20 Best Tattoo Shops in Atlanta

Are you searching for a new tattoo shops in Atlanta but uncertain where to go? If so, this article is for you! When you set up your mind to get hold of your new piece of body art, something exclusive, meticulous, and just right is what you are looking for. That denotes finding a brilliant tattoo artist.

Atlanta is in the heart of Georgia (U.S.). Using the passageway system, precisely called Marta, to explore this city, you will undoubtedly come across many fantastic tattoo shops in Atlanta. On the whole, there is no scarcity of variations you can get motivated and choose from. Look at the shops below and find the approach and tattoo artist that goes well with your requirement to make a dream Atlanta tattoo an actuality.

Furthermore, tattoo artists are the best when it draws close to shading and coloring. So this one is perfect when it comes to choosing your favorite design.  

Tattoo History in Atlanta

The act of tattooing the body dates back to ancient Egypt, where symbols of fruitfulness were tattooed on the top of women over and above, tattoos symbolizing a traditional hierarchy. Tattooing infuses every part of society irrespective of race, sexual category, cultural background, societal status, and race.

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It is as older as time and history and isn’t vague to one civilization. It is a bit we all share. To disregard what individuals of color and other groups have tendered to Tattoo does the intact art form disfavor, even though individuals of color didn’t inevitably have access to contemporary electric tattooing.  

Atlanta and the South overall have been sort of this artistic incubator for tattooers, in the company of capable artists and women of all races, genders, and cultural backgrounds creating this move-in tattooing where diversity is embraced. Tattooing has been and at all times will be this formal procedure of opening that discerns no bounds. Tattooing is this obsession manifesting itself through all walks of existence. 

Choosing the Best Tattoo Artist

Again, ask your tattoo artist to show you a little of their earlier work. If you’re budging through a collection or viewing pictures of an artist’s presentation, try to find some key components. Make sure the lines are determined and dark, smooth, and materialize to have been made all right away. Look at the real meaning of their sketchy tattooing.

Shading and color are characteristic features of their work. Assess the shade work for compatibility and softness. To manifest appropriate color gradients, a tattoo artist is supposed to have enhanced skills or more acquaintance. It is practicable that their aptitude level is lacking in other areas if they cannot blend colors meticulously. As a final point, consider the feelings you are experiencing when you check an artist’s work. 

Does watching their past work make you pleased and eager to get a tattoo? How would you feel about having a tattoo of your fondness from their collection on your body? You will become more comfortable getting tattooed if you are encouraged and pleased by their work. In addition, a better degree of willpower in their aptitudes will ensue in a good performance with them.

Here are the 20 best tattoo shops in Atlanta:

1. Timeless Tattoo

Timeless Tattoo is a famous tattoo shop in Atlanta set up by ‘Jerry’ Cap’ Szumski – renowned tattoo artist. The company follows hygienic processes firmly, such as strict autoclave sterilization, and sticks to single-needle utilization for every single customer. Szumski developed proficiency in Grey and Fineline Black designs in his all-time career. The studio holds an open ambiance, but confidential booths are also close at hand for those who prefer it.

    Image: @timeless_tattoo

Image: @timeless_tattoo

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2. Iron Palm Tattoos & Body Piercing

As Atlanta’s topmost ranked tattoo shop, Iron Palm tattoo is Atlanta’s most well-liked tattoo parlor. Situated in the flourishing Castleberry Art District, Iron Palm has turned into the most popular urban tattoo shop in the center of Atlanta (Downtown). All skilled tattoo artists have more than five years of experience in the tattooing business and create conventional art projects for happy clients. 

Image: @ironpalmtattoos

                              Image: @ironpalm_pudge

3. City of Ink Tattoos

City of Ink is a famous tattoo studio in the Atlanta Area (downtown). Indeed, it’s one of Atlanta’s most high-ranked tattoo profile shops. The experienced tattoo artists take their custom-designed work sincerely and have raised a refined client base. As a result, individuals from across the nation-state, and often across countryside borders, dig up tatted. 

 Image: @cityofink

                                   Image: @cityofink

4. ABT Tattoo Studio

ABT Tattoo is a reliable studio in McDonough that can make body art for customers from Atlanta and other cities. The business’s originator and proprietor, Todo B., is an expert in realistic designs, particularly biomechanical designs and portraits. As a result, ABT Tattoo has been branded as Atlanta’s most outstanding tattoo studio for several successive years.

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                                Image: @abt_tattoo

Image: @abt_tattoo

5. All or Nothing Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio

All or Nothing Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio is a modern and trendy tattoo parlor serving Atlanta customers and other close-at-hand cities. The tattoo parlor studio, which has been operating in the vicinity for many years, has a great professional team of experienced tattoo artists. 

                                     Image: @aontattoo

                                          Image: @aontattoo

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6. Empyrean Tattoo & Art

Empyrean Tattoo & Art Studio is an exclusive Tattoo Parlor Shop in the Atlanta Area. Mike McMahon (Founding tattoo Artist) created its relaxed and engaging environment and was also voted as the topmost tattoo artist in 2015 – By creative Loafing Magazine. The tattoo studio has fast turned into the best tattoo studio in Atlanta. In other words, Empyrean denotes brightness, creativeness, and foundation. 

     Image: @empyreantattoo


                               Image: @empyreantattoo


7. Ink & Dagger Tattoo

Ink & Dagger Tattoo in Atlanta is devoted to originality and artistic quality. The skilled teams of tattoo artists are keen to listen to their customers’ requests and deliver the most acceptable Tattoo achievable for every person. Specializing in tattoos, the studio offers a wide range of tattooing options, such as black and gray, lettering, 3D geometric, blackwork, illustrative, and more.

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                        Image: @inkanddaggertattoo

 Image: @inkanddaggertattoo

8. Ink Paradise

Ink Paradise was established in 2015 (Smyrna) as an association between J.C. Erik and Erik as the key tattoo artists, and J.C. manages the team and handles the business aspects. Working alongside Erik, four additional artists work in various styles, including Neo-traditional, full-color, and black-and-grey.

                       Image: @inkparadisetattoo

                   Image: @inkparadisetattoo

9. Inksomnia Tattoo

Insomnia Tattoo is a modern tattoo salon in Atlanta. Its team of multi talented tattoo artists works directly with customers to generate a design that fits their visualization. In 2006, the tattoo studio was launched by Mike Cummings, an appreciated tattoo artist who was also featured in the leading Pick publication. The parlor’s tattoo artists are available for a discussion where they talk about preliminary ideas and come up with a traditional design. 

                   Image: @inksomniatattoo

                              Image: @inksomniatattoo

10. Liberty Tattoo

Liberty Tattoo is a renowned studio with a skilled team of tattoo artists to meet Atlanta’s residents’ and visitors’ needs for traditional and characteristic tattoos. Established in 2002 by Shay and Kaki Cannon, the tattoo shop aims to make available an enjoyable, open, and comfy environment and consider their clients’ needs for confidentiality. Past clients have praised the studio for its cooperative, gracious, and accommodating employees. 

                         Image: @liberty_tattoo_atlanta

                               Image: @liberty_tattoo_atlanta

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11. Live Free Tattoo

Live Free Tattoo is a beading tattoo studio that merges typical aesthetics and contemporary art techniques in its wide-ranging designs. Launched in 2012, the tattoo parlor began as a society-based service provider but has, at this moment, developed into a business that focuses on top of fulfilling its customers’ artistic vision and tattoo designs. 

                               Image: @livefreetattoo

                          Image: @livefreetattoo

12. Memorial Tattoo

In 2006, Memorial Tattoo was launched in Atlanta. There are eight appreciated and highly skilled tattoo artists in the studio. These tattoo artists are competent in different tattoo styles, from customary American to simplicity. The tattoo parlor is devoted to maintaining a hygienic workspace, and the artists only utilize safe and sound premium pigments and sterilized needles. 

                        Image: @memorialtattooatl

                       Image: @memorialtattooatl

13. Only You Tattoo

Only You Tattoo caters to tattoo fans through Atlanta. Its professional team of competent artists offers tattooing services in n setting that make customers feel at ease. Several of their proffer styles are modish scripts, Japanese designs, ethnic styles, and time-honored American tattoos. All of the studio’s tattoo artists are skilled and certified in Atlanta. Only You Tattoo also welcomes walk-in appointments.

                                 Image: @onlyyoutattoo

                           Image: @onlyyoutattoo

14. Mystic Owl Tattoo Shop

Mystic Owl was launched in 2011 to create a warm, art-filled setting, featuring appreciated tattoo artists worldwide. The tattoo parlor is dedicated to excellence, and the comfort of all customers is beyond compare. Regardless of how neither big nor petite your Tattoo maybe, they can make sure you will feel right at ease.

                        Image: @mysticowltattoo

                                 Image: @mysticowltattoo

15. Thunderbolt Tattoo & Piercing

In Atlanta, Thunderbolt Tattoo & Piercing is a trendy tattoo parlor. The shop is equipped with an array of tattoo arts and elegantly- inspired decorations. With over 30 years of experience, Joe Vegas, the proprietor, produces matchless designs for his customers. His all-embracing travels in Japan permitted him to attain skills from the countryside’s tattoo artists. 

                             Image: @thunderbolt_tattoo

                            Image: @thunderbolt_tattoo

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16. Awesome Ink Studios

Awesome Ink is Atlanta’s most popular destination for body art and piercings. Make the most of the services offered at Atlanta’s Amazing Ink Studios. Walk-ins are always welcome at this tattoo parlor place in Atlanta, making it a prominent place for eleventh-hour services. This enterprise offers guests a broad selection of payment alternatives and paying with a credit card. There is no better way to unwind than healing from Awesome Ink Studios. 

                               Image: @awesomeinkstudios

                             Image: @awesomeinkstudios

17. Silver Fox Tattoos

Atlanta has a projected more than 180 tattoo studios. The competition has nevertheless been ever-increasing. In the precedent few years, as tattooing has developed a lot in terms of all-embracing popularity, Silver Fox Tattoos has maintained its high-ranking position. Silver Fox Tattoo has been in tattooing dealing for something like six years.

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                                   Image: @silverfoxtattoos

                                     Image: @silverfoxtattoos

18. The Queen Bee Tattoo Parlour

The Queen Bee Tattoo Parlour is clean and well-organized. Beforehand appointments entail a non-refundable deposit to be applied headed for the Tattoo. The tattoo shop is working by and large by appointment. However, they can accommodate walk-ins at what time is feasible. The minimum cost for a tattoo is about $100. On the other hand, it will be $150 per hour for a few larger pieces. Most of the first-round work related to a tattoo is still done personally. 

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                             Image: @queenbeeparlour

                                 Image: @queenbeeparlour

19. Golden Anchor Tattoos

Choosing a highly regarded and talented tattoo artist is as significant as finding the just-right design. When something lasts a natural life, you need to be confident you’re in safe and sound hands. The tattoo artists in Golden Anchor Tattoos have years of experience in many modern tattoo styles. If you have a unique picture in mind, the parlor will help you convey your proposal to life. 

                        Image: @goldenanchortattoos

                     Image: @goldenanchortattoos

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20. Black Owl Tattoos

Black Owl Tattoos is situated in the middle part of East Atlanta Village. It’s their mission to provide the community with unique traditional tattoos and services. The owl is time and again associated with perception and aptitude. It is also interrelated to a sense of ambiguity and eternal life. The broad array of designs denotes something for everyone, whether a realistic depiction of the animal or a more conceptual version. 


                            Image: @blackowltattoos

                                    Image: @blackowltattoos


Atlanta City is the just right place for those looking to get a mark of new ink or attach it to their collection. You will locate a tattoo shop on every corner of this great city. On the other hand, the challenge comes when choosing the best tattoo shop. The tattoo parlors featured in this piece of writing have incomparable services.

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Where Should I Place a Tattoo?

Where to place a tattoo is, and all the time should be, your own choice. So don’t be predisposed by “it’ll be harmless there” or “it’ll be best here” dig up the Tattoo where you wish! This is all an affair of your taste.

Is a Tattoo Permanent?

Of course, but all tattoos will become old. Sunlight, impaired healing, and poor health will affect the ultimate results. Furthermore, how in good health they age depends on the extent and position. 

How much should a Tattoo Cost?

Questions close to tattoo prices are tremendously tough to reply to and ones that can in no way be answered precisely by anyone above and beyond an actual artist who knows exactly what you yearn for as your Tattoo.

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Are Tattoos Costly?

A few artists charge based on the hour; a few will charge by the part of the pack. Most tattoo artists lay down their prices according to their expertise, excellence of work, and knowledge.

How Frequently Can Tattoos be Touched Up?

You may require touch-ups if you experience extended healing times (above two weeks) or perceptible shininess on the healed Tattoo. All tattoos do not call for a touch-up. On the other hand, at what time your skin’s natural healing development might craft flaws in your Tattoo. 

How much time do a small tattoo take?

At the same time, as it depends on the fine points of the design, more or less 30-40 minutes are sufficient, if not too much in-depth.

How rapidly can you cover up a particular tattoo?

You must wait until the Tattoo has finally healed. The outside of your Tattoo, by and large, heals in 2-3 weeks, but it might take about two months for the Tattoo to get healed finally. 

How do I deal with my Tattoo?

Pay attention to your tattoo artist! Not your associate or your middle person. Go after the aftercare instructions made available by your tattoo artist! Furthermore, how you deal with your Tattoo can affect you in the long run.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Of course, Appointments are on hand. Appointments entail a deposit and can be made personally or online, depending on the circumstances. Deposits are by and extensively applied towards the asking price of the Tattoo.

Do artists make more money working in a tattoo shop or opening their own?

There is a significant threat interrelated with going into business for oneself. Any tattoo artist who would like to open his or her shop should have business supervision and advertising skills to facilitate their shop to achieve something. 

What tools do tattoo artists require?

Most tattoo shops entail artists to encompass their supplies. That takes account of their tattoo machines and essential parts, for instance – needles, tips, tubes, and grips. Tattoo artists also require a massive supply of ink and tattoo patterns.

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