Dazzle Your Look With 17+ Nose Piercing Jewelry Recommendations

Are you considering nose-piercing jewelry ideas? Nose piercing jewelry is one of the most critical aspects of this unique form of self-expression as one of the top picks in body adornment.

Nose piercing jewelry offers a great option to enhance your style and make a statement. However, choosing the right pieces is usually a must for a harmonious look.

Key Takeaways

  • Nose piercings offer a unique and stylish way to express individuality through body art..
  • They may symbolize personal meanings like cultural heritage, rebellion, or self-expression..
  • A proper understanding of nose piercing significance is crucial before getting one..
  • Nose piercings can carry diverse meanings, so consider your interpretation and style when choosing one…

Nose piercings hold great significance for many cultures worldwide, often symbolizing individuality, rebellion, or cultural heritage.

They’re the number one choice for those seeking a unique and essential way to express themselves. However, the significance of a nose piercing could vary from person to person, allowing you to imbue it with your meaning and style, making it a must-have accessory for self-expression.

But what types of nose-piercing jewelry should you consider? In this article, we’ll explore the different materials and designs available.

Whether you’re a newcomer to nose piercing or a seasoned pro, understanding the intricacies of nose jewelry is essential. Join us as we delve into the world of nose-piercing adornments and discover which options are the perfect fit for you.

You followed all of the recommendations and are now totally cured. Now comes the fun part: choosing jewelry to complement your amazing piercing!

Nose Piercing Jewelry

Image: @parkers_piercings

Your piercing is healed. So, what’s next?

A twisting nose stud made of good-quality materials such as 14k gold or 18k gold, or titanium is the most typical beginning jewelry for the nose piercing. Hoops like captive bead rings or seamless gold rings are too popular.

If you want to have a nose stud, consider one with a little ball on the end; alternatively, a small prong or bezel set gemstone might also be fashionable. Make sure your first piece of jewelry is big enough to permit swelling while still being light enough not to tug on your recent piercing.

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Nose Piercing Look

Image: @iris_piercing_studios

Costs to consider

It’s recommended to buy a high-quality 14k gold or platinum nose ring while looking for one. There are several styles to pick from, all of which are reasonably priced. A real diamond nose ring or real birthstone studs are usually popular.

Don’t let the cost of diamonds and gold nose rings put you off; they start at approximately $25.00 and go upwards from there.


Some individuals are compelled to use a normal earring to adorn their nasal piercing. This should not be done. Earring with a gauge of 22G might cause a piercing to travel and heal incorrectly. Furthermore, the length is excessive, causing cartilage damage and scratching delicate nasal tissue.

Keep in mind when we talk about the different sizes of body jewelry? It is still vital. You should opt for 20 to 18G beautiful nose ring jewelry having a one fourth inch wearing length.

Image: @sjjewelryco

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Choosing the Perfect Jewelry for The Nose Piercing

This piercing has grown significantly more popular in recent years, particularly when compared to their previous stigma. Unlike standard ear piercing, while selecting jewelry, it’s necessary to consider both exterior (what colleagues, customers, and others would think) and inner (recovery time, your taste and preferences).

It’s very crucial to pick your initial piercing jewelry wisely because you’ll have to keep it in for the duration of your recovery. Here are some factors to think about:

Fewer workplaces now outright prohibit nose piercings, while some may limit employees to wear colored jewelry or only studs of specific size or form.

When you work outside the house, ensure to consider your employer’s regulations while selecting your first piece of jewelry. Otherwise, you have to choose between removing your piercing and losing the job.

Nose Piercing Jewelry

Image: @laura_bond_jewellery

It’s critical to choose jewelry that compliments your figure and lifestyle. If you’re busy, you’ll need something that won’t get in the way of your activities. It’s also vital to bear in mind whether you’re allergic to specific metals.

If this is your first-time wearing nose jewelry, go for something basic and healing-friendly. This is not the time to get a nose ring, nose screw jewelry, or any other outrageous style that might cause problems in the healing process, as well as at work or school.

A shoddy nose stud may be aggravating and inconvenient. “Hand-finished” does not imply a smooth surface. Each nose ring or stud is carefully polished to a smooth, delicate finish by Alluring Body. They are very stunning, and the best money can buy.

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nose screw Piercing

Image: @petalumapiercingco

Length of Post

The correct post height (the height of the element in your nose) can assist nose screws in staying in place and sit flat on your nose.

We designed a standard length that suits most individuals after years of study and talks with our consumers. A good fit should be comfortable and leave enough area for your nostrils to expand and compress naturally.

The normal needle length for the nose piercing is 18G or 20G, although your piercer may use a larger needle (up to 16G) for better recovery.

Start with a little stud if you’re new to studs.

When your nose ring heals, you won’t be able to alter it for at least a few weeks. For most people, a basic stud is a fantastic place to start. When the time comes, you can switch to whatever fits your preferences better.

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nose ring design

Image: @veraluna_co

Nose ring jewelry material

Surgical Stainless Steel (SSS)

Surgical Steel (SSS) is a metal that may be worn after the piercing has recovered. Titanium is bulkier and more costly.

Even the greatest grade of 316L is OK to put in recovered piercings, but even the fine qualities include nickel, which can create difficulties if you’re allergic to nickel. That is why it is best to keep even implant-grade surgical steel jewelry until you’ve fully recovered.


It is even more costly than titanium, however it is a fantastic alternative when you can buy it. However, because gold is a delicate metal that contains alloys, discomfort and response are possible.

As a result, it’s better to wait till you have recovered before switching to gold, if you do, stay away from anything less than 14 karat gold.

Nose ring Gold Look

Image: @velvetelvispiercing


Although glass is the safe jewelry material, there is no international regulation or marking for high grade glass, so you never know what you’re receiving.

Glass only functions if it’s lead-free: it can be suitable for a healed piercing, but due to size concerns, this material is never used for original piercings. It has a tendency to run big.

Thus “18 G” needles are typically stiffer than that, and a piercer using an 18 G needle will have a hard time squeezing that glass in. Keep in mind that the narrower the glass, the more brittle it is, increasing the danger of damage.

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Glass nose ring

Image: @diamondheartstudios

Which Materials Should You Avoid When Getting The Nose Piercing?

Sterling Silver

The metal is sterling silver. For the nose piercings, silver is not a good choice. It not only contains other materials that might obstruct healing but also debases when it comes in the touch with your bodily secretions, and the tarnish could darken your skin forever.

Plated jewelry, sometimes known as “mystery metal,” is a type of metal that has been plated. Buying inexpensive, uncertain jewelry is never a smart idea because you never know what it’s composed of. You might just save money, however when the jewelry begins to tarnish and start irritating your skin, you’ll most likely discard it.

Sterling Silver Nose Ring

Image: @piercing.arabia

Nylon Or plastic

These metals are not ideal for the nose piercings since they are soft, corrosive, and hard to maintain.

Here’s where you can learn more about typical gauge sizes.

Twist nose stud jewelry will be one-fourth in length. This allows for swelling and allows for easy cleaning of the piercing.

If you’re having a Captive bead ring, hoop, or even a circular barbell punctured, it ought to be ⅜  or 5/16-inch in diameter.

More information about conventional  jewelry lengths may be found here.

Location: The piercer will note the piercing’s position hence you can check to see whether it’s in the right spot. It’s time to penetrate after you’ve consented.

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Nylon  Nose Piercing

Image: @diamondinthedaith

Nostril Piercing Jewelry Styles


Pins (often known as studs), screws, and the L-shaped nose studs are offered from Alluring Body.

L Bend (Standard)

These are commonly used for first piercings since they are simple to insert. They’re also a good option for the one who has problems inserting an U-shaped jewelry or who wants to switch up their jewelry frequently. They’re simple to use and reasonably safe.

Pin Post

Alluring Body’s nose pins are wonderfully comfy and simple to wear. Little ball at the last is just simply put through the hole and secures the jewelry; it’s not removable.

We’ve refined the form of a ball so that it’s easy to have inside while yet being secure. Our nose pins are the finest option if your nose screws are unpleasant or flip around. They are only meant for healed piercings since the ball end might injure the sensitive skin in fresh piercings.

Nostril Screw

These are made to fit snugly. Screw is inserted all the way into the piercing, ensuring a tight fit. For the first piercing, we suggest going to a professional piercer to implant the nose screw. This is most likely the case if you live an energetic style of living or are worried about the nose ring slipping out.


The width of a post is measured in “gauge.” The narrower the post, greater the percentage. An 18 G needle (post) is commonly used for nose piercing. Most individuals move to the 20 G post when their nose piercing heals. It’s shorter and left a tinier hole since it’s thinner. With most nose piercings, a post finer than 20G is not suggested.

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Nose Piercing

Image: @anett_nails_and_piercings


This kind of the nose ring holds securely in place in a nose while fitting flush against in the nostril. For all those factors, it’s the most prevalent variety of nose rings. There are many different styles to choose from, so there is lots of competition.

Nose Bones

These are made up of a post with ornamentation on one hand and a little ball on the other side that is somewhat bigger in width than the needle. The little ball holds it in the place while worn. They feature a perfect fit, similar to a twist nose stud. These are great for piercings that have healed. While nose bones aren’t for everyone, they do have a devoted following who love the way they look and feel.


This nose stud design is merely a strait post, but it is not intended to be kept as is; a reputable piercer would have to manually bend your nose pin stud like an L-shape. They are ideal for people who don’t really fit into standard barbell sizes.


The post of this nose ring is twisted at a 90-degree inclination. Because they are simpler to fit into piercing than that of the screws and more solid than the nasal bone, it’s also a popular nose ring backing for people who find the screws twist hard to use. Hoop Nose Rings:

These are gradually becoming the most popular nostril jewelry. They have a distinct appearance from nose rings and are more prominent. CBR are simple to put and can be embellished for added flare. You may also use a fake hoop, such as the one pictured, to achieve the hoop look in a simple-to-insert style.

L Shape Nose Ring

Image: @officialbm25

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nose piercing

Image: @diamondheartstudios

Nose Rings with Seamless Ring Hoop

These rings are different form hoops as defined in the illustration above, go along the circumference of the nostril. The gauge of your piercing will determine the depth of the hoop; greater gauges will result in a daring hoop effect. In a seamless ring, rarely separate the ends. To open, twist in opposing directions upward and downward, then screw back into the place.

Faux Hoop Nose Rings

These nose rings have the appearance of a hoop but the ease of  implantation and comfort of an L-shaped backing.

Faux Hoop Nose Rings

Image: @rebelionjewels

Choosing a Nose Ring Made of Gemstones

The size of the gemstone or diamond you choose is determined by how much sparkle you would like to show. The most common size is 2.5mm gemstone, and has a lovely shimmer without being too noticeable.

A diamond is a method to go if you want to show off your beautiful nose piercing. Diamonds with a diameter of 3mm are the best option. After all, if you are going to spend money on a great gemstone, you may as well flaunt it.

The 2mm or 1.5mm nose ring is also a wonderful alternative if you want to go for a more subtle look. Consider the fact that 1.5mm diamond is something really little; it will create a delicate shine that may be more appropriate for the workplace, but it may not deliver the brilliance you need.

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Nose Ring Design

Image: @binx_piercing_studio

Bezel Settings vs. Prong Settings

When it comes to selecting the right nose ring, the next significant decision seems to be that you should  go with a prong or a bezel setting.

The Prong settings have a more traditional appearance and enable more light to enter the stone. To enable the gemstone to sparkle, prong setting takes a step. Bezel setting gives the piece a more modern look.

It cradles the diamond, highlighting the gemstone’s brilliance with the gorgeous 14k gold. Because this setting is more elegant, it will lay flat against your skin and be harder to catch than nose stud with hooks. After all, both designs are magnificent; it’s totally up to you to choose which one is your favorite.

Nose ring

Image: @annieenasta

Which piercing design would you suggest for the fresh piercing?

For a fresh piercing,  L-post is one of the finest options. Because a lesser size may fall into a fresh piercing, we recommend choosing the 1.6mm right diamond nose ring or bigger.

Image: @modernmoodbodyjewelry

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Do your nostril rings’ prongs snag?

Most other firms just press the pins over and leave them unfinished, resulting in harshness and snags. Each prong is rounded and polished by hand until it is smooth.

nostril rings

Image: @byllpiercer

How to distinguish a right and left U post?

There is a sort of controversy about the direction the U post, also called a pin post, should be bent. The prevailing belief is that the left nostril must be bent such that the diamond is on your left while it is sitting lying on the desk having the diamond confronting you and U curve at apex.

Diamond must be towards the face while placing the screw through the piercing. If you like the other bent, go ahead and do it. It’s quite OK to wear it in this manner.

U shape nose ring

Image: @freshwater_pearlsgh

Which is preferable, a stud or ring for nose piercing?

A captive bead ring (CBR) may be more favorable to healing, even though most people prefer to wear a small gem rather than a ring. Studs: For a first-time nostril piercing, a twist nose stud is a wonderful choice because it’s pleasant, secure, and remains out of the way.

nose piercing Looks

Image: @diamondinthedaith

Is it outdated to wear a nose pin or ring?

Wearing a nose pin or nose ring is not old-fashioned at all. According to fashion trends, these accessories are timeless classics that add a touch of elegance and tradition to your style. They are perfect for anyone seeking a blend of modern and cultural aesthetics.

Typically, your choice between a nose pin or ring will depend on personal preference and style. Both options allow you to express your individuality and enhance your look according to your unique taste.

Can you bring your own jewelry for a nose piercing?

Generally, it’s better if you allow professional piercers to provide the jewelry for your nose piercing. They typically use sterile, high-quality materials designed for initial piercings, ensuring your safety and comfort.

However, if you have a specific piece of jewelry you’re fond of, consider bringing it to the piercing studio. Remember, it’s crucial that the jewelry is suitable for initial piercings and meets the studio’s safety standards.

I suggest discussing this with your piercer in advance to ensure your chosen jewelry can be used without compromising your piercing’s healing process.

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