10+ Marvellous Forward Helix Piercing Design Ideas That You’ll Surely Adore

Forward helix piercings are becoming increasingly prevalent amongst youth. However, the style is ageless, one-of-a-kind, and flattering on people of all ages and genders.

With the option to wear this piercing upwards or downwards, it’s no surprise that this piercing is gaining popularity among the general public. As with any new fad, there are many things you should be mindful of before having them for yourself.

So, let’s start by looking at some of the most significant Piercing queries and solutions.

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Forward Helix Piercing

A forward helix piercing is indeed a body piercing that is positioned in the ear’s top cartilage. It is indeed just above there when you realize where your tragus is. If you don’t find one, begin at the earlobe with your finger.

Slide through the exterior of the ear all the way down to the end. Move your finger around the front of your ear until you reach the cartilage on the opposite side. It is the actual placement of the forward helix piercing. Based on your ear structure, these piercings can be single, double, or triple.

Types of Forward Helix Piercings

Knowing the many forms of helix piercings possible will prevent you from changing styles on a frequent basis. You’ll be able to decipher which one suits you the best. However, there are three varieties of forward helix piercing: single, double, and triple.

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Single forward helix piercing:

The piercing, in this case, is on the top part of the ear. The good news is that making a hole in this area of the ear doesn’t hurt too much. In addition, the recovery period is reduced.

Double forward helix piercings

Although this form of piercing appears to be more dramatic, it’s the same method as the single type. Dual or two holes are mainly seen on the upper cartilage of the ear, with a double piece of jewelry placed to the location. The only difference is that the discomfort of a double piercing is slightly greater than that of a single piercing. In addition, the recovery time is a little longer.

Triple forward helix piercing

In this scenario, three piercings are located in the top portion of the ear. Following the piercings, three pairs of jewelry are placed on the hole. For every piercing, it is preferable to use high-quality jewelry.

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Forward Helix Piercing Cost

The price of this piercing varies. Several elements influence the final cost.

These are some examples:

  • The shop’s area
  • Piercer’s expertise
  • Jewelry Style Type

Once it refers to piercings of any type, you should deal with studios or parlors that have properly trained and qualified, competent, and attentive employees and a proven record of excellent performance for their clientele.

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How Much Does Forward Helix Piercings Hurt?

It’s tough to predict how much pain this piercing will cause. Their past heavily influences the ability of an individual to endure pain. This form of piercing has been described as being in the middle on the pain scale. Anticipate it to hurt more than having your lobes pierced, but much less than more delicate piercings like the nostril.

The piercer’s expertise and your recovery routine both have a role in the discomfort. Suppose you’re a piercer who understands what they’re doing. In that case, the process will most likely be quick, simple, and painless, with the excruciating pain related to piercings lingering just for the twinkling of an eye as during real puncturing of the area for jewelry insertion.

Check that your piercer is using a needle rather than a piercing gun to pierce your front helix. Needles are more efficient, least painful, and clean. Just so many sections of a piercing pistol cannot be disinfected, which may result in disease afterward. When you have an inflammation, the piercing will pain, take longer to recover, and need to be scrapped altogether.

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Forward helix piercing Healing Process

Everybody recovers differently. If you follow the proper aftercare instructions, a forward helix piercing will heal in 4 to 6 months. The shrinkage can be completed in 12 weeks when there are no difficulties. The healing period can range somewhere between 2-3 months.

Some people claim to have completely recovered after six months. So, based on how fast you recuperate, count on three to six months. Many reasons lead to an extended healing process. You should avoid the following after obtaining your piercing:

Touching your piercings frequently.

According to your piercer, you should not tamper with your piercing once it has healed. Pushing it around too much might impede healing. Friction might reveal scabbed-over regions previously.

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Sleeping with your head on that side

The contact of your piercing pressing on your pillows can induce discomfort, and leaking on a piercing can shift the position of the piercing, causing it to face the incorrect direction or seem off-center. If your pillow isn’t hygienic, you might get an allergy.

Taking out your piercing

It will be recommended that you maintain your piercing in place so that the opening does not seal up before it recovers.

Coming in contact without cleaning your hands

You should clean your hands before cleaning your piercing. When your hands are filthy, the piercing may become infected.

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Forward Helix Piercing Aftercare

As you want your piercing to recover as quickly as possible, avoid sleeping on that side because it can induce inflammation. You must also be mindful of your hair and spectacles, which might become entangled in the piercing and create serious outbursts.

You must also follow a standard cleaning regimen. For a few weeks, immerse in saline or saltwater twice a day. Avoid immersing yourself in rivers and streams, and wash your ears with unscented soap.

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Are there any dangers?

The unpleasant side consequences are negligible if you implement the aftercare instructions provided by the piercer. The Association of Professional Piercers mentions these usual adverse effects for any piercing: discoloration, edema, and discharge. According to the website, if you have any pain, sores, pus, or blood, you should consult a doctor.

When you complete all of your piercer’s maintenance guidelines, you should be alright. Still, whenever you see a concern, it’s advisable to contact a piercer immediately to check what they suggest. Because everyone’s healing process and pain tolerance are distinct, most piercers are delighted to resolve the queries.

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You should be cautious when placing on and removing your mask since the placement of a front helix piercing leaves it susceptible to unintentional snags.

Jewelry Style for forward helix piercing

A piercer will use a 16 or 18 gauge needle to puncture your cartilage, and most individuals wear a labret stud in this location because hoops may easily snag on your hair. Studs are basic, but you may select among silver or gold, as well as the sort of stone utilized. We’ve heard that Infinity Stones are really popular.

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How to Change a Forward Helix Piercing Jewelry?

Regardless of the fact that how excited you are to try out a fresh look, keep your fingers firmly on the ground! Replace your jewelry when your ear has recovered, which can take six to eight months.

Because your ear will enlarge slightly when you initially obtain a forward helix, your piercer will use a bigger stud. After you’ve healed, return to the studio so they can replace it with one that’s a little tighter, so it doesn’t get stuck on your apparel or hair.

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What benefits does a forward helix piercing provide?

The forward helix is nearest to the skull and is located at the very front of the ear. This acupressure point helps relieve muscle stress and increase blood flow. This piercing may help reduce signs of aging by increasing higher blood flow.

Which hurts more, the tragus or the forward helix?

The tragus is considered to be more uncomfortable as its tragus has a smaller but more dense region than the forward helix. Because it’s bigger, you can experience a lot more pain.

What’s the harm in getting a forward helix cartilage piercing? 

If you’re debating whether not to have a body piercing or any other sort of body alteration, we advise consulting with a specialist and examining all options before making a decision. It’s not like every piercing is for all, and that’s perfectly fine!

Give it your best shot, considering whether or not to have a forward helix piercing. Visit a piercing parlor and consult with a specialist to ensure you’re selecting the greatest choice for your body. We suggest starting with a basic ear lobe piercing when you’ve never had body jewelry previously.

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