3+ Stunning Fake Belly Button Piercing Ideas That You Can Rock

Having a piercing is usually a major choice that will last for a lifetime. Some people enjoy the concept of piercing areas of their bodies, but they can’t tolerate the thought of being pierced by a needle!

While some people are afraid of consequences, others are unsure if a permanent body modification piercing is which they can live with for the rest of their lives.

If you can’t make it genuine, you can surely fake it, as the old adage goes. If you want to wear piercing jewelry but don’t want to get an actual piercing, fake piercing jewelry is an option. This type of piercing is perfectly safe and available in a number of designs.

It is simple to create a faux piercing that will attract notice without revealing that the jewelry isn’t genuine. This article discusses how to fake it & a few belly button piercing jewelry options.

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Fake Belly Button

Many people desire body piercings, including a belly button or navel piercing. However, not everybody is ready to go through with a piercing. You may get the appearance without investing in a lifelong hole in your belly button by wearing faux body piercing jewelry.

A faux piercing can be attached with adhesive, such as eyelash adhesive. If you have a hypersensitivity to such things, you may make your own fake ring without adhesive by making your own navel jewelry.

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How to Make Your Own Fake Belly Button Jewelry?

A long, hanging earring’s back should be removed. To guarantee that the fake piercing is pleasant on your stomach, use an earring that is no more than a fourth inch across. The top and bottom of the earring seem to be the same width. To detach the base from the rear of the earring, twist and spin it using pliers. Scratch away any sharp corners on the rear of the earrings where the post used to be.

Visit a repair or crafts store with the earring. Using industrial-strength hooks, check the breadth of the earring. Buy the appropriate magnets for the earring.

Attach one magnet to each earring’s side. Keep in mind that the earring bends down from above to pass through your belly button, so make sure every magnet is on the correct side. Before putting the magnets on, check the polarity of the magnets by checking the position.

Allow time for the adhesive to dry. Over the top of your belly button, curve the earring down. The magnets will stick together and keep the band in place. To assist the magnets cling to one other, squeeze the upper skin of your belly button to flatten it out.

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Visit a hardware or craft store with the earring. To assist the magnets cling to one other, pull the upper skin of your belly button to thin it out.

Alternatives For Faux Belly Button Jewelry

Fake belly button jewelry piercings are really fashionable and enticing. They can allow you to try on a variety of designs and assess whether navel piercing is right for you. For people who aren’t permitted to have their bodies pierced, this type of navel piercing is a wonderful option.

With the return of the crop top trend, belly button rings are back into trend. This design is quite popular since it allows you to show off your flat tummy and add additional glitter. Look through the flowery styles for inspiration, and we’re confident you’ll finish up with a fantastic belly button piercing.

Gold Or Silver Bead

The bead you pick might be plastic or metallic, and this should be tiny enough just to slip through your belly button comfortably. Purchase a bead necklace and use shears to clip out a single bead. Instead, you can extract the hook behind a beaded earring with wire cutters.

Leaf Ring

With a gleaming white gold belly button leaf ring, you’ll be the center of attention. This is the appropriate choice if you are a nature enthusiast or want to wear a sign of success or ambition.

Pregnancy Rings

Pregnancy Belly Button Rings seem to become extremely prevalent among pregnant women. They’re perfect for flaunting your baby belly and come in a variety of adorable styles.

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Custom-made Ring

You may also have a belly button ring created to your specifications so that it reflects your personal style. You may, for example, have a belly button ring fashioned with your wedding date on it. Wouldn’t that be adorable?

A Small Rhinestone Stick-On

These little diamonds contain an adhesive on the back that allows them to attach to your skin. To detach the base of an earring clip, you can just use wire cutters as an option (must have a flat back). It’s worth noting that the quantity of the rhinestone you use is entirely up to you. However, if the jewelry utilized is lower in size than the bead, your piercing will appear much more natural.

  • One inch above the placement of your belly button, place the jeweled piece.
  • If you’re going to utilize a stick-on item, make sure it’s one inch above your navel. Also, if you’re using a stick-on item, there’s no need to apply glue.
  • Place the bead within your belly button and glue it in place.

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  • Magnetic or clip-on belly-button rings are available in some places. These will presumably remain in place better, but you’ll have less design freedom.
  • It will be tough to make your imitation belly-button ring seem authentic if your navel is an outie. Stick to transparent adhesives and gently place the parts.

Does It Hurt to Wear a Clip?

The clip will not harm if it is properly placed on the navel and gently modified to hang straight. A small pinching feeling may be felt if the clip is not fitted properly and is not put high enough into the belly button. If this occurs, unscrew the clip with both fingers and reinsert it properly.

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How Long Do Clips Last?

When properly positioned, the Clip will remain in place until it is removed. Take into account that the clips are intended for occasional usage only, not for long-term use. They’re ideal for going to a nightclub, dancing, or going on vacation. They’re also great for wearing as a beachside or pool item, but they’re not intended to remain on in the water.

Do Clips Accommodate All Belly Button Patterns?

The great majority of folks who have tried a Clip-on have experienced no issues. Sadly, the clip is not ideal for individuals who have a belly button that extends out rather than in or is very shallow. 

Do Clips Truly Resemble Pierced belly?

They’re wonderful for deceiving others into thinking you’ve had your belly button done and leaving them wondering.

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