When Can An Individual Change Nipple Piercing?

An individual can change nipple piercing once it’s properly healed. Usually, the nipple piercing takes about three to twelve months, after which you can consider changing your jewelry. You must always wait before changing the initial nipple piercing.

change nipple piercing

You should visit your piercer again in case you want to change the piercing or modify it. If your first curing jewelry is too big or doesn’t look accurate previously it has entirely healed.

Your process of healing will be slowed down even more if you try altering your piercing before it fully recovers. Be patient with yourself. While recovery times might vary from person to person, they typically range from three to twelve months.

You can switch out your jewelry when the swelling and redness have reduce. The piercing is certainly no longer uncomfortable or oozing fluid. Your piercing spot seems to have familiar & embraced the new piercing.

Fortunately, changing nipple piercings is simple when working with any sort of jewelry, such as curved or straight bars, shields, rings, and dangles. If the puncturing is recovered and ready, changing it should be straightforward with no discomfort.

change nipple piercing

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There isn’t any restriction on how frequently you may switch out your jewelry once the piercing has healed.

Individuals with delicate skin should prefer to wait between changes on their piercing. This is to prevent aggravating the skin near your piercing site.

It is crucial to remember that when jewelry is removed, piercings are among the fastest to close; even a completely recovered piercing can seal in under a week. It is advised to wear jewelry every time because of this reason.

What’s The Best Way To Change The Jewelry Of My Pierced Nipple?


Clean the hands, jewelry, and surroundings before anything else. Utilize a hand sanitizer that is alcohol-based or wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with antiseptic soap. Put the mixture of sea salt and warm water on the new jewelry to soak.

In order to prevent infection, it’s a good idea to disinfect your present jewelry before replacing it. This may be accomplished by gently cleaning the piercing region with a similar 1:1 mixture of sea salt & lukewarm using a cotton swab.

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Removing Existing Jewelry

Taking off bar jewelry: Whether it is externally or internally connected, bar jewelry must be taken off. Just by unscrewing it from a single end. Holding your piercing carefully in both hands, detach a single edge of a bar penetrating until the jewelry ball comes out, then put the ball away.

From there, your piercing may be taken out by carefully drawing it out. Replace the jewelry’s ball as soon as possible to prevent losing it.

Take away the ring: Specific ring jewelry is kept in place by a tiny ball positioned in the space between the ring’s ends. Both edges of the jewelry ring can be slowly pulled distant until the ball is liberated. Use tools like a tweezer, scissors, or fingers to loosen it and make an opening.

The jewelry can be softly stretched after removal. This will provide a gap big enough to eliminate the jewelry from your nipple. Clear in your mind that there are several types of ring piercings. Not all of them need a metallic ball to secure them. Several ring piercings and jewelry are closed by being forced together.

Inserting Fresh Jewelry

Insert Bar Jewelry: In order to insert bar jewelry, detach one of the two balls on each edge of a bar. Gently put the bar into the hole while holding the jewelry with the leftover ball. Slowly insert the jewelry into your piercing.

If your jewelry doesn’t pass through right away, spin it and press it until it passes through the additional side while composed and patient. Close the piercing by reinstalling the ball on the jewelry bar. Finish by washing using a cotton cloth and sea saltwater mixture one more time, then appreciate the new jewelry.

Insert Ring Jewelry: You may use a solitary bead to secure the ring around the jewelry, or you can just press it together. To make a space, gently peel the ring apart using your fingers, tweezers, or the points of scissors.

Enclosure one edge of the jewelry rings carefully through your piercing, moving gently and twisting your ring until it’s fully implanted.

Make sure that the ring stays on, press together sides, or re-insert the ball into the ring. Wearing gloves might help prevent you from mistakenly hurting yourself and from having your fingers slip just on your ring.

change nipple piercing

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Can You Replace Your Own Nipple Piercing?

The likelihood is that if you have the self-assurance and bravery to endure obtaining the piercing, you also have the courage to get one changed! However, you can always go back to your piercer or find a nearby piercing shop to have them replace it if you feel uncomfortable replacing your own nipple jewelry.

Please be aware that there will be a price for their time and sterilizing equipment beforehand. In some situations, you might need to schedule an appointment. Because of the rapid nature of a nipple jewelry replacement, walk-ins are generally acceptable in most circumstances.

With time and practice, you can become skilled at changing your own nipple piercing. It should be easy for you to switch to different jewelry kinds with a piercing that has fully healed and been properly adjusted.

If you’re still hesitant to change your own nipple piercing, practicing on puncturing models is an ideal way to get the hands used to the procedure.

Another crucial step is ensuring you are familiar with the jewelry you will wear. It is best to clarify the type of body jewelry you have, including whether it is outwardly or internally threaded, as well as the material used to create it. You can use the steps mentioned earlier to change your initial nipple piercing jewelry.

What Happens if The Nipple Piercing is Changed Too Shortly?

Shifting the nipple piercing early can have a negative impact on the piercing’s recovery process in numerous ways and put you at risk for a terrible infection. A piercing that is being changed too soon indicates that it has not yet healed.

Eliminating a piercing in advance before it has healed will result in discomfort, inflammation, and the introduction of germs into your piercing hole. An infection isn’t roughly what you need with your puncturing, & if you acquire one, you may expect to experience oozing fluid, redness, inflammation, irritation, and other nasty signs.

change nipple piercing

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Furthermore, infection or any type of piercing discomfort during the process of healing might put you back a month and force you to start over from scratch. If you want to prevent any problems and make sure the removal and replacement processes are quick and painless, it’s always preferable to postpone until the piercing has fully cured before changing it.

Is The Nipple Piercing I Had Infectious? How To Discover Out?

It would be best to keep an eye out for any infections when considering changing your nipple piercing. This is crucial since any infection will cause the transition to be postponed. The good news is that you can quickly determine whether an infection has developed in the nipple piercing.

The most straightforward way is to feel for any pain from the nipple. The presence of discomfort and any pain indicate that the piercing has not yet healed.

Another indication of an unhealthy piercing is swollen and painful areas surrounding the nipple. In order for it to be ready for any alteration, you must allow it more time to recover. Fluid discharge is another apparent indicator of an unhealthy nipple piercing.

It would be best if you were looking for simple solutions for the infected nipple piercing rather than continuing with the piercing alteration. Some remedies are simple to find, but if your piercing is infected, you should also need to consult a specialist.

What Is An Ideal Way To Speed Up The Healing Of Nipple Piercing?

It might be difficult to wait in all your recovery process after getting a fresh nipple piercing, however, it’s necessary! Cleaning is essential to hasten the new nipple piercing’s healing process and enable you to modify it as quickly as feasible.

change nipple piercing

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The best method for protecting the nipple piercings from infection is to immerse them in a solution of salt to warm water (1:3). This dish is secure enough to consume twice daily. Suction the piercing site for a minimum of five minutes using a medical or tiny cup.

Your piercing will heal rapidly if you have proper care of it, and you’ll be capable of switching out the piercing in no period. You will benefit most from the puncturing in the upcoming time if you persevere and are patient during the process of healing.

What Aftercare Should I Follow For My Pierced Nipple?

Every piercing requires proper maintenance and aftercare; similarly, nipple piercing needs a little yet simple and easy maintenance.

Once a day, gently wash the piercing with warm water while you’re in the shower, then allow it to air dry. Please don’t touch it in any way. That implies that you are unable to move or interact with the barbell in any manner.

Don’t let anybody else touch it either. Put on a comfortable cotton bra. A shot glass and a bottle of saltwater solution are required. Place the shot glass over the nipple, fill it halfway with a saltwater solution. Then submerge for whatever length you choose. Never treat a wound with alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, ointment, or any other kind of medication.

Is It Normal For Nipple Piercings To Scab?

Like any other piercing, nipple piercing might slightly scab. However, you should likely call your body piercer as the first port of call if you are concerned about excessive scabbing. Most of the time, they will recommend you to see a doctor if they believe the illness requires immediate attention.

It is advisable to remove the piercing right away. Seek emergency medical assistance if your breast swells and you feel discomfort in your underarm or on the inside of your breast.

Is Getting a Nipple Piercing Painful?

It might not be that difficult to predict that this piercing will hurt. Although many say it isn’t as painful as they anticipated, you’ll still experience some discomfort. The human body’s nipples are a particularly delicate region. A needle inserted into them will cause pain.

The good news is that the discomfort experienced as the needle punctures the skin will only last a few seconds. You should anticipate some soreness and sensitivity following the piercing for a few days, but it should not be unpleasant.

It would be best if you look for a piercing artist. Someone you trust and feel at ease with, especially for nipple piercing. Because they will reserve a private space for you, you must frequently arrange an appointment to have your nipples pierced.

The experienced piercing artist will take every precaution to make sure you’re comfortable. So tell them if you feel uneasy or anxious at any time throughout the session. This is to ensure that they can take the necessary steps to ease your anxiety.

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Does Having A Nipple Pierced Enhance Sensitivity?

According to numerous specialists, nipple piercing does not affect or alter the sensitivity. Although many women report that their nipple sensitivity rose significantly after their piercings had healed well.

The look will undoubtedly help you spice up your bedroom activities if you’re into that sort of thing.

You will undoubtedly have to accept the reality that your nipples won’t function while they recover. If you like breast action, this is terrible news.

change nipple piercing

After A Month, Can I Get My Nipple Pierced Again?

You can change your nipple piercing after a month and nobody will prohibit you from replacing it.

However, many experts suggested that this is not the pleasing thing to do with your nipple piercing. This is due to the fact that the piercing is still open and unhealed after a month.

If you decide to change your nipple piercing just one month later, you need to prepare. Because the healing procedure will take a few extra weeks.

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