61 Ultimate Honey Bee Tattoo Designs For Best Inking

The honey bee tattoos is unique, and it comes as a common way to express oneself nowadays. Cute bee tattoos might be one of the most common things, but the unique insect designs inked on the arm have significant meaning.

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61 Ultimate Honey Bee Tattoo Designs For Best Inking

The tattoo design can be inked in different ways, and the design creates various effects and symbolic meaning. 

Bees are pretty misunderstood, just like spiders or any other insect. Creating a cute ink design with the addition of different elements might represent a person’s nature or some habit.

Bees have a lot of importance and are an essential aspect of the survival and spreading of the plant on the part of the natural world. 

The Meaning Of Honey Bee Tattoo

A bee tattoo can be an excellent choice for those who want to express their love for nature and people. The honey bee design idea comes with different meanings.

It shows hard work and diligence, community and family, harmony, vigilance, protection, defense, and leadership qualities.

The honeybee also comes with additional components: love, affection, discipline, prosperity, wisdom, and knowledge. 

You can create your style of tattoo, and some of the designs are: 

1. Sunflowers With Flying Bee Tattoo

An excellent tiny creature with great symbolism is increasingly gaining attention. The sunflower tattoo and bee tattoo design represents happiness, joy, faith, or growth.

In addition, the tattoo design shows honor, consistency, and duty in performing their task. Meaning a new beginning for the lack of outlined design looks graceful. 

Honey bee tattoo

Image: @flamineighttattoo

2. Bold Honey Bee Design

The bee’s tattoo design comes in different styles. The design looks unique and attractive with the addition of elements such as shading or dotwork, or colors making it look realistic.

For example, the black and white ink design on the wrist with shading makes the tattoo image look natural. 

Honey bee tattoo

Image: @tattoos.by.ar

3. Colorful Killer Bee Tattoo 

The killer bee shows endless persistence, ferocity, strength, and power. Bees are drawn aggressively and depict the image of weapons.

Why not get a killer bee tattoo design for those who believe in diligence and perseverance in achieving your goal. The colorful appearance of a bee on the hand gives a realistic look to the tattoo. 

Honey bee tattoo

Image: @blackgoldtattooco

4. Outlined Flowers With Honey Bee Tattoo 

The feminine bee tattoo design featuring a bee flying over delicate flowers looks fascinating. The honey bee with many flowers makes the design complete by making t look more vibrant.

One can always choose to add colors to the tattoo design or keep it simply outlined, making it look pretty nice. 

Honey bee tattoo

Image: @tattoobydaria

5. Beehive & Honey Bee Tattoo 

As the most perfectly designed nests in nature, the self-made habitat – beehive represents connectedness and community.

As a symbol of protection, the bee also represents loyalty towards the hive and the queen showing honor and consistency.

The intelligent designing tattoo looks brilliant, and the addition of colors makes the tattoo look elegant.  

Honey bee tattoo

Image: @ribasxvx

6. Detailed Queen Bee Tattoo

Go for the queen bee tattoo design if you wish to show your ultimate say, confidence, and protective yet spoilt nature of your personality.

It is not harmful to have the support and be powerful, and the queen bee tattoo design helps show this aspect of your personality.

Honey bee tattoo

Image: @tayler_creator

7. Tribal Nature Honey Bee Tattoo

The honey bee comes as a perfect symbol of hard work and sacrifice. A black tribal bee tattoo represents soul, intelligence, routine, sweetness, and protection, meaning the critical role in nature.

To show your wisdom and knowledge and your spiritual and defensive nature, opt for the tribal bee tattoo design.

Honey bee tattoo

Image: @darranmonaghan777

8. Trail Of Honey Bees Tattoo

Adding some colors enhances the kind of design that you are going for. It makes your design look super realistic and makes it more attractive.

Thus this honey bee tattoo design is super awesome and looks pretty charming, which is an excellent aspect of the design and which looks super cool.

Honey bee tattoo

Image: @justinowen76

9. Cute Cartoon Honey Bee Tattoo

You do not have to make the tattoo design look realistic every time. Adding some fun, cartoonish look to the tattoo enhances the way to add love for the tattoo.

You can also add some colors to the design, making it look unique and different from other design ideas. The awesome bee tattoo makes the design elegant. 

Honey bee tattoo

Image: @2chill_2thrill

10. Quote & Honey Bee Tattoo Design

Bees represent fidelity and are a representation of the strong network. The addition of quotes to the tattoo design shows knowledge of the future and secret matters.

The tattoo design in black gives a delicate look to the style with a personal touch and a styling appeal. 

Honey bee tattoo

Image: @_ink.poetry_

11. Outlined Lion And Honey Bee Tattoo

A bee tattoo design can be completely different, and the other types of bee tattoos with the addition of a lion represent loyalty, wisdom, knowledge, and power.

Also, the addition of flowers to the tattoo makes the design feminine, meaning the power to the vivid design idea. 

Honey bee tattoo

Image: @witchinghourartcollective

12. Huge Honey Bee Back Tattoo

The many bee tattoo design on the back looks stunning with bright and vibrant shade addition. The other popular design variation with beehive and flower adds symbolism in discipline, prosperity, nobility, wisdom, knowledge, and spirituality.

The vast tattoo design equally looks stunning. 

Honey bee tattoo

Image: @mainstreettattoo.onwoodruff

13. Honey Jar with Bee Tattoo Design

The adorable tattoo design with profound meaning represents abundance and prosperity. As a representation of protection, the honey jar and honey bee tattoo represent royalty.

Getting this bee tattoo will help you show your intellect, creativity, and out-of-the-box logic to society.

Honey bee tattoo

Image: @umamitattooer

14. Colored Raspberry & Honey Bee Tattoo

The beautiful and delicious raspberries symbolize passion and love and the honey bee represents wisdom, knowledge, leadership qualities, and affection.

The colorful tattoo design with bright and vibrant hues makes the style look unique and creative in its look. 

Honey bee tattoo

Image: @laurenhoward801

15. Dual Outlined Honey Bee Design

The bee tattoo holds different meanings and significance in other cultures. The double outlined bee tattoo design represents ultra-detailed artwork on the arm to make the tattoo look stylish.

On the other hand, the black ink design makes the tattoo look simple and elegant with a double stroke effect. 

Honey bee tattoo

Image: @tattooer_phantom

16. Strawberry With Honey Bee Tattoo Design

The strawberry symbolizes perfection of mind, peace, and the feminine ideal. Today a ripe, juicy red strawberry symbolizes fertility, temptation, and passion.

On the other hand, a honey bee tattoo is a sign of loyalty. These tattoo designs with colorful ink give a spontaneous look to the tattoo design, making it look eye-catchy. 

Honey bee tattoo

Image: @lizoness

17. Bell Flower Heart Honey Bee Tattoo

Rose tattoos express new beginnings, hope, undying love, and balance. The honey bee tattoo with colorful roses gives the heart-shaped tattoo design a bold and iconic meaning.

In addition, the exquisite feminine tattoo design on the arm provides a delicate and distinctive sense to the overall design idea. 

Honey bee tattoo

Image: @necromandi

18. 3D Honey Bee Back Tattoo

The honey bee tattoo design is just a hyper-realistic tattoo that looks amazing. The large tattoo design on the back seems realistic, and the intricacies added to this design are not surpassing.

In addition, the natural effect of the tattoo design inked on the back gives a pretty nice way to make the style elegant. 

Honey bee tattoo

Image: @paone_vujel

19. Colored Skull Honey Bee Tattoo 

Bee tattoos look adorable but with profound meaning. The undisputed tattoo look comes with a classic addition of a human skull.

As a symbol of protection and freedom, the skull design with honey bee tattoo design looks classic. In addition, it makes the style look unique and elegant. 

Honey bee tattoo

Image: @glocotattz

20. Colored Girly Honey Bee Tattoo Design

The colorful seamless honey bee pattern with flowers smiling gives a perfect look to the tattoo style. With many meanings, tattoo design is majorly popular to enhance the design idea.

The super smile of the honey bee with open wings and floral illustration at the back makes the style look decent. 

Honey bee tattoo

Image: @sterlingskullstudio

21. Stinging Honey Bee Tattoo Design

The honey bee tattoo design is made with bold colors; however, the bold strokes are only those of black ink.

The stingy honeybee design is inked where it remains pretty visible as a bright tattoo. It is an excellent honey bee tattoo design that looks super awesome with the addition of colors and blue background.

Honey bee tattoo

Image: @boobooflt

22. Watercolor Flower & Honey Bee Tattoo

The watercolor honey bee tattoo design with perfect strokes enhances the design appeal on the back. The bright and vibrant colors create a more gradual color fade-out design.

In addition, the classic watercolor effect with detailed elements adds a styling look to the tattoo style. 

Bees are regarded as a symbol of protection, and the addition of flowers to the tattoo makes it look to have a more profound meaning.

 Flower & Honey Bee Tattoo

Image: @whtraventattoo

23. Black Rose In Honey Bee Tattoo

The beautiful symbolism and execution of the tattoo design riddled with infinite detailing help enhance the design possibilities. In addition, the shading effect makes the tattoo look elegant. 

Rose In Honey Bee Tattoo

Image: @prime_airy

24. Large Honey Bee Wings Tattoo

The buzzing sound of the bees occurs with beating wings. Honey bee wings buzzing are to explore aggression and anger by making a cluster of bees ready to attack.

The design stands for femininity, energy, growth, fertility, and power. The colorful line detailing completes the design and looks stunning and unique. 

Honey Bee Wings Tattoo

Image: @micahriot

25. Two Honey Bees With Name Tattoo

Honey Bee tattoos look adorable, and it comes with a profound meaning. Representing dedication and the rewards of a personal meaning to the tattoo design, adding a name makes the style unique and personal.

In addition, the colorful bee design inked on the wrist gives a delicate and subtle appearance to the whole design. 

Honey Bees With Name Tattoo

Image: @thevegantattooist

26. Detailed Hive Eyelid With Honey Bee Tattoo

There is a massive list of tattoos that tattoo artists do. The unique tattoo design idea represents mystery, clarity, protection, and different ways to enhance the tattoo style.

The detailed and intricate artwork of the tattoo gives an eye-popping look to the tattoo. The eyeball representing a different story offers a unique meaning to the tattoo. 

 Detailed Hive Eyelid With Honey Bee Tattoo

Image: @loujacque

27. Linework Black Honey Bee Tattoo

The black and white color specifies a typical trait and shows diligence, economy, purity, immortality, and fertility.

The honeybee tattoo design with fine detailing offers a significant look to the tattoo. The fantastic artwork looks classy and gorgeous, making it a gender-neutral tattoo design. 

Linework Black Honey Bee Tattoo

Image: @kyle.crosley.tattoo

28. Detailed Crown Honey Bee Tattoo

Girls mostly prefer Queen bee tattoos, but guys can go ahead and ink it too. It is made by people who are chic, confident divas, and who love being in charge of the world that is around them.

They are for those delicate nature people who are not afraid to be bold when the situation demands. Thus, queen bee tattoos are worn by defiant and strong women. 

bee tattoos

Image: @jesmartintattoos

29. Honey Bee With Thistle Flower Tattoo

The colorful thistle flower tattoo with honey bee idea gives a distinguished look.

With a unique and customized look, the thistle flower with honey bee is a sign of growth, femininity, inner beauty and peace. 

Image: @birdqueendesigns

30. Outlined Small Honey Bee Tattoo

If you are among those known for their wisdom and intelligence and wish to show their power without hesitation, getting a honey bee tattoo is an appropriate option.

The bees are creative hives, and getting the outline design shows your intellect, creativity, and societal logic. 

bee tattoos

Image: @olifka_tattoo

31. Word Honey With Black Bee Tattoo

Honey bees are regarded as a symbol of protection. Adding honey words with the bee tattoo makes the design look creative.

When beautifully detailed in small inkwork, the blackwork honey bee tattoo gives a stunning look. 

bee tattoos

Image: @boernetattooco

32. Colored Decorative Honey Bee Tattoo

The honey bee tattoo design can be inked in different variations and different sizes to make it look equally stunning.

The colorful inking style with distinct appeal helps enhance the design with profound meaning. The bold and intricate details represent empathy and perseverance. 

bee tattoos

Image: @kelcie.spector

33. Kanji Honey Bee Tattoo

The Japanese honey bee tattoo design represents loyalty, commitment, and dedication. The Kanji honey bee tattoo inspires you to live your life, making it a desirable design.

In addition, serving as spiritual symbols is often used as a charm for protection and symbolizing devotion, not unlike modern religious tattoos.

bee tattoos

Image: @minari_tattoo

34. Geometrical Honey Bee Tattoo

The geometrical figures with wings open in entangle style are in trend these days. The tattoo’s adorable, deep, and profound meaning gives a desirable look.

The colorful design of a realistic-looking tattoo will make sense, while the caricature honey bee or the bumblebee tattoo design will have a different look.

bee tattoos

Image: @carlandink

35. Animated Honey Bee Tattoo

The bee tattoo design can be inked in various ways and can be done in cartoon style, making the design more interesting and exciting.

The animated style of tattoo gives a distinctive appeal to black ink. In addition, the fine line work helps enhance the body’s look. 

bee tattoos

Image: @twisted_ink_ballito

36. Honey Bee With Bottle Tattoo

A creative way that some artists get involved in getting a bee tattoo to raise the style comes with bottle design.

Seeing honey bees foraging the garden for nectar and pollen from flowers for the design makes the style elegant. It also illustrates beautiful, immortal, and delicate line designs. 

bee tattoos

Image: @artbylesliepodjun

37. Blue Honey Bee Tattoo

There is a lot of meaning behind the humble bee tattoo, and one of them is sweetness.

Blue color honey bee or bumblebee tattoo design with a mandala in the background done in black ink and dot work looks super lovely. The whole honey bee or bumblebee tattoo design is pretty amazing.

bee tattoos

Image: @e.nal.tattoo

38. Honey Bee With Poppy Flower Tattoo

The honey bee tattoo design is added with different kinds of flowers like poppy flowers done in red color, which looks vibrant. It is an excellent honey bee tattoo design made on the arm.

It is also added with a pretty little bee that is nicely made and seems as if done with paint.

bee tattoos

Image: @michaelbunbymasters

39. Honey Bee And Dog Tattoo

Bee tattoos can remind you that you can be sweet and playful and have a sting. The tattoo design works for every aspect of life, and those who have an attachment to bees and dogs can get a bright-colored design inked on their body.

The pet dog design on the body gives a desirable look to the style. 

bee tattoos

Image: @j9illustration

40. Tiny Honey Bee Tattoo

The tiny black ink bee tattoo would look fabulous on the wrist or forearm. It would also look great placed above your ankle.

Adding color would also be great for this design. The small honeybee design inked on the wrist with fine detailing helps enhance the whole design. 

bee tattoos

Image: @kevinlizarraga

41. Honey With Barbed Wire Tattoo

Barbed wire with a honey bee tattoo represents protection, strength, and power. Being regarded as a symbol of protection and overcoming traumatic experiences, the tattoo design looks great.

Reminding us of a painful fence to cross with a barbed wire tattoo represents the protection. 

bee tattoos

Image: @mokoo_tt

42. Honey Bee Dotwork Tattoo

A perfect piece of artwork for your body art is a honey bee tattoo. Besides these positive meanings, the bee tattoos hold different significance in different cultures as well.

It symbolizes diligence, economy, purity, immortality, fertility, and innocence. 

bee tattoos

Image: @bavariastichtattoo

43. Black And Yellow Honey Bee Tattoo

A Black dotted bee with a yellow spark is the representative color of the honeybee.

Regarded as the symbol of protection, loyalty, commitment, and dedication to the tattoo design is increasingly popular. Adding a flower to the tattoo design gives a spirit input to the tattoo.

bee tattoos

Image: @paintedsister

44. Bear And Honey Bee Cartoon Tattoo

The bee is associated with loyalty, determination, and hard work, whereas the bear is an animal that represents power, endurance, and courage.

The colorful bee and bear tattoo design creates a balance within the tattoo style, making it look stunning. 

bee tattoos

Image: @newschoolfrance

45. Bee My Honey Bee Tattoo

Bees land where they feel safe, and such a bee design feels near the symbolism of power, femininity, and development, making the style look elegant.

A honey bee symbolizes love and affection, making the style look decent. The colorful design idea makes the style exciting and appealing. 

bee tattoos

Image: @sarahktattoo

46. Ray Of Honey Bees Tattoo

The bee tattoo designs usually represent friendship, and the most powerful figure gives a styling appeal to the tattoo.

The ray of bees one behind the other offers a distinctive look. Each of them is related somehow, and they all take care of one another until their last day.

Adding letters to the design also makes it interesting. 

bee tattoos

Image: @hannahloutattoo

47. Honey Bee Band Tattoo

Looking for the perfect band tattoo design of honey bee to showcase superiority, the powerful symbolism of strong feminine design gives a styling effect.

The most potent and straightforward design idea represents both motherhood and leadership. 

bee tattoos

Image: @amarahollowbones

48. Bee Happy Honey Bee Tattoo

Bees represent hard work and good things to come. The tattoo design of honey bees looks appealing and innocent as the design can be inked in any form.

The small tattoo design inked on the arm gives a stunning appeal making the design look approachable with Be Happy words and colorful inking. 

bee tattoos

Image: @alayna.chloe.tattoo

49. Honey Bee And Lavender Flower Tattoo

Bees also symbolize hard work, cooperation, and loyalty. Honeybees are incredibly devoted in nature to their bee partners. Together they make them a group.

At the same time, the lavender flower design inked with honeybees shows devotion. In other words, bees and lavender can represent the same idea you want to achieve with your tattoo. 

bee tattoos

Image: @1skeletor3

50. Honey Bee With Butterfly Tattoo

Bee tattoos represent love, friendship, happiness, duty, and consistency in performing their task. The addition of a butterfly to the tattoo represents balance and freedom, and it fits perfectly.

In addition, the black ink design idea gives a stunning look to the tattoo. 

bee tattoos

Cerdit: sarahgaugler

51. Honey Bee With Coneflower Tattoo

The honeybee tattoo is associated with loyalty, determination, and hard work. Bees are used as an element to showcase the background with floral patterns and other natural things.

The coneflower tattoo design represents strength, sincerity, and passion. 

bee tattoos

Image: @hi_octane_ink

52. Honey Bee Tattoo With Knife

The neat and stunning tattoo design inked with black ink makes the design look adorable. The honeybee design with a knife in this tattoo depicts the whole bee culture in a very detailed but straightforward way and might seem overwhelming.

On the other hand, if the dagger has a point downwards, it indicates the feminine as it may be the symbol of the moon.

bee tattoos

Image: @forties4me

53. Queen Honey Bee With Wand Tattoo

A queen bee also represents that you are thankful for the support you get in life. It stands for power, feminine energy, growth, fertility, and motherhood.

The bold and colorful tattoo design idea of the wand and honey bee on the leg gives an impressive appeal to the tattoo. 

bee tattoos

Image: @mathieu.tiedrez.tattoo

54. Honey Bee With Witch Hat Tattoo

The witch hat with honey bee design idea with pure chance or without significance gives an elegant appeal.

The style makes an impressive appeal with a black and grey inking style to enhance the design look. The bright and vivid design idea makes the style look impressive. 

bee tattoos

Image: @bostonmack

55. Colorful Honey Bee Tattoo

Bee tattoos look adorable but with a profound meaning. Bee is a symbol of vulnerability for its non-violent nature, and the tattoo expresses the trait of the wearer too.

In addition, the inking style to enhance the look makes the design approachable with a distinctive approach. 

bee tattoos

Image: @medvedove_kerky

56. Honey Bee And Bear Tattoo

Many different tattoos are represented as a symbol of protection, carefree, or spirited and rugged look. The honey bee design inked with honey and beer makes a decent and elegant tattoo style idea.

It shows honor, consistency with a distinctive look. 

bee tattoos

Image: @studioevolvetattoo

57. Honey Bee With Gem Tattoo

Among the many impressive character traits of Bees, Loyalty is on the top. Bees are loyal to their hive members.

Therefore, your bee tattoo can be dedicated to loyalty. The idea of the honey bee with gem design gives an impressive appeal to the tattoo style with colorful inking. 

Image: @smokingmermaidtattoo

58. Honey Bee With Face Tattoo

A honeybee tattoo stands for loyalty, and the delightful creature makes it appealing with a distinctive look adding elements like a face. Representing strength in adversity for the honey bee design makes the style look impressive and unique.

One of the most fantastic design ideas worn by a defiant strong woman gives a stunning look to the tattoo. 

bee tattoos

Image: @whoswillgee

59. Half Flower And Half Honey Bee Tattoo

One of the most famous tattoo design ideas is half flower and half honey bee. They represent hope and fertility.

As one of the most attractive tattoo designs, getting a honey bee design means beauty and love. The black ink design idea on the arm gives an eye-popping tattoo idea.  

bee tattoos

Image: @shelb.ink

60. Honey Bee With Hour Glass Tattoo

An hourglass is a powerful symbol of balance seen in the universe. Bee and the hourglass with mystic character have been central to many cultures.

The bee carries a lot of meanings and a level of productivity with interpretation to different choices. 

bee tattoos

Image: @g.yawny

61. Honey Bee With Moon Tattoo

Although it’s not the most common tattoo pairing globally, a bee and moon tattoo works well together, with the moon also thought to be a symbol of feminine power.

In addition, the honeybee with moon design looks excellent when inked on foot. 

bee tattoos

Image: @oldschooltattoobaby


What Does A Honey Bee Tattoo Mean?

As the crucial role, honey bees have come to represent environmental preservation as they play in the environment and agriculture.

They also symbolize hard work and cooperation. Since the honey bee will protect its home at the risk of its own life, it can also represent loyalty and courage.

What Does A Bee Tattoo Represent?

A honey bee insect tattoo comes as a symbol of loyalty and these are loyal to the queen and other beehive members.

Getting a tattoo design inked could show you as a reliable person to a general individual. In some cases, it can also indicate your honor and duty regarding your life, passion or work.

Are Bees Good Luck?

Bees have been a symbol of wealth, good luck, and prosperity since ancient times. Charms in the shape of honey bees are good luck for attracting wealth. The same goes for coins with a honey bee symbol.

Why Is Everyone Getting Bee Tattoos?

Bees are featured in Manchester’s coat of arms and many public buildings. Many of those getting inked have never had a tattoo before.

According to Davis, the popularity of bee tattoos has gone well beyond his usual customers since the bombing.

Does Ariana Grande Have A Bee Tattoo?

The most meaningful tattoo in Grande’s collection is the bee behind her left ear. She got the ink as a tribute to the 22 people killed during the May 22, 2017, terrorist attack at her women’s concert. 

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