5+ Constellation Piercing Design Ideas That You’ll Want To Get Immediately

Remember the old days when you had to choose only one pair of earrings. But, now, the more-is-more attitude has become the norm when it refers to your lobes. Considering riding on the trend train and giving one a shot? Before you get yourself pierced, know everything you should know about constellation piercing.

For a long time, several piercings have been widespread, and constellation piercings represent a more stylized variation of the aesthetic. A constellation piercing is a combination of numerous piercings that offer a distinctive design on your ear. They’re created to have a certain pattern or form that compliments your own ear structure, just like stars in the universe.

What Is A Constellation Piercing?

Numerous piercings on your ear, snug tragus, and rook, done with gems, hoops, or studs, can form a constellation. It does not mean it works on every ear structure, and it’s a one-of-a-kind chance to express yourself.

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Are There Any Dangers To Having A Constellation Piercing?

Although constellation piercings are usually considered safe, you should avoid overdoing it. The main danger with a constellation piercing has too many ear piercings at the same time. This can result in ear edema, infection, or the jewelry ‘eating’ the ear.”

As a result, you’ll want to consult with your piercer to verify that you’re being cautious, which may entail having your piercings in stages. For hygiene, safety, and the optimum location of the piercing, we always advocate a needle piercing over a gun piercing, and we prefer a limit of two piercings on one ear each session for the healthiest recovery.

You must limit to only two piercing specially if you have sensitive skin that your body will take longer to recover.

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Price Of A Constellation Piercing

The cost of getting your ears pierced varies greatly based on where you go and what style of jewelry you pick. In most cases, you’ll be paid per earring and piercing. When it comes to jewelry, 14-carat gold is more expensive than titanium.

That’s something to consider most when you’re struggling to save money. Services at famous piercing studios, for example, cost $35 for one piercing and $50 for two, with piercing jewelry ranging from $30 to $180.

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Constellation Piercings to Hide Poor Location

A constellation appearance can be utilized to hide up a strange ear piercing or a location that you don’t like. You can use this method to tidy up a lot of less-than-ideal locations by generating patterns and lovely groupings!

If the person does not have desire to devote to a strong idea or wants a large number of piercings, a modest and gentle cluster of minimum primary locations can be as gorgeous and successful as a complete ear.

Patience is essential in any situation. You’re not going to be capable to get the wholly completed appearance of your aspirations in a session. These are just a commitment and a labor of love on your and the piercer’s parts for let them all heal properly and look great.

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Time To Heal From Pain

The amount of pain and time necessary to cure a constellation piercing depends on how often you acquire it at once. We only advocate having maximum three piercings in one session since except that might confuse your immunity, causing it to heal slower or not at all.

For top cartilage, among other things are more difficult placements like forward helix and daith,limit yourself to only two piercings at a moment. This guarantees that the piercee’s recovery and follow-up are as painless and pleasant as possible.

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“It’ll be quicker to cure two piercings at a period than it would be to get all the eight straight up to make them all well. You should avoid sleep on your side of the piercing which has to be pierced that actually gives the body a time it needs to recover.

A pleasant encounter and recovery journey need safely executed piercings by an experienced piercer,slightly elevated jewelry,and continuous inspections and interaction with your piercing artist prior, throughout, and even after piercing. Most crucial component of the procedure is ensuring your piercings are performed in a hygienic form.

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What Kind Of Jewelry Does A Constellation Piercing Require?

Studs that are easy to use

Shapes that are fragile and dainty, with alternate surfaces. If you ever really want to go for a cosmic effect, Stars and Moons as well as gaseous planet jewelry, are also popular.You will love working with little gems and jewels of all sizes.

When pattern and basic, rings may also be employed to develop forms as well as break apart several studs. Difficult chains and lengthier pieces are sometimes utilized to connect piercings and wrap the structure. Above all else,

The use of modest jewelry is essential. Anything that is overly loud or intricate might detract from the overall impression of the composition. Any complexity should be included in the locations instead of the style of jewelry themselves, and it should be nice and tidy.

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Jewelry Material 

Titanium is a common option for almost piercing jewelry since it is nontoxic and unlikely to induce an allergic response. However, it’s possible that it is costly.

Stainless steel is among the most popular materials for all types of piercings. The most essential point to mention is that allergic responses to certain metals like nickel and gold are examples of such metals and these metals must be avoided.

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How To Remove A Constellation Piercing?

Constellations are reproducing an image/arrangement and utilizing the ear as a straight canvas for that, and the jewelry is generally very basic, fragile, and minimalist, that curated ears may contain a wide range of jewelry types, hues, and sizes.

“Before agreeing to a certain notion, the piercer and piercee can consider other appearances and future scenarios. The options are actually unlimited, and both constellations and curations may be used to make them adaptable!

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How Long Do Constellation Piercings Need To Cure?

The recovery time for constellation piercings is similar to that of a standard ear piercing. We normally advise leaving the original jewelry in your ears for 6-8 weeks because withdrawing it too soon might cause the holes to shut.

Can You Pierce Both Ears With Constellation Piercings?

Constellation piercings are a work that consists of most of the top cartilage and more difficult locations like daith and forward helix, 2 to 4 piercings are the average limit to recover at once, one and ear at the moment for top cartilage and more complex locations like daith and forward helix.

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