10+ Striking Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing Ideas To Glorify Your Tongue

Key Takeaways

  • Snake Eyes tongue piercings are a striking and unique form of body art.
  • Proper aftercare is essential for a safe and successful piercing.
  • A careful selection of jewelry can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your piercing.
  • Always consult a professional piercer to ensure the best results.
  • Personalizing your Snake Eyes piercing with different jewelry styles and colors can help you express your individuality.
  • Due to the obvious positioning of snake eyes tongue piercings, anyone considering this piercing must be aware of the special risks and definitely pay extra care during healing.

    It is difficult to adjust to jewelry at the tip, and it is not rare for individuals to ache tooth damage as a result of inadvertently biting on the jewelry.

    Whereas many experienced acclaims in contradiction of this piercing, however, we know that when you’ve chosen to have one, it may be tough to somehow get rid of it.

    We desire you to get secure snake eyes piercing and healthy methods of treatment, so we’ve put up a guideline describing the potential risks of this tongue piercing but also how to get it done.

    Tongue piercing

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    Snake Eyes Piercings- A Type Of Tongue Piercing

    The snake’s eyes are pierced near the tongue’s tip. The jewelry corners will replicate snake eyes when you stretch your tongue out, and your tongue may symbolize a snake emerging out of your lips.

    Since the ball ends of the jewelry extend along each border of your tongue, this piercing appears to be a double piercing, but it is merely a superficial piercing.

    As a consequence, it’s one long curved barbell is used in this piercing. It makes it special for folks who want to have two piercings but don’t want to get multiple holes.

    Unfortunately, the piercing location poses additional concerns, as we’ll explain later.

    The jewelry is simple to chew on, which might result in damaged teeth, and it pierces two muscles in the tongue, which could be problematic.

    Snake Eyes Piercing

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    What Time Does It Take To Heal?

    It will require approximately 8 weeks for the snake eyes piercing to cure. It is worth noting that it is also the least of healing time; regardless of when you do things correctly, healing may take more time.

    As a consequence, before terminating aftercare procedures or removing jewelry, you should still have your piercer inspect the piercing to ensure that it has recovered.

    Since the pierced region will inflate overtime after piercing, So to accommodate swelling you should go with a bigger jewelry piece is to compensate for the inflammation.

    You’ll take extra measures while you acclimatize to your new jewelry, especially during the first few weeks of recuperation.

    It’s important, to begin with, soft meals, so you shouldn’t have to bite that much. One must also avoid speaking as often as practicable as flicking your tongue could shock the jewelry, resulting in jewelry rejection.

    horizontal tongue piercing

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    Snake Eyes Piercing Aftercare

    The healing process for a snake eyes piercing is equivalent to all other forms of mouth piercings. Remember to clean two times a day with mouthwash.

    (Although this piercing is in the mouth, it’s a smart option to cleanse after each and every meal to remove any meal residue.)

    Many piercers may prescribe a safe-to-gargle solution designed exclusively for other oral piercings.

    Never Use alcohol-contented mouthwash. This will aggravate and harm the piercing. Along with similar principles, when tongue piercing heal, you should avoid consuming any hot or acidic foods.

    Simply, stay away from everything that you really do not want to be exposed to a wound.

    In order to support swelling, a good piercer may equip you with a bigger initial jewelry piece.

    This can aid in avoiding issues such as embedded jewelry and will also imply that your jewelry will get in the way a little more.

    After the inflammation has subsided in a week or two, you must see your piercer about custom fitting with a relatively small number that will be simpler to manage.

    During the first week, you must also look at you’re piercing to ensure that the first piece of jewelry you’re equipped with is big enough.

    Piercing on tongue

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    The Procedure For Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing

    If you are going to get pierced, get sure that your piercer is reliable, and quickly take a glance around the workspace to check it’s hygienic.

    Moreover, it is not a bad idea is to inspect the workplace in advance to confirm that they comply with all security standards, such as keeping a sterilizer on site along with all the required certificates.

    The puncture spots will then be indicated, and you will be questioned to approve the position. Note that positioning is mostly determined by the structure of your tongue, and your piercer must pierce it safely.

    Though you may have some choice in where it is placed, most of the choice will be made by your tongue.

    Next, you’ll extend out your tongue well beyond, and the piercer will be using a pointed, sterilized hollow needle to make the piercing and strand the jewelry at the same time.

    Snake eye piercing

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    Is snake eyes piercing painful?

    As being done at the tip of your tongue is typically more uncomfortable than having pierced in the middle of your tongue, after you’ve had a regular tongue piercing, take into consideration that you may suffer somewhat more discomfort.

    Nonetheless, the procedure must be quick and far less painful than most people expect.

    What are the dangers of Snake Eyes piercing?

    Upon piercing your tongue, you may experience pain, swelling, bleeding, and bruises, but these signs should progressively reduce over the next week.

    Tongue piercings, on the other hand, pose many other complications in addition to regular piercing concerns.

    Here are a few possible risks


    Infections can be an outcome of the piercing caused by inadequate aftercare if germs grow into the hole.

    Teeth and gums problem

    Your jewelry can hurt and harm your dental health by rubbing against them. If you unintentionally chomp down on your jewelry, you will end up with gum erosion or broken teeth.

    Nerve Damage

    Nerve damage from tongue piercings is also possible, though it is uncommon. Almost all of the time, it occurs during the piercing.

    Ingesting on jewelry

    It is easy to choke or swallow on loosened or damaged jewelry. This is one additional cause why selecting high-quality jewelry and materials is critical.

    Snake eye piercings

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    What kinds of materials should you prefer for the jewelry?

    It is always advised to use jewelry made of solid gold, compatible plastic, or metals that have particular approvals by the Association.

    Seek for jewelry composed of these things

    Surgical stainless steel

    Choose surgical steel jewelry that complies with standardization. Take note that indeed clinical stainless steel includes nickel, which might induce a response if you are allergic to nickel.


    The ideal and most preferred material for piercing is implant-grade titanium. Select this in case you are allergic to nickel. Seek for certified titanium, as well as relatively pure titanium.

    14-karat gold or greater

    Gold jewelry must have a minimum karat weight of 14 karats. Forgo gold-plated, filled, or sterling silver or overlay jewelry because it contains other alloys with a thin layer of gold that might crack or wash off.

    Tongue piercings

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    How can I eat if my snake eyes are pierced?

    Once you initially get your snake eyes pierced, your piercer will probably instruct you to consume only liquid food in the first week or two.

    Because of the recently opened structure of the hole, you are making room in the tongue wherein bits of food might become lodged and hard or impossible to remove.

    In addition, it would be beneficial if you avoid spicy meals and alcohol, all of which can lead to discomfort.

    Snake eye piercing for men

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    How to choose stylish snake piercing jewelry?

    Once the piercing has been healed, you can choose any of the jewelry pieces of your choice, ranging from a curved barbell and other alternative styles.

    Pick a style that glorifies your tongue, transforming it into something beautiful.

    Horizontal tongue piercing

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    Snake Eyes Piercing Pros And Cons


    • Snake eye piercing, a horizontal tongue piercing, is distinctive and eye-catching. It’s a unique way to express your style and individuality.
    • Unlike other oral piercings, snake eye piercings heal relatively quickly, typically within 4-6 weeks.
    •  Since the piercing is positioned horizontally through the tip of the tongue, it often has minimal impact on speech or pronunciation.


    • Initial pain and swelling are joint after a snake eyes piercing. Eating, drinking, or speaking can be uncomfortable for a few days to weeks as the piercing heals.
    •  Like any piercing, there’s a risk of disease or complications if proper aftercare isn’t followed. Oral piercings are more prone to infections due to the bacteria present in the mouth.
    •  As with any piercing, there’s a chance of rejection or migration where the body pushes the jewelry out over time. This can lead to scarring or the need to remove the jewelry.

    Before getting a snake eyes piercing, it’s essential to consider these pros and cons carefully.

    Ensure you choose a reputable piercer who follows strict hygiene and safety practices and is committed to diligent aftercare to minimize the risk of complications and enjoy the unique aesthetic of this piercing.

    Snake Eyes Piercing

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What kind of barbell is best for a snake tongue piercing?

    Selecting the best barbell for a snake eyes tongue piercing is a crucial decision, balancing both style and safety.

    Start by prioritizing the choice of material, opting for biocompatible options like surgical steel, titanium, or niobium to reduce the risk of allergies or irritations.

    Consider the appropriate size and gauge to accommodate initial swelling while ensuring comfort and minimizing the risk of dental damage.

    Your personal style will dictate the design of the barbell, with curved barbells being a common choice for snake eyes piercings.

    Additionally, smoothness and the presence of smooth-edged ends on the barbell are essential to prevent tongue, teeth, and gum irritation.

    The choice between threaded and threadless barbells is a consideration, with the latter gaining popularity for its comfort and reduced risk of complications.

    Consult with a professional piercer to assess your anatomy and receive expert recommendations for the most suitable barbell, ensuring that your snake eyes tongue piercing is both stylish and safe throughout its healing journey and beyond.

    risk of dental damage with piercing

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    Does a tongue piercing ruin your teeth?

    A tongue piercing, if not adequately cared for or if it’s subjected to certain behaviors, can potentially hurt oral health and, in some cases, lead to dental problems.

    One primary concern is the risk of dental damage, especially if the piercing jewelry, commonly in the form of a barbell, comes into fruenequent contact with teeth or dental work.

    Over time, this contact can result in issues like chipped or cracked teeth, enamel erosion, or gum recession.

    The friction between the jewelry and the teeth, particularly during activities like talking, eating, or playing with the piercing, increases the likelihood of these problems.

    tongue piercing ruin your teeth

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    However, it’s essential to note that not everyone with a tongue piercing experiences dental issues, and the extent of impact can vary based on individual habits and jewelry choices.

    To minimize the potential for dental problems, selecting high-quality, smooth-ended jewelry and avoiding habits like clicking or playing with the jewelry are advisable.

    Regular dental check-ups can also help monitor and address any emerging issues promptly.

    Ultimately, responsible piercing aftercare and awareness of the potential risks are essential to enjoy the aesthetic and expressive aspects of a tongue penetrating while safeguarding your oral health.

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