25 Creative & Beautiful Wedding Band Tattoo Ideas

A wedding ring is a significant symbol of love, so when you’re picking out rings for your special day, it’s easy to find yourself under pressure to find the perfect match. But what if there was another option? Have you considered wedding ring tattoos?

25 Creative & Beautiful Wedding Band Tattoo Ideas

Yes, you’ll walk down the aisle with a ring on your Finger, but there’s a surprising trend afoot: wedding ring tattoos. These alternatives to traditional wedding rings can be as distinctive as you and your partner are. With various styles and symbols to choose from, you can make a personal statement with a small tattoo – especially if your wedding band is too impractical or expensive.

Wedding ring tattoos are a bold and beautiful idea for couples. With your significant other’s initial permanently inked on your ring finger, you’ll be reminded of how much you love one another every time you look at your hand. Plus, it’s more cost-effective than the average wedding ring, and since it’s on your body, you can show it off to all of your friends and family. Best of all? You’ll never have to take it off!

Best Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs

Uh-oh, engage in any destination! Need engagement ring ideas?

Create a story that will last forever. Immerse your skin in the moods of passion, excitement, and bliss. Feel the joy of love for your soul mate! Your marriage is a story that needs to be written—and it starts from the very beginning with two names. Get a ring tattoo that expresses how you truly feel about your love!

Your ring tattoo can be as unique as your story, from delicate love stories to intricate webs of living art. Check out these 21 Wedding Band Tattoo Ideas Instead Of A Ring!

1. Plain Bands Tattoo

Image: @tobysicks

Watch across time as your love becomes even stronger with your very own wedding tattoo bands. These thin bands are suitable for everyday wear, making them easy to show off during your daily activity. 

These simple wedding bands are the perfect way to display your married status. The defined sets are bold yet elegant and can be worn on their own or stacked with other rings. Everyone will know who you married when they see these smart bands. Big, bold letters spell out “Taken,” signaling your relationship status.

2. Matching Initials wedding ring tattoo

Image: @anthony_redcrow_tattoo

If the idea of a ring tattoo puts you off, try a more exciting alternative with your spouse’s initials. This beautiful Script makes the initials J and D stand out on this ring Finger visual diagram. The two heart symbols add a special touch to this daring tattoo combination.

A custom design is an intimate and romantic way to say “I do” while adding your personal touch. 

3. Meaningful Words Tattoo

Image: @rupintart_com

To honor your love, you could get the letters of your spouse’s name tattooed around your ring finger. And why stop there? You might consider using the space to include meaningful words, too. Though traditional fonts are beautiful, modern art can make an unusual design special. So let your imagination run wild!

Let your love for one another shine through with these tattoos. Choose your spouse’s initials or a meaningful word, or get their tattoo in ink. These tattoos are terrific for wedding guests.

4. Full Names wedding ring tattoo

Your marriage is a story that needs to be written—and it starts from the very beginning with two names. Our typewriter-style profile makes it easy to have both of your names appear in lasting form. Packaged in an elegant gift box, this full-name necklace makes a perfect personalized wedding gift for a bride or bridesmaid.

Image: @tattooelitestudio

A custom nameplate can also be an original wedding gift. This one went on our church’s Bistro table that holds the wine, water and coffee cups during breakfast every day, but it could go on any piece of furniture in the home. A nameplate is something that will last forever and is an excellent piece of art! And isn’t that always a good idea.

5. Signs of the Stars Tattoo

Image: @whovian11forlife

This star and moon tattoo is for star sign lovers. This is the matching tattoo for your loved one. Based on zodiacs, our star tattoos are unique and meaningful.

You’re unique, so why wear the same old thing on your wedding day? A star and moon tattoo parings unite like-minded couples who like things like astrology. These simple, celestial tattoos are right at home on the arms of young couples embarking on the trajectory of life together; they represent a promising new beginning.

Love and moon and stars and sun. If you and your loved one are stars and moon lovers, this sun and stars tattoo is for you., The sun represents man, and the moon represents a woman. Sun and moons together can make a beautiful celestial scene. Couples with this tattoo have a long-lasting relationship with a solid connection to its roots.

The Universe is a delicate combination of fun and mysteriousness, asymmetricity and balance. The shooting star holds the full potential of this beauty. This tattoo is a sweet reminder of your spouse’s love.

6. Dainty Symbols wedding ring tattoo

Image: @tzaks_tattoos_frank_tomczak

Wedding bands and initials are an old tradition. But let’s be honest. If you can’t picture yourself wearing one, there is no way you’ll be able to make the stereotype of one, two, three rings last for you. That’s why we added delicate shapes and symbols. So let your personality shine through your ring tattoo. 

7. Floral Patterns wedding ring tattoo

Image: @travisoatestattoos

Chances are if you have a floral-loving partner, they have been begging you to put a ring on it for quite some time now. This year is the perfect time to do just that. Putting some extra thought into it will make this new piece of jewelry even more meaningful.

When you’re head over heels for your other half, why not express that love in a way that they can carry around with them all the time? The Tattoo Wedding Band from Bradford Exchange Online is a perfect symbol of your unity and devotion. Made from solid 10K gold, a simple laser-cut floral design gently wraps around this double wedding ring, symbolizing the everlasting affection you share for each other. Start your engraving now!

8. Nature-Inspired Designs Tattoo

Image: @art_by_mackie

Do you feel connected to nature? Tell the world by literally adding a ring to it. Earthlings can now proudly show off their favorite symbols to the world (the ring finger is the best place for this) by getting it tattooed on their Finger. The great thing about this set is that each partner can choose a different symbol which makes it cohesive.

If you love to be connected with nature, this is a perfect choice. Suppose both the bride and the groom have a strong bond with nature. Then, make it more special on your wedding day by wearing this beautiful ring with each of your favorite symbols placed on the ring finger. Perfect for couples who want to add a finishing touch to their wedding or engagement photos.

9. Simple Wedding Bands Tattoo

Image: @acc_defense

Wedding ring tattoos have become more and more popular in recent years. While some may still see them as taboo, many people have been taking this route more often to get the ring they want without the commitment usually associated with it. This is a perfect option if you want a personal touch with your wedding rings or don’t wear jewelry too often.

A thin wedding band is a popular choice for couples who don’t want to wear traditional rings.

10. Roman Numerals Tattoo

Image: @issiccortes

For a wedding band that will feel slightly different from what your friends have on their fingers, have your tattoo artist draw up a thin band of meaningful art to replicate the look of a ring. 

You’ve already embarked on this new adventure together. So why not keep your new journey going by adding some flair to the day that brought you two together? Having your wedding bands tattooed, engraved with Roman numerals, or designed with a special tribute builds on the initial surprise of an engagement ring. Tattoo wedding bands are a great way to celebrate a bright new future.

11. Freehand Pride Rings Tattoo

Image: @aceandswordtattoos

When it comes to doing something meaningful on your wedding day, why not choose a pair of these double-stacked Pride wedding bands? 

These Pride wedding bands are double-stacked, giving them a 3d effect. Instead of vector cutting your design to provide it with perfect symmetry, have the artist freehand the creation of these rings. Because they are not repeated identically on both sides, they feature an imperfect yet beautiful look that is much like marriage itself.

12. Matching Anchors Tattoo

Image: @em.has.ink

Anchor tattoos offer a meaningful and lasting symbol of one’s love and marriage. This simple design is available in black or white ink and can be created on your ring finger. If you want to demonstrate your love to your partner, this sure-fire way of showing just how much they mean to you is the only way possible. A symbol of strength and eternity, an anchor tattoo may be small in size, yet it will last a lifetime.

Anchors are popular symbols that symbolize strength and love. The meaning of an anchor can be various for people. For some, it means hope and stability; some choose to wear it as a symbol of their foundation in Christ. It can also be a thoughtful way to honor someone who has passed away by tattooing the anchor on your ring finger.

13. Simplistic Script Tattoo

Image: @the.bionink.man

Are you getting married? Make it clear you are engaged with this simple ring with the word “Wife” engraved on the inside. What makes ours unique is the brushed finish on the outside of the ring. Gorgeous brushed steel looks beautiful with any outfit!

If you are looking for a tasteful and classic symbol of your commitment, take a look at script wedding rings. These three-letter wedding bands are a popular choice due to their sentiment. The letter will represent your loved one’s initial, making it a sentimental reminder of your relationship.

14. Memorable Dates Tattoo

Image: @sbraner23

Now you can take your wedding ring with you wherever you go! Not only does this design make an excellent matching tattoo with your spouse, but it also serves as a reminder to wear your rings for the rest of your life. In addition, the date of the wedding is beautifully inscribed around the band of the ring, symbolizing your never-ending commitment.

15. Infinity Signs Tattoo

Image: @lifeofmrstipton

Are you ready to take the next step? Symbolize your eternal love with an infinity sign wedding band. An infinity band is an excellent option for couples hosting an intimate ceremony or who want to keep their focus on each other instead of dates and times.

This Sign of Infinite Love tattoo is the perfect symbol for your eternal vows. Your two hearts are connected by an endless loop — making this piece as symbolic as it is beautiful.

Make your vows last forever with the Infinity Wedding Ring tattoo, a symbol of never-ending love. When worn together, this ring and the wedding band become the perfect symbol of unity and commitment, one that will be cherished for long after your vows are said.”

16. Celtic Knot Rings Tattoo

Image: @brihaug

Looking for a design that’s pretty and bold? Honor the Celtic knot. Part of the Celtic heritage, the Celtic knot means no end or beginning. Instead, it represents loyalty and eternity, tying two people together through life’s journey.

Celtic knot tattoos have a very ancient origin. They were often used to signify a pledge of allegiance to a tribe or clan. A badge of honor, the Celtic tattoo is a modern take on a very ancient symbol, and for those seeking courage, an infinity tattoo may be right for you.

17. Shaded Hearts Tattoo

Image: @knoshcatering

No need to be stuck with the traditional wedding band tattoo. A tattoo in the shape of a wedding ring can be made unique with artistic touches like these shaded hearts. The hearts have a simple outline, but the color shading and dotted lines add a playful touch to the ring design.

Wedding tattoos are not just about rings or band tattoos anymore. This design highlights the traditional shape of a wedding ring, with the outline being the only difference. But edging the hearts with dots and shading them in with color adds more personality to this classic image.

18. Claddagh Rings Tattoo

Image: @wrightchica

The Claddagh ring makes hearts the center focus. It has a symbolic history of making your partner the holder of your heart. The Claddagh ring tattoo also means friendship, loyalty, and love, which are three foundations of marriage.

19.  Extra Tiny Details Tattoo

Image: @the_house_electric

Nothing works more than these tiny super cuter dots ring tattoos if you’re into something small yet elegant wedding rings tattoos! They are the hottest trend in the town! And there is nothing like these extra tiny details! They look just so fabulous.

Tattoos with small details like dots, stars, or lines make the center focus. There is a symbolic history of making your partner the holder of your heart and friend and lover all at once. These extra tiny rings tattoos come with the promise of loyalty and love and friendship or partnership, which are three foundations of marriage.

20. Never Ending Bonds Tattoo

Image: @whitemoontattoo

A ring tattoo can say a lot about a couple. The wedding band tattoos they wear every day symbolize love and commitment. The wearing of rings tattoo is a symbol of union in many cultures. Early men made the original wedding bands out of leaves or branches. Rings are worn on the left hand’s third Finger, although some cultures believe they should be worn on other body parts. As couples create their signs of union, ring designs are now inspired by the two people becoming one.

21. Ancient Ankh Rings Tattoo

Image: @rebel_scum4

The Ankh is a symbol that represents the key to life in ancient Egypt. The symbol has been worn by Egyptian royalty and was also seen on many of their belongings, including jewelry. It was worn to ensure a safe passage into the afterlife and thus an extended “new life” with one another after death. Let this ring serve as a reminder to you and your spouse that you have not only begun a new chapter together but also have bound yourselves with love to last a lifetime.


The right wedding band tattoo is subtle, meaningful, and speaks volumes about your relationship. This post introduces some exquisite & unique wedding band tattoos that are special, memorable, and meaningful for you both.


Why Wedding Band Tattoos Are So Desirable?

A wedding ring tattoo is a great way to symbolize your love and commitment. They can be worn on any finger, but most people choose to place them on the fourth Finger because it’s called the engagement finger. The tattoo can be colored or black, whatever you like. You should make sure to shop around for tattoos at different tattoo parlors before getting yours. After all, you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal; many places charge crazy amounts of money for tiny designs.

What does a ring tattoo symbolize?

Although they’re not traditional wedding rings, ring tattoos are increasing in popularity. Popular among couples who want to keep the idea of marriage behind them but still show their love for one another, wedding ring tattoos can be drawn in any size, design or color. A tattoo is permanent and won’t tarnish like traditional metal wedding rings might, meaning that it can stay beautiful for a lifetime.

Wedding ring tattoos are a bold and beautiful idea for couples. With your significant other’s initial permanently inked on your ring finger, you’ll be reminded of how much you love one another every time you look at your hand. Plus, it’s more cost-effective than the average wedding ring, and since it’s on your body, you can show it off to all of your friends and family. Best of all? You’ll never have to take it off!

What does the Claddagh Ring tattoo symbolize?

With a history dating back to the 17th century, Claddagh ring tattoos embody the heart and soul of Irish culture. They symbolize friendship, loyalty and love. They’re worn as a reminder that other people’s feelings matter as much as one’s own. Two hands hold one heart in this design, representing love and friendship. The crown denotes loyalty, which is essential in a marriage. Wear your ring on the heart finger for romance or on the index finger for company. Treat yourself or someone special with this timeless expression of love and devotion.

What are some of the best wedding ring tattoos?

In a pool of thousands of stunning wedding ring tattoos, some timeless designs rule eerie hearts and eras! You can go for ring tattoos that include:

  • Simple Date Tattoo
  • Roman Numeral Wedding Band Tattoos
  • Wedding Date on Top of Finger
  • Roman Numeral Date on Top of Finger
  • Tiny Date Wedding Band Design
  • Wedding Date on the side of Finger
  • Scripted Initial Finger Tattoo
  • Simple Initial on Palm
  • Initial on Inside of Finger
  • Large Letter on Finger Tattoo

Are Wedding Band Tattoo good luck?

Yes, the Wedding Band Tattoo symbolizes good luck and new beginnings.

More Wedding Band Tattoos to Consider

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