15+ Stunning Dahlia Bites Piercing Ideas That You Should Not Miss

Maybe you are well aware of the Dahlia Piercing, the weirdest, fiercest, and most terrifying of all mouth piercings. The Black Dahlia, a well-known muder, inspired the creation of this lip piercing.

Dahlia is an excellent lip piercing choice if you prefer to have distinctive and powerful ornamentation on your body. Although it is referred to as a sort of lip piercing, it is not performed on the lip. Many people prefer single piercings, while others prefer double piercings.

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Depending on your desired aesthetic, the dahlia bite piercings may be performed along either corner of the mouth, left or right. They are located towards the tip of your lips. Although dahlia piercings are not widely known, they are believed to be one of the most profoundly beautiful lip piercings whatsoever.

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Dahlia Piercing

As previously said, this lip piercing is termed after the notorious murderer Black Dahlia, who was one such actress who was killed in 1940 and was abandoned with a chiseled grin on her face; consequently, dahlia piercings received its name since the piercing is performed on the sides of the lips, providing you a curvy grin.

This piercing is indeed referred to as the Joker piercing because it has two piercings on edge, similar to a joker’s mouth makeup with two spherical balls on the mouth. This lip piercing will enhance the attractiveness of your grin by paying heed to your lips and making them more apparent.

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If you desire a lip piercing on your mouth, this is among the greatest options, as this sort of piercing is not well-known among the general public or even among other piercing groups.

Dahlia lip piercing will offer you a distinctive style when you go out with your buddies or perhaps in the piercing society, attracting great attention. Due to the rarity of this style of piercing, there is indeed a small probability that you will discover an excellent dahlia lip piercing. To locate the greatest dahlia lip piercing specialist, one has to conduct extensive research.

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Dahlia lip piercing should be made on precise spots in order to acquire the desired visual aesthetic.

Dahlia Piercings Hurt

Although the tissue around the borders of your lips can be more delicate, the Dahlia piercing is really less painful than other lip piercings. Because it’s a double piercing, you’ll just have to go through the needle two times, so if you have a poor pain threshold or are afraid of needles, await a week between piercings.

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Dahlia Piercing Procedure

If you want a beautiful Dahlia lip piercing, make absolutely sure you go to a professional and knowledgeable piercer who has done this sort of dahlia bite piercing several times before. He must have a lot of knowledge and know-how to effectively trace the piercing hole on your mouth’s edges.

After selecting a suitable piercer, you’ll start by perforating the skin using a sterilized 14 or 16 gauge needle. Initially, the edges of your lips will be cleansed, and then a marker will be used to make a mark on either side towards the corners of your lips.

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Next, the piercer uses that sterilized needle to produce the perforation first before inserting the labret stud into the perforated holes.

Please note that you should not conduct this piercing on your own since it is quite hard and requires expert abilities to execute it correctly. Any error may result in serious difficulties, and you’ll have to spend even more cash than you’ll spend on the experienced piercer.

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Dahlia Piercing Healing Process

Recovery durations for dahlia piercings vary widely; you may anticipate the healing process to last somewhere between 12 to 20 weeks and could even take a bit longer.

The difference in healing times is frequently due to aftercare procedures. Dahlia piercings, particularly cheek piercings, are exposed to food waste and other hazardous chemicals in the mouth. To maintain your Dahlia piercings free of dangerous chemicals, ensure you wash them several times a day, both inside and out.

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Aftercare Rules

Dahlia piercings are particularly likely to become infected by microorganisms in the mouth and also move around because of the frequent movement of the cheekbones. Many of the difficulties associated with Dahlia piercings may be prevented with appropriate maintenance.

Soak in sea salt and wash your mouth with saltwater

The Dahlia piercing is nearer to your teeth, where you conduct most of your biting than other lip piercing kinds that are typically positioned to the front of the mouth. The meal can readily go into the repairing piercing as a result of this.

Perform a sea salt bath 2 – 3 times every day all across the process of recovery to clear out contaminants. It’s also a smart option to gargle with salt water after eating to assist clean the rear of your piercing.

A mouth rinse designed exclusively for healing oral piercings is also available. MOUTHWASH SHOULD NOT BE USED. Mouthwash contains alcohol, which irritates the piercing and delays recovery.

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When chewing, be cautious

The Dahlia piercing’s unusual position also implies that the jewelry will be easy to eat. This might result in fractured teeth and piercing refusal if you wind up yanking at the piercing. As you become adjusted to the jewelry, stick to softer meals throughout the first several weeks of recovery.

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Maintain proper dental hygiene

Carry a portable toothbrush so that you can brush your teeth somewhere between mealtime if necessary. Microbial germs multiply fast in the mouth; therefore, washing your mouth frequently is a great way to give your piercing the greatest chance.

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Dahlia Piercing Jewelry Styles

The most frequent jewelry for the Dahlia piercing is labret studs with a flat disc back. The little beads on either corner of the lips add to the appearance of a grin. Most people get their lips pierced with a 14G needle; however, you may get your ears pierced with a 16G needle if you like daintier jewelry.

From the basic ball end to rhinestones and decorations, labret studs come in a range of designs. Examine your choices to find your ideal Dahlia appearance.

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Dahlia piercings also accommodate captive bead rings if you truly want to stand out.

Why Not Get A Dahlia Piercing?

The Dahlia piercing will necessitate meticulous maintenance, and you must be willing to devote yourself to a lengthy recovery period. If you realize you’re not good with piercing aftercare, consider a piercing that isn’t as difficult.

Dahlia piercings have a high chance of being rejected. If you’ve already experienced rejection, speak with your piercer about attempting the Dahlia piercing.

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Dahlia Piercings Cost

The Dahlia piercing will charge you roughly $70 on average (but the price can vary based on the location).

Because the Dahlia piercing is much more uncommon than other piercings, you may have trouble locating a piercer who already has performed one previously, particularly if you live in a more remote region. Because the Dahlia piercing must be positioned correctly, hiring a skilled piercer is critical.

If you reside in a region where piercers are uncommon, this is one piercing you should consider traveling for; it’s better to convert your piercing encounter into a weekend getaway than to hire an inexperienced piercer.

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Dahlia Piercing Risks

All piercings carry a degree of danger that you’d be aware of before getting one. Consider the following dangers of oral piercings:

Denial and relocation of jewelry

The dahlia piercing’s odd position may cause jewelry displacement or rejection. Only wear jewelry made of high-quality materials such as surgical steel or titanium to minimize this.

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Erosion of the gums and teeth

Improperly fitted jewelry can cause gum and tooth damage. Longer jewelry is commonly worn at first to cater to inflammation, but modify your jewelry for a great match after the healing time.


Scarring is unusual in the absence of penetrating infection or injury. If you have persistent blood or inflammation, contact your piercer.


Infections or piercing bumps are two common causes of piercing bumps. Bacteria is present in every piercing. Thus, this is a concern for each piercing. To prevent the chance of infection, wash your piercing two times throughout the day as described above.

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Steps to wash your Dahlia piercing

  1. To wash the exterior of your piercings:
  2. Use a moderate seawater solution.
  3. Purchase one from a piercing shop or create your own by combining 1/4 tsp sea salt in 8 oz hot water.
  4. Fill a fresh pad or cloth with saline solution and place it outside of your piercing for several minutes.
  5. This will aid in the softening of any debris clinging to your piercing. Gently wipe your jewelry off and throw away the paper when you’re done.
  6. Twirl non-alcoholic mouthwash after eating a meal to cleanse your piercing from the inside. To ensure your piercing remains hygienic, continue the washes and saltwater soaks once during the day & once in the evening.

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Dalia Piercing Pros

Because the dahlia piercing is rather unique, it will differentiate you apart from all other piercing enthusiasts.

This piercing draws attention to the mouth and accentuates the grin. When combined with septum or medusa piercings, it can assist add harmony to the face.

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Dahlia Piercing Cons

The dahlia piercing’s peculiar location might lead to jewelry movement or rejection issues. To avoid these problems, make sure you select a trustworthy piercer.

Because this piercing is less common than others, most piercers may not know what it means. Before you get your piercing, be sure the piercer has particular experience with this operation.

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What Does Joker Piercing Actually Mean?

Dahlia bites piercing is also known as Joker bites. The name Joker Bites derives from the notorious DC Comics monster of the same title. The marks on the Joker will be in the same spot as the Dahlia bites (named after the Black Dahlia). Some people like the term Joker Bites since it has a less horrific history.

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What Can I Eat Once I’ve Had My Dahlia Bites?

There are several foods you should abstain from eating after having your Dahlia bites pierced to aid recovery. Stop drinking and consuming hot or sticky foods in the first several weeks. If you’re searching for a different lip piercing, the Dahlia piercing can be a good option. Just after inflammation has subsided, you can visit your piercer for a jewelry replacement in 4-5 weeks. Meal waste will be less likely to become lodged in your piercing with shorter piercing jewelry.

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What Should I Drink If I Get Dahlia Bites?

If you can maintain appropriate aftercare, the Dahlia piercing might be a perfect choice for you. Just after inflammation has subsided, you can visit your piercer for a piercing jewelry change. Drank a lot of cold water or chew on ice cubes to minimize swelling from your dahlia bites piercing. You must avoid drinking alcohol or fizzy beverages during the healing process.

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