4+ Stunning Dydoe Piercing Ideas That You Would Love

Dydoe piercings go through the coronal ridge, which is a curved surface on the tip of the penis. They’re generally done in couples, despite the fact that the Dydoe isn’t a particularly popular piercing. (It is quite anatomically reliant, and the user must have a very wide glans to try it.)

Even though the person is physically appropriate for this piercing and adequate aftercare requirements are followed, the piercing has the potential of migrating out during recovery even later.

Curved barbells are the most common choice for this piercing, both during and after healing. (The entire length should be modest enough to provide a snug fit, with little beads on both ends.) While 14 gauge curves are occasionally used, 12 gauge barbells are a preferable choice since they can withstand the pressure and reduce the risk of rejection.

Contact a professional piercer to sort your queries if you’re thinking about getting this piercing. They can decide if you are physically suitable for this piercing and if it will suit your routine.

Dydoe Piercing Procedure

If the region is large enough, tweezers can then be used to clamp the tissue. They do, nevertheless, feel quite squeezing in this location. For dydoes, you can usually go with a freehand method. It’s also possible to employ a needle receiving tube (NRT).

Since the Dydoe doesn’t cover a large area of tissue, you could think this isn’t a particularly powerful piercing. Many nerve endings, on the other hand, are near to the surface, as anybody who has ever suffered a stinging road rash or rug burn knows. Due to the increased delicacy in this location, you might be shocked to hear that a solo ampallang is probably simpler to receive than a pair of dydoes.

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Dydoe Piercing Aftercare Information

Piercings in the vaginal region have the ability to heal fast. They suffer when the piercee fails to maintain the genital region cold and dry.

Wearing underwear or any other tight or restricted items that rub against the piercing will irritate it.

A genital piercing should be put deeper in the genital area to reduce the risk of the jewelry being rejected due to friction. The jewelry should also be between 1.6mm and 2mm in thickness since anything thinner would move faster.

Keep in mind that having unprotected intercourse while wearing a piercing might raise the possibility of spreading a sexually transmitted infection.

Any virus in a genital piercing should be treated right away. If the infection spreads to the urinary tracts, it can lead to cystitis, a bladder inflammation that produces a continual desire to pee as well as a burning feeling. When infections go uncontrolled, they go deeper and do more damage. They do not simply vanish.

Dydoe Piercing Jewelry

For dydoe piercings, 14-gauge jewelry is usually used. A particularly spectacular coronal elevation would be necessary for a first dydoe piercing.

A curved bar fits nicely to the region to avoid catching and discomfort. The 3/8 inch “When the crown is properly defined, the least jewelry diameter should permit adequate tissue for a secure and healthy piercing. 7/16-inch jewelry is possible “or larger, based on the individual’s physique and the amount of development that happens in the region during erections A sufficient amount of space on the post must be allowed to allow for optimum development.

The barbell’s ball size should be reasonable, particularly the one that lies below the corona. By pressing against the tissue, a huge ball will almost certainly trigger migration.

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What Kind Of Materials Do You Have For Your Jewelry?

  • Discuss the following choices with your piercer:
  • Surgical Titanium is biocompatible and suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  • Versatile, resilient, and safe for first piercings are biocompatible plastics (plastics).
  • Niobium is another biocompatible metal that takes longer to degrade than other metals.
  • Gold: In during the healing phase, 14-karat yellow or white gold is advised; to prevent gold-plated jewelry since it might infect humans and cause allergic responses.
  • Platinum is strongly recommended since it is both robust and solid, but it is also more expensive and difficult to come by.

Dydoe Piercing Cost

You should budget at least $50 to $60. Here’s an example of a common cost estimate:

The price of a piercing service. This might cost anything from $40 to well over $100. Some piercings are more expensive due to the difficulty of the process or the delicate nature of the tissue.

The price of the jewelry. Titanium or steel may be purchased for as low as $15, but gold, diamonds, and platinum can be purchased for hundreds of dollars.

A suggestion for your piercer. Give your piercer a 20% — if not more — reward for their services.

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Dydoe Piercing Healing And Aftercare

Since this Dydoe frames the broadest region of the body, you must be very delicate during sexual encounters while you are mending. When the piercing is new, putting sterile cloth around the jewelry can aid in reducing jewelry mobility throughout the healing process.

In addition to normal treatment, saline soaks are recommended.

Keep a keen eye on your piercing if you see movement (the jewelry moving from its original place). When there is more than a minor degree of migration, the piercing is typically lost.

The burning that occurs between the entering and exiting of the piercing beneath, as well as the callus-like look of this stiffening tissue, are both signs of problems. These circumstances indicate that the piercing has difficulty healing, and the piercing emerged significantly shortly after the photograph was shot, necessitating its abandonment. Once this occurs, there seems to be no way to reverse the process of migration.

Once the disease is found to be fatal, it is critical to eliminate jewelry as quickly as possible. Allowing piercings to move all the completely out will result in excessive bruising (letting rejection take place). Due to scar tissue fragility, the same region should not be re-pierced when the jewelry breaks through to the surface.

Cleaning And Caring For Your Piercing

Cleaning your piercing properly is critical to its success.

Do the following during the healing process:

  • Apply a bandage to the affected region and change it at a minimum once a day.
  • Whenever contacting the region, clean your hands with mild soap and warm water.
  • Clean the piercing with water and a saline solution.
  • Any crust that develops should be gently washed and rinsed away.
  • When you cleanse your penis, wipe it away with a towel.
  • While showering, keep the penis from becoming moist.
  • Remove your clothing and carefully put them back on.
  • Use condoms or other forms of protection until the region is completely healed (after the first pain and discomfort have subsided).
  • Don’t contact the piercing with filthy hands at the same time.
  • Masturbate or have intercourse (oral, genital, or anal) until the discomfort and edema have subsided.
  • Avoid wearing tight undergarments.
  • To cleanse the region, use alcohol-based rinses.
  • On the piercing, use antibacterial rinses or washes.
  • In a pool or a bath, immerse your penis.
  • Don’t play sports or indulge in other strenuous activities to avoid jostling or injuring the penis.
  • Don’t experiment with the jewelry or take it off until the piercing has been cured (about three months).
  • Don’t permit the jewelry to mix with your pubic hair.

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Does Piercing The Dydoe Enhance Arousal?

The Dydoe stimulates the user as well as his companion. The guy will experience more enjoyment in the glans region, and the glans itself may become more responsive as a result. The woman will profit as well since the balls positioned on the right and left sides of the vaginal wall will give friction and a light massage.

Is A Dydoe Piercing Painful?

This piercing is believed to pain as much as an earlobe piercing and heals in one to four weeks. However, it can vary according to the pain threshold of different individuals.

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