10+ Corset Piercing Ideas To Look More Sensational

For a special event, you can change your hair color or purchase new clothing, but what about having corset piercing all the way down your back? Body piercings along each side of a leg, strung along with ribbon or chain, are another option for accessorizing your outfit.

Getting anything pierced is a significant decision for many individuals, and even though it’s not meant to be lifelong, many folks anticipate staying there for a long.

However, as the popularity of piercings & body modification grows, more individuals are opting for artificial corset piercings as a portion of their wardrobe for a special occasion.


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Corset Piercing

It is fairly simple to say; it is merely performed to weave ribbons in your flesh. A corset is created by piercing two simultaneous rows and connecting them with a ribbon string. You’ll grasp the notion if you use shoes with laces — the premise is the same, except the holes formed on the body.

It’s a sort of dermal piercing performed on the back, wrists, limbs, or even the chest where the skin is a bit loose. Many choose temporary corset piercings over permanent ones since they include many dangers, such as infection, relocation, or refusal, and the piercings can bleed if they are agitated too much.

Corset piercing

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The Corset Piercing Culture

Individuals do strange things to their bodies. Although body alterations are not uncommon, physicians believe corset piercing to be cruel. An easy nasal or ear piercing bothers; this one, on the other side, is highly uncomfortable and leaves individuals injured. So, why do individuals allow so much suffering into their lives? The solution is to appear different. Some people do it for passion, whereas others do it for a specific event, such as a tattoo event. It is not a particularly ancient practice. In the 1800s, ladies wore corsets as an undergarment. In keeping with tradition, women are the ones who are more likely to get their corsets pierced.

Corset back piercing

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Some Facts About Corset Piercing

It’s a popular claim that studios and magazines only publicize photos of new Corset Piercing before they’re refused, moved, or infected. It exhibits that it is only decorative and not a major issue. Corset piercings go wrong a lot because the body fails to accept the changes to the skin and attempts to force them out, resulting in bleeding, infections, and pain. Because of this, temporary piercing is the preferable alternative.

The cost of a corset piercing ranges from $100 to $500 in general. It is determined mainly by the popularity of the studio as well as the length of the piercing.
Corset piercing

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The Consequences Of Having A Corset Piercings

Open sores, scars, inflammation, and discomfort are all common side effects of temporary corset piercings.

Hoops can become trapped on something (usually clothing) and cut the skin, causing discomfort and significant consequences.

In the photos, they don’t show inflamed or damaged corset piercings. The studios clearly wish people to receive it even if it means sacrificing their bodies. It’s important to keep in mind that in the quest for fashion, it is indeed your body that pays the price.

Corset Piercing

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Precautions Of Corset Piercing

Even if you’re seated, on the bed, with a choice on which part you need your corset pierced, your job isn’t done yet.

You must still ensure that he uses a sterilized needle, that he removes the tools from sterilized packs, and that you keep an eye on him.

Prepare yourself since the anguish is about to begin. Strive not to move whether you’re lying down or leaning over.

Whenever you need a pause, ask your piercer, and he or she will provide you as much downtime as you need, as well as maybe provide you beverages.

Another thing to keep in mind is to dress loosely in order to be comfortable.

Corset Piercing

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The Corset Piercing Procedure

The reality is that only a few piercing specialists are capable of performing a corset piercing process, so don’t be shocked if you have trouble finding one. The significant cause for this is that this type of piercing necessitates extreme caution and accuracy. In any case, here’s what occurs during the piercing procedure:

The expert piercer will first speak with you. This is a terrific approach for the piercer to de-stress and wash off those anxieties. This is when he or she will reassure you that everything will be OK and that you shouldn’t be concerned. This is also the ideal moment for him or her to inquire about the number of piercings that will make up the piercing.

The entire body area where your piercing is located will be thoroughly cleansed. The goal is to clear the particular body area of microorganisms that might infiltrate the wound formed by the piercing operation and cause serious consequences.

Professional marking pens will be used to indicate the piercing spots. Mapping the piercing spots is crucial since this piercing entails a pattern that must be followed for the corset to seem like a genuine one.

To start, piercing needles will be placed into the region. Needles must, of course, adhere to the marks to achieve high precision throughout the piercing operation.

It will be inserted with the jewelry of your choice. The jewels you’ve chosen will be inserted when the holes have been finally made.


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Rejection & Pain Of Corset Piercing

The term “corset piercing” refers to a body ladder with two rows of piercing and a ribbon linking them.

The issue about corset piercing is that it is refused by the body far more often than it is embraced. Either it isn’t done correctly, or individuals don’t keep proper maintenance of it properly, and as a consequence, the body forces it out and scars the region. So, do not even assume a good chance of success when you approach your piercer about it. If he does have, request images of a recovered piercing rather than new ones because new piercings all appear to be in good shape.


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Corset Piercing After Care

It can take months to heal. Whatever your great effort, it may not heal correctly. In any event, trying to take care of it is tough in any situation, but if you do acquire it, make sure you take care of it to avoid any harm.

The first piece of advice any piercer would tell you is to wash your hands before handling them, as it almost always results in infection.

Wearing ribbons for an extended period of time might result in rejection.

Check with your doctor or go to your piercer if it displays signs of rejections or inflammation or if it bleeds profusely.

If the piercing is already in place, clean the region to get free of any indications of dry blood or scar tissue.

Rinse it with saline water at least two times per day. When there is any inflammation or itching in the region, use gels.

When you remove piercings, it may ooze and potentially cause bruises. When removing them, use compression and clean the area with hydrogen peroxide.

If you wish to have another corset piercing, wait a few months to allow the previous one to cure.

Corset piercing

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Does Corset Piercing Have Different Kinds?

Yes, you can have a corset piercing permanently or temporarily.

Permanent corset piercing

Surface bars are utilized in permanent corset piercings, but Teflon tubing is also employed since it is flexible and may travel inside the body. These piercings aren’t laced fresh since they might induce infections or migrations by increasing stress and strain. A bead on the surface bar is withdrawn once it has healed adequately, and a new one is implanted that may accept a ring. These rings are linked together in a corset-like fashion. Even yet, it is recommended that you do not leave the laces on for prolonged periods of time since daily activities might upset the rings, causing them to move or inflammation.

Multiple Perforations Corset Piercings

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Temporary corset piercings

Temporary Corset Piercing is usually done for a short period of time, such as for a special occasion or a picture session. They aren’t worn for more than a week at a time. Contamination, translocation, and rejections are all hazards to which they are exposed. They do not bruise as much as regular ones if they are withdrawn in a few hours.

Multiple Perforations Corset Piercings

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What Are Variations Of Corset Piercing?

Microdermal implants are inserted into the skin to secure the jewelry and give it a nice appearance.


Any region of the neck, such as the nape, can be pierced (the back of the neck).


Chest piercing is a type of piercing that is done both symmetrically on the chest and is generally embellished with colorful ribbons.


While most piercings are done on one side of the body, some people choose both sides.

Leg piercings

Having a bunch of piercings on both the front and back of your legs provides for a distinctive statement piece, particularly when wearing dresses or shorts.


It’s unusual and extremely rare. Multiple holes of the forearm or wrist are involved.


When tied with each other in two rows on the top or lower spine, it mimics a corset.

Multiple Corset Piercings

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