63 Amazing Owl Tattoos for Chest To Try Right Now

It is so damn true that the image of the owl is pretty iconic. The owl is a fascinating majestic creature and is associated with wisdom and knowledge. Owls are nocturnal creatures and are found all over the world. Owl chest tattoo is ideal for men who thrive at night as the owls have distinct body shapes with wild eyes. The owl chest tattoos for men represent a mythological animal with an innocent face. Not only for its attractiveness but both men and women love the owl tattoo design.

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63 Amazing Owl Tattoos for Chest To Try Right Now

What Does Owl Symbolize In Owl Tattoos?

As a symbol, the owl comes as a crucial part of most cultural belief systems and mythologies. As a great horned owl tattoo can range of things depending on the context in which a bird is depicted, it shows an individual’s interpretation of their tattoo design choice. People majorly use this tattoo design to express their beliefs and feelings. It symbolizes darkness, wisdom, mysteriousness, life transitions, maturity and hope.

Getting a tattoo is one of the most personal and permanent decisions you are likely to make. Even if it is the most well-inked and beautifully done tattoo, you will not like it in the years to come. That is why it is mandatory to be sure of the image you want to get inked on your body, as it needs to be one of the best things you are okay with seeing there for the rest of the years.

1. Owl With Crown Tattoo

Men getting cool owl tattoo designs believe that it symbolizes the light that shines through the darkest of times as it symbolizes vision and hope. With the spreading of wings of the high king, the crown represents the symbolism of wisdom. 

owl with crown tattoo

Image: @xpressions_tattoo

2. Rose with Owl Tattoo on Chest

The owl tattoo has a rich symbolic value representing wisdom, knowledge, and transition. The addition of a rose flower symbolizes the beauty of death. The owl tattoos are less about your personality to express the love of learning or willingness. 

owl tattoos

Image: @transcendenttattoo85

3. Inked Owl Chest Tattoo

The Greek Goddess of wisdom, strategy, and knowledge embodies great learning and works for a pretty good charm for the Athena owl tattoo. Native Americans worshiped those birds and gave them a positive meaning.

inked owl tattoos

Image: @tomas.ink

4. Colorful Rose And Brilliant Owl Chest Tattoo

With the lucky bird-themed tattoos out there, owls are bound to be among the top choices of subjects alongside rose design. Truly amazing tattoos give a fascinating meaning associated with the owl as a symbol. The red ink on the chest is just one of the style statements. 

flower owl tattoo

Image: @stevensalcedo_s

5. Multicolored Owl Chest Tattoo

Colorful owl tattoos are trendy and put an abstract pin on the classic image. The nocturnal bird’s feathers are usually inked in the shades of grey and brown, but a fresh soft, colorful ink with a bold black outline appears as a life-like and eye-catching tattoo design

owl tattoos

Image: @nightfallcustomsllc

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6. Brown Eyes Owl Chest Tattoo

Colorful owl tattoos are trendy and put an abstract pin on the classic image. The nocturnal bird’s feathers are usually inked in the shades of grey and brown, but a fresh soft, colorful ink with a bold black outline appears as a life-like and eye-catching tattoo design. 

owl tattoo

Image: @vinkuintiaani89

7. Scary Owl Tattoo Design

As a significant meaning of magic and wisdom, the bold and scary owl tattoo design inked on the chest with shading could symbolize death and mortality—however, the unique features of rejuvenating a life worth living give a trendy look

scary owl tattoo

Image: @darksoultattoostudio

8. Skull in Owl Paw with Rose Tattoo

You can do a lot when getting an owl tattoo inked on the chest. Designs with intricate detailing and portray the owl skull tattoo give multiple options and different possibilities to the offered design. In addition, the shading effect of white and black color gives a distinctive look. 

owl tattoos

Image: @matsy__

9. Skull And Golden Owl Chest Tattoo

Because owls are nocturnal, they are often associated with periods of transition. Meanwhile, skulls are associated with death and mortality. For those reasons, and golden owl and skull tattoo can be a great tribute to a loved one who has passed on, representing their spirit being guided to the afterlife.

golden owl tattoo

Image: @joe_barrie_tattooartist

10. Diamond Eyes Skull And Owl Tattoo On Chest

A skull tattoo with diamond eyes is familiar, and the pattern works well. The diamond symbolizes immunity after the destruction and ever-lasting protection in life. The black ink owl with skull tattoo explores traditional and modern look. 

owl tattoo

Image: @komfort

11. Fierce Owl Tattoo On Chest

The owls come as a symbol of higher consciousness and self-awareness and as the fierce protectors of their eggs; the owl tattoo symbolizes motherhood as a tattoo design. The owl tattoo inked in black shading gives detailed symbols and elements.

fierce tattoo

Image: @musat_cristian_marius

12. Cross On Skull And Owl Tattoo

It is a tattoo design that represents a darker meaning, and the tattoo is an excellent choice to contemplate their mortality. It is one of the popular choices among all the animal tattoo designs to symbolize the rejuvenation of a life worth living. 

Image: @midpacifictattoo

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13. Skulls and Angry Owl Tattoo

The iconic image never fails to fascinate the imagination and gives a hug symbolism with the elegant bird. The best colorful inspiration shows perseverance, stability, intuition, loyalty, and success by providing a spiritual meaning.

angry owl tattoo

Image: @sin_skin_tattoo_official

14. Blue Rose & Owl Tattoo

People also often get a blue rose to remember a loved one. The colorful owl tattoos give a fantasy, imagination and impossibility with skull design. The bright and detailed tattoo looks incredible alone but may include symbols and elements.  

rose and owl tattoo

Image: @nikki.b.tattoo

15. Sky Blue Owl Tattoo

An owl tattoo design might be an excellent way to express your appreciation and freedom for the shadow side of life. The customized blue owl focuses on family. The blue tattoo is an excellent idea for anyone who wants to get an unusual design idea. 

owl tattoos

Image: @siminamina

16. Outlined Owl And Diamond Chest Tattoo

The outlined owl tattoo represents a business, and as a modern symbolism, it symbolizes wisdom, knowledge and darkness. The appearing body art with forgoing ink detailing and shading of the diamond upholding is the most popular tattoo design. 

owl tattoos

Image: @pash_cleverly

17. Owl And Snake Tattoo Design On Chest

Owl tattoos with snakes both are represented as powerful prey animals and strike at a moment’s notice. It has a rich symbolic meaning as a symbol of excellent life transition. Making it appear as important things are on the verge of happening, the owl holding a snake in his clutches gives a dominant feature to the tattoo. 

owl and snake tattoo

Image: @alexkull_hontattoo

18. Shaded Owl Tattoo On Chest

Abstract tattoos are gaining popularity as they look more artistic. Conveying abstract ideas is open to an individual’s perception, which helps invoke one’s thoughts. The bold black lines give a distinct look to the owl tattoo. 

shaded owl tattoo

Image: @ohanna_tattoo

19. Black And Grey Owl Tattoo

To communicate mystery, the black and grey traditional owl tattoo design on the chest conveys evil, darkness or death. The black-striped lines show the tattoo as a keeper or spirits and duties like a protector with different variations. 

owl tattoo

Image: @shameless_tattoo_merate

20. Stylish Owl Head Chest Tattoo

This fantastic owl tattoo design also focuses on the eyes of the owl. However, it has many vibrant colors going on, which makes the design look very realistic with beautiful images. This owl tattoo design also has a lot of detail making you turn heads. This owl tattoo design represents the vision of the owl, which remains clear even at night.

stylish owl tattoos

Image: @ali.cheikh.tattoos_

21. Stylish Dark Black Owl Tattoo Design On Chest

This kind of owl tattoo design on the chest looks pretty impressive and is a typical style of getting an owl tattoo design. It is a great one that can be made in the chest to get some bold strokes and shading effects in this one so that it comes out more strongly.

owl tattoos

Image: @tyronetattoo

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22. Colorful Owl And Skull Tattoo

The intricate and colorful owl tattoo design looks elegant. It looks pretty realistic with its detailing and other aspects. The design has been kept black and blue with the owl sitting on the skull. It looks imposing with the mist covering both of them and a bit creepy.

colorful owl tattoo

Image: @gregorylaguna_tattoos

23. Traditional Owl And Chain Tattoo

A greatly honored owl describes the heart of a warrior, symbolizing strength and courage. The mythological animal represents the attributes attributing to the freedom of mind and heart or flight through life. The outlined tattoo design on the wearer gives a great significance. 

traditional owl tattoos

Image: @dr_blood

24. Enormous Owl And Lamp Chest Tattoo

The owl tattoo design represents light shining through even the darkest of the times in one’s life. The owl spreading its wings in the open and wider snot symbolizes freedom. The colorful background signifies his right in the animal kingdom.  

owl tattoo

Image: @smallztattooz

25. Women Wings Owl Tattoo On Chest

The snowy owl tattoo design with not much filling or shading effects has been done on the wearer’s chest. It looks pretty cool and neat. The artist’s skills with the design look fantastic with the wings of the owl spread in both the direction and covering the chest looks stunning.

women owl tattoo

Image: @atelier_hafenpoesie

26. Wonderful Owl Bird With Red Eyes Tattoo On Chest

The little red color eyes that have been given to this owl tattoo design look pretty awesome. It takes away the monotony from this design and looks fantastic. You can make a beautiful design on your chest as they have such vast and curious eyes. 

owl with red eyes tattoo

Image: @robynlynboschart

27. Attacking Owl Tattoo Design On Chest

The attacking owl tattoo looks fantastic when made in open spaces like the chest. However, it offers a lot of space and is best to show a whole owl or any other bird. Colors would undoubtedly enhance the patterns, but you can choose the black ink tattoo with a shading effect or just the outline.

owl tattoo

Image: @aaronwestsidetattoo

28. Brilliant Owl Tattoo With Globe On Chest

It is a very intense picture of the owl tattoo design. The owl looks more significant than life. It is pretty realistic, and the background is just excellent. It is one of the most fantastic owl tattoo designs inked in all black.

owl with globe tattoo

Image: @marcofelline_tattooing

29. Amazing Owl Tattoo With Quotes

Just like most animal tattoo works, it has a rich meaning. Said to be a sign of protection, an owl tattoo symbolizes wisdom and knowledge in American culture. As a sign of protection, it is also a way to represent freedom. 

owl tattoos

Image: @iamsables

30. Wonderful Traditional Owl With Clock Tattoo On Chest

The owl tattoo design is pretty simple. However, to fill some colors in the tattoo has a lot of scopes. For example, the owl holding a clock in its claws probably represents the value of time. It also has some flowers right at the bottom, which could be decorative or significant.

owl with clock tattoo

Image: @jenniweer

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31. Dreamcatcher And Owl Tattoo

The owl tattoo design represents the guardian of the deceased. The dreamcatcher offers protection and can help to block out negative thoughts and bad energy. The addition of dreamcatcher design in the owl tattoo represents both ideas. 

owl tattoo

Image: @inkluded_tattoo_fabian

32. Owl Holding Lantern Tattoo Across Chest

Depending on the wearer’s preference, owl tattoos mean many gripping lanterns within their nails. The colorful tattoo design is uncommon regardless of the evil tattoo. The colorful tattoo design with owls gives incredible appeal. 

owl tattoos

Image: @matthowse

33. Ferocious Owl Tattoo Design Image

The distinctive features of the owl and its physical features add a certain air of dignity and elegance to the tattoo. It also fulfills the purpose of the tattoo design and lets the viewer appreciate the beauty of the mysteriousness that is permanently associated with the owl.

ferocious owl tattoo

Image: @rem_matt

34. Owl Tattoo Design On Chest

The correct tattoo design placement compliments the right owl tattoo design—the owl figures inherently with intricate and rich detailing. Elaborating owl tattoo details conveys a sense of protection and guard. The tattoo artist makes the design placement look stunning and appealing.  

owl tattoo

Image: @tdosstattoos

35. Owl Tattoo Design With Grenade On Chest

As the owl tattoo symbolizes wisdom and knowledge, the addition of a grenade symbolizes death and the suffering a person’s death close to them. Combining both the elements in the tattoo gives an incredible tattoo appeal. In addition, the black ink design gives a refined look. 

owl tattoo

Image: @carlos_and.tattoo

36. Tribal Owl Tattoo Design

The tribal owl design is one of the most popular ones touching Native American culture and its aspects. Its design is pretty impressive with a touch of colors like earthy colors that bring our spiritual characteristics of the owl. However, like the bird, the owl brings imminent death or misfortune to them. 

tribal owl tattoo

Image: @vito_klvr

37. Cute Colored Owl Tattoo For Girls

The tattoo design involves spiral knots, leaves and other important designs that are most popular. The colorful owl tattoo design with a phrase makes the tattoo design look incredibly elegant. The addition of stems in the tattoo gives the design a distinct look. 

cute owl tattoo

Image: @tattoo_lauren13

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38. Beautiful Owl With Red Crown Tattoo For Men

Showing is powerful symbolism. The owl tattoo design with a red crown represents victory, triumph and strength. The grey shading effect of the design makes the tattoo appear elegant and distinctive from other design ideas. The access of an upper rank for the tattoo, the wearer, represents royal and divine power. 

beautiful owl tattoo

Image: @fiori_lorett

39. Owl Tattoo For Young Girls

An owl tattoo is a great design and represents something positive with colors to the tattoo. The owl tattoo shows all the details with a severe and mysterious gaze, making it realistic. The beautiful pattern with bold outlines makes the design look stunning.

owl tattoos for girls

Image: @jonatthanhernandesz

40. Owl Tattoo With Flying Wings Image

The outstretched owl wings tattooed inked on the chest inked in black give an elegant and stunning look. Offering a realistic design with many details represents the vision of the owl, making it clear even at night. 

owl tattoo

Image: @doctorrobertsohms

41. Angry Owl Tattoo On Chest

The positive impression due to the physical appearance of the tattoo being silent with huge eyes makes the design curious and very sensitive. The final verdict of having an angry owl eyes tattoo with distinct characteristics depends on the wearer’s boosted confidence level. 

angry owl tattoo

Image: @bjartefraverden

42. Blue Owl And Heart Tattoo On Chest For Men

You can do many things when it comes to colorful owl design. However, ranging from beautiful colors with intricate patterns in the open wings generally conveys a sense of protection and guard with the success of tattoo design ideas. 

Blue Owl And Heart Tattoo On Chest For Men

Image: @kcaldwell120

43. Watercolor Owl Tattoo On Chest

The beautiful watercolor owl tattoos with mysterious design is perfect for such depictions making the tattoo appear pretty amazing. Adding different colors to the tattoo design on the chest completes the tattoo appearance great with a black outlined design. 

watercolor owl tattoos

Image: @chowdahbowl

44. Owl, Skull And Bone Tattoo Picture

A common fraternal motif as a symbol of mortality and warning with a depiction of owl, skull and bone gives an incredible tattoo design idea. The addition of other elements in the barn owl tattoo design with colorful appeal and remarkable vision gives a distinct style to the chest. 

owl tattoos

Image: @_jewp_

45. Owl Tattoo With Knife On Chest

The colorful owl tattoo designs signify your unconscious mind trying to draw your attention with more conscious actions and thoughts. The predatory bird of prey is associated with wisdom and secrecy. Holding a sacrificial knife makes the design elegant. 

owl tattoos on chest

Image: @manuel_memorink_moretti

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46. Owl And Blue Flower Tattoo 

A blue flower stands for desire, love and inspiration, representing metaphysical striving for impossible and infinite tattoo design. The colorful unturned tattoo design showing unrequited love means a variety of meanings with an essence of true love.  

owl tattoo on chest

Image: @cyncityink

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47. Owl With Banner Chest Tattoo

Owl symbolism and meanings include wisdom, intuition, supernatural power, independent thinking, and attentive listening. Depicting the passage with highlighting the significance, complexity and level of intricacy for the tattoo shows a stunning look

chest owl tattoos

Image: @ekapoltwtt

48. Dark Owl With Clock Tattoo On Chest

An owl and a clock are two symbols you might often find together. A person who is a deep thinker can get this tattoo design inked on the chest. Owls are associated with time and the tattoo design inked in black makes the tattoo look gorgeous. 

dark owl tattoos

Image: @the_inkdealer

49. Huge Owl With Clock Tattoo

Places and symbols of the owl and clock tattoo design often coexist and elaborate the tattoo design. The vast owl looks beautiful, with different incidences showing the importance of time intermingling the owl inked in all black. 

owl tattoos on chest

Image: @daleksei

50. Owl Eye Tattoo

Owl tattoos focusing on the eyes will need to be relatively elegant, preferably all black with slight shading. It ensures the lines do not blur together and run into each other. Either at the time of tattooing or later on, when the tattoo begins to age. 

owl tattoos

Image: @darksoultattoostudio

51. Moon And Owl With Heart Chest Tattoo

Owls often exist for deep meaning. The owls with the moon into the night symbolize courage and the ability to see through dark aspects. The crescent moon with the heart in the fine line enhances the outlook connecting different intuitions holding a special place in the heart.

moon and owl tattoos

Image: @litattoo1990

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52. Owl With Heart In Paws Tattoo On Chest

Owls with open wings and hearts in the paws make the tattoo design powerful, summoning up deep emotions from the human. Describing the softness of the heart as the tattoo symbolizes protection with added meaning to the tattoo. The heart inked in red with an owl in shades of black makes the tattoo appear stunning. 

owl tattoos

Image: @alphatattoo.studio

53. Owl With Hourglass Tattoo On Chest

The owl tattoo design inked with hourglass means that you are aware that as time passes, you become wiser. The owl tattoo design inked on the chest with colors such as blue, green, red makes the design one of the most popular choices among animal tattoos. 

owl tattoos

Image: @raulguerrero1977

54. Colorful Owl With Watch Tattoo On Chest

An owl and clock tattoos are two symbols you will often find together. The tattoo on the back denotes strength, dominance, and independence. The owl’s extended wings holding a watch symbolize being open-minded and ready to face anything.

owl chest tattoos

Image: @tappstattoos09

55. Pretty Owl Sketch Tattoo

Owls are also trendy in the new school tattoo style. Here, due to the absence of limits in techniques and rules, tattoos with owls can be different such as cute and funny. But, unfortunately, the black sketch design usually gains some shades of sadness. 

owl sketch tattoo

Image: @lalutattoo

56. Pyramid With Colorful Owl Tattoo

The meaning of the owl tattoo is treated as a sign of wisdom, freedom, independence and knowledge. Although the owl holding pyramid design represents unity and determination, there are different reasons for the tattoo design used by Bury Egyptian pharaohs. 

owl tattoos

Image: @pink_cactus_tattoo

57. Phrase And Owl Tattoo On Chest

If you are a lover of the written word or simply find this animal adorable in its nerdy way, an owl tattoo is a perfect choice. The robust expression of loyalty with a creative quote shows a deep connection to wisdom and knowledge. It also expresses a way of learning or willingness. 

owl tattoos

Image: @piero.rivara

58. Hourglass, Quote And Owl Tattoo

As we all know, the owl tattoo means that it is vital to be wise. The owl tattoo with hourglass represents awareness that you become more innovative as time passes. It is an intelligent tattoo to get a phrase that allows different variations. 

hourglass owl tattoos

Image: @hekhilltattoo

59. Realistic Owl Tattoo With Yellow Claws On Chest

A realistic look of earless, rounded outline, design with smoky gray-brown feathers that are mottled and barred with white, brown streaks looks great. The realistic look on a white belly, and dark eyes distinguish the barred owl and its bill and feet are yellow. The tattoo design inked on the chest looks distinctive. 

realistic owl tattoo

Image: @yadriart

60. Realistic Owl Tattoo

The fabulous winged lurking tattoo inspiration gives a realistic owl design. Owls don’t present a considerable challenge when producing an actual image, but it’s still advisable to choose an artist with proven experience in this style. The resulting tattoo will be eye-catching, unique, and intricate. 

owl tattoos

Image: @eronada

61. Red Flowers And Owl Tattoo

The best owl tattoo designs represent the subtle red color flower design. The wisdom behind the night creature with an incredible arrangement on the chest makes it delicate and attractive. The whole chest design is popular among tattoo artists. 

owl tattoos

Image: @mandy__catherine

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62. Small Colorful Tattoo For Chest

A small bird tattoo on the arm looks very chic. This owl tattoo design with its tribal influence is pretty simple with some beautiful shading effects. Adding colors adds to the design’s overall look and makes it look even more attractive.

owl tattoos on chest

Image: @fantasyfacepaints

 63. Adventurous Owl Tattoo

Owls stand as the ultimate symbols of vision and hope. Some people like to use different design parts for animate objects like the key below. There is no bird on display in the artistic design below. Just one can immediately observe the features that are taken from this creature.

adventurous owl tattoo

Image: @bruceisdunn


What does an owl tattoo on the chest mean?

Many cultures see owls as a symbol of significant life transitions, meaning essential things are on the verge of happening. Owls are the epitome of vision and hope.

What is the meaning of an owl tattoo?

An owl tattoo can be a sign of things including mystery, wisdom, and magic. In Native American cultures, the mystic owl tattoos are often a sign of the afterlife and are considered spiritual guides.

What is the spiritual meaning of an owl?

Owl symbolism and meanings include wisdom, intuition, supernatural power, independent thinking, and attentive listening.

Are owls good omen?

In many cultures, owls are seen as bad luck or omens of death and are feared, avoided or killed because of it.

Do chest tattoos hurt?

Most chest pieces will be painful unless you have lots of body fat or muscle in the area.