20+ Cool Smiley Piercing Ideas That Make You Look More Attractive

As you hear about piercing anywhere around your mouth, you might imagine ‘snakebite’ piercings or piercings that pass through the lips. Lips or smiley piercing, like tongue piercings, have always been great alternatives for those who desire to be pierced farther across their face, although this is not the only alternative present.

The smiley piercings, so named as it is most noticeable whenever you smirk, are located within the mouth. The piercing is made via the inner foreskin, which is the tiny flap of connective tissue that joins your top lip to your gum. Not all can receive this piercing because the inner foreskin is perhaps too tiny and fragile, increasing the likelihood of the piercing being refused or torn.

Continue reading to discover all you need to understand about smiley piercing, from discomfort to the recovery process to the different types of jewelry present and just about everything else.

Smiley Piercing Jewelry

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Reasons For Getting A Smiley Piercing

Appears Beautiful

To begin with, the most apparent reason to have a smiling piercing is that they are quite attractive. It enhances the look of your upper lip giving you a better smile and laugh. with smiley piercing, you can slay anyone. You can select captivating jewelry for your smiley piercing as well. Between rings to studs, the options for your smiley piercing are nearly limitless. Choose the one that looks good when you smile.

Smile piercing

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Easier To Cover

One significant advantage that smiley piercings offer over other ones is that they are simpler to conceal. Piercings, although being only a sort of body alteration, are nonetheless not permitted in a wide range of institutions. People with piercings are frequently denied employment or entrance to other institutions during job interviews.

Whereas other piercings are completely apparent to others, you won’t just have to hide your smiley piercing. This makes it particularly useful for those who are still in college or university, as well as for persons with disabilities.

Smiley piercing

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Significantly Less Pain Level

Smiley piercings are among the least painful piercings available. The main explanation for the lack of discomfort is just because the frenulum is extremely thin, and piercing occurs in a quick motion, so the and all you will feel is a mild pinch.

Furthermore, most piercings are performed with a numbing drug. This reduces the discomfort that you would otherwise feel with this piercing.

Smile piercing

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Simple Procedure

Piercing is far more intricate than it seems. Although most people believe that piercing is merely inserting a needle into a body part, the location in which it is inserted is critical.

Having said that, the method for inserting the smiling piercing is simpler than several other piercings. This is mostly due to the frenulum’s very thin and microscopic size.

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Requires Less Time

In addition to being pretty simple, the treatment also requires less time. The total procedure of placing the needle into the frenulum takes only a few seconds, following which you may resume your day.

Yet, the procedure itself is quick, and you will need to take extra care of your piercing. It may take four to twelve weeks for your piercing to heal properly. Throughout this period, you should refrain from talking unless absolutely essential, as well as avoid certain soft foods and drinks until the piercing heals correctly.

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What Can You Hope From Upper Lip Smiley Piercings?

Upper Lip Smiley Piercings

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Smiley piercing might be more uncomfortable than you realize. Because the frenulum is such a little bit of skin, you may think it wouldn’t be a tough region to pierce; however, piercing through tough skin probably hurt little. When the tissue is penetrated, you should feel a sharp pain, but it should go away quickly. Some people believe that the smiley piercing hurts more often than other forms of lip piercing but far less than flesh piercings; therefore, these falls in the middle.

However, prior to getting a smiley piercing, you should consult with reputable piercers to ensure that this type of piercing is appropriate for you. People who do not receive a smiley piercing are anyone who has braces, oral hygiene problems, or dental fillings, in addition to those who have a frenulum that is too narrow.

Upper Lip Piercing

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How Much Does It Cost?

In terms of price, based on where you live, you may anticipate paying between $30 and $90. It’s important not to compromise at the expense of any piercings or other alterations. It’s wise to spend a little more if it involves getting a more enjoyable and relaxing service.

Smiley Piercings

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For sure, if the jewelry of your latest piercings hasn’t been added to the original price by your piercer, you’ll just have to buy it. Fortunately, you have a lot of alternatives when it comes to jewelry! Initially, you may be equipped with a horseshoe ring that comes with a circular barbell that will also show when you smirk, but seamless rings are indeed popular – the possibilities are unlimited. Regardless of which style you choose, they’ll usually appear quite delicate, and they’re simpler to conceal than several piercings if you don’t want to display them during a business meeting and whenever your family comes to see you.

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What Is The Recovery Time For Smiley Piercings?

Our mouth cures rapidly, and it also has a microorganism, so the time required for a smiley piercing to cure varies upon your body’s healing properties and how you take proper care of it. With proper aftercare, it can heal as few as four weeks in certain situations, but it might potentially take up to 3 months in others.

Healing Piercing

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Be attentive to your intake throughout your smiley piercing procedure of recovery. For sure, you have to eat; however, you might not want to risk aggravating the piercings or trapping them on something. You might like to limit yourself to soft meals for several days, only to get accustomed to where the jewelry is in your mouth. Quit smoking as it can dehydrate your mouth, resulting in discomfort.

A few of the standard post-piercing advice is also applicable to smiley piercings. For first, you must mainly avoid touching the piercing. Try to suppress the impulse to mess with it, no matter how difficult it may be, and completely avoid it if possible.

thin line piercing

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Follow The Aftercare Instructions Properly

You’re undoubtedly aware that piercings need an aftercare routine, but because a smiley piercing would be in your mouth, you’ll need to be much more cautious than you’d get from other places of your body. Although your mouth typically contains germs — thousands of kinds, in fact- the majority of them aren’t the “dangerous” sort that might cause infections. Your innate immune system holds dangerous bacteria away, although, in the event of an illness, germs can penetrate your blood and can migrate throughout your body, putting you at risk for cardiac problems.

Smiley Piercing

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To maintain a smiley piercing tidy, you’ll take extra steps. Rinse your mouth with a saline solution repetitively a day is a fantastic method to handle everything. You also need to ensure that you maintain your dental health up to scratch and scrub the jewelry, the rear of it, wash it, and remove all the grime and germs off.

You would like to minimize introducing new germs into your mouth to let your piercing cure sooner, so stop sharing meals and maybe even kisses. The best part is that infectious diseases are uncommon, particularly if you practice basic oral hygiene.

The Ideal Materials For Captive Bead Ring Piercings Are Titanium And Gold.

Although it may be enticing to have a smiley piercing now, you shouldn’t do it unless you have the means to pay for high-quality jewelry. One may not really think there’s anything wrong with getting cheaper jewelry implanted and then switching it out for a more expensive one later, but a piercing specialist told you to get what you pay for. Some people suffer from “discomfort from injury of inferior jewel pieces including jewelry loaded with nickel.

Men Smiley Piercing

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To avoid smiley piercing risks, choose jewelry made of titanium or solid gold, or at the very least limit any jewelry laden with nickel. Nickel is just not going to make you sick. It won’t cause bacterial infections to you, but it may force you to heal more slowly.

If you decide on gold, keep in mind that certain individuals are sensitive to it and that real gold is preferable to gold plated. While it may take a little longer to save enough for your smiley piercing, the reduced chance of disease or adverse response will be good enough to justify it.

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Don’t Get Other Piercings Immediately Afterward.

A further reason to save money for excellent jewelry for your smiley piercing is once it’s inside, it’ll be there for a long time. It’s because you’ll choose to keep the jewelry until your new piercing heals, which can take many weeks. Wait 3 months prior to switching out your jewelry to ensure that everything has healed completely. You should use extreme caution during the transition. And anyway, this is your mouth, so ensure you fully wash your hands prior to putting your hands inside to replace your jewelry. Cleaning your mouth is also a smart option as part of the procedure.

If you’re not sure if your piercing is healed sufficiently for you to alter it, ask your piercer for help.

Jewelry piercing

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Smiley Piercings Attract Tons Of Dangers.

Although piercings appear to be a fairly easy body alteration, putting holes in your body is not without risk. Because of the position, having a smiley piercing has considerably more dangers than having a regular piercing. Apart from the danger of contamination, the jewelry might generate gum recession or tooth, significant harm to your dental health.

Smiley Piercings

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Although your mouth isn’t damaged and you may not have an illness, there’s a potential for your body to reject the new jewelry outright. In these circumstances, the body perceives the new jewelry as an intruder and responds by producing more epidermis, which ultimately pulls the jewelry out.

Possible consequences of a smiley piercing involve bruising, inflammation, and scars. If something goes wrong, contact your dentist to schedule an appointment for the healing process.

Piercing face

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It’s Possible That Your Piercing Won’t Survive Very Long.

Smiley piercings are indeed a great deal of work, and you may eventually decide that you would not want to maintain abreast with the care. Therefore, what will you do to eliminate your piercing?

The excellent thing is that the hole will close up after the jewelry is removed. Try this out when the piercing is completely cured. When you decide to remove your jewelry even before the curing process is finished, ask the professional piercer if this is possible to do so.

Be aware that while you intend to go the long route with your smiley piercing, it will most likely not stay forever. Smiley piercings typically survive a year or so until the immune system attacks the jewelry. However, they can rarely persist for a few years.

Girl Smile Piercing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are smiley piercings safe?

It attracts a lot of potential risks to get a smiley piercing. You can experience gum disease and enamel damage from the abrasion caused by the jewelry. Proper placement of your smiley piercing is actually relevant to stop such damages.

What are the undesirable consequences of smiley piercing?

The choice of jewelry and its placement led to various side effects. When your body does not accept the type of material used, it leads to piercing rejection. You should try smiley piercing only when you have a thicker skin of your frenulum.

Smiley piercing on girl face

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Should you avoid kissing during the healing period?

During the healing time, you should definitely avoid kissing as it can lead to the displacement of your smiley piercing. Moreover, while kissing, more harmful bacteria can be introduced in your mouth and can get trapped in the piercing site, which is harmful to your smiley piercing.  so, avoid kissing till the piercing is completely healed.

What if your body rejects the piercing?

When your body interprets the jewelry as a trespasser, it will reject the piercing by developing more skin out of your frenulum. Thus, the piercing site will, as a result, get sore, red, and irritated, and you will notice your jewelry under your skin.

What size is a smiley piercing?

The first size of your piercing jewelry should be around 1mm in diameter to 1.5 in thickness. Make sure to use a piece of sterilized jewelry for the piercing, or it will cause serious dangers.

Is it possible to cover a smiley piercing?

You can hide the piercing whenever you like. You can use the seamless ring when your family pays a visit or when your old Granny comes to meet you.

Piercing on lips

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Is smiley piercing painful?

Because of the small size and thin skin of the frenulum, it is one of the least painful piercings. It is incredibly thin, and using a sharp sterilized needle given a sea salt rinse will result in just sting-like pain.

Should you go for a smiley piercing when you have braces?

Braces are one of those things on which your jewelry can get caught. Thus, it is better to go for a smiley piercing after removing your braces, and dental sealants to not attract unnecessary pain.

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