18+ Canine Bites Piercing Ideas To Enhance Your Appearance

If you want to go with a lip piercing, the canine bite piercing is a good option. Since each piercing is where your teeth are, it’s called a canine bite piercing. It’s a cross between an angel bite and a spider bite piercing.

Cyber bites are piercing appeal to individuals who enjoy facing piercings because of their strong appearance and unmistakable design. They should be correctly positioned, and if combined with other lip piercing kinds, they may easily overshadow your mouth, so there are a couple of things to consider before choosing this piercing type.

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Canine Bites Lip Piercing

This piercing combines Snake Bite and Angel lip piercings to offer you a stunning and sturdy appearance. The majority of individuals are terrified of this piercing since it covers a considerable portion of the face surrounding the lips. The reason why Canine Bite Lip Piercing is not very prevalent among ordinary people.

Canine Bite piercing is for you if you dare to wear powerful ornamentation on your face. The piercing society appreciates this piercing, and you could become an essential member. The correct location of this perforation is so critical that even a minor error in one incision can throw off the proportion of the entire piercing and alter your facial appearance.

It’s why you should never attempt this piercing on your own; instead, seek the assistance of a professional piercer with extensive experience in this sort of piercing. Always go with an experienced piercer and enquire around for recommendations for the best results.

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Canine Bite Piercings Hurt

Canine bite piercings needn’t hurt much as other types of lip piercings; they’re roughly in the middle of the discomfort scale.

Because you have four piercings in one go, you’ll notice a lot of inflammation and be in a lot more pain than when you’re just getting one or two. Furthermore, if you have too many piercings, your body may go into severe surprise, so give heed to what your health and your piercer are telling you. You can postpone a few days among piercing procedures if getting all four completed at once is too much for you.

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Canine Bite Piercing Healing Process

It requires 8 to 12 weeks to recover. The reason it takes a long duration to recover is that it has four holes. The significant inflammation of your lips is among your main obstacles during the healing process. Lips inflate more than other parts of the body, and because you’ll have four piercings on different portions of your lip, inflammation will be vast and unpleasant.

While all four piercings can indeed be done in one go, it may be wise to start with the snake bite and then conclude with the canine bite when the first set of piercings has healed completely.

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Aftercare Rules

Here are a few pointers to assist your new canine bite piercing in recovering quickly and painlessly.

Be careful while you eat

You’ll have to manage four new metal components on the corners of your mouth wherever you bite since your new jewelry will be unusually lengthy to allow inflammation. Consider moving to soft-food meals until the swelling has subsided, and your piercer can replace your jewelry with something shorter. It’s all too simple to bite down on your new jewelry, which might cause tooth damage.

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Sea salt should be done at least twice a day

The piercing hole is quickly contaminated by food waste, spit, and other external pollutants. Immerse your piercing in a saltwater bath or a saline mixture for 3 to 5 minutes to wash them out. Wash down the salt water to clean the behinds of your jewelry, paying careful attention to the jewels. Mouthwash should not be used since the alcohol in it can aggravate your piercing and cause severe pain.

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Make an effort not to tamper with your valuables

If you’ve had a habit of habitually playing with your lips, this will be a very difficult task for you. Because moving the jewelry might cause piercing refusal and bruising, it’s best to maintain it as motionless as possible.

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When your piercing is healing, don’t:

  • handle your piercing with unclean hands
  • participate in any oral sexual activity, including kisses, even with a serious relationship
  • use cutlery or plates with each other
  • consume alcohol, particularly alcohol-containing mouthwash.
  • soak your piercing in pools, steam rooms, or open water
  • remove your piercing before it has healed completely.

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Canine Bite Piercing Jewelry Styles 

This bite type’s large number of holes offers a wide range of jewelry possibilities.

One can use ring types with your canine bite piercing, including captive bead rings and flawless rings, circular barbells, or labret studs.

Mixing such genres is the most enjoyable aspect.

Many women like to wear seamless rings on their lower lips and flat back lip studs on their top lips. Wear circular barbells in canine bite piercings if you truly need to go for broke. When it comes to jewelry, be cautious; it’s simple to overdo it.

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What kind of jewelry materials are available?

When this concerns piercings, the material is crucial. It’s extremely crucial for mouth piercings, in which the jewelry may come into touch with your teeth and gums.

The Association of Professional Piercers (APP) recommends implant-grade metals or 14-karat or greater gold jewelry for initial mouth piercings.

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Surgical steel

It is a good choice for jewelry. Other alloys, such as nickel, are found in surgical steel jewelry. However, it has a modest release rate, completely safe for the majority of people.

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Titanium is nickel-free and completely safe for everybody. It’s more expensive than stainless steel, though it’s a better choice if you’re allergic to other metals.

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This low-cost, lightweight metal resembles titanium but lacks the implant-grade classification.

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Gold with a carat value of 14 or above

If you choose to opt for gold, be sure it’s genuine rather than gold-plated or finished. Look out for golden vermeil or overlay, which has other metals behind a thin gold coating that can break or wear away.

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Canine Bite Piercings Risks

When you penetrate flesh, there is always some danger.

Yet, good aftercare and an expert piercer can considerably reduce the danger.

The following are some potential risks and side effects to be aware of:


Bacteria can cause an illness if it enters your mouth when you’re dining, contacting your mouth, kissing, or having oral sex. It’s imperative to generate bloodborne illnesses like hepatitis or HIV if the piercing practitioner uses contaminated equipment.


It’s typical to swell in the first few days, as some individuals inflate more often than others.

Damage to the teeth or gums

The jewelry brushes on the surface of your gums while you talk or chew. This might hurt your gums and wear down the enamel surface.

Tissue ripping or trauma

When conducting common tasks like slipping on a sweater, combing long hair, or kissing, it’s simple to grab lip jewelry by mistake.

Disruption of nerves

Although the risk is very low, one study found a correlation between face piercings and nerve distortion, leading to chronic back discomfort and eye dislocation in four study participants.

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Why shouldn’t I have a canine piercing?

One must avoid any oral piercing when you have dental problems or don’t practice good oral hygiene. Your saliva contains bacteria that promote infections, and with four new piercings, you’re asking for trouble.

Just choose to pierce away from your tooth if you have receded gum lines or enamel erosion. The jewelry will irritate your gums and teeth, exacerbating your problems.

If you already have several facial piercings, this piercing should be avoided. We believe in self-expression, so go for it if you want an ultra-pierced appearance! If you prefer to go for a more discreet look, this piercing may easily be coupled with other lip piercings.

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Canine Bite Piercing Cost

The canine bite piercing will cost between $30 and $60, not counting the jewelry. Choosing a professional piercer is vital, but because this piercing requires precise positioning, you should look for a recognized piercer with canine bite piercing expertise.

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Should you get all four piercings at once?

Although all four canine bite piercings may be done in one session, some piercers prefer waiting a few days between them to enable any soreness to subside. It’s simpler to take proper care of your new piercing if you wait for each canine bite piercing to cure.

You would get the snake bites piercing and the angel bites piercing performed simultaneously or in two different settings.

Because canine bites are composed of angel bites and snake bites, which are made up of several types of lip piercing, lip piercing terminology might be confusing. Canine bite piercing is the last arrangement of the four piercings.

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What to eat during the healing process?

Upon getting your canine bites pierced, you’ll need to be cautious when eating. You should consume soft chilled meals after any lip piercing to minimize inflammation and prevent aggravating your new piercing site. Avoid hot and sticky foods, especially chewing gum, after a canine bite has been pierced. Spicy meals might stifle healing, while viscous foods can bind to piercing jewelry.

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 After a canine piercing, what may I drink?

You must drink lukewarm water after your canine piercing to minimize inflammation. To relax your mouth, suck on an ice cube. Stay away from alcohol and fizzy drinks during the first healing time since they might lead to the piercing hole expanding, slowing down the healing process. While their piercing heals, some individuals choose to forgo milk. To help eliminate any food and drink debris, use an alcohol-free, PH-neutral mouthwash daily.

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