Surface Third Eye Piercing

This piercing is a vertical piercing between the brows. It’s one sort of surface piercings where two piercing holes are made on the very same level of skin, exposing the jewelry’s ends.

Microdermal Third Eye Piercing

This piercing is a version of the wrist piercing that contains one hole with only one end of the jewelry showing and the other placed slightly beneath the skin, secured in position with a microdermal anchor. The jewelry cannot be replaced except if the piercing is entirely removed, which is usually done with a dermal punch.

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Third Eye Piercing Procedure

Do a little research before choosing a piercing studio and ensure you select a piercer that has a lot of expertise with bridge piercings, as a third eye piercing is considered a sort of a bridge piercing. This piercing must be placed exactly in the center of the head.

The proportion of the face can be affected by even the tiniest motion, so ensure you hire a competent piercer who’s really and seems to have years of experience.

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The piercer will evaluate your forehead prior to the process, wipe the region with disinfectant, and then highlight the site with a medical pen. The piercing artist will press your epidermis and then pierce it with a thin needle to form a piercing canal after the place has been indicated. After that, jewelry will be rapidly placed. The piercing will then be cleaned with a disinfectant by your piercer, and that’s all!

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Jewelry Type For Third Eye Piercing

Regretfully, jewelry possibilities for this piercing are minimal. The far more ideal forms of jewelry for the forehead piercing are surface bars and curved barbells, particularly during the process of healing.

Other forms of jewelry, including such ball closure with rings, should be avoided since they might put a lot of strain on the piercing. The piercing is extremely vulnerable to rejections and relocation, and if the body fails to adopt it, it will almost certainly leave marks in the center of your head. Select your item wisely to prevent this situation.

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Surface Bar

Surface bars ia one of the most ideal for piercings such as this one since they do not apply any stress to the piercing, reducing the chance of jewelry rejection and relocation. These appear in a range of shapes, from basic and simple to sophisticated and detailed, the balls are available in a variety of colors and patterns.

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Curved Barbells

The curved barbell is basic yet attractive, and they are available in a variety of designs and colors. If you would like something a little more intriguing and unusual than a simple curved barbell, choose one with spikes, diamonds, or anything else that appeals to you.

If you have delicate skin, use a metal that is compatible and allergy-resistant when selecting jewelry. PTFE is the greatest metal for initial jewelry (called Teflon). Teflon is a non-stick substance. Hence Teflon jewelry reduces the surface tension in this piercing.

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High K-gold, pure silver, platinum, surgical stainless steel, and titanium are some of the other metals available. By using non-biocompatible materials, you face the danger of infection or allergies, which can lead to illness and consequences.

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Third Eye Piercing Hurt And Aftercare Tips

In contrast to other sorts of piercings, this one is rather painless, and most individuals say they ‘seldom noticed a thing.’ Pain, on the other hand, is a personal perspective, and everybody’s pain tolerance is unique. While we didn’t confirm what further pain you’ll experience, it’s reasonable to assume it won’t be terrible and that you’ll be capable of tolerating it.

The healing time for a third piercing can range from 4 to 8 weeks, however, you can assist in speeding up the whole process by completing the aftercare instructions provided by your piercing artist. Taking proper care of your piercing might reduce the amount of time it takes to recover. Jewelry maintenance can also help to limit the chance of damage.

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Avoid scratching the piercing

Completely avoid touching the piercing because the hands may contain bacteria that might cause illness.

Wash your piercing twice a day

Washing the piercing two times a day with a homemade sea salt mixture will accelerate the recovery process and reduce the danger of illness. After you’ve cleaned it, thoroughly dry it with a piece of paper towel. Use bits of cloth or napkins that have been resting around the home and wash your piercing since they are not hygienic enough.

Avoid swimming until the piercing has healed entirely

Avoid public pools, ponds, or any other outdoor swimming areas until the piercing has healed fully. You rarely know what was in that water because the last thing you want is to aggravate and contaminate your piercing.

Wearing clothing with extra caution

Every time when someone changes his clothes, use extra caution, putting them over your head. The jewelry might easily catch on material, causing the piercing to become damaged.

Keep a keen eye out for movement or rejection

If your jewelry appears to have altered position or is approaching the surface, remove it. If you keep it in, it will persist in being rejected by your body, resulting in tissue injury and scars. Remember that surface piercing is susceptible to refusal, so keep a close eye on them.

Get medical treatment right away if you develop a fever or observe any redness, itching, discomfort, swelling, or soreness around the piercing region since these are all indicators of infection. Do not overlook it or wait for it to pass since it will just become worse.

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Should I Have The Third Eye Piercing?

When you’re undecided about having a third eye piercing, consider the benefits and drawbacks before making your decision.

Pros Of Forehead Piercing

  • It’s a unique piercing that makes a statement.
  • It hurts less than some other kind of piercings.
  • It expresses your sense of fashion and individuality.
  • Depending on your own style, it might be subtle and unobtrusive or bold and notoriety.

Cons Of Forehead Piercing

  • It’s difficult to conceal because it’s right in the center of the forehead.
  • This piercing has a lesser jewelry possibility.
  • It’s easy for it to catch on your clothes or hair.
  • Refusal and migration are substantial risks.
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