5+ Double Helix Piercing Ideas To Flaunt Your Love For Piercing

Double helix piercings are becoming extremely prevalent among people of all ages. It’s not difficult to know why. Thanks to their gorgeous style, they’re fashionable, and there’s a large selection of jewelry to pick from. Double helix piercing also looks great with any existing piercings that you might have.

However, before you run out to acquire your one, you should do some study initially. You’ll want to know exactly what you’re putting yourself into. Therefore, if you decide to have a double helix piercing, here’s what you need to remember.

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Double Helix Piercings Types 

There are two main forms of helix piercings. The two types of helix are the regular helix and the forward helix. The only real difference is the position of the piercing in relation to the ear’s anatomy.

The amount of piercings you’ve had is referred to with a double helix. You can have a set of this piercing performed simultaneously if you have a double piercing. Each piercing will typically be slightly more than the other.

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Double Helix 

The usual double helix is present in the ear’s posterior/rear region of the ear, through all the tissue at the apex of your ear. When you touch the lobe to the apex, you will most likely find a helix.

Double Forward Helix 

In the case of this piercing, it is placed directly through a double helix. It’s immediately over the tragus in the war. This area is referred to as your ear’s forward part.

Location of the Double Helix Piercing: The double helix piercing is most commonly seen on the upper part of your ear cartilage, as illustrated in the following picture, although it can also be found further down the helix. The double forward helix piercing is placed in the forward region of your cartilage, above the tragus, right opposite from the double helix.

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Helix Piercing Gauge: The procedure of punching your double helix is typically performed with a hollow 16 gauge needle, while certain piercers could use an 18 or 14 gauge needle, based on your ear’s characteristics. For a complete description of the process of receiving a double helix piercing, consult with a piercing specialist.

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Steps to choosing a good helix piercing

You’ll understand exactly what to expect when you’ve had your ears pierced once. The method for the double helix piercing is similar to that of other piercings you’ve had in your past. Look for a piercer with the following things in mind:

Piercing Studio with Reliable Results

The initial step is to find a trustworthy piercing shop on which you can rely on. With the appropriate  piercing artist, you can reduce the chance of illness, reduce discomfort, and have a more attractive, longer-lasting piercing.

Mastery in a cartilage piercing

One factor to consider is whether or not your piercing artist has prior expertise with this kind of piercing. Before having a piercing, visit them and answer as many inquiries as you can. Before you start, you need to become familiar with the method. 

It’s also a good option to double-check your piercing artist seems to be using the appropriate equipment and working in a clean environment

Avoid piercing guns

Check to see whether they’re utilizing sterilized needles rather than a piercing gun. Needles are quicker, neater, and more safe. The use of such piercing guns causes cartilage injury and infection spread. Some elements of this kind of piercing gun, however, couldn’t be disinfected.

Only needles should be Pierced. Before touching your ear, your piercer should use different sets of gloves to prevent cross-contamination.

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Double helix piercing procedure

They’ll begin by cleaning the area around your ear when you’re ready. Next, they will mark a spot on the skin where the piercing will be placed. Before the process, your piercer will show you where they’re going to puncture you. If they do, approve the location if you are satisfied or either give relevant instructions.

This piercing will indeed be finished quickly. Moreover, the preparatory work will take much longer than that of the piercing. Aftercare materials and cleaning guidelines will be provided by the piercer. Make sure that you have the contact information of your piercer. So that you can reach them in times of trouble. 

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Double Helix Piercing Pain

Does a double helix end up harming? This is the concern everybody has before getting one. It’d be better to have a clear yes or no, however, it is hard to tell. Everyone’s pain tolerence is different.

The general consensus between the people who’ve had the double helix would be that the pain is of mild intensity.It pains a little more than immediately having your lobe pierced, but not like other body piercings.

Double Helix Piercing Aftercare

A piercing like the double-helix is a big effort when it comes to the recovery period and aftercare. How and when to wash and look for your new piercing should be explained to you by your piercer. It may also give you a washing kit to get you started or give you instructions on producing an appropriate cleaning solution.

You can use an aftercare spray to clean your piercing. Choose the one that is devoid of alcohol and additives.The treatment is excellent for all types of skin, especially sensitive skin, and comes in a huge mist-spraying pitcher for comfort.

When used early in the process of healing, the spray aids in the reduction of healing periods and the elimination of any remaining discomfort or soreness.

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Things you should avoid:

  • Mangling and playing your piercing
  • Avoid contacting your piercing without first washing your hands.
  • Lying on the side of your body that had been punctured.
  • Withdrawing your piercing before it is fully healed is the worst idea.
  • Irritation, pain, and illness can arise from any of the above acts.

Double Helix Piercing Healing Time

The length of time it takes to heal varies from person to person, just as it does with pain. If you wash and  care of your piercing as instructed; it should heal in 4 to 6 months..

Bear in mind that even with regular care, healing might require up to 6 months. If you get an irritated piercing, your healing time will be slowed. Some allergies are so extreme that your piercing may need to be withdrawn to let it heal. Risks include

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Extreme inflammation

Discharge that is green or yellow in color and has a bad odor

Severe pain

If you are experiencing throbbing pain from the piercing, you should take medical help immediately. It is occasionally feasible to preserve a patient’s life if they are treated immediately.

Why are helix piercings so popular?

The double helix ear piercing is particularly useful as it enables you to exhibit two items of body jewelry, one of which is very near to the other. Based on the picture you’re looking for, you can wear two of the same kind of double helix earrings or two distinct styles. (A triple helix piercing seems to be the same piercing repeated 3 times.)

There are many different styles of jewelry that would go well with this sort of piercing, giving you additional options to pick from. This may be a fascinating and eye-catching method to show off your particular style whenever it pertains to body jewelry. This piercing can be worn alone or with other piercings.

Styles of Double Helix Piercing

Here’s a rundown of the many kinds of helix piercings to help you decide if a double helix piercing is correct for you.

If you have decided which type of double helix piercing you want, a forward one or a normal one, then you must now be thinking of amazing jewelry for your helix. We have some sort of jewelry suggestions for you that you might love!

The Double Helix Piercing Jewelry

With the double helix piercing, you may wear a number of different types of jewelry. The choice of double helix earrings is extensive, allowing you to express your personal style. H oops, studs and rings are among the alternatives.

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The Double helix piercing Cost

The cost of a double helix ear piercing choice is based on where you live and the piercing artist you choose. To select the finest person for your piercing, do some research to discover a reputed piercer who will observe all of the proper protocols and can give you an estimate of how much it will cost.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, in most situations, a double helix piercings price more than helix piercings since they need more effort; nevertheless, not whether the price doubles depends on the piercer.

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How to remove my double helix piercing?

Carefully observe the aftercare recommendations that your piercer has given you. We suggest using saline solution to maintain your piercing hygiene once it has completely recovered. Cotton swabs will most likely come in useful to aid with mending and maintenance.

Futhermore to implement the cleaning recommendations, avoid agitating your double helix piercing by avoiding rubbing it with your hands or allowing anything to brush up against it that might disturb it.

We personally recommend a piercing specialist to see if you’re a suitable candidate for this sort of body piercing.

When you choose whether or not to get your ear pierced, they may examine the size and form of your ear and advise you on any possible issues. It’s also crucial to remember that cartilage is a delicate part of the body, and any cartilage piercing will need meticulous care as it heals.

Attempting to make sure you know what to anticipate as well as how to look for your piercing ahead of time is a crucial component of making this decision. Choosing whether to have your cartilage pierced or to pierce another portion of your body is your personal decision.

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Is it possible to get both helix piercings at simultaneously?

First and foremost, a double-helix piercing can be carried out in parallel with a single-helix piercing. In fact, contemplating the recovery duration of cartilage piercings is suggested.

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Things you should know before having the double helix piercing

You can choose between “regular” and “forward” with a double-helix. The conventional double-helix is found at the highest point of your cartilage’s posterior portion. Somewhere above the tragus, the front double-helix would be located exactly on the front half of your cartilage.

You can almost always start with a single-helix if you’re not sure about the double-helix. You can try a triple-helix if you’re feeling brave. Regardless of the option you pick, there are a few things to think about before plunging into the piercer’s chair:

Think About Location

The very first point to consider is where you would like your double-helix to go and how feasible the location is. You could want a forward double-helix piercing, only to discover that your cartilage in that place isn’t prominent enough to support the piercing.

If you have additional piercings in much the same ear as to where you want your double-helix to go, you’ll really have to think about how much space between them. The very last item you would like for your jewelry to get tangled up in one another.

Your piercer must be able to recommend the safest and most effective double-helix placement.

Should I go with a double helix piercing with long hair?

Yes, you may have this ear piercing regardless of your long hair, so you’ll need to be careful not to get too caught in it, particularly when you have it.

As your double helix piercing heals, you also might want to wear your hair back in a ponytail or bun to make it simpler to keep it out of the way. This will prevent you from accidentally hitting your piercing too much.

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With the double helix piercing, could I wear headphones?

Many people seem to find it painful to wear headphones on their heads until their double helix piercing heals, and potentially thereafter, due to the position of the piercing along with the cartilage. Discuss your worries with your piercing practitioner, and be ready to alter the sort of headphones you wear when your piercing is delicate.

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Is it possible to sleep with a double helix piercing?

You may sleep securely with this form of body piercing if you follow a few simple guidelines. When you go tonight, double-check that your piercing is clean. To be as relaxed as possible, you should lay your head in the opposite direction of your double helix necklace to decrease pain and guarantee a smooth healing process.

Anything and everything that rubs on the double helix piercing might aggravate it so that if you’re accustomed to twisting and shifting at night, you might want to change your sleeping patterns until it’s fully healed.

You will be much more negligent when you’re fatigued since you’re not mindful of the piercing location and how sensitive it might be. It will assist your body to adjust to the piercing if you can create a sleep regimen that does not impede the healing process.

Are double helix piercings permanent?

When it comes to body piercings, especially the double helix, a better guideline to remember is that if you keep your body jewelry out for an extended length of time, it can shut up. Leave your jewelry in to avoid this and help your double helix piercing last longer.

Unless you want to remove it for a prolonged time frame but don’t want it to close up, visit a piercing specialist.

When can I get new piercing jewelry for my double helix?

In order to avoid infection, wait until your piercing has healed completely before altering your jewelry. Consult a piercing specialist if you’re unclear whether or not your piercing has fully healed. You can replace your double helix earrings once it has fully healed.

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How can I pierce my own double helix?

Due to the delicate nature of the ear cartilage and the knowledge necessary to ensure that the piercing is put exactly where it should be, it is not recommended to do a home piercing.

Your double helix piercing should be done by a professional piercer who has the necessary training and qualifications and can provide you with comprehensive information about the procedure.

This piercing must be performed with a proper piercing needle rather than piercing guns, which are typically used for earlobe piercing. As they’ve operated on many different individuals, they’ll be able to guide you through each and every stage of the piercing process.

We suggest doing some research, interviewing people, or just phoning trustworthy, consistently ranked piercing studios in your region to learn more about how they work.

Is it possible to receive two helix piercings at about the same time?

Both portions of a double helix piercing can be performed at the same time. This is frequently advised in order to match the location and allow them to heal at the same time. If you already have a single helix piercing and wish to have a double or triple later, you may talk to a piercer about getting that extra one or two inserted.

What should I have: a helix, double helix, and the triple helix piercing?

All of these holes have their own set of benefits, and they’re all accessible in the forward helix style, which includes forward helix, double forward helix, and triple forward helix. If you’re intrigued but aren’t sure which one to acquire, take a peek at what other people wear. If you’re only searching for a fashionable ear piercing, you might want to consider a tragus piercing or other ear piercings.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to cartilage piercing, and healing time frames will vary depending on how many piercings you have at once. A double and the triple helix piercing may fit you if you prefer wearing a bunch of body jewelry; if you’re more of a modernist, a one helix piercing may serve you fine.

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