10+ Awe-Inspiring Labret Piercing Design Ideas That Are Enough To Impress You

The labret piercing is a unique type of piercing, situated symmetrically somewhat underneath the lower lip.

This design may be accessorized with various jewelry types, ranging from the apparent labret studs to loops and curved barbells. The adaptability of this piercing has contributed to its appeal, and many individuals combine this with other lip piercings to form a unique piercing design, like dolphin bites piercings or snake bites piercings.

We admire the labret piercing, but its location has distinct concerns that you must be warned of. Here’s what you want to do to learn about labret piercings.

Vertical Labret Piercings

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Labret Piercing Variations

Once it comes to labret piercings, the options are nearly limitless. Many of them can be converted into all other lip piercing types later, so it’s vital to consider the destiny of your labret piercing as well as your desired aesthetic when you get started.

Vertical Labret Piercing

The vertical labret piercing is likewise set directly underneath the lip, but somehow it extends much further down as the lip permits. The variety of vertical labret piercings are popular among hardcore body modders since it allows for more room to extend the piercing, but you can also use a simple labret stud in this form without chasing extensive alterations. Unfortunately, because of its placement, this piercing will scrape along your gums more than a conventional labret piercing, so take that into consideration.

Double Labret Piercings

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Side Labret Piercings

As the name suggests, the side labret piercing is still positioned below the lip, but the piercing is either left or right rather than the center. People frequently pick the side labret piercing if they want to turn their labret into some other piercing, such as spider bites piercings or angel bites piercings.

Side Labret Piercings

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How Painful Is The Labret Piercing?

The labret piercing cures rather rapidly; estimate a 6 – 8-week recovery period. Healing depends on the individual, and the piercing may take longer than six weeks to recover. Before changing your jewelry or discontinuing aftercare methods, ask your piercer.

Since the labret piercing just demands one puncture, any discomfort you experience will be brief. Individuals can anticipate inflammation and aching over the first few days after the incision as your body heals. Take a look at the piercing at this period; if the puffiness does not subside after a few days, or if you feel considerable blood or discomfort, it could be contaminated.

Labret Studs

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Labret Piercing Healing Process

The labret piercing cures rapidly; estimate a 6 – 8-week recovery period. Healing depends on the individual, and the piercing may take longer than six weeks to recover. Before changing your jewelry or discontinuing aftercare methods, ask your piercer.

Since the interior of the piercing requires longer to recover, you’ll have to check up on it far beyond the 8-week recovery time to guarantee proper healing.

The piercer will initially set you with a bigger labret stud to accommodate swelling. If somehow the labret stud is too tiny, the jewelry may become lodged in the flesh, necessitating complex surgical operations to correct the problem. Be sure your jewelry does not rub into the piercing as just the piercing cures.

Vertical Labret Piercing

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Aftercare Rules

Apart from the typical aftercare measures, there are numerous distinct procedures that you must adhere to while your lip recovers. Because the labret is positioned on the lips, meals, spit, toothpaste, as well as other items that frequently contact the mouth pose health risks. This implies that proper aftercare is extremely crucial for labret piercings.

Here are a few basic ideas to preserve your labret piercing while it heals:

Avoid applying cosmetics to the piercing site

Lipstick, sunblock, moisturizer, and lip balm can all become lodged in the piercing and trigger an infection. If you must use these items, maintain a safe distance from the piercing and thoroughly clean your face while going to bed.

Labret Piercing

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Take caution while you eat

Due to the obvious location of the labret, the jewelry is extremely exposed to chewing, which might lead to broken front teeth. Even if you’re wearing a bigger labret stud for the first several weeks, you’ll also have to be extremely careful. Bigger jewelry, like lip rings and circular barbells, can represent an extra hazard until you’ve recovered, so you’ll have to be cautious as you discover what to do to avoid chomping around your new piercing.

Adopt good oral hygiene habits

Assume you’re going to the dental professional nearly every day. Brush after each mealtime, floss on a routine basis and utilize mouthwash. During the process of recovery, your mouth might be your worst adversary, so keep it hygienic.

Vertical Labret

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Avoid taking any foreign object closer to your mouth

This involves your hands, clothes, other individual’s lips (no kisses or oral sex while you recuperate), and sometimes even your sheets or mattress. When you lie on your belly, ensure your mattress is washed every night, or wrap it with a new t-shirt.

Take care of everything you consume

Hot and acidic dishes might be uncomfortable to eat while the piercing heals. Furthermore, drinking can impair your immune response, and smoking contains harmful chemicals that might cause illness. Keep in mind that everything you swallow through your mouth will not injure your piercing, but keep things as far away from the piercing site as practicable.

Side Effects Of Lip Piercing

Infection: Even though you’re interacting with microorganisms in your mouth, there’s a risk of contamination. And, because lip piercings are frequently across the front of your skin as well as somewhere inside your mouth, you’ll like to maintain both ends of the piercing hygienic. Clean your teeth after each meal and rinse with an alcohol-free mouthwash. 2

Swelling and inflammation: Although some inflammation is typical, proper piercing aftercare will put it all under check and assist it in recovery. If you smoke, make an effort to quit. Drinking cigarettes will increase swelling. If you can’t refrain for several weeks after getting your lip pierced, wait till you can.

Types Of Jewelry Styles For Labret Piercings

The labret’s placement offers a plethora of jewelry possibilities. Don’t be scared to test the new styles!

The labret stud (flat back earring) is an extremely prevalent type of jewelry in a labret piercing. The flat-back studs have a little, soft disc backing or are typically used for the labret piercings to reduce scraping against your gum line. Minimally threaded or button posts are the ideal alternative since they do not contain rough threads that might cause harm to your piercing. Huge beads and charms can be used, while a slimmer jewel can be used for a more modest effect.

Captive bead rings are also quite frequent in this piercing. Unless you wish to blend the appearance of a hoop with a pretty bead, CBRs are a perfect solution. Don’t limit yourself to metal beads; add additional oomph with aquamarine, diamonds, or even jewel beadwork. Be cautious when wearing a captive bead ring; because this style of jewelry is bigger than other alternatives, there is a greater chance of chewing the jewelry and fracturing your teeth.

Seamless rings are an excellent choice for a more modest hoop design. The seamless design lets you acquire hoops that lay smooth against your skin, creating a slim line that wraps across your lip, making a statement piece while dominating your face.

If you enjoy the aesthetic of beads, you may choose between the round and curved barbells. The circular barbell will stretch completely virtually around your lip, with the end spheres close together, but the curved barbell will lay broader around your lip and provide a comparable appearance to the vertical labret without requiring two puncture sites.

Lip Piercings

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What’s the point of getting a labret?

Because the labret piercing is positioned beneath the lower lip, any jewelry you don will somewhat scratch your gum tissue. This can result in difficulties such as a protruding gumline, tooth erosion that can lead to dental disease, and, in rare situations, the jewelry backing pushing against your teeth, leading to a broken tooth.

When you already have problems with your oral health, the labret piercing may not be right for you. If you discover that the jewelry constantly scrapes across your teeth and gums after getting your labret piercing, you must consult with your piercer or a dentist about if you should proceed to have your labret pierced. Unconventional style takes a back seat to oral health.

What would it cost you at least?

The cost of a labret piercing varies significantly. They are available for as little as $20 and as much as $100. Cost should never be the decisive consideration when determining where to have your labret piercing. You should look for a skilled piercer who understands what they’re on about. Inexperienced piercers could use dangerous equipment, use one stud too tiny for you, or pierce in the incorrect location. Don’t take the chance; instead, prioritize experience over money.

Furthermore, your first piece of jewelry should be composed of high metals, such as 14k gold or platinum. Several individuals have skin intolerance to metal, and you would not want to risk getting a rash while you recover, particularly if it is your initial piercing.

labret piercing

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How to cleanse and maintain my latest labret piercing?

Washing and maintaining a recent piercing properly will keep infection at bay, reduce your risk of problems, and ensure your piercing heals fast and correctly. So don’t scrimp on your maintenance routine.

When you approach your new piercing, ensure your hands are clean. This should be your primary line of protection against potentially dangerous microorganisms.

Then, at least 2 times a day, apply a saline wash to the exterior of your labret piercing. You may purchase a ready-made aftercare remedy for this. In contrast to wetting the exterior of your piercing, you should wash your mouth with an alcohol-free mouthwash after every meal. Daily mouthwash is not advised since the alcohol and powerful artificial ingredients in it can be extremely uncomfortable and aggravate a fresh piercing.

Lastly, avoid messing with your fresh piercing and take any skincare and cosmetics items away from the site until it has healed completely.

What foods and beverages should i forgo until labret piercing recovers?

In contrast to carefully cleansing your lip piercing, you may have to forgo certain foods and beverages while it recovers. The primary two you should avoid are alcohol and spicy meals. Alcohol can irritate and dry up the region, causing healing of your piercing more difficult. Spicy foods can produce a terrible stinging pain if you encounter a new piercing, so tread carefully or eliminate them totally.

Furthermore, it is preferable to avoid smoking when wearing a new labret piercing. Cigarette pollutants can cause discomfort and problems.

Lower lip Piercing

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Is it possible that my piercing gets infected?

As your lip piercing heals, some inflammation, redness, soreness, and waste are typical. Nevertheless, whether any of these problems seem to be serious or to be worsening, it’s recommended to consult with your piercer or medical professional to be on the safe side.

Aside from the symptoms listed above, other indicators of an illness include extreme blisters, abundant pus, intense irritation, the flesh all around the piercing, seeming warm to the touch, and fever. Some of these symptoms must be investigated right away. While serious illness is uncommon, catching it early increases your chances of effectively warding it off. If you suspect anything is missing, getting expert advice is better.

Lips piercing

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What kind of jewelry may I put on my labret piercing?

Standard labret piercing is perfectly adorned with labret studs; however, rings can also be used. Curved barbells and rings could also be utilized for vertical or side labret piercings.

Whatever design you choose, ensure your lip piercing is completely healed before switching out your jewelry!

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