70 Wonderful Butterfly Tattoos For Chest with Incredible Looks

Butterfly tattoos have been prevalent among men and women for ages and what makes them more stunning is the uniqueness and the meaning they represent. Then the butterfly tattoo represents faith, transformation and freedom.

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Butterfly tattoos are often called feminine tattoos, but that doesn’t mean that men don’t like them. They are popular and well known to men too.

70 Wonderful Butterfly Tattoos For Chest with Incredible Looks

A butterfly tattoo symbolizes faith, transformation and freedom. They are also popular as a symbol of adulthood and love, making them popular.

These tattoos come in every size, big and small, and they mean different to the person who gets them inked according to their different cultures. In several cases, the symbols endurance, change and hope. In Chinese culture, they represent joy, grace and immortality.

1. Butterfly With Wording Tattoo

The butterfly is often known as the symbol of the new phase in life, and adding a beautiful memory with words makes them look eye-catching.

Image: @luigizafarana83

2. Watercolor butterfly tattoo Design

Try this great idea of the colorful ray of butterfly tattoos on your chest in watercolors, and they will be extraordinary.

Image: @inksociety_rennyking

3. Matching Heart And Butterfly Tattoo On Chest

The heart tattoo represents love, whereas the butterfly tattoo represents a new transformation or a new life. Combining both the elements makes a stunning tattoo, so don’t wait to get it done now.

Image: @camillagord

4. 3D Realistic Black and Blue Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly look alluring in every color and shape, but the combination of black and blue is appealing and makes an extraordinary and realistic tattoo design.

Image: @raulgtatt2z

5. Matching Butterfly Tattoo Design

If you are looking for a minimalistic but joyful tattoo, this beautiful small butterfly tattoo will be an irresistible choice.

Image: @santhino.tattoo

6. Butterfly And Leaf Tattoo On Chest

Butterfly tattoos look fantastic alone or if you add some other elements with them, try this stunning tattoo on the chest in a large size with some small leaves.

Image: @clairroll

7. Black Shaded Butterfly Tattoo ideas On Chest

There are tons of options to choose the butterfly tattoo and its design; if you won’t believe me try this black butterfly-shaded tattoo.

Image: @dappy.blxck

8. Blue Butterfly Tattoo Designs On Chest With Watercolor

As we all know, the butterfly looks magnificent with its bright colors and different color combinations, so why do we not try a colorful butterfly tattoo? So get this beautiful blue butterfly tattoo with watercolor inked on the chest, and they will not disappoint you.

Image: @calipayantattoo

9. Butterfly Tattoo With Moon

Butterfly tattoos are gorgeous, and adding some heavenly elements like Moon and stars increases their beauty. If you won’t believe me, try this stunning tattoo yourself.

Image: @cesart_ink

10. Classy Butterfly with flames Tattoo On Chest

A black butterfly tattoo with some mystery elements makes it an excellent choice to get inked. So don’t wait anymore; try this small butterfly tattoo now.

Image: @lazy_bodymod

11. Butterfly Tattoo Design On Chest

An attractive butterfly tattoo with enormous wings with black outlines makes a stunning and charming tattoo. Add some floral elements with it, making a catchy eye tattoo.

Image: @frontiertattooparlour

12. Colored Butterfly Tattoo Design

Butterflies are famous as the symbol of turning into adulthood, and this black and blue butterfly tattoo makes them look heavenly beautiful.

Image: @adammadethat.tattoo

13. Two Blue Colored Butterfly Tattoo

Life is full of colors, and we must live it to the fullest with joy, and these butterflies represent life and joy, so don’t wait anymore and get this stunning tattoo inked and show your positive life view.

Image: @kunehotattoostudiourdaneta

14. Colored Tiny Butterfly Chest Tattoo

Try this beautiful and eye-catchy colorful tattoo on your chest with some different colors, and they will look extraordinary.

Image: @angie102980

15. Classic Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies love flowers, and it will be so unfair if we won’t butterfly with the flowers. You can be as creative as you want with your butterfly tattoo. For instance, you can opt for a half body of the butterfly, mixing it with the flowers to make it a complete tattoo.

Image: @cj.tattoo_artwork

16. Elegant Butterfly Tattoo On Chest

Butterfly tattoos are prevalent as feminine and full of grace; try this elegant tattoo on the chest and flaunt it among your friends.

Image: @kokeshitattoo

17. Orange Colored Butterfly Tattoo On Chest

The beautiful colored tattoo with some flower branches looks incredible and is one of the most prominent choices for women.

Image: @saitamatattoodubai

18. Elegant Multicolor Butterfly Tattoo

You can ask your tattoo artist to show his artistry in your butterfly tattoo with different colors, and they will look extraordinary.

Image: @ritualtattooperu

19. Inked Spider Butterfly Tattoo On Chest

The spider butterfly tattoo is one of the different and most prevalent tattoos. Spider with a butterfly represents the resourceful and mystical nature of the wearer and spiritual connection.

Image: @y.tattoo.mie

20. Ultimate Chest butterfly Tattoo

The enormous black and gray tattoo looks aesthetic and makes it one of the most popular tattoos among men and women.

Image: @ta_mere_t_avait_prevenu

21. Feminine Butterfly Tattoo

As we know, butterfly tattoos are feminine tattoos, and the vibrant colors make them look alluring to the eyes. You may add some red lily flowers with it, and they will be gorgeous.

Image: @diamontink

22. Flying Butterfly Tattoo

The flying butterfly tattoo in black and white looks beautiful. Yet, you can ask your tattoo artist to give it a tribal look and trust me, you will not regret that.

Image: @louizamariedesigns

23. Impressive Butterfly Tiny Tattoo

A small but elegant butterfly tattoo on the chest makes a great choice to get inked, and you will never regret getting it done.

Image: @rachel_against

24. Grey Ink Butterfly Tattoo On Chest For Men

The pitch-black butterfly tattoo with the skull head looks excellent in an enormous size and is prevalent among men.

Image: @mirfin_ia

25. Elephant And Butterfly Tattoo

Nothing is impossible when you are creative and can think out of the box, and the elephant and butterfly tattoo proves it to the fullest. They will make an excellent and unique tattoo.

Image: @buddha_inks

26. Grey Ink Butterfly Tattoo With Name On Chest

Flowers and butterflies look beautiful in the black ink as they look in colored ink. Try this magnificent black tattoo with grey shading on the chest, and they will look outstanding.

Image: @blx_carbon_tattoo

27. Shaded Butterfly Tattoo Image

Black butterfly tattoos are often recognized as renewal, reconstruction and mystery, which makes them a unique choice for a tattoo. Try this charming black, small butterfly tattoo on your chest now.

Image: @spaz_ta2

28. Amazing Butterfly Tattoo Design with Crying Eyes

The black and white butterfly tattoo with the crying eyes shape in the bottom looks unique and extraordinary.

Image: @vyeross

29. Beautiful Girl Showing Her Butterfly Tattoo Designs

As I said above, butterfly tattoos are prevalent among girls and look stunning in every size and color. They look extraordinary on the chest.

Image: @ablastudios

30. Flower And Butterfly Tattoo

Where there is a flower, there will be butterflies too, so this flower and butterfly tattoo, we can’t miss. Try these beautiful red roses in watercolor along with two or three butterflies, and they will look so graceful.

Image: @studiogustattoo

31. Black And Gray Butterfly Tattoo with Scary Eyes

Butterfly tattoos are popular among men, too, and they like to be creative with that, like the man wearing the butterfly tattoo on the chest with black and gray ink with scary eyes between them.

Image: @queso_tattoo

32. Grey Skull And Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies can be beautiful and scary both, if you don’t believe me try this grey skull butterfly tattoo on your chest, and you will get to know yourself.

Image: @kubykolor

33. Pitch Black Butterfly Tattoo Ideas with Beautiful Eyes

The pitch-black butterfly tattoo with beautiful eyes on the wings makes them look stunning. Try these bold butterflies tattoo on the chest in a small or large size, and you are going to love this tattoo.

Image: @nicosoto_tattoo

34. Blue Large Butterfly Tattoos

Whether you opt for watercolor or neo colors, these tattoos will always look mind-blowing. But, if you don’t believe it, try this yourself, and you will get lots of compliments for this beautiful art on your chest.

Image: @drmonocular

35. Butterfly Chest Tattoo

The butterflies tattoos look great on the chest, and you will love them no matter what. So get this tattoo inked on your chest with a unique year that was memorable for you and flaunt it.

Image: @bigkahunatattoo

36. Butterfly Skull Tattoo On Chest

As I said earlier, a butterfly represents transformation; then, one should never leave behind to show their creativity and transform them as per your choice to make them look beautiful. The butterfly skull tattoo on the chest will look delightful to your eyes.

Image: @ta_yote

Image: @missb.666

37. 3d Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos are full of life and joy, and these sexy 3d butterflies tattoos look so lively on the chest with beautiful and bright colors.

Image: @rawtattoosstudio

38. Heart And Butterfly Tattoo

Try this eye-catchy butterfly tattoo with a heart in watercolor, and it will look magnificent on the chest.

Image: @_my_jinji_

39. Outline Butterfly Chest Tattoo For Girls

Black butterfly tattoo symbolize mystery, and they will look magnificent on your chest, try this beautiful outline tattoo to show the world your mysterious nature.

Image: @tattoochvanel

40. Impressive Tribal Look Butterfly Tattoo On Chest

You can choose the butterfly tattoo from tons of options like this tribal look butterfly tattoo on the chest, and they will look gorgeous.

Image: @heria.tattoo

41. Barbwire Butterfly Tattoo

The barbwire tattoo represents the prison system, and it is often believed to have Italian roots, whatever the reason may be. Still, the barbwire tattoo makes an exceptional choice for a tattoo.

Image: @_graffresh_

42. Black and  White Butterfly Tattoo Ideas On Chest

The black and white butterfly tattoo on the chest looks attractive and makes it a stunning choice to try on the chest.

Image: @pivoineart

43. Lovely Butterfly Tattoo ideas

A butterfly tattoo looks lovely on the chest; adding some floral elements makes it a gorgeous tattoo.

Image: @48roses_tattooer

44. Lovely Large Traditional Butterfly Tattoos On Chest

A traditional butterfly looks magnificent in black ink, but what about the colored ink? They are going to look breathtaking in color as well. If you don’t believe me, then try it yourself.

Image: @maya_inkubo

45. Unique Butterfly Tattoo on Chest

This fantastic butterfly tattoo with watercolor in black looks Magnificent and makes it a must-try tattoo.

Image: @dk_tattoo_omn

46. Nice Butterfly Tattoo On Chest

This stunning classic and timeless butterfly tattoo design will look extraordinary if you look for a minimalistic design as your next body art.

Image: @ismintha

47. Grey Butterfly Tattoo

The beautiful grey butterfly tattoo with some shading will look stunning on the chest. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself.

Image: @truelovetattooing

48. Tiny Butterfly Tattoos

A tiny butterfly design tattoo with some designs like a necklace will look breathtaking and makes it a perfect choice to get tattooed.

Image: @indigoforevertattoos

49. Thick Outline Butterfly Design Tattoo On Chest For Men

Try this outlined butterfly tattoo with thick lines on your chest, and you will love this piece of beautiful artwork.

Image: @heyitsfrancesco

50. Outstanding Butterfly Tattoo

A unique and outstanding butterfly tattoo with a traditional touch and two beautiful eyes at the bottom look magnificent.

Image: @lexxmariearts

51. Perfect 3D Butterfly Tattoo

It is a tiny but elegant and graceful tattoo to get inked on the chest in 3D. It will look alluring on your chest.

Image: @d.mension_tattoo

52. Red Butterfly on Chest Tattoo

If you love to wear off-shoulder tops, you must try this red butterfly tattoo with some design patterns below, and they will look extraordinary.

Image: @jays_ink_tattoos

53. Attractive Butterfly Tattoo For Chest

This beautiful, attractive tattoo looks delightful on the chest and makes it a unique choice to try on the chest.

Image: @bastiantattooer

54. Sexy Butterfly Tattoo

The simple butterfly tattoo with some elegant colors looks incredible on the chest and makes it a must-have tattoo for butterfly tattoo lovers.

Image: @tattoosupremee

55. Simple Butterfly Tattoo On Chest

Try this simple but elegant butterfly tattoo on the chest, and it will look magnificent.

Image: @roh_pretorius

56. Simple Butterfly Ray Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos look stunning, and they look more attractive when they are in groups, so this beautiful butterfly ray tattoo is a must-have tattoo.

Image: @aysesuyildizcom

57. Skull And Butterfly Wing Shape Tattoo Ideas

Try this unique butterfly tattoo with a skull design, and it will look scary and classy both on your chest.

Image: @leiffettattoo

58. Skull With Butterfly Tattoo

The black shaded butterfly tattoo with a skull head on the top makes it a unique choice to try on the chest.

Image: @megrobertstattoo

59. Skull With Butterfly Wings Tattoo

Two attached skull tattoos and the large butterfly open wings look horrible and are a superior choice for tattoo lovers.

Image: @ting_wun

60. Stunning Butterfly Tattoo On Chest

The black monarch butterfly tattoo with a unique design that makes the inner body look like a face is outstanding for the chest.

Image: @restless.tattooer

61. Stunning Butterfly Tattoo

Try this black and grey tattoo on the chest with a thick outline and minimal shading, and they will look fabulous.

Image: @ivyklomp

62. Stylish And Simple Butterfly Tattoo On Chest

The butterfly tattoo with delicate insects in pitch black with black shading looks excellent and superior.

Image: @amanda_marie_witchery

63. Stylish Butterfly Tattoo

It is one of the unique style butterfly tattoos with three wings in black color with a skull face, whereas one will be colorless only with an outline.

Image: @lanubetattoo

64. Tiger And Butterfly Tattoo

The tiger face butterfly tattoo is a popular choice among men to try on the chest, and it will look terrific to take inspiration and start with your tattoo.

Image: @laura_rock_steady

65. Unique Butterfly Face Tattoo On Chest

This unique butterfly tattoo with a girl’s face and wings looks fantastic and makes it a beautiful choice for tattoo lovers.

Image: @buenviaje.arte

66. Unique Kawai Butterfly Tattoo

This beautiful Kawai butterfly tattoo is trendy among girls for tattoo choice, and they will make a superb tattoo.

Image: @kramp_tattoo

67. Yellow and Black Butterfly Tattoo

Get this stunning yellow and black butterfly tattoo on the chest in 3d, and they will look realistic and show the joy and grace of your nature.

Image: @cruel_tattoo

68. 3D Butterfly Tattoo Design

The 3D butterfly tattoo has several options to try on the chest, and this is one of the best designs to get tattooed. But, please don’t trust me; see it with your eyes

Image: @intoku_studio

69. Awesome Butterfly Tattoo

Try this awesome medium-sized butterfly tattoo with beautiful features on your chest along with a flower, and they will look stunning.

Image: @inkbyabsinthe

70. Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo

Try this unique butterfly tattoo on your chest along with a small moon and some patterned designs with it, and they will look gorgeous.

Image: @litch_tattoo


These are a few examples of butterfly tattoos, and you have a number of options to try on and flaunt among your friends. Whatever tattoo you choose to start your tattoo journey, make sure to go to renowned and experienced tattoo artists. In addition, you may opt for different color ink options. These stunning butterfly tattoos will look great on every body part, so don’t hesitate and get your first tattoo now.


What does a butterfly tattoo mean?

Butterfly tattoo has different meanings for its wearer, although it is often believed that butterfly tattoo stands for joy, transformation, reconstruction, new beginnings and love etc.

Which is the best place to get these butterfly tattoos inked?

Butterfly tattoos look stunning on every part of the body, but some of the favorite body parts are the shoulder, chest, wrist, waist and thighs. You may try these tattoos anywhere on your body as per your choice. Butterfly thigh tattoos are also in demand these days with different color options.

Are butterfly tattoos lucky?

Butterfly tattoos are lucky or not; it depends on the wearer’s beliefs, but, in some cases, the color of the butterfly also decides its meaning. For instance, a blue butterfly stands for good luck, whereas the yellow butterfly stands for happiness.

Can you go to heaven with tattoos?

If you have trust in God, then you can go to heaven. There is no saying that with a tattoo, you can’t go to heaven. No religion forbids you from going to heaven with tattoos.

What are the side effects of tattoos?

Tattoos look great on the body, but it has side effects like a skin infection or allergic reaction. In some cases, tattoos hide cancer symptoms and cause MRIs as well.

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